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Office Affair with Nandini

It was Ganesha Festival. And there was an orchestra in one of the areas in Bangalore. There was huge crowd with many celebrities had come as Chief Guests. Lots of dance programs, songs where going on. I was passing by my car and it was very difficult to drive because of traffic jam. That of crowd was there. It was already 9:45PM. I was so tired and it was Friday was returning from office. I felt this crowd will not get cleared soon. I just felt let me just park my car somewhere there and see this Orchestra for sometime and then go to house.

I parked my car and walked little bit near the orchestra. It was very difficult to watch anything there. But I was helpless because I had no other go. I just stood there for few minutes. Suddenly I saw a boy was crying there. I just asked him


Me         :               Hi dear, why are you crying?

Boy        :               I was with my mom. I am lost here. I need mummy…………..

Me         :               Oh don’t cry. Come here. Where is your mom?

Boy        :               We both were standing here. Suddenly someone people pushed me and I don’t know where my mom went.

Me         :               What is your name dear?

Boy        :               Prajwal

Me         :               Don’t worry Prajwal. Do you know her number?

Boy        :               Yes I know

Me         :               Give me I will call (I took my mobile outside and was waiting for him to give the number

Boy        :               99******45

Me         :               ok wait will call her and lets ask where she is

Boy        :               OK uncle please get my mom (he was crying)

I took my mobile and dialed the number. It was ringing. She picked the phone…


Me         :               Hello…?

She        :               Hello……

Me         :               Can you hear me?

She        :               Who is this? I can’t here you properly

Me         :               Hello madam.. I got your Prajwal here..

She        :               Hello Prajwal, where are you? (Her voice so soft and I could feel the pain of a mother losing her kid)

Me         :               Madam, I am Raki here. Prajwal is with me. Where are you?

She        :               I am in middle of the crowd. Where is my prajwal?

Me         :               He is with me. Please do one thing. You come near the Hotel Sukh Sagar. We are standing in front of it

She        :               Thank you please wait there I will be there in 2 mins

Me         :               Sure madam don’t worry. We are here only. You come

She        :               Thank you sir.

She cut the phone. And saw Prajwal and held his hand and stood in front of Sukhsagar hotel. In few minutes, I saw one lady was approaching us. Prajwal saw her and ran towards her and hugged her “Mummy……….”

She hugged him and could see the emotion and tears in her eyes. She walked near me.

She        :               Thank you so much Sir. I was searching for him and I was feeling like crying

Me         :               Hey that’s fine madam. Please don’t be so formal. It was my duty. Thank god you got your kid.

She        :               Yes. I was so worried.

Me         :               Ok now go home Madam. Its already 10:15PM

She        :               Sure Sir. Thank you so much.

Me         :               OK how do you both go? Shall I drop in my car?

She        :               No I have car. And I stay not very far. Just 2kms from here.

Me         :               Ok sure. But you drive. I will follow you until you reach safe and then will go

She        :               So nice of you sir. But you can carry on. Why unnecessary trouble for you?

Me         :               That’s not a problem for me. But are you thinking that I will come to know your house? (I just smiled)

She        :               Hey no Sir. Just thought why to trouble you.

Me         :               No that’s fine. You start you car will follow till you reach and I will go from there.

She        :               Thank you so much sir once again for all this.

Me         :               You can call me Rakesh not Sir. That’s my name madam

She        :               I am Nandini. You can call me Tusli not madam (Both smiled each other)

Me         :               Ok you start its getting too late.

She        :               Sure Rakesh. Prajju tell by to uncle.

Prajwal :               Bye Uncle. Thanks for lot

Me         :               That’s fine dear. But next time don’t leave mom and go

Prajwal :               Sure uncle.

Me         :               Bye Nandini. Take care.

Nandini :               Sure Rakesh bye.

She started her car. And I also started my car and followed. It took around 10mins. She slowed down her car near her house. And saw from window and waved me bye and gestured me saying that was her house and she reached. I just waved bye and showed thumbs up to say that you are safe.

I just turned my car towards my house and it was almost 30mins journey from that place. I was tired and was not in mood to think anything but I was happy that I helped a kid to get her mom. I reached my house. I had my dinner at office only and as it was holiday the next day was thinking to sleep for long time. I just parked my car went inside and removed all my clothes and directly walked to bathroom naked.

Took hot bath wiped myself and came to bed naked. And slept. God damn I was really tired. I just wanted to sleep that’s it.

I was sleeping and suddenly I could hear a beep sound. It was an SMS to my mobile. I was sleeping naked with my ass on top just took the mobile and saw the time it was around 12AM. SMS was from an unknown number. I opened the SMS and saw. It said “Reached Safely. Did you reach? Thanks once again for the help. GN”

Reading that message, I came to know it was Nandini. In that half sleepy mood only I replied. “Yes reached safely. Thanks for messaging. GN”

No idea how I slept.

I was hearing a musical sound. I was sleeping very happily. I could hear the musical sound like lullaby. But the musical sound continued. I just opened my eyes half and saw towards the window. Could see the sunlight. I just pulled my mobile and saw in half eyes opened. It was 8:00AM. I could feel someone is ringing the doorbell. I was feeling so tired and didn’t want to get up early. But was thinking “Who the hell has come to spoil my weekend.”.

I woke and sat on the edge of the bed. Wiped my face with my palms and got up and stood near the long mirror of the cupboard. God I was naked and my dick was erected. I had forgot to wear dress in the night. But I was feeling proud to see the dick so hard in the morning. The doorbell rang again and now I knew who it was. I was wondering how can I open the door with this 8inch erected dick. But now I was relaxed. I pulled the towel which I used to wipe myself night after batch. Just wrapped around my waist and walked towards the door. I could see the erected dick is pushing the towel and could easily make out that my dick is erected. I opened the door.

As expected it was Maami. She smiled and came inside and asked

Mami    :               What happed Babu? Why so late to open the door? Is someone there at home (gave a naughty smile)

Me         :               No Maa..mi. was very tired and slept nicely.

Mami    :               Ohh… I thought you came with some one last nite.

Me         :               no mami. Lot of work was there and also I came late around 11:30pm so I slept nicely

Mami    :               ok.. (she was my dick and winked at me and said ) What is this? The naughty gun is ready to shoot early morning

Me         :               ohh maami. You know that very well. How much it troubles me

Mami    :               ya ya I know. All time ready (laughed loudly and hit softly on my dick and straight away went to kitchen)

I just walked towards bed room and slept with my ass on top. The force I slept, the towel became loose and was out of my body. My ass cheeks were visible. I have a very hot and sensual body which can make any ladies go mad to have sex with me. And this has been told by many housewives, aunties, colleagues, girls as well.

I knew why maami went to kitchen. She had gone to kitchen to heat massage oil. Whenever I tell I am tired she will give me massage. In few minutes she came to bedroom and started waking me up.

Mami    :               Babu get up. Will give you nice massage. All your body pain and tiredness will go.

Me         :               maami let me sleep for somemore time. Please don’t disturb me.

Mami    :               babu u get up and take massage and take bath and then you sleep.

Me         :               you are so adamant. I don’t like you maami

Mami    :               I know all ur tricks. Now get up. You will start liking me once I start massaging you. Come on get up. You are sweet child get up

Me         :               you will not leave me maami. Ok wait.

I got up naked and she saw my dick and smiled and told “Abba royal magic wind. No idea how many ladies hole it has done magic. You look so tired. But that is not at all looks tired babu. I think it didn’t get work for long time. Come let me give some work for it.” She just held my dick and brushed. And started walking towards the bathroom. Asking me to follow. I held her shoulder and started walking towards bathroom.

There was massage oil ready for me to get massaged. Maami gave me a stool to sit and she removed her saree blouse petticoat bra and became naked. Took oil and started hitting on my head and massaged whole of my body. She asked me to stand and started massaging my dick and stroked it to give me more and more pleasure so that I get relaxation. And sat on her knee and started sucking as well. She knows that I will not so easily cum. And she also knows how naughty and dirty I am. She smiled and got up and told “Babu I know how much ur dick needs pleasure. Come fuck me and leak. Will give u bath and then you have breakfast and sleep.” She told and slept on the floor. I was full with oil. Slept on her and my erected dick was looking for her pussy. She held with her right hand and guided my dick to her hot hole. I started fucking her for about 10mins. Since my body was full of oil I was slipping from her body. Finally I cummed fully inside her hot pussy. And just rolled towards her left and slept on the floor. She got up and started smiling.

We both took bath together and she wiped me fully dry and she also wiped herself and took all he clothes and walked towards bedroom. My dick was small and was dangling. She saw and smiled and told “no the naughty chota shaithan is tired.”

She wore her saree and told wait for few minutes will prepare breakfast. I wore my dress and in few minutes she had got the breakfast. I had and she told she will wash all the cloths and then go home and told me to sleep nicely.

As I was tired I slept again and maami washed the clothes and no idea when she had left.

I know you are wondering who is this maami right?

Maami is my maid. She was working from two years and she is very homely and good lady. I was caling her maami and she was calling me babu. Very caring and very lovable. She is 43 year old and has son of 14year old. She likes me very much because I had helped her in many ways. It can be her son’s education, their medical expenses. But I never did all this for sex with her. She was very poor and her husband was a drunkard and left her 8years back. She was working as maid in many houses. But I was not treating her as maid. she was so caring and since even I was alone I wanted someone to care for me also. Whenever I was sick she used to be there. She was staying with her son in a small house.

Don’t worry guys I wont tell much about maami. That is why fucking session with maami was not that much sensual. I just wanted to tell how that Saturday was that’s it.

I don’t know how long I slept. I opned my eyes and saw the time it was 2:30PM. God no idea why I was feeling so much tired. I went to kitchen and drank water. Maami had prepared lunch also for me. I thought let me have lunch. I was so hungry. I put rice and sambar and came to dining hall and switched on TV. I just took my mobile and saw my girl friends and other aunites had messaged in whatsapp and some in SMS. Was replying all of them.

But suddenly while SMSing few aunties who don’t know how to use whasapp, I saw the message which I sent to Nandini. I actually didn’t know how I typed. I was so tired. After I messaged there was no reply. I thought forget it and not to reply. But somewhere after seeing her in night and the way she had dressed I wanted to make friendship with her. Though I had seen and fucked many aunites, I wanted to make friendship with her also. If I get chance then let me fuck her that’s it.

I started typing “Hi, hows you? Hows prajwal..happy weekend…”. Kept the mobile aside and started having lunch. It was around 20mins. No reply. I went to wash my plate and came back to see if there was any reply. Still no reply. I was confused. Whether she will reply or not. I stopped thinking too much because I had many other alternative holes to fuck. But If I get his hole then its like fucking and adding new hole in the list.

I was feeling boring. Whole day sleeping and did nothing. So I just thought let me have a walk outside for sometime. I just changed my dress and walked out of the house. I just walked around half a kilometer. There was a bakery near my house. I used to have Tea there. I just took one tea and was watching all the aunties and girls going around. Suddenly I got a message. I just opened my mobile and checked. It was Shobha. God she was such a housewife once her hubby goes out she wanted me to be with her. I thought she is calling me to her house.

You know friends sometimes fucking same pussy also will becoming boring. So I always choose various sexy ladies to fuck their juicy hole. I spoke for 3-4 mins. Thank god she called me to tell that she and her hubby are going to native for some function and told not to call or message until she comes back. I was happy very much and kept the phone.

