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Nonstop Group Fuck

Hi I am Anjali. I am a divorcee, 32 years with figure 38-28-38. This is true story happened with me in last December. I went to meet my friends in Bangalore. It was new year time, so I wanted to enjoy in Bangalore. But I had to urgently return to my place Chennai. It was overnight journey and I got easy tickets. I presumed that no rush will be there and easily get sleeper without reservation. I was right. It was rush towards Bangalore but not for return way. I caught night train. I entered the coach with less crowd.

It would have not been more than ten people inside. I sat in compartment where nobody was present. After some time a group of 5 people entered and came closer to me. Two sat near me and three opposite. They were all five oldies in age 50 and above. They were also returning from Bangalore. Slowly they started chatting and I also joined them. They were leaving train at Whitefield which comes midnight.

They all were excited to see some fantasies come true in Bangalore. Bangalore is famous for women especially in the night pubs. It’s sexy to watch such fair beauties in seminude position dancing at pubs. Not only men but ladies also may get aroused by same. Suddenly I struck idea of getting openly nude or seminude in public. This thought made me mad after continuous thinking. I got up and went toilet and got “released”. While returning I saw another pair of oldies two compartments after mine. They were staring at me but didn’t have courage to talk to me. I came back and sat near window again.

It was cold so I felt some cold near window. Seeing this, one of them asked me to shift. I got up and sat between two. Our discussions were also moving to Bangalorean culture, then Tv and extra marital relations shown. Suddenly all of us realized that we are crossing our limits. There was silence for some time but I broke it and said that some fun or fantasy is must in life. Perhaps we were psychologically getting prepared for the event. One of them started talking about me. He admired my beauty, and then got information how young I am. To add some spice, I told them that I am 27 years. So their faces glittered. Person left to me shifted little closer to me.

As I did not object, he got courage. He shifted further such that I had very less space to sit. One of them got more courage and came closer to me. He kissed my face and then without any hesitation put lips on me. He started kissing me frankly. I was a lone lady between the groups, so I did not resist. Rather I was interested in sex now. I am out of sex for more than a week. Next person to me became bold now and started kissing my cheeks.

Slowly all were getting hot. One oldie put hand on my chest and started caressing and then inserted hand from my pallu side on my breasts. He started caressing my left breast over saree pallu first then over blouse. He was trying to insert hand in blouse to get better access to breasts. Meanwhile he managed to catch one of my nipples. Slowly he started caressing and pinching it gently. I moaned in low voice.

While he struggled a bit, I decided to cooperate him. My hand went to left shoulder and removed the saree pin. But I pretended like nothing happened. I was wearing pink saree with matching blouse. After his few movements, saree pallu fell down and now they got view of my bulging beauty. The man started handling my left boob and then one hand from right side also started caressing and fondling over blouse. Now their movements were bolder. Slowly two hands entered my blouse and started touching and caressing two milk jugs. Their fingers struggled bit, but entered my brassiere and now started playing with my bare boobs. It was difficult to fondle boobs through blouse and bra. I was getting aroused. Now they started opening blouse hooks from front side. One… Two… Three… All hooks released. My boobs were exposed better way and felt two – two hands on each. Seeing

Me getting exposed all of them came closer to me and started to get their share out of me.One was kissing me now passionately. He inserted his tongue inside me and started darting with my tongue. His saliva was mixing with mine. He was sliding his tongue on my teeth. I slowly bite his tongue which made him happier. One was caressing my hairs and kissing my cheeks and neck. This group was making me frenzy.

I caught his hand and started kissing his palm and then fingers. I also kissed his middle finger and then took it in my mouth and sucked it like one may fuck to & fro. This was clear indication and signal to all. One hand started playing with my shoulders. He slowly removed my bra strap from shoulder and started kissing bare shoulder. Seeing this one removed other bra strap and slide fingers from shoulder to armpits and then below on chest.

I felt two – three hands reaching my boobs and pressing them as possible but not enough successful. One of them pulled me towards him while other started caressing my back. He got my brassier hook and with one or two efforts he opened it. My pallu was already felt down. They asked me to lift both my arms and pulled my blouse and bra & I got rid of them. Now I was sitting seminude in front of five people. It was already night and night lamp in train were bit dim. Also there were no hawkers hence it was safer to act.

But all of us were beyond caring. Even though if some one gets to know about this entire erotic act in running train, what was going to happen? It wasn’t illegal to fuck in train neither it was without my consent. So who cares?Both my boobs were now totally exposed and erect by all the acts done. My black nipples were erect and my aureole’s were darker now. Due to caressing, pressing and fondling, both boobs were heavier by now and ready for further action. Hands run after my big melons and started pressing and fondling.