After having Tea I returned home it was around 5PM. I just removed my pant and t-shirt and sat of sofa in banian and underwear and switched on TV. What a boring day it was. Though I could have gone to some of the aunties houses, I was feeling lazy because of tiredness.

Suddenly my mobile started beeping. I just ignore and was watching TV. After 10mins wanted to go to toilet. I just went to toilet and took my mobile and came and sat on sofa. Just I opened the message. It was Nandini. I had not saved her number but I knew her last number 45. I immediately replied

(The whole conversation was on SMS)

Nandini :               Hi, gud evening. I am gud. Prajju also gud. U?

Me         :               helo, you got my msg now? 🙂

Nandini :               I saw afternoon. But was busy.

Me         :               ok no probs. I didn’t expect you will reply 🙂

Nandini :               y so? I am not so rude

Me         :               usually ladies wont reply to stranger correct?

Nandini :               you are not stranger anymore. You helped me getting my kid safely

Me         :               that was my duty. Anyone would have done same thing

Nandini :               no way. There were many people no one tried to ask prajju about his problem correct

Me         :               that’s true. So what’s happening in the evening?

Nandini :               nothing special. Prajju is gone for tuition. So now was little free

Me         :               hubby?

Nandini :               gone out

Me         :               ok so alone now?

Nandini :               yes. Prajju will come by 7.

Me         :               so I can guess easily that you are 3 of you at home.

Nandini :               yes, only 3 of us.

Me         :               mmmm. Feels happy family

Nandini :               yes, very happy family.

Me         :               you seem to be very homely.

Nandini :               thank you. I love to be like that. But how do you know?

Me         :               the way you had dressed last nite

Nandini :               how that is because I had come there to do pooja for ganesha so

Me         :               but you were looking very traditional and typical south Indian lady

Nandini :               thank you.

Me         :               and the jasmine flower was really matching your dress and your face

Nandini :               ohh god. Thanks a lot.

Me         :               hey madam. Why do you thank me?

Nandini :               no madam :-(. You call me Nandini

Me         :               ok Nandini. Sorry

Nandini :               what doing? Who all are there at home

Me         :               guess

Nandini :               you your parents

Me         :               wife kids? You left them

Nandini :               you kidding? You married?

Me         :               ya why? I shouldn’t marry or what?

Nandini :               you don’t look like that

Me         :               🙂 k . My parents are in native and I am not married as you guessed

Nandini :               mm you stay alone.

Me         :               no no I stay with my TV, Fridge, Washing machine, tables, chairs, sofa etc etc

Nandini :               hey what are you speaking… enof

Me         :               ok sorry. Yes I stay alone here.

Nandini :               so food ? Outside?

Me         :               no. I have a maid. she is like my mother. She cooks for me and wash my cloths

Nandini :               oh gud.

Me         :               what’s plan for tomorrow?

Nandini :               nothing special. Stay at home. Wash cloths. And be with family

Me         :               mmm so you work or housewife

Nandini :               I work as associate manager

Me         :               ohh gud. Which company

Nandini :               S……. In white field

Me         :               ohh I know near Graphite India

Nandini :               Yes yes. Right

Me         :               gud that you are working. But difficult to manage right

Nandini :               yes, but ladies have to manage

Me         :               appreciate you

Nandini :               where do u work

Me         :               I work for I…… in marathalli

Nandini :               oh gud.

Me         :               what else Nandini?

Nandini :               nothing will go now. Prajju might come now

Me         :               ok sure. Shall I msg nite?

Nandini :               no pls.. I may not be able to reply

Me         :               ok I understand. Dnt worry I won’t msg

Nandini :               thank you 🙂

Me         :               tomorrow can I msg?

Nandini :               hey no pls

Me         :               hubby?

Nandini :               mmmm

Me         :               I know. Sundays are like jail for ladies 🙂

Nandini :               ok now I’m getting late

Me         :               should I expect your msgs or shall I msg

Nandini :               don’t msg until I msg you

Me         :               so sure I will get your msg?

Nandini :               may be wait and see 🙂

Me         :               hope I will be lucky to get the msgs

Nandini :               let’s see your luck. Bye now

Me         :               sure Nandini bye. Hope I will be lucky

I felt she is interested in my friendship and if she is willing to msg me when her hubby is not present that means she and her hubby may not be at good terms. But I was my guess that’s it. But for sure I knew she was a good catch for me. and I also didn’t want to rush. I never want to make ladies feel I am behind them for sex. I love them to feel my love and trust me. then only they give themselves whole heartedly and I can enjoy them will full sensual sex.

I didn’t msg her and was waiting for her message.

Sunday went just like with maami and other hotties chats and calls.

It was Monday morning. I was sleep very. It was around 7.30am. Was feeling like pissing. Went to toilet and came back and took the mobile and saw there was a message. It was Nandini’s

Nandini :               Good morning

Me         :               (I replied in same way) Good morning (no reply for sometime)

Nandini :               You still sleeping I guess.

Me         :               Yes, but got up by seeing some sweet message

Nandini :               ohh who sent you that sweet message?

Me         :               you only.

Nandini :               ohh god. I just sent Good morning that’s all

Me         :               but that was really sweet 🙂

Nandini :               thank you.

Me         :               so do I keep getting these sweet messages daily or just one day

Nandini :               don’t expect too much sir

Me         :               I know, it’s very rare and difficult to get messages from beautiful girls

Nandini :               hey I am not girl. I am woman now with a kid of 9 years

Me         :               that may be ur age. But u look really like a girl only

Nandini :               stop it. I know u are just trying to impress me

Me         :               impress you? Why should I Nandini. You are beautiful and I am telling truth that’s all

Nandini :               ok ok don’t get upset

Me         :               never ever raki will be upset on sweet beautiful girls

Nandini :               you are not so innocent as your looks. You seems to be very flirty

Me         :               do I look so innocent Nandini?

Nandini :               really the way u look, I feel u are so innocent. But now I know how much flirt you are

Me         :               oh god I never said anything. Pls sorry

Nandini :               hey don’t worry I was just kidding

Me         :               where are you now?

Nandini :               I am going to office. I am in office bus

Me         :               ohh ok. But I am still on bed Nandini

Nandini :               ohh no office today?

Me         :               it’s there. But for us flexible timings. I got whenever I need

Nandini :               good raki

Me         :               what about prajju? School?

Nandini :               he will get ready. He is very good boy.

Me         :               ya I can see. He is very sweet like only. Same face

Nandini :               yes, I know.

Me         :               he goes to school by himself?

Nandini :               no hubby drops

Me         :               ok good. You have got a good hubby

Nandini :               ya ya true.

Me         :               I am so lady Nandini. Still on bed

Nandini :               got up sir. Its already 8:15

Me         :               ya ya will get up and get ready. No idea why Mondays will come yar

Nandini :               yes raki true. Even I am feeling so lazy

Me         :               mmm. Yes. Nandini I am feeling that as if we both know each other for long time. Don’t you?

Nandini :               yes raki. Even I am feeling same.

Me         :               and I should thank you so much for messaging. I seriously thought you won’t message me

Nandini :               even I thought not to message. But felt u are good gentleman. So messaged

Me         :               I am always a gentleman

Nandini :               but only by look wise. I don’t think u are gentleman by behavior

Me         :               oh god. Plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Nandini :               ok ok . It’s too early to judge you

Me         :               thank god.

Nandini :               ok raki. I reached office. Bye

Me         :               so when can I expect the message? Hope I have the freedom to message at least now

Nandini :               don’t message until I message.

Me         :               but u are in the office right.

Nandini :               whatever pls don’t message. Else I will stop messaging

Me         :               oh god don’t worry. I will not

Nandini :               good boy

Me         :               Nandini before we say bye wanna say something

Nandini :               what’s that

Me         :               you look very beautiful… and really your eyes are so attractive, I just couldn’t take away my eyes that night

Nandini :               stupid. Now bye. Don’t message bye bye bye

Me         :               bye Nandini

Nandini :               🙂 have a nice day. Get up and go to office now

Me         :               sure Nandini. Have a sweet day.. Waiting for your sweet messages. Bye for now

For sure I was understanding that she needs someone to share her feelings and she is desperately looking for some good friend. I didn’t want to rush. But I knew she will surely continue our chats and relationship. And didn’t want to miss this

I got up, got ready and went to office. I forgot totally about Nandini. I totally immersed myself in the work. As it was Monday, there were lot of meetings and updates so kept myself busy.

It was almost 4:30PM in the evening. I forgot to have my lunch also. I was feeling damn hungry. I just stepped to cafeteria with Neha (a sexy colleague whom I spend time in office and for sure I have fucked her few times). I Checked my mobile. There were few missed calls and also messages. I usually keep my mobile in silent mode when in office. I checked the missed calls. There were 8 missed calls. 3 from Shobha, 2 from Priya, 1 landline unknown number, 1 Vinod, 1 Neha.

There were 5 messages. I just checked. 2 were from stupid Ads. 1 was from Neha “Hi dear, u didn’t had lunch. Come let’s go to cafeteria”. But I had not checked at all. She came directly to my seat and pulled me to have lunch at 4:30.

2 messages were from the new Sexy sweet Nandini.

Message 1, 12:45PM : “Hi, what are you doing?”

Message 2, 2:45PM : “busy? Had lunch?

God I was really thinking I didn’t reply what she might think. But I also had a sexy in front me who cares about me in the office. Neha (think about Dusky Priyamani. She resembles her. But lil dark), was speaking to me about her marriage proposal at home. I was least bothered about her. She is getting married and someone will fuck her. Then why should I bother. I was thinking about Nandini, the new aunty to be fucked. I just thought let me reply.

I messaged “Hi Nandini, sorry was totally busy today. Having my lunch now. Forgive me. what doing?”

Neha kept speaking about her story. Not even a single word was going in my mind. I was just thinking if Nandini will msg me. Neha asked,” Raki what hpnd to you today. I am speaking to you dear. Say something. Are you ok? What’s the matter?“

I replied “Nothing sweetie, I was just thinking about my new client. No idea how to get him. (I was referring Nandini.)”

Neha : You are talented dear. You will surely get. You are best Manager here. Not even one single client you have missed. You will get. Now please have lunch peacefully. I will tell your story some other day.

Neha, though a very modern girl. She liked me so much because of my gentle behavior and the way I care for her. That is the reason she used to give me every part of her body for me. we were like couples. But today I was not in mood to listen to this chatter box. I was only interested in Nandini. Was thinking how to get this hot lady. God I was afraid that I have to go back to meeting and what if she messages.

Suddenly my mobile beeped. I opened the message. It was Nandini. Before opening I saw Neha, she just saw the time told “God raki, I will go dear, I have a meeting now. Please have lunch. Love you”. She kissed her hand and touched my hand. That is how we both kiss in public so the kisses are exchanged without anyone watching us. She was running. Her awesome ass were juggling while she was running and her hairs were flowing right to left and left to right. Slowly she disappeared in the office. Now I thought thank god she left and opened the message

Nandini :               Hi, still busy?

Me         :               No. having my lunch.

Nandini :               oh at this time? You seems to be very busy

Me         :               yes Nandini. Today was very hectic. How about u?

Nandini :               I am going home. I am in bus.

Me         :               you are so lucky. Happy journey

Nandini :               thank you. I messaged you u didn’t reply

Me         :               yes was very busy Nandini. Sorry for that

Nandini :               Don’t worry even I can understand

Me         :               feeling tired. Just thinking when will I go home

Nandini :               even I had hectic day raki. But it not as much as you

Me         :               I told right you are lucky.

Nandini :               oh as if I won’t work only.

Me         :               ok sorry sorry.

Nandini :               so what else.

Me         :               nothing Nandini. Morning forgot to ask you something

Nandini :               what is that?

Me         :               what dress you are wearing to office today?

Nandini :               why do u want to know?

Me         :               just asked nothing serious.

Nandini :               mmmm. Chudhidhar

Me         :               ohh I thought saree

Nandini :               no I can’t wear saree to office. It will not be comfortable

Me         :               ya I know it won’t be comfortable for boys

Nandini :               stop it. I am laughing. :-). What are you saying raki?

Me         :               yes true only right. All boys go mad seeing your beauty.

Nandini :               I told I can’t work comfortably

Me         :               that I don’t know but other boys will surely not work.

Nandini :               ok stop that. I know you are big flirt.

Me         :               is this flirting Nandini?

Nandini :               yes. But tell me one thing do I look so beautiful in saree?

Me         :               yes, ask me why

Nandini :               why?

Me         :               because I have seen you only in saree. And only once. How do I know how u look in other dresses?

Nandini :               ohhh you are very clever.

Me         :               Nandini can I ask you one thing. Please don’t feel bad

Nandini :               bad? What are you up to?

Me         :               no please promise me u wont scold will ask

Nandini :               if it’s something which is not good don’t ask

Me         :               please I cannot keep anything in mind

Nandini :               if you ask something unnecessary pls don’t ever message me

Me         :               ok forget I don’t want to disappoint you

Nandini :               ok ask let me decide whether to scold or not

Me         :               no its ok. U will surely scold

Nandini :               ayooo ask na

Me         :               ok promise me you won’t scold

Nandini :               ok promise I won’t scold

Me         :               (she also wanted to flirt. I can feel the way she is responding. But didn’t want to rush) ok how to ask Nandini. I am getting scared

Nandini :               hey ask naa. Being lady I am only telling to ask. Ask now soon I will reach house

Me         :               ok. You know Nandini…….

Nandini :               tell naaa. I almost reached.

Me         :               ok Nandini… I am really fed up of typing this sms. Can we have calls instead of sms?

Nandini :               stupid. For this so much build up?

Me         :               ohh then what did you think?

Nandini :               nothing forget.

Me         :               no tell me what did you think?

Nandini :               nothing I reached house.

Me         :               when can I expect your call?

Nandini :               don’t expect. I will think about it.

Me         :               no message also right till morning?

Nandini :               no. don’t message. Remember if u message I will never message you

Me         :               ok baba. Have I done that ever

Nandini :               no no and I trust you. Because you are gentleman but ….

Me         :               but what Nandini?

Nandini :               very flirty. 🙂

Me         :               oh thanks a lot

Nandini :               stupid fellow….. Bye now take care…

Me         :               sure will wait for your call Nandini

Nandini :               don’t wait.. Bye bye bye

Me         :               bye take care

I know that she will surely call. I understood even she is in need of someone to share. Anyways as I have the habit of not rushing with ladies, especially with aunties. I thought let me wait until her body gets the heat. She herself will agree for everything.

And I know the weakness of aunties and I have succeeded with that. So thought let her take time for everything.

I reached home around 11:30PM. Was really tired. Took bath and came to kitchen. Maami had prepared something. I had it and ate one banana and came to bed. Was not interested in anything as the whole day was so hectic. I slept nicely.

Morning around 7:30am, I was getting call. I just took the mobile and saw. It was Nandini calling. Suddenly I got up and sat on bed resting my back on bed. Picked the call.

Nandini :               Good Morning … (very sweet and lovely voice)

Me         :               Good morning Nandini (even I responded with the same tone)

Nandini :               Still sleeping?

Me         :               No I woke up at 6 only (just lied)

Nandini :               You think I cannot know?

Me         :               Hey seriously I woke up at 6

Nandini :               Ohh shall I come and check?

Me         :               sure but you will be scared

Nandini :               scared? Why? Are you devil?

Me         :               not devil. I am in condition where you don’t like to see me

Nandini :               I didn’t get what u are saying

Me         :               mmmm, I am on bed with only bedsheet on me

Nandini :               ohh u sleep like that only every night?

Me         :               yes, I take bath after coming from office and sleep like that.

Nandini :               ok ok.

Me         :               what about you?

Nandini :               shut up… shameless fellow

Me         :               shame? What’s that? I don’t know what is that

Nandini :               I can know that by the way you speak

Me         :               ok sorry… don’t get upset.

Nandini :               hey no I was just pulling your legs

Me         :               I know… so you are in bus?

Nandini :               yes in bus. Feeling sleepy

Me         :               ok then you sleep for sometime till you reach office

Nandini :               its ok speak for 5mins. Then will sleep

Me         :               sure. What dress are you wearing today?

Nandini :               Today I am wearing top and jean

Me         :               ohh gud. Wanna see you in jean and tight top

Nandini :               ohh what’s special in that

Me         :               ya.. I can see your real beauty with tight hugging dresses right

Nandini :               I will kill you now. All boys are same

Me         :               yes men are men…

Nandini :               ya I know you boys and your dirty mind

Me         :               hey Nandini, I am not speaking in dirty mind. I am just praising your beauty. Don’t ever compare me with that kind of boys

Nandini :               I know raki. Otherwise why would I call you and speak?

Me         :               thank god.. I guess I impressed you (a mild laugh)

Nandini :               no way you impressed me.. Don’t boost yourself

Me         :               ohh god I don’t know how to impress beautiful girls

Nandini :               don’t lie. I know you will be having many girl friends

Me         :               no way Nandini. No girls will really turn towards me

Nandini :               don’t tell that. I can easily know that many girls are behind you. And my guess will never go wrong

Me         :               ohh so you are astrologer.?

Nandini :               not astrologer. But I fell that many girls eye on you

Me         :               what made you to think like that?

Nandini :               you are really smart and handsome. And you are gentleman for sure. And you have gud heart with helping nature.

Me         :               ohh how can you guess that. It can be for also to impress you right

Nandini :               no no. I am sure you are gentleman and why should you impress anyone raki.. They will get impress by themselves

Me         :               so can I assume you are also impressed by me?

Nandini :               not really.. Nandini will not get impressed to anyone so easily.

Me         :               ya I know you are really tough lady to impress

Nandini :               keep that in mind. Nandini will not get impressed to any boys.

Me         :               ok so I feel I am not so lucky (just a low voice)

Nandini :               feeling sad?

Me         :               hey that’s fine Nandini. But tell me what should this poor guy do to impress you.

Nandini :               that you should know. Why should I tell. You should find out

Me         :               ok let me try out

Nandini :               keep trying raki. Let me sleep for sometime

Me         :               hey speak for some more time naa

Nandini :               no I am really tired. Wanna sleep

(these ladies are so tough in the beginning. But I knew she is impressed by me. I just didn’t want to rush and wanted to make her feel she is very tough)

Me         :               ok at least tell me how I was looking that night when we met?

Nandini :               no I will cut the call. Let’s speak that some other day.

Me         :               oh god.. Why?

Nandini :               let’s have something to speak for next time. If we speak everything in the beginning only then what will we speak?

Me         :               ohh that fine. That means I am lucky to get more calls from you. Waaw. Thanks Nandini

Nandini :               but expect me to call u always

Me         :               sure Nandini maharani

Nandini :               ok raki, you sleep or get ready for the office. But I will sleep. Bye

Me         :               sure Nandini bye bye have a great day

Nandini :               you too have a great day

I could hear the sound of call getting cut. I felt very sad and hit mobile softly on my forehead and saw it again. I kissed mobile assuming that the kiss would have reached her. I slowly slid on bed and slept again. It was 8am. Not feeling like waking. Suddenly there was a beep sound. I just suddenly saw the mobile there was a message. And it was from Nandini.

“Any girl will be impressed by seeing you raki. Even I am impressed…”

God I really wanted to bring her on bed and hug her and make her nude and fuck her. I didn’t waste time. Immediately replied. “I am really happy to hear. What is that made you so impressed?”

No reply ….

Sent only more message “You told Nandini will not get impressed to any boys. But what made you to get impressed by me?”

No reply..

I waited and waited till 8:45. Not reply I just slept on bed for next 15mins and then got up took bath and went to office.

No messages or call from Nandini for 2days. I also was busy with so many meetings and projects. It was Friday, I still remember that day. It was awesome day for me. Never expected that this will happen. It was around 8:30 AM. I took bath and was getting ready. I was just in a towel. I was getting call. as I was getting ready so didn’t pick the call. again I got the call. I just went and saw. It was Nandini. God I just threw my underwear on bed and picked the call.

Me         :               Hello madam. How are you?

Nandini :               I am very good. How are you?

Me         :               Not good.

Nandini :               What happened?

Me         :               You didn’t call me. Where were you?

Nandini :               is there any rule that I have to call you daily?

Me         :               no but still at least you could have messaged what happened?

Nandini :               is it necessary to tell that?

Me         :               ok sorry I just thought I should ask you. Nothing to hurt u Nandini. You are right. Who am I to ask you right?

Nandini :               hey raki. You became so emotional. Sorry I was just kidding.

Me         :               that fine Nandini. Is everything ok?

Nandini :               yes, everything is fine.

Me         :               good to hear.

Nandini :               I know you were upset that I didn’t call u.

Me         :               not upset. But was thinking what happened to you. You didn’t call

Nandini :               I thought of calling you but. My in laws had come and didn’t go to office for 2days

Me         :               ohh ok. You at office?

Nandini :               no no work from home today.

Me         :               in laws still there?

Nandini :               no they left just now. Lokesh has gone to drop them

Me         :               mmmm. Prajju went to school?

Nandini :               ya he also went with them.

Me         :               so alone today?

Nandini :               ya alone but have lots of work to be done.

Me         :               ok ok

Nandini :               what about you? Still sleeping?

Me         :               hello madam I have already taken bath and was getting ready. I got your call

Nandini :               ohh you have become good boy.

Me         :               what do you mean I became good boy? I am always good boy

Nandini :               that I should tell. Not you

Me         :               ok Nandini

Nandini :               got ready?

Me         :               not I am still in towel

Nandini :               ohhh shame shame.

Me         :               (I just laughed) if I stand like this for few more minutes, even this towel will fall

Nandini :               stupid. Shameless fellow

Me         :               yes I am shameless (just smiled)

Nandini :               first go get ready and then will speak

Me         :               why? You feeling shy or what?

Nandini :               then what. You standing half naked and what if someone comes

Me         :               as if you come here you are speaking

Nandini :               after you telling that you are in that condition even I wanted to come, I will not come

Me         :               ok ok Nandini. I will get ready. Give me 5mins

Nandini :               ok will cut the call and then call me once you get ready

Me         :               its ok don’t cut the call. I will get ready in 2mins

Nandini :               no no you call once you are ready

Me         :               mmm I know you are imagining how I am now correct

Nandini :               hey shameless stupid… cut the call now

She cut the call. I was thinking why did I say that I am half naked. anyways she also liked that talks. I got ready soon so that I can call her soon.

Now I was thinking whether to call her or not. But then remembered that she had told me to call. and also she had told that her husband and prajju had gone out. So she was alone. So no need to bother. I dialed her number. She didn’t pick. Again I dialed she didn’t pick. I was cursing my fate. I kept the mobile on table and was wearing my Tie. Suddenly she called. I had tied half. Picked it as soon I saw her call.