One or two bent down, put lips on nipples and started sucking. As all were oldies and experienced, they were not hurting me but I was enjoying their acts. One was kissing my bare shoulders, one caressing my back and stomach, one kissing and pressing boobs and two sucking breasts. Within few minutes all oldies kissed and caressed all my top body. They didn’t leave a single inch on top body where their lips lick and hands caresses. Shoulders, back, chest, arms, even armpits. Should I list lovely boobs?

My boobs got special treatment. Everybody licked, kissed, sucked and fondled my nipples, areolas and boobs. All of them were gentle and enjoying bit by bit. Everybody exchanged positions such that all got everything from my top. There were five lips and ten hands handling me skillfully!After some initial play, one of them asked me to sit on his lap. He whispered in my ears “You are just beautiful. You are very young and sexy.” These words felt me proud and happier. I followed him and without any fear and shy, sat on old stranger’s lap. That too in public place like running train and that too in topless position! Now they got better access to my body.

The person on whose lap I sat stretched his hands from my arms and started feeling heaviness of my left boob. His right hand started caressing my thighs over saree. He also started caressing my hips sideways. His lips got busy kissing my bare back. While he was fondling left boob, one lip came closer to nipple and started sucking it. The man started pinching my tit and other started licking and sucking it. Sucking man also started caressing my stomach. Same time, one person bent down and started sucking right boob. He rolled his tongue on boob, and then licked the areola. Then he took my hard nipple in mouth and rolled tongue over it closing mouth. He did action like one chews and enjoys chocolate in closed mouth. His saliva was dipping on boobs. My hard nipple was softer now by his saliva

And chewing action. He gently bites my nipple and I felt good currents flowing through boob. He was also caressing boob in circular way and scratched by nails gently. I started caressing his hairs and pressing his mouth on boob. I also pushed my boob further like feeding baby action and he started pushing his mouth and takes my boob in his mouth in and in. Did he want to completely fill his mouth by my whole of boob?

Though he tried, only half of my large boob was inside his mouth. He was taking care that his teeth do not hurt my soft breasts. He was sucking my soft breasts as if sucking mangoes. His saliva was dropping on my boob, nipple & chest. But I didn’t object him. He was sucking skillfully. Both sucking men interchanged positions after some time.

Now it was my left boob’s turn to get royal treatment. One of them also tried to push my saree little bit down to see my belly. It was difficult as my saree and petticoat were firmly worn. I helped him so as to get access to my deep belly. He smelled it, kissed it and then rolled his tongue inside belly. I felt hundreds of butterflies on my belly and stomach. I moaned loudly. It was just wonderful.While three of them were busy with my boobs, one was kissing my face. He kissed my sexy eyes, cheeks, face and finally soft lips. He kissed first my lower lip, then upper lip. He also put his lips across mine forming square of lips and then sucked my lips.

It was really fun. He parted lips by finger and then his tongue was now inside me and playing with mine. He slowly bent my face little backwards and then pushed tongue deeper. He was actually fucking my mouth and throat with his tongue! His tongue reached deepest possible near my throat. His saliva was in my mouth and I started swallowing it. I was getting prepared to get whatever they offer to me.

Meantime he got my hair band and he opened it. My hairs were free, now rolling on shoulders and back. Fifth person was busy with my feet! He gently sat between legs and lifted my left foot. He started kissing my foot, lick fingers, and then slowly move upwards, on my legs. My legs were firm, massive and hairless. He started licking them upwards.

When he started licking upwards, he simply lifted saree & petticoat bit, enter his head inside and moved upwards. He kissed my knees and then little more up. He licked my left thigh and then right one. Without removing any of my below cloth, he entered my secret area. His head was covered by my saree only. Soon he reached my panty and started licking that area. With all the act, I was already wet inside panty. Add to that sweat that was due to heat we generated. No doubt, he was getting lot of smells there. Thus I was being used and attacked by five people in different way.

I had adjusted myself in between legs of the person whose lap I sat earlier. Nobody was seeing anything but only my lovely body.While caressing my back and stomach, my satin saree was disturbed and started slipping from petticoat. While kissing me, back person put hand on saree front and then started undoing it. In few seconds my saree came out from front side. His hand felt difference in cloth as petticoat was cotton.