Me         :               hellooo…

Nandini :               got ready?

Me         :               yes yes.

Nandini :               good today casuals…

Me         :               no Nandini. I have few clients in office. So full formals with suit and all

Nandini :               ohh so bad.. It so irritates with all those dresses right

Me         :               yes . I love to be in casuals always

Nandini :               but you will be looking really handsome then

Me         :               ohh really?

Nandini :               yes I know u look really smart and handsome

Me         :               thank you

Nandini :               can I see your photo now?

Me         :               photo? How?

Nandini :               send it through WhatsApp

Me         :               but are you on WhatsApp?

Nandini :               yes sure.

Me         :               you first speak will send later before going to office

Nandini :               sure.

Me         :               but on one condition.

Nandini :               what is that?

Me         :               you also should send your pic

Nandini :               no I wont

Me         :               this is not good Nandini.. You want my photo but you shouldn’t send yours?

Nandini :               ok but on one condition

Me         :               sure what is that?

Nandini :               you have to delete it immediately after seeing it

Me         :               hey Nandini. What do you think of me dear?

Nandini :               I am really scared raki

Me         :               pls don’t be scared. You can trust me. I promise I will delete it immediately

Nandini :               ok then what else? Had breakfast?

Me         :               no will have in office

Nandini :               ohh no one to prepare for you?

Me         :               maami is there. But she has not come today. May be some work I guess

Nandini :               maami?

Me         :               yes my maid. I guess I told you this

Nandini :               ohh ok I don’t remember

Me         :               you had breakfast?

Nandini :               no no will have after bath

Me         :               ohh you still didn’t bath?

Nandini :               no will go now. All these people left now only right. So thought will get bath and then have breakfast

Me         :               mmm any help needed?

Nandini :               shut up… what do you mean?

Me         :               I told shall I help to serve you breakfast

Nandini :               enough I am not a small kid so that I won’t understand

Me         :               mmmm I know you are not small kid..

Nandini :               I know what you said also

Me         :               ok then if you no then why not you take my help?

Nandini :               no I can help myself

Me         :               allow me to do some squirrel help at least

Nandini :               no no. its ok thanks for your help

Me         :               ok god. You missed a good chance

Nandini :               no way.. I know you are feeling bad that you missed a chance

Me         :               may be.. But I can really help you

Nandini :               now stop that…come will give you breakfast

Me         :               what is for breakfast?

Nandini :               chapathi and tomato subji

Me         :               waaw my favorite

Nandini :               that’s why I prepared

Me         :               ohh you think I believe what you said now? I know you have prepared for you prajju

Nandini :               how you know?

Me         :               I know dear. All mothers are like that. They like their kids very much and think of them more than their husband

Nandini :               ohh you are really very intelligent

Me         :               thank you

Nandini :               hey shameless.. You won’t go to office?

Me         :               I want to but there is one beauty who is speaking to me.. And I won’t get chance to speak to her so much again and again

Nandini :               ohh god you are crazy ya. You calling me beauty?

Me         :               yes, obviously you are beauty..

Nandini :               no way. My husband says I am not at all good looking

Me         :               I don’t know your husband taste. But you look really beautiful

Nandini :               thank you thank you

Me         :               what all you prepare?

Nandini :               I love preparing non veg.

Me         :               waaw when will I get to taste your recipe

Nandini :               let’s see when the time comes

Me         :               so tomorrow off right?

Nandini :               ya tomorrow off. For you?

Me         :               yes

Nandini :               what’s the plan then for tomorrow

Me         :               yours?

Nandini :               I have so many cloths and need to clean house also raki

Me         :               so sad. Shall I come and help you at least for that?

Nandini :               no thanks raki. So kind of you. And I know you are so lazy and it will be more work for me only if you come

Me         :               yes but I will be with you whole day right?

Nandini :               god…. Crazy man.. Go its getting late for office

Me         :               that’s fine. Can I request you something?

Nandini :               sure ask me

Me         :               why don’t you come to my house tomorrow? You can prepare breakfast and non-veg also

Nandini :               hey are you serious?

Me         :               yes I am serious.

Nandini :               but I have so much to work on raki

Me         :               hey you can do it after noon also. You come in the morning and leave by afternoon. What say?

Nandini :               but still I am thinking what shall I say lokesh

Me         :               you can plan.. Think and let me know.

Nandini :               ok but I will bring prajju also. Is that fine with you?

Me         :               sure dear… that’s fine. Even I will have some good time .

Nandini :               ok but will confirm you by evening. Don’t plan anything before I say

Me         :               ok ok. Sure

Nandini :               you stay alone right.?

Me         :               yes but if you scared then will tell maami also to come (I just laughed)

Nandini :               why should I be scared? I know you are good boy

Me         :               thanks for the trust. And please please plan Nandini…

Nandini :               sure will confirm you by evening if there are no other plans of lokesh

Me         :               and one more thing send me your photo, if possible while going for bath (again laughed) or after bath

Nandini :               why you don’t want while taking bath also? Shameless idiot.. How dare you ask all those things stupid?

Me         :               hey if you send while bath photo also ok for me

Nandini :               see I am scolding you but still you are happy

Me         :               I know the angry of beautiful girls. They scold with full smile

Nandini :               you are a big flirt raki..

Me         :               thank you

Nandini :               shameless rascal

Me         :               thank you so much

Nandini :               (laughed) but I feel so happy when speaking to you even though you speak so shameless

Me         :               if you angry then don’t speak only

Nandini :               that is what I feel sometimes. But don’t know why I feel I should speak to you

Me         :               waaaw. Something special in me?

Nandini :               nothing special now go to work raki its time

Me         :               sure but don’t forget to send the pics. But if you send those bathing pics I am will be full happy

Nandini :               shut up now…and send your photo before you leave to office

Me         :               ok sure I will what pose you want? While bathing?

Nandini :               now send me your photo with suit wanna see

Me         :               ok Nandini sure

Nandini :               ok raki bye take care. Have a great day

Me         :               sure Nandini, you too have a great day

She cut the call and immediately took a snap and searched for her WhatsApp.. and sent it. In few minutes I got a reply

“You look so handsome and smart.. hope today all girls will be seeing you..enjoy your day raki. I feel really good when I am speaking to you. Bye have a sweet day”

I replied immediately “Thanks a lot Nandini. waiting for your photo as well. And you also look very beautiful.. even I feel so relaxed while speaking to you. Enjoy your bath. But will try to come inside your bathroom and see if I can help you. (smiley). Bye have a chweeeeet day”

No reply after that. I just took my bag and started to office.

I just took my bag and started to office. I just reached the door, I remembered Nandini had asked for the photo. I just took my mobile and shot a selfie to cover till my waist. Somehow it came good. I just whatsapped her my photo and then started to office.

I kept my bag and my suit behind seat and started the car. Suddenly I got a message in whatsapp.

“You are really handsome raki. So smart. Only one photo? Ok bye happy journey. I am going for bath”

I replied… “Call me if you need any help. I will be there to help you. Happy time at bathroom Nandini”

Sent one more message “waiting for your photos.. before bath, after bath, while bath . I am going to office now..”

I started my car and headed towards office. God it is so hectic traffic travelling till marathalli. It’s like hell. I was just thinking why the hell there is so much traffic always. I was wondering how much signals and jams. Somehow I reached KR Puram. And there was big jam as usual. It took almost 25mins to cross that jam. Now there was some clearance in the traffic. Suddenly my phone started beeping continuously. I just took the mobile and saw.

While on the way, I got Nandini message… God she had sent her photo.. I just stopped my car and saw that photo for 10mins.. gorgeous… mmm.

Now I was not able to drive. There were 3 photos. I just wanted to see every inch of her beauty.

Photo 1 :

She had stood near mirror and has taken full photo till her knee. She was in white T-shirt. I could feel she had come out bathroom and wiped herself and worn tshirt and track pant. Hairs were still wet. I could see the sweet smile on her lips and her chubby cheeks waaw. There were like apple. Though she was dusky, she was really sexy.

I could see light blue bra, in the Tshirt as it was little transparent. The bulging boobs were really making me mad. I just touched it once with my fingers to feel those boobs. I was really feeling like pulling that tshirt up so that I can see that blue bra. I was more interested to see that lucky bra which was covering her boobs. I was slightly getting erection seeing that semitransparent tshirt pic

Photo 2 :

Same tshirt but this time sideward. I just felt this was taken purposely to show her bulging boobs. God they were 34 size boobs. This time I could make out the bra strap on shoulder as well. And also she had taken the selfie sideward lifting her hand, I could see her shaved arm pit as well. God. I just brought my mobile towards my face and smelled to feel the arm pit sweat smell. I could also see her bulging ass. They were so sexy that I really got erection. I just couldn’t control now. In those tight fitting tracks, those ass cheeks were so sexy that I wanted to lick them and bite them softly. I couldn’t control I really kissed then and also licked my mobile screen once to feel her has cheeks

Photo 3 :

This was really an awesome pic. She had worn Saree. Light blue saree, with matching blouse. Even this was semitransparent. I could feel she had worn saree after taking snaps in tshirt. Her hairs were still wet. But this time they were tied. I could see her slight cleavage from the saree. her blue blouse was covering those milky boobs. Since it was straight photo I was not able clearly see the bulge of her boobs. But still they were so hot and sexy. Below the boobs, her navel was visible through the semitransparent saree. She was really looking like an angle. I kissed that photo. She was looking very much like anushka Shetty

Then there was a message also. “I wore saree just for you only raki. Hope I look good.”

I replied “you look really beautiful… I seriously went crazy about your beauty. You are damn cute and beautiful”

She replied “Thank you raki. Ok I have few calls and some work. I will go and work.”

I replied “Good. Take care. Anyways you are at home please call me and confirm for tomorrows plan.”

She replied “Sure don’t worry, I will update you on the plans. Good bye have a great day. I have many meetings today. Will take from home only. “

I replied “I will be waiting eagerly for your call to tell me that you are coming tomorrow or not”

I didn’t get any replies and I started my car and headed towards the office

I was busy with lots of meeting with clients. Neha also had come with business formals. She was damn sexy with skirt, shirt and suit. We both were sitting together whole day in conference meetings. No mobile, no messages, no WhatsApp. I was just afraid if Nandini would have called me. But knew she would understand as I had told her that I have client meetings.

In the conference room Neha and me were having nice time. Both touching our legs. Whole day was so boring in meetings so at least I had sexy Neha for time pass. She was indeed time pass. I will tell about her in my next stories.

Finally, at 5:30PM meeting got over and all left the conference room first thing I did was checked my mobile if Nandini had called. Luckily no message or calls. Neha asked if we can have something at cafeteria. We both went to cafeteria. All my colleagues were so jealous of me that I was with that sexy hot bomb Neha. All were eyeing on her because of her dress today. She was really looking stunning. I always felt proud whenever she was around me. because all boys were really jealous. We ordered some snacks and were having it. Suddenly there was a call to Neha. It was her boyfriend. She gave signal to me saying he has called and she left. I just checked the mobile. I didn’t had call. it was exactly 6PM. I got call from Nandini.

Nandini :               Hi Raki

Me         :               hi dear. I was just waiting for your call

Nandini :               Sorry was really busy with many calls and weekly reports.

Me         :               I understand even I was busy Nandini. just now meeting finished and came to have something

Nandini :               ok ok. I thought of calling at 3:30. but prajju came so couldn’t call. and was waiting till he leave

Me         :               that’s fine. Tell me what’s the plan

Nandini :               I am not coming

Me         :               ohh what hpnd Nandini? any other plans

Nandini :               hey was kidding I am coming don’t worry.

Me         :               waaw I am so lucky

Nandini :               happy now?

Me         :               very happy dear. Can’t express..

Nandini :               even I am happy raki. After many days I am feeling I will be relaxed

Me         :               ohh why you don’t go out anywhere?

Nandini :               don’t ask all those things now. I am coming tomorrow and let’s have some good time.

Me         :               sure dear. Don’t worry let’s have good time together.

Nandini :               yes, I want to be free and happy

Me         :               ok sure you will be . What time are you coming?

Nandini :               I will come by 9:30. let lokesh leave the house. I told him that there is some get together at my colleague’s house.

Me         :               sure sure. Is prajju coming?

Nandini :               yes Prajju and I will come

Me         :               good.

Nandini :               Prajju shouldn’t have come raki?

Me         :               hey y are you saying that dear. Let him also come. He will also have some change

Nandini :               sorry. I couldn’t leave him alone.

Me         :               hey pls don’t be sorry. Let him come. I am happy

Nandini :               so what’s the plan tomorrow

Me         :               mmmm. First thing is what are you planning to wear

Nandini :               I have not decided raki.

Me         :               wear saree naa. U look so nice in saree

Nandini :               hey have u gone mad. Saree whole day will be so uncomfortable

Me         :               ohh ok then what will you wear?

Nandini :               Let me think. And how were my photos?

Me         :               mind blowing. Really awesome.

Nandini :               thank you. I wore saree for you only.

Me         :               then you should have taken more pics

Nandini :               how many ever pics I take It will same only right

Me         :               ya but still. You could have taken in different different angles.

Nandini :               ohh I am not photographer

Me         :               but u have taken photos super than a photographer

Nandini :               oh is it? What was so special in dat?

Me         :               everything. I was so immersed with that tshirt photos

Nandini :               ohh is it. What is so special in that?

Me         :               I could see something

Nandini :               what? What could you see?

Me         :               it was blue

Nandini :               blue? What are you saying?

Me         :               yes blue. I could see it through your tshirt

Nandini :               ohh.. Hey stupid… you have very sharp eyes…

Me         :               you have very sharp chest

Nandini :               idiot, what are you speaking. Shameless rascal

Me         :               what I told is right or wrong?

Nandini :               I don’t know (a soft voice)

Me         :               but I know it was blue

Nandini :               did u delete the pic or not

Me         :               I swear deleted dear. You send me by trust and I want to keep up that trust.

Nandini :               thanks raki. I know you are gentleman and I can trust you

Me         :               yes and innocent too

Nandini :               innocent? God you are a damn pervert

Me         :               ohh god no dear.

Nandini :               you don’t have to tell me how innocent you are. You speak so shamelessly and say you are innocent

Me         :               but what can I do dear. I can’t keep in mind after seeing the beauty.

Nandini :               mmm so for that only you asked photo?

Me         :               not really but once I saw you photo I couldn’t take out my eyes

Nandini :               you and your naughty thoughts. God no idea how many girls you are troubling

Me         :               hey what do you mean. I have only these things to do?

Nandini :               I can feel you always flirting with girls.

Me         :               no no dear. I am innocent

Nandini :               ok forget that. Tell me about the photos

Me         :               it was really good dear. But yes I was lil tempted seeing your tshirt pics. As told those sharp chest and the blue one covering it was awesome.

Nandini :               stupid stupid stupid

Me         :               and in another photo the bottom with that tight tracks, showing a mark of your innerwear made me crazy, but sorry couldn’t check which color it was

Nandini :               ohh my god hey raki you are impossible. Stop stop stop

Me         :               wait dear. But I guessed that also will be blue. Because usually ladies will wear the set. Blue top blue bottom

Nandini :               raki.. Will u stop or not?

Me         :               ok sure I will stop but on one condition

Nandini :               what is that?

Me         :               tell me even that was also blue right?

Nandini :               I don’t know now stop it.

Me         :               you agreed for the condition. I will stop if you tell which color it is

Nandini :               how can ask u all this stupid? It’s been just few days we both met and you are asking all this?

Me         :               it’s not about how many days we met Nandini. it’s about our understanding. I know you also miss something in life

Nandini :               now you won’t stop until I say that right?

Me         :               yes you understood me so well

Nandini :               mmm. It is marron.

Me         :               ohh marron? But top was blue right

Nandini :               yes that is right. But bottom is marron

Me         :               ohh why? Usually you ladies will wear matching one’s right

Nandini :               hey stupid it’s not always. When we are at home we don’t think of matching dresses.

Me         :               ohh ok ok then marron

Nandini :               yes, marron and now let’s stop this and speak about tomorrow plan

Me         :               yes, but before that tell me how I was looking

Nandini :               you are always smart raki. You were looking really handsome

Me         :               thank you. But you couldn’t see anything inside (I laughed)

Nandini :               hey again you started

Me         :               I was just kidding

Nandini :               you have nice smile and nice face. Today many girls will be mad I am sure

Me         :               hey nothing I was sitting in the conference room from morning till evening

Nandini :               ok now tell me what’s the plan for tomorrow

Me         :               are you coming for breakfast?

Nandini :               no I have to prepare breakfast for lokesh and also I have told him that we are going for lunch. So we will have breakfast and come

Me         :               oh then we will plan for lunch

Nandini :               ya that’s good idea raki

Me         :               Let me tell maami to prepare maa.

Nandini :               no no, I will prepare and serve you

Me         :               then what shall I say to maami?

Nandini :               You can say something or also she would be happy taking rest

Me         :               ok what will you prepare

Nandini :               Chicken fry, chicken kabab, chicken masala

Me         :               ok then will get chicken. What about mutton?

Nandini :               I don’t like mutton raki

Me         :               I know why you don’t like mutton

Nandini :               why?

Me         :               because hot chicks will like chicken that’s why (I laughed)

Nandini :               ayoooo you always go to flirt only

Me         :               correct or not?

Nandini :               god no idea how will be ur wife condition?

Me         :               why dear?

Nandini :               you are so naughty raki.

Me         :               you mean it’s not good?

Nandini :               it’s really good raki. You know I never speak so much with anyone.

Me         :               then why are you speaking with me?

Nandini :               swear even I am not understanding. I feel so nice speaking to you dear

Me         :               same here Nandini. I never speak for so long to anyone. But no idea why I speak to you so much.

Nandini :               I am just waiting when will it become morning

Me         :               even I am eagerly waiting dear. It will be really nice right?

Nandini :               hope so. Ok raki. Its time now. Prajju will come. I have to prepare dinner also

Me         :               ok dear. Try to come soon. I will be waiting.

Nandini :               yes, sure. I will call you before I start. You guide me how to come.

Me         :               sure sure. I will.

Nandini :               raki, thanks for our friendship

Me         :               hey stop this dear. I am just what I am and let’s be good friends

Nandini :               yes, raki and let this friendship be forever

Me         :               sure. I will be waiting tomorrow

Nandini :               sure will try to come as early as possible dear. Bye bye

Me         :               bye Nandini

God we spoke for long time. It was exactly one week back I had met her. And same time Neha also came back. Even she had long call with her boyfriend. She came back and told that she has to go to her boyfriend room and no one is there in his apartment. But she was not interested because she was totally tired. She told he is shouting and telling that she has to come. I told her leave him. She told she can’t because her father has already told all their relatives that they both are marrying. Anyways I was not bothered what she has to do because it was her life.

Neha was going to her boyfriend room and she asked me to drop this his apartment. I knew tonight her boyfriend is going to fuck her badly and she will surely not encourage him as she was tired. Even I wanted to go early and sleep soon because my new catch lovely aunty lovely anushaka Shetty Nandini was coming.

I dropped Neha at her boyfriend place and went to house and slept.

I got up suddenly from my sleep and saw the time in mobile. I thought its already morning. It was 3:30AM. I got up went to pee and came and sleep again. I was not getting sleep at all. I was just waiting when will it be morning. I had fucked may girls or ladies. But I had never had this kind of tension. Somehow I don’t know when I slept.

I could hear door bell ringing. It was continuous. I just got up and saw it was 7:30. God I woke up and rushed to the door to open. I saw I was naked without towel also. But I knew it would be maami. I went and open the door slightly and maami entered the house. Maami saw me and smiled and hit my dick softly and told “naughty”. I pulled her and hugged her. She pushed me and showed the clock. It was already 7:45. I told her ok let me get ready.

As usual she prepared for my bath and she called me to bathroom. She started giving me bath. She felt she will get wet and she also became naked and gave me nice batch. But I couldn’t control and fucked her once in doggy style. After finishing I hugged her and she washed my dick cleanly and she also took bath and she wiped me fully and sent me to bedroom to get ready. She also wiped herself and wore her saree and got ready.

Maami went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. i got ready with nice tshirt and shorts. It was already 9. It was just 30mins for her to start. Maami prepared bread and toast and gave me and went to wash my clothes. I was just waiting for Nandini’s call.i was holding mobile in hand was waiting for her call. I was not understanding why I was so much eager for this lady.

It was 9:30. I didn’t get any call. I was sure she will call now. It was 9:45 no call. I kept the mobile on table and went near maami with sad face.

Maami  :               what happened baabu? Why are you sad?

Me         :               what maami she didn’t call only

Maami  :               wait baabu she will call you. She will come don’t worry

Me         :               ok let me see

Maami  :               is she so beautiful? You are so much eager

Me         :               yes maami. She is very beautiful aunty. That is why I am so interested

Maami  :               ok ok. Let me put these clothes for dry.

Me         :               ok maami. Let me go down and check if there is any call from Nandini

It was 10. I thought she might not call. suddenly my mobile started ringing. And I saw the mobile it was Nandini. I immediately picked the call

Nandini :               Hello Raki

Me         :               Hello dear. What happened you told you will start by 9:30

Nandini :               Ya but lokesh didn’t go soon raki. He left house at 9:45.

Me         :               ok ok start soon dear. I am eagerly waiting

Nandini :               sure dear. Wait prajju has gone for susu

Me         :               oh god. Tell him to come and do susu here only. Come soon dear.

Nandini :               wait raki. Why so urgent?

Me         :               you wont understand my urgent

Nandini :               ohhh really?

Me         :               ayooo now you start please….

Nandini :               ok dear. Prajju came will start now. Once I reach that Temple circle will call you

Me         :               sure. How are you coming?

Nandini :               by car.

Me         :               ok start soon.

Nandini :               sure dear bye. See you soon

I was so happy. Maami was in kitchen cleaning the shelves and arranging the vessels. I just came inside and hugged her tighly and kissed her neck. She knew that Nandini had called. And she smiled at me and told “now go and bring her. You concentrate on her today. Enjoy fully.”

After 30mins Nandini called and told that she is near the Temple Circle. I guided her very clearly till my house. I was standing at door. I saw a Red car coming towards my house. I was still on call and I told her to park the car inside veranda only. I had big veranda to park two cars. She drove inside the gate and stopped. Prajju was sitting infront. She parked the car. And closed the window. Before she got down. Prajju got down jumping and smiled at me. “Hi Uncle..”. I saw him and said “Hi dear. How are you?” I was not at all interested with this boy. I was just waiting for my heroine to get down the car. Yes finally the beautiful heroine got down the car. I was just seeing her from the time she got down down from the car.