He put both his hands on my waist and started playing. He was moving hand upward and downward on sides of my body. He kissed my neck. He also put his tongue inside left ear and I felt butterflies again. Same time down person put his hand on my left thigh and slowly he lifted part of saree and petticoat upwards. He started caressing my bare feet below saree. He started caressing my right feet and then inserted hand upward and placed on thigh. He started caressing right thigh. After some time, one put hand inside saree and got direct access to my panty which was already wet. All of them were caressing my below part in own fashion, own style, as they want. But I was

Enjoying the show. So everybody wanted next action. Soon my saree was parted from me and then one pulled down my black petticoat string and it dropped from my waist. I got up and both clothes felt down. It was only my panty to cover me. Then we all regained our previous postures. All of them were caressing now all parts of my body and kissing and licking.

Seeing me getting explored and naked they got mad. While one was licking and sucking my left boob, other joined him and started pressing it like crushing mango and juicing out it. Then he took my nipple in his fingers, crushed gently and put in his mouth. One sat in my legs, put my foot on his lap and started lingering leg and thigh. Two people were kissing my lips at same time, one my lower lip and other upper one.Suddenly I felt a hand on my brown panty, then one more; third … All of them were trying to caress my panty and pussy inside.

I had butterflies printed on panty. Now they wanted those butterflies to escape and enjoy & fly high. One was rubbing continuously up and down, one in circular way, one was scratching with nails, and one inserted fingers sideways between panty and inner thighs which is sensual area… Even one inserted his middle finger inside such that his finger can fuck me through panty. At the same time, kissing and boob pressing was continued.

With all these actions, I felt something happening in my inner hole. I was moaning. I already had few orgasms and felt another good orgasm. All my body was wet with their saliva. Now it was their turn rather turns! Unaware of what happened with me, they were continuing sucking and caressing. Now I had to decide something. I decided to offer them what any woman preserves; my “ijjat” or “lajja” or simply my pussy. Yes! I wanted this group of oldies to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Hardest possible. I got up and then started pushing my panty waistband down…

First from waist up to thighs, then knees and then dropped it down. I had to stop their hands when they were coming in between panty and floor. They got to know what happened. Now I was theirs, totally theirs, totally naked with no cloths on my lovely body. Only some imitation jeweler and bindi… That’s all. Totally bare I was. In between these five men all lusting for my lovely figure and flesh.I was standing now. One of them came between my feet, spread my firm legs and then put hand on thigh.

Slowly moving it towards pussy. When it reached there, he found lush green farm there. I have some curly hairs where it should be; in arm pits and pubic hairs at pussy, which I never cut. But I keep these areas clean and neat by washing with shampoo. I have totally hairless hands and feet. He buried his head there. He started licking thighs and then pussy. I was getting electric currents in my stomach, pussy and thighs. One more joined him and started licking below part of pussy.

Two started caressing & licking each of my thighs, knees and feet. One went behind me and got one of my better assets, my hips. He started pressing them, feels its size, feels the smell of pussy and ass and then started licking actually my ass. All of them bent down and were busy with my assets. They were looking like those surrendered in front of me, my beauty and my jawani. Even they went below by legs, thighs, pussy and crossed it while licking up to my ass.

They were also pressing and caressing my back, breasts with remaining hands. They all interchanged their positions and postures and enjoyed totally. They rubbed my clitoris, licked and sucked it, then parted my pussy lips and insert tongue inside. Some even entered inside and inside and gave me lot of pleasure. Some licked my ass and some even my ass hole. All the smell there was mix of juices from my pussy, sweat and someone’s perfume. It was different environment there. In ecstasy I

Also started pressing my boobs and moaning. I also caressed their heads, hairs and touched facial regions.Now all of us sat and took some rest. It might be one & half hour or even more. But we were not caring time also. We had enough time in hand. Now I wanted to do some fantasy fulfillment. I got up and without knowing to anybody came out of compartment.

At first glance the coach was empty. Then slowly I walked down totally nude, yes totally nude, and all the coach. I got some courage. There were only 3-4 people inside and seem all slept. I came back and joined the group. They all were excited and needed the “action”. I went and sat one’s lap and started kissing him. He felt happy and then reacted kissing me in return passionately. He held my one breast in hand and hip in other and started pressing them urgently. I started moaning and sighed. All were watching this ecstasy act. I took his finger and inserted in pussy and signaled him to stroke. He understood and nicely finger fucked me. I felt good orgasm again. I kissed on his face, cheeks, lips and eyes.

After some time I went to next one, then to next. I sat on everybody’s lap and asked them to do whatever I wanted. I also allowed all of them to do whatever they wanted. This gave them personal touch and might have satisfied their egos and manhood.But what I was doing? Was I prostitute getting fun in public place? One asked me to spread my legs, rolled he on back on birth and then asked me to sit on him such that my pussy will be on his mouth. I sat facing him opposite.

It was 69 position with woman on top. For this wild pose, I spread my pussy lips and lowered hip to adjust as required. Then he entered his tongue inside my pussy and started eating my pussy. He literally bites my pussy lips, licked and fucked. He was adjusting pussy opening as required by his hands. He was also pressing my breasts gently. As I orgasm, he got mouthful of juices inside his mouth and he sucked and licked it.

One asked me to stand doggy style with hands resting on seat and hips upwards. He came between my legs from back side and licked pussy and then ass hole till he got his share of pussy juices. One laid me on floor, then raises my legs and put it on seat. With my legs up he started sucking my pussy. One simply sat on seat, pulled me towards him and sucked my pussy.

He also hugged me tight, kisses my lips several times and then lingered his fingers on my belly. One asked me to seat relax and then bent down and sucked my pussy. All my body was arching for sex. All the body was hot and wet and required some quick relief.Now I opened zip of pant and pulled out one’s dick. It was medium size, and semi erect. I shake it, kiss it caress it and then took in my mouth. I rolled my tongue on it. I gave him good blow job. This made him excited and increased his dick size.

I sat on lower birth and then rolled myself on it on back. I spread my legs and invited all of them. It was like suhaag raat with five husbands. I was made draupadi by them. To add some more spice I appealed they “Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please make me pregnant. Don’t worry; I am married but yours now.” These words made them frenzy and then all fucked me really hard and hard. That man came on me and after few efforts inserted dick in my pussy. My pussy was hot, wet but really tight like a newly wed girl. The man required lot of power to enter. He fucked me for more than five minutes. Meanwhile others started acting on me. My breasts were red by pressing, but they were not satisfied and caressed, kneaded and pressed them. Seeing live fucking action, their actions were fast and with more pressure. One opened my lips and started darting with lips and tongue. One caressed my legs even my feet fingers. One took my feet finger in hand separated T

Them, then took finger next to thumb in mouth and licked it. Then thumb and other fingers also. These people didn’t left any place which was not handled. The person riding on me was getting lot of fun and both of us were moaning and whispering. He put his hands on my waist and started jerking faster. He couldn’t bear the fun further and then released his sperm inside me. It was jet of sperm not few drops! Oldies do have good stamina!

Now second came on me and spread my legs. He also fucked for five minutes and released jets. Next person then next then next… All of them fucked me one by one. Then we rested for some time. I got up and started playing with one’s dick. I took it in hand, shake it, stroke it and then put in mouth. Slowly I started sucking his dick. His penny was erect and strong enough. He could bear it for while and then asked me to stop.

He laid me down on floor and pushed his hard cock in single stroke. He stroked for some time and then cum inside me. One sat on me such that his dick was just above my mouth. I took his cock in hand and inserted it in my mouth and started stroking it. I felt little inconvenient so I asked him to wait and then took one hand bag below my head. Then we regained our pose. Meantime one spread my legs & rides on me. Two men were fucking me simultaneously; one in mouth and other in my pussy.

I was lying down and enjoying good fuck. One laid down on birth and asked me to give blow job. While I bent down and started stroking his dick and inserted in mouth, one oldie came in from back. He inserted dick in doggy style. I gave heat treatment to person laid back while; other fellow caught my boobs from behind and started fondling them. Laid back person was caressing my hairs and pushing my head down to fuck my mouth deepest possible. One person stood up on seat and inserted his dick in my mouth. Same time one person stood on floor and managed to insert his cock from front side. I had to little bit turn my body and neck to accommodate their cocks all at a time. While doing so, one started kissing my neck, chest and stomach. I had to catch upper person’s cock to insert in my mouth and stroke.

While one took my left hand, put on his manhood and stroked my hand up & down. I was masturbating one man; second’s dick in mouth, third put his cock in my cunt and fourth was playing with my boobs.Then one took me in his arms and we laid sideways on birth. He slowly inserted cock inside my cunt and then pushed it upwards. With one hand he was caressing my back and other hand was crushing my hips. We locked our lips together and started kissing.We fucked for more than two hours wildly. Some of them even repeatedly fucked me. As it was difficult to identify persons in dim light who fucked how many times, they all fucked me average thrice.