The door opened and I could see the right leg stepping down with a black flat sandal with white strips with few shining diamond like stones in the front. The foot was so clean manicured with light brown nail polish on the neatly shaped with big nails. A toe had a simple toe ring. It was was really very nice to see her foot. She had a think silver anklet. That was giving an awesome look for her white legs. I was seriously waiting to see her fully. Now the whole leg was outside. I could see her thighs in light blue jeans. her leg was really very fat. it was like rambha’s sexy thighs (can anyone post thighs of Rambha?) now finally she stepped outside. My god, the gorgeous beauty had completely come out of the car.

She had worn light pink top with light blue jean. She had worn big goggles. She was so sexy with those goggles. As soon as she got down she pulled her googles on her head. She gave a sweet smile to me. her thin lips just expanded little to give me a sweet simple smile. It showed lots of eagerness. She started walking towards me. I was just seeing her without blinking. I never thought this aunty figure will be so sexy. As she was walking towards me I could see her boobs very slightly swaying. That was really making me so arousing. Her open soft straight hairs were flying nicely in that cool breeze. While walking those bangles in her had were making jiggling sound. She had worn colorful Bangles, which was giving a nice look for her hand. She came near me and stood. Now I could see her mangalsutra which was inside her top. For sure it would be in middle of her boob valley that is cleavage. The top was not deep neck but could see her very slight cleavage. I could smell her perfume now. The aroma as so exotic. She was standing just one feet away.

Nandini :               I am here (gave a cute smile)

Me         :               (I didn’t speak anything, smiled in returned to tell her I am very happy)

Nandini :               happy?

Me         :               (I just nodded my head to day yes I am very happy)

I wanted to hug her very tightly and fuck her as soon as I saw her. She was looking so curvy and sexy. I just told her “Welcome” and took her inside. She left her sandals outside and prajju followed her jumping.

Maami was in kitchen. I called maami and introduced her to Nandini. after introducing I just saw maami and signaled through my eyes to ask how she looks. She made expressions to tell that she is sexy.

I took them to hall and told them to sit. Sexy Nandini sat on sofa, maami got juice for them and prajju was sitting so silent. He was really very good boy. They both had juice. Maami too the glass and walked towards kitchen. I also followed her to kitchen. I went very close to her and started speaking in a very low voice

Me         :               Maami, how is she?

Maami  :               she is very good looking. Very beautiful. As you told she is very homely

Me         :               What do u say? Will she fall for me?

Maami  :               of course don’t worry she will be yours for sure

Me         :               mmm. Waiting for that day.

Maami  :               now go and speak to her don’t be here only. She may feel bad

Me         :               sure maami. My sweet maami

I went outside and sat on sofa and started speaking to her. She asked me to show the house. I took them to show the house.

I went outside and sat on sofa and started speaking to her. She asked me to show the house. I took them to show the house.

I took them to bed room in ground floor. It was not used and it was my parents room. Whenever they came from native they would stay there. There was nothing much to see there. There was my parents photo. She saw that photo and asked

Nandini :               Parents?

Me         :               Yes

Nandini :               You look exactly like your mom

Me         :               yes. I know

Nandini :               that is why you look so handsome

Me         :               thanks raki. Come will show you the kitchen

Nandini :               sure come.

We walked towards kitchen. Maami was in the kitchen cleaning chicken and getting all the items for preparing the chicken which Nandini will cook. I had told maami about the Nandini’s cooking.

She was the kitchen and told

Nandini :               Waaaw. Its so big and spacious

Me         :               I love everything to be big

Nandini :               mmmm (she gave a naughty look. She understood what I was saying)

Me         :               Maami, is everything ready? Today rest for you Nandini will cook for us

Maami  :               Yes baabu. I am cleaning the chicken. Once madam will start took I will give her all the items

Nandini :               So sweet maami. You are really good.

Maami  :               Thanks madam. But you are our guest, you could have taken rest. Baabu and we would have cooked

Nandini :               its ok maami. Don’t worry. I love cooking. Your baabu cooks?

Maami  :               baabu, madam is asking something (smiled)

Me         :               Ya I will cook very nicely.

Maami  :               no madam. He just sat on the shelf and keep stirring whatever I cook. And he says he knows to cook

Nandini :               Ohh. Now I know how he cooks.

Me         :               OK come Nandini. let me show u my first floor

Nandini :               sure Raki. Maami, once I see the house I will come and prepare lunch.

I showed her the way to stairs. I just wanted her to climb first. But Prajju started running on the stairs. Nandini started to climb the stairs. I purposely went behind her to watch her fat ass. She put her first step. Those nice feet were touching my stair steps. As soon as she started, she put her right leg on the stair step, her left ass cheek bulged and right ass cheek went in front together with her right leg. As soon as she kept her first step, I could see the panty line from her pant. I was getting tempted to touch those ass cheeks. I was watching her next step. Now she kept her second step. Her right cheek bulged and her left check went in front together with her left leg. as and when she kept her next steps, her ass cheeks were bulging and going front and back but her panty line was moving along with her legs simultaneously. I could feel the panty was getting stretching while she walked because of the elastic and also the soft material used for panty.

I didn’t miss any steps while she was climbing. Finally, we reached the first floor. There was my bedroom, a small gym, a study room and a open space. She stood near the open space and turned towards me..

Nandini :               Raki, this house is so big. And so nice.

Me         :               Thanks dear. All my hardwork.

Nandini :               Own house?

Me         :               no dear. Its rented. But its like mine only because its my father’s close friends house. My dad helped him many ways. So he gave this house for me. and he wont ask for rent at all.

Nandini :               ohh good. Where is he now?

Me         :               he is in USA with his son. But I pay him rent. Because tomorrow he should not comment saying I am staying here for free right

Nandini :               Yes you are right.

Me         :               ok come will show you my bedroom

Nandini :               sure raki.

We both walked inside the bedroom. My bedroom was with a big master bed with good lightings on ceiling. There was a big 50inch TV as well. She was just feeling happy seeing my room. I had set my bedroom very nice and very romantic. She just opened her mouth and said

Nandini :               Waaw raki. My god. Its not nice like heaven.

Me         :               liked Nandini?

Nandini :               very nice raki. You have set it as a very romantic place

Me         :               yes I love my place to be very nice and very pleasant

Nandini :               it really looks very pleasant

she slowly went near the bed and stood for few seconds and sat keep her hand stretching behind

Me         :               how are you feeling?

Nandini :               very nice dear. Feeling like being here foreer

Me         :               sure why not be here only.

Nandini :               ohh ya ya as if it will happen as soon I think stupid

She stretched her hand sidewards still more. As she was stretching more, her chest was bulging to show her hot boobs protruding from her white top. Her soft legs were touching the floor and her thighs were stretching sidewards. The fat thighs were so hot and I was feeling spread it more and put my head under that thighs and lick her pussy.

She got up now and started walking towards the TV. Meanwhile I was opening the window screen and was opening the window. She stood near the TV and was seeing something. I just opened the windows and walked towards Nandini where she was standing near the TV. I was wondering what she was seeing so seriously.

I came slowly and stood next to her. She just turned her head towards me and saw me with soft angry look. I knew what she was seeing now. It was a XX movie CD cover. I just winked my eyes and started scratching my head. She didn’t say any word and kept the cd cover on the table and walked without saying any word. My heart was beating so rapidly and my mouth was dry thinking what she will do now. Whether she will leave or stay. She called “Prajju? Where are you?” I was really afraid now. What happed? Is she calling prajju to go home?. Prajwal shouted saying “Mom, I am in gym. Come here its so nice here”. We both walked to gym, there were few dumbles, thread mill, and some small gym equipments.

Prajju was trying to lift the dumbbells and was playing here and there. Nandini stood near Thread mill

Nandini :               Good Raki. Now I know why you look so handsome and fit

Me         :               I work out daily dear.

Nandini :               Ohh shall I also come daily then?

Me         :               why not Nandini? you can come and use it daily

Nandini :               ohh thank you so much

Me         :               (Thank god I thought she will be very upset and will go to house) you can use it Nandini. also let me know if you need anyother equipments I will surely get you

Nandini :               ohh you so good dear.

Me         :               Come will show my study room

Prajju was still there in the gym and he was just trying out some dumbbells. We both walked towards my study room. My study room had good collection of books and movies. We both entered the room. There was a rack with full of books. We both stood in front the rack and she was watching all the books and saw me and smiled.

Nandini :               I thought you are just naughty and flirty. Now I know

Me         :               what do you know dear?

Nandini :               you love books also. So you are intelligent too

Me         :               may be I don’t know but yes I love boobs (said softly)

Nandini :               what did u say?

Me         :               I said I love books

Nandini :               mmmm (saw me with full doubt)

She was slowly watching all the books in the rack and went to another rack with full of movie collections.

Nandini :               Hey raki. You have very good collections dear.

Me         :               yes I have collected all good movies and I will store in my small library

Nandini :               good hobby raki. Give me some movies will watch when free

Me         :               sure any time Nandini. which ever movies you want you can take

Nandini :               I am so blessed to be your friend raki

Me         :               oh god please. Don’t praise me so much.

Nandini :               hey no raki. I am really telling this from heart. You are so talented and have many hobbies

Me         :               I love to keep myself very busy dear

Nandini :               that is really good raki

Me         :               ok wait let me select few good movies for you. You take them and give it to me whenever you finsih watching it

I was selecting some good movies for her in the rack. She slowly walked around the room and stood near the small wooden cupboard. I didn’t notice what she was doing. I was busy selecting the cds. I just turned back and saw her. I just rushed towards her to tell not to open. Before I open my mouth she had opened the cupboard. Now I was fully tensed. I was really thinking now what will happen. I didn’t get that guts to go near her. She didn’t even turned behind to see what I was doing. She was just seeing inside the cupboard.

I had kept all sensual, erotic, sex story books collections and also many XX movie collections. I never watch XXX movies because they just have only sex and no stories. But I had a good collections. I was holding few CDs which I collected to give to Nandini. I stood little far from her behind and was seeing what will be her reaction

She was hold the THE KAMASUTRA book and was seeing the coverpage. I took some courage and walked towards her. I was just stood few inches behind her. She felt my appearance. She was still holding the book and turned towards me behind. I stepped little further so that she can see me comfortably.

Nandini :               Whats all these?

Me         :               Bachelour madam.

Nandini :               so?

Me         :               so……

Nandini :               so you should have all these at home?

Me         :               I am sorry. I was about to tell you not to open this. But before I tell you, you opened the door

Nandini :               mmm, but why all these collections?

Me         :               I told na bachelour problem.

Nandini :               ohh so if bachelour you should keep all these nasty things at home?

Me         :               what will you know the problem of a bachelour madam?

Nandini :               then why don’t you get married raki?

Me         :               ok Nandini lets not get into all these talks now. Keep that book there and close the door. Lets go now

Nandini :               mmmm, you have these collections also… very very good.

Me         :               are you praising or making fun

Nandini :               whatever you think. Ok come lets go… (She kept the book inside the cupboard and closed the door)

We climbed to the terrace and as she was climbing I was watching her ass again. I just really wanted to catch her ass and bite. She stood there on terrace and could see her feeling happy. There was cool breeze and there were few trees in front of my house which had grown till my terrace and gave the terrace a resort look.

Nandini :               Awesome raki. Waaaw. I love this kind of place very much.

Me         :               really? Even I love this kind of place. So only I made all this set up

Nandini :               though you are a flirt you are really very good in many ways dear. (she was holding the bars on the terrace and was watching down)

Me         :               (I just stood next to her) You look so cute and beautiful.

Nandini :               (she saw me) I know that, you need not express it again (smiled again)

Me         :               (I came very close to her as if I will kiss her and she understood my intention) mmmmmm

Nandini :               (she understood the situation) can we go down? I think it will be late otherwise.

Me         :               (I felt sad and told) ok Nandini. chaloo lets go

She started to climb down. I was following her. Again her ass was killing me. same reaction from her ass. Same bulging reaction while getting down also.

We both climbed down and Nandini straight away went to kitchen this time. Maami was there. She had almost got everything ready. Now only Nandini had to start the cooking.

Nandini :               Maami, shall I start cooking?

Maami  :               Sure madam. I was waiting for you only.

Nandini :               You are so sweet maami.

Maami  :               you are also sweet madam. You look so homely and beautiful

Nandini :               thanks maami. But don’t call me madam. Cal me Nandini

Maami  :               ayooo madam. I should call you madam only. I am just maid her naa

Nandini :               maami, don’t feel that. You are like my mom. Ok?

Maami  :               ok Nandini. you are so kind and good

Nandini :               ok now let me start cooking

Maami  :               sure let me know what help you need from me.

Nandini :               no help needed maami. You just stand next to me. I like someone to be with me

Maami  :               ohhh work while talking right?

Nandini :               yes it will be good while cooking

Maami  :               yes whenever I cook in this house, sometimes babu also come and sit on shelf and keep speaking

Nandini :               he likes you very much I guess right?

Maami  :               yes he is very good and really he cares so much for everyone. He has helped me a lot

Nandini :               ya I can see that. He is really very good.

Maami  :               He always thinks of others good only.

Nandini :               ohh. But why is he not marrying maami

Maami  :               even I have told him many times. He wont listen

Nandini :               its right time to get married

Maami  :               ya but there are so many reasons. But even I have told him to get married.

Nandini :               ok forget lets not force him. Its his interst

Maami  :               yes but I know that he is very happy as what he is.

Nandini :               good if he is happy then lets leave him as is

Maami  :               ok Nandini, I will go to my house and come back. Need to catch water and give food to my son

Nandini :               hey maami bring him also here only. Lets all have lunch together

Maami  :               Nandini, you also have same thought as raki. even he is like that. He wants everyone to be together and happy

Nandini :               ya that will be good na maami. Bring him here only

Maami  :               sure let me go home and get my son also.

Nandini :               sure by the time you come back lunch will be ready.

Maami  :               ok shall I take prajju with me?

Nandini :               sure sure.

Maami  :               he is very good boy. Very silent

Nandini :               ya maami. He is not like other boys. Very silent

Maami  :               ok then will come back soon.

Nandini :               ya tell raki to come to kitchen and stand here. I will get bored

Maami  :               you don’t have to tell him. You see he will only come and stand

Nandini :               ya ya.

Maami  :               ok Nandini bye for now .will be back soon

I could listen all their talks. I was appreciating maami talent. She wanted Nandini and I be alone. So she was telling that she will take prajju also to house. So that we both can be alone and speak each other.

Maami came near me and whispered

Maami  :               Now I am going to house. You both enjoy for sometime

Me         :               thanks a lot maami. You are sooooo good. Ummmmaaa

Maami  :               hey babu. Speak softly. She might listen

Me         :               ok ok maami.

Maami  :               I will take prajju to my house for some time. You both have nice time babu

Me         :               sure maami. Good idea.

Maami  :               she is really cute babu. Enjoy your new prey.

Me         :               all your blessings maami.

Maami  :               but I am always there for you babu. Whenever these ladies are not there don’t worry I am there naa

Me         :               I know maami you are very nice and I am lucky to have you as a friend

Maami  :               one more thing baabu, the last house got vacated right?

Me         :               that sharma house?

Maami  :               yes, one nice family has come babu. That lady is really sexy.

Me         :               waaw. Any try?

Maami  :               don’t worry let me try my best. And I am only going for their house as maid

Me         :               then you can make it success.

Maami  :               anything for you babu. You are so nice and have given me and my son new life

Me         :               hey maami please don’t be so emotion

Maami  :               ok now you and Nandini madam have nice time. And keep in mind don’t rush

Me         :               sure I won’t I will do as per your guidelines

Maami  :               and no sex today only. She will think you are only for sex..

Me         :               ayoo maami how many times you tell this. For every lady you give this advice. I will be doing as you say. Now you go soon with prajju

Maami  :               so urgent naughty baabu

Me         :               yes yes now go goooo……

Mami took prajju and went. I went behind maami and closed the door and locked it as soon as she left. I could hear maami closing the gate. I slowly entered the kitchen where my lovely sexy Nandini was cooking.

I just slowly entered and softly pinched her right hand. She shouted…

Nandini :               Ouch.. You stupid…

Me         :               mmm ya I am.

Nandini :               so what else flirt master. In chatting you speak so much. Now what happened?

Me         :               nothing I didn’t get chance to speak that’s it.

Nandini :               ok now you got na speak then

Me         :               (I came and stood little more close and spoke) is it pink?

(she saw me with a surprise look. She had a big spoon in her hand. She took it and hit on my head)

Me         :               ouch….

Nandini :               how can you speak like this?

Me         :               you only told na to speak?

Nandini :               mmmm if I say speak that’s all you become so naughty.

Me         :               after all you are like that. Who makes me naughty

Nandini :               ohh is it? I am so beautiful?

Me         :               I will tell about that but tell me is it pink?

Nandini :               how did u guess?

Me         :               so that is right?

Nandini :               yes. That’s right.

Me         :               then the bottom is also pink only today or anyother color

Nandini :               oh god. Raki. You speak so shamless stupid

Me         :               tell naa.

Nandini :               mmm yes that is also pink. Happy?

Me         :               yes dear. I am happy. You are so beautiful

Nandini :               thanks a lot raki.

Me         :               thanks for coming Nandini. I thought you wont come

Nandini :               hey please. I didn’t want to miss this. Even I miss lots of good things in life

Me         :               you tell me all your story when you get time dear.

Nandini :               sure raki. I feel so good when speaking to you

Me         :               but u scold me also right

Nandini :               then what I should praise for our naughty behaviour is it?

Me         :               you should (I smiled)

Nandini :               I wil give one more shot on your head now

Me         :               no no please it is paining

Nandini :               mmmm chicken is almost ready. Hope maami comes soon. I will have lunch and start soon

Me         :               you have to go soo soon dear?

Nandini :               yes my dear. I have lots of work to do. For you what maami is there she will do. But for me? I only have to do all the work

Me         :               cant you stay till evening dear?

Nandini :               no raki. Please don’t force. But will be there for long time don’t worry

Me         :               how did u feel my house?

Nandini :               its so nice dear. I feeling at home. I am not feeling that I am new to this house

Me         :               please feel at home dear. I want you also to be happy

Nandini :               yes. I never thought I will get this kind of happiness in my life

Me         :               hold on dear. Its just first day you are here

Nandini :               I know raki. But I feel really good and I know I will be happy with your friendship

Me         :               ohh I am really happy to hear dear

Nandini :               and I really thank you so much for our good friendship and lovely time today

Me         :               yes but what do I get in favour of it?

Nandini :               what do you need raki? I am ready to give

Me         :               sure? What if I ask something which you cannot give?

Nandini :               I know you wont ask anything that I cannot give

Me         :               ok shall I ask you?

Nandini :               sure ask me

Me         :               I need a kiss

Nandini :               (again I got one more hit on my head from the spoon) don’t expect all this naughty

Me         :               only one dear. Swear I wont ask

Nandini :               hey have you gone mad? How can I give a kiss?

Me         :               from your sweet lips

Nandini :               oh god. I am scared dear

Me         :               no one is there. You can give it quickly

Nandini :               what if maami comes?

Me         :               don’t worry I have locked it.

Nandini :               but raki. This is not correct and I don’t want to do it.

Me         :               oh Nandini. no probs I never force anyone. And I don’t wan to hurt u. but you told you will give whatever I asked. I didn’t ask anything which is difficult for you right?

Nandini :               ya that’s true but still?

Me         :               ok you continue cooking I will be sitting in hall (I just pretended as if I was lil upset)

I went to hall and sat on sofa. Nandini was still cooking something. It was almost 5mins. She didn’t even speak to me and I was just sitting there on sofa.

She came wiping her hands and stood in front of me

Nandini :               Angry dear?

Me         :               no Nandini. not at all.

Nandini :               then why you came here? I am feeling boring there

Me         :               no. I will sit here only.

Nandini :               you come there please I am feeling boring

Me         :               no dear. If I come there and stand your beauty will kill me.

Nandini :               you please come and simply stand

She held my right hand softly and tried pulling me up. I had to go with her because she was forcing me.

Nandini :               See dear I have come here to spend some good time. If you are upset then what is the use tell me?

Me         :               ok Nandini. chaloo I will come. Sorry let me not spoil this good moment

Nandini :               that’s like a good boy

She walked towards kitchen and I followed her. Again she stood in front of stove for cooking. She had kept something to heat and now she wanted to stir it. She did it for few times and turned towards me

Nandini :               Hey raki.. Speak something naa

Me         :               you tell Nandini.. I will listen.. I have no energy

Nandini :               ohhh ohh this flirty gets angry also so soon?

Me         :               I am not angry dear. I told I have not energy

Nandini :               I know how to get this flirty energy

After saying this she just turned toward me and told “Close your eyes”. I asked “for what”? she told “ you just do what I say”

I closed my eyes. I could feel the hot breath on my face. I didn’t open eyes. In few seconds I could feel a soft skin touching my cheeks. And I could know that it was lips. And yes Nandini kissed me on my cheeks. I opened my eyes and saw her. She smiled and said

Nandini :               Happy now dear?

Me         :               ohh god I cant belive sweetheart. Thank you so much

Nandini :               now did u get the engery?

Me         :               yes very much.

Nandini :               now you speak nicely and be happy

Me         :               Nandini, sorry if I misbehaved. Your beauty made me to ask you a kiss

Nandini :               that’s fine raki. But I am just afraid if someone comes to know that’s it

Me         :               you don’t worry dear. I swear I will never tell anyone

Nandini :               I trust you dear. And I know you are so good as well

Me         :               thanks for the trust dear. And you can belive me.

Nandini :               that’s fine dear. How did u feel?

Me         :               about kiss?

Nandini :               yes.

Me         :               it was so soft and romantic.

Nandini :               but I was so afraid dear

Me         :               I know first time na sooo

Nandini :               what do you mean first time? Are you expecting more?

Me         :               why not if a beauty gives?

Nandini :               enough my flirty… don’t expect too much.

Me         :               but I was wondering this one precious kiss would have been given to someother place. I guess this kiss was wasted unnessarily

Nandini :               ohh where did this naughty boy expected?

Me         :               to my lips dear

Nandini :               ohh my god you are expecting too much.

Me         :               if you wish to then I will close my eyes and you can try

Nandini :               no no no (she was smiling and biting her lips)

Me         :               ok I closed my eyes. Now you can try

Nandini :               I told no

Me         :               its ok dear only one…… pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nandini :               ok close your eyes

Me         :               reallllllyyy?

Nandini :               yes really close your eyes

I could again feel that hot breath. Now it was very close to my mouth. I could feel her breath very closer. And I knew she was about to kiss. And finally she planted a soft kiss quickly and moved.