We took rest for some time in between. They fucked me in different positions. Me on back and man on top, Sideways, Doggy style, even standing also. They fucked me in mouth also countless times. It was all sperm there, in my pussy, on thighs, on legs, in mouth (which I swallowed happily), on my chest & breasts, on hips, everywhere possible. The birth we enjoyed was also wet with semen. If man releases 5 ml of semen at time, then I got at least 75 ml in my pussy. Much more than required to make me pregnant. (I take pills and didn’t risked of pregnancy.) All of us needed some rest. It was 12 pm around, four hours of wild sex with group. They all unzipped their pants, adjusted cloths. They thanked me, kissed me again. They got down next station came.I got my blouse and petticoat on me. Wiped out flowing semen on my body with petticoat. I simply wrapped saree loosely. I wanted to go toilet and went inside. When I was returning, I saw two men were awake. I

Remember that both were also oldies. I was greedy now and wanted some more fuck. I signaled one of them and walked back to my birth. The person I signaled came after two minutes. He was unsure what is on offer for him or not believing his luck. He sat next to me. I asked him to come closer. I was more bold and confident by now. I simply asked him will you like to enjoy with me. I took his hand in mine and slowly slid my fingers on it. I became prostitute now and wanted lot of sex. He was surprised but asked him why you want me to enjoy.

I told him don’t worry. Let’s have fun. He asked me that what you want in return. I simply told him what you have, give it to me. I meant his body, his dick, his semen! Meantime the other person also came. I dropped my loose saree and sat between them. They started kissing me, fondle breasts and caress my body over cloths. I undid my blouse hooks and petticoat string and was again naked completely.They both massaged my breasts urgently. Their hands were harder and rougher. I pressed my lips on one’s lips and started kissing him. I wanted to French kiss him but he was not aware of that. I put my fingers on his lips, inserted inside and then my tongue followed fingers in.

He was excited by this and kissed me passionately. Other man was busy with my lips below waist. He opened my pussy lips and slid his finger inside. He stroked to and fro and slowly increased speed. His other hand was below me on hips and started pressing them and crushing them with lot of pressure. My bums are firm, massive and heavy but in shapely figure. Now he turned to my face and started kissing my cheeks. I turned to him and started kissing his lips. Other person started sucking my breasts alternately and then fondles them. All these actions made me orgasm again.They were more urgent and in hurry. They slept me on birth and one of them rides on me. He slept in 69 position on me.

He smelled my pussy, rubbed and caressed and then started sucking it. The other person was busy with my boobs and legs. I took his dick in my mouth and started licking and mouth fucking it. It was largest out of I handled till now. After some time he came on me with my legs wide spread to invite them. At first his dick was not able to enter due to its size. He asked me to hang down one of my leg through seat to open my pussy wider and facilitate him to enter. He then put his dick on my pussy door and then pushed in and upwards slowly.

After few strokes his dick filled my pussy. His length was really good and making me happier. He was taking out his dick partially and re-enter thus giving pleasure of his full length. He fucked me for more than ten minutes and fired jets in my pussy. Now other person ride on me and fuck for some time. He asked me to raise my legs and put on his shoulder at one side and rest on birth side other way, thus raising my below part. He got better access to my deep pussy and went in and in. He also holds & crushed my breasts which were swinging and bulging with each stroke.

He also cummed after prolonged fuck and fired more jets in me.Now one of them sat on seat facing me and asked me to suck his dick. I started masturbating and then mouth fucking him. The other man came from behind, stretched my pussy from behind, entered his dick inside and started fucking me. He also caught by lovely boobs from behind and started massaging them. I was getting double blow. Soon they exchanged positions and we regained. I had several orgasms till now and heading towards next one. One ejaculated in my mouth while other in my pussy. Both rested for while and then adjusted their cloths and went to their seats and slept after heavy work. I was alone now fucked by seven oldies in their 50s and 60s. I searched, adjusted my cloths and put all of them on my body. I was sucked and fucked for five

Hours. But I was still unsatisfied and waited for opportunity if any. After some time train halted at small station for long time. Meantime TC came to our coach. He asked me ticket and I show him it. He departed quickly but must have realized that something must have happened there. (May be because of sweat, sperm odors etc.) Rest of my encounters in the next sessions…I am a 32 years 5’ 4” tall, very cute and sexy divorcee woman. Any guy (younger or older doesn’t matter) want to sex with me? Email me to: anjalisharma32@ . Reply Guaranteed. I want to taste different guys.