I opened my eyes and smiled with surprise. She was not facing me now. She was seeing the stove and was behaving as if she is doing something. I saw her again and she turned.

Me         :               It was really soft and sweet

Nandini :               really? You liked it?

Me         :               yes Nandini. you have soft lips

Nandini :               thanks dear

Me         :               and sorry if you felt I had forced you

Nandini :               that’s fine dear. I can understand.. You are young boy and it obvious you feel that

Me         :               thanks for understanding dear

Nandini :               you are also so sweet raki. Your lips are also soft

Me         :               ohh is it? But u didn’t feel it fully

Nandini :               hey rascal enough… you are very naughty

Me         :               Nandini if you don’t mind can I just hold you?

Nandini :               why you want to hold me?

Me         :               just simply. I just felt like

Before she tells anything. I just held her waist from my left hand. Suddenly she saw me with anger. I was thinking I did something mistake. Now what to do.

Nandini :               if you had already planned to hold me then why did you ask stupid?

Me         :               no thought I will ask you and then hold

Nandini :               did I say yes?

Me         :               no but still I expected the answer yes

Nandini :               now u know my answer right?

I thought she might be angry and I took my hand from her waist. She again turned towards me with full angry and said “Its ok hold”. God I was really going mad. I just held her waist and wanted to touch her ass. I held her waist for few minutes and she was cooking. We both were not speaking anything.

I slowly moved my hands on her stomach on that white top and slowly took my hand back so that I can touch her ass. I kept my hand on her left ass check. I was afraid to caress it. And slowly moved it towards the right ass cheek. She was not speaking anything. I was in confusion whether she likes or not. Again I moved my hand forward and kept my hand on stomach covering it from left side. Now I took courage and started moving my hands upwards and was trying to touch her boobs. Nandini didn’t see me but still she spoke

Nandini :               don’t dare move your hands upwards.

Me         :               sorry. But my hands are not listening to my words now.

Nandini :               then tell those naughty hands to take away from my waist.

Me         :               ok ok then let them rest on your waist only

Nandini :               that good for your hands dear

She saw me and said naughty rascal and pinched my nose. She had finished all her cooking and washed her hand and kept all the things in proper place, closed the lids of the vessesls and turned towards me.

Nandini :               Lunch ready dear

Me         :               it is smelling so good dear

Nandini :               let maami and others come we will have lunch

Me         :               sure. And thanks for making this day really good dear

Nandini :               and I should thank you for this memorable day dear

Me         :               can we hug to celebrate this memorable day sweetheart?

Nandini :               you make me so emotion. Ok come but no naughty things

Me         :               no dear. Just a caring hug and if possible one more kiss

Nandini :               no kiss. Only hug

Me         :               I will show u the real kiss only one

Nandini :               you told one and took two

Me         :               that was from you dear. This will be from me

Nandini :               ok only one from you.

Me         :               come will hug first

She came so close and even I came very close to her. We both hugged each other. Now really her boobs were touching my chest. I could feel the softness. I just caressed her hairs and she kept her head on my chest and I could feel she was feeling so caring under my arms. But I was trying to touch all over her body. I was caressing her back from head till her ass. I slowly started rubbing her ass cheeks. I was not beliving that I was touching those awesome ass. I also remembered maami’s words that not to rush. And maami was my instructor. So I will always follow her. Then I slowly moved her head to see her face.

She saw me and smiled and I asked

Me         :               how are you feeling dear?

Nandini :               I am feeling so good sweetheart. I never felt so good and comfortable

Me         :               shall I kiss you now dear?

Nandini :               sure… (she smiled and closed her eyes)

Without wasting time, I moved my lips towards he forehead and kissed her. And kissed her eyes and cheeks and nose and started kissing her neck. She was feeling really arousing. I could feel it. And then I started kissing her lips. I just planted a soft kiss on her lips first. Then I slowly opened my mouth and brought my toungue and tried parting her lips. She didn’t resist but was closing her mouth. I just parted it and put my tongue inside her lips. I could feel her teeth. I tried parting that as well. Nandini responded for it and now she opend her mouth. I could feel the cold tongue from her mouth was trying to come out. Not my tongue and her tongue were playing with each other. I slowly took my both the lips and started sucking her bottom lips for few minutes. She also started kissing passionately and took my lower lips inside her mouth and started tasting it. And she understood that our mouth were getting dry so she started spitting more saliva to make our kiss more wet and even I was spitting more and more saliva. Our both the saliva god mixed and there was a kind of erotic saliva smell which was making me more arousing. My dick had already stood like a rock hard. But our kiss continued and we both were kissing so hungrily. She started pulling my toungue and started sucking it as it she was sucking cock. This was mking me so mad. I also started pulling he tongue and sucked it like icecream. We both were spitting so much saliva that the saliva was flowing from my mouth. While kissing I was pressing her ass cheeks and caressed them as much as I could. Now I really felt horny and wanted to touch her boobs. Mean while I taught to give my dick to Nandini hand. I took her right hand and guided towards my dick. She felt my erection and was about to massage it. I took my hand and kept my hand on her right boobs.

But for our fate, suddenly door bell rang. Nandini with in few seconds pushed me and came out of that awesome sexy erotic condition. She pushed me far and said go out soon and open the door. I came slowly scolding maami. I came near the door. Still my dick was hard. I could see Nandini washing her face so that no one should feel the saliva marks and also to make sure other will think nothing as happened

After maami came, she just saw me and smiled and asked in eyes only “did it worked?” I showed my thumbs up to say success. She smiled with happy and straight away went to kitchen.

Rest in the lunch time nothing much happed as prajju and maami son was there. All of us had lunch and nothing seriously happened as Nandini was in really tension mood.

Nandini and prajju started to their house. Maami, maami son and I said bye to them and they started around 3:00PM

After they left I came inside and was feeling so nice. But felt very bad about the sexy moment which I missed. I got a message from Nandini after an hour “reached home. Thanks a lot dear. I really enjoyed. Feeling like coming again.. indeed its memorable day for me.”

I replied “Please do come always. Its your home now. I will be eager for our next meet and thanks for the awesome kiss.”

She replied “i miss you dear.never felt so emotional and happy in my life. Don’t msg now. Will call u when possible. Bye take care.”

I didn’t reply. But that memory in the kitchen was making me crazy. I asked maami to leave his son and come. Maami understood why. So she told her son to go home and she will clean the vessels and come.

After he left, we both closed the door. And we both went to bedroom and I fucked maami two rounds telling the whole story what happened between Nandini and I. maami gave me nice blowjob and sex.

That night I had two round of masturbation as I was not satisfied even after fucking maami. I just wanted to fuck Nandini that’s it.

No Calls of Nandini on Sunday. Not even a message. And I knew she won’t message also. I just did time pass with few other ladies and a quick fuck with maami. I had no plans to go outside also. I slept very soon on Sunday.

Monday morning I woke and saw the time. It was still 5am. I went to toilet and came back and slept. Just didn’t get sleep. Took mobile to see if that sexy Nandini had sent any messages. No messages. I had few messages from Shobha, Priya and Lavanya. Though I didn’t ignore them but I was interested in Nandini because it was a new catch and wanted to fuck this sexy buxom aunty. As I sleep naked I just rubbed my thick dick and started thinking of her sexy boobs, ass in that white top and jeans. I got erection and shagged loads of cum shooted from my dick and it flew till the roof. Now I was feeling tired and slept. In few minutes I got a message. And for sure I knew it was that sexy Nandini because she would have started to office now. And yes it was indeed Nandini, my sexy new hot sensual aunty

Nandini :               Hi Lazy handsome. Still sleeping?

Me         :               hey beautiful lady.. I woke up at 5 only

Nandini :               ohh so early? And you want me to believe?

Me         :               its left to you sweety. But I am still on bed

Nandini :               I know. You are so lazy fellow

Me         :               call me anything I love it

Nandini :               I know that, and I feel so nice when I call u with all those names

Me         :               and you know that I like it and you keep calling me

Nandini :               hey dear, swear I never call anyone like that

Me         :               then why me?

Nandini :               I do that only with whom I like very much

Me         :               ohh is it?

Nandini :               yes

Me         :               then what do you scold your hubby as?

Nandini :               I never scold him.

Me         :               ohh so what should I think now?

Nandini :               I told I like to scold someone with many names whom I like so if u are intelligent then understand

Me         :               ok I am not intelligent and don’t want to understand also leave it now

Nandini :               raki, I was so happy on Saturday dear

Me         :               me too sweetheart. I was wondering how fast the day went right

Nandini :               yes it went so soon

Me         :               I didn’t want that day to finish

Nandini :               you know I was watching every minute and was thinking why is this time going so soon

Me         :               what did prajju say?

Nandini :               he liked your house so much. Especially your gym

Me         :               ohh is it? Why did he like gym?

Nandini :               he always speak about hrithik and salman khan and say he also wants to become like them

Me         :               oh gud then send him to my house whenever he has time I will teach

Nandini :               keep quiet let him study first

Me         :               mmmm ya that’s true. But tell me dear how did u feel at my home?

Nandini :               you know dear I was feeling I am at my home. Never felt I was a guest there

Me         :               waaaw I am happy to hear that dear

Nandini :               you have nice interiors and you have good taste

Me         :               yes I know that’s why I like you

Nandini :               stupid. Always joke

Me         :               joke? I am serious sweetheart

Nandini :               ok ok you are big flirt

Me         :               thanks a lot sweet lady. I cant type too much can you call me?

Nandini :               sure my lazy boy. Wait will call u

I got up and rested my back on the bed and covered myself with the blanket. I was waiting for her call. after two minutes she called

Nandini :               Tell me now lazy

Me         :               nothing u tell your experience yesterday

Nandini :               I was really happy dear. I told you na. I enjoyed so much

Me         :               maami was telling you look so cute

Nandini :               ohh tell he thanks and even she is every good dear. I liked her

Me         :               yes she is really good

Nandini :               you know she doesn’t look like maid at all. I was wondering she was ur sister or what

Me         :               she takes care of me like sister only and she is really a good care taker

Nandini :               Ya good that you her dear. Otherwise it will be very difficult to take care of yourself

Me         :               I know that.

Nandini :               how was my lunch?

Me         :               waaaw it was yummy dear. You know maami was so much impressed.

Nandini :               ya I could see she and her son were having it again and again.

Me         :               even me

Nandini :               I know you will obviously like it

Me         :               yes yes.but you know why I liked it so much.?

Nandini :               why dear?

Me         :               because before tasting chicken, I tasted the chick

Nandini :               I knew u will have some answers like this, naughty fellow

Me         :               you make me naughty

Nandini :               ohh enough, you are really naughty

Me         :               how was the kiss?

Nandini :               I cant speak all those things here.. I am in bus

Me         :               its ok tell na dear. I want to hear

Nandini :               ok lets message then. I cant speak all those

Me         :               sure sure, message or call. but I just need to keep sharing feelings with u that’s all

Nandini :               ohh god now cut the call, lets message

Me         :               ok dear. Message me

I wanted to speak about the romantic kiss we had. She was also interested I guess, otherwise she would have stopped that topic there itself.

I got a message in few seconds

Nandini :               mmm… you are really a very naughty rascal dear

Me         :               now tell me how was the kiss

Nandini :               you are a big cheater

Me         :               cheater? What did I do sweetheart

Nandini :               you told only one kiss right? Then why you asked for more

Me         :               sweety do u like sweet?

Nandini :               yes I love sweets very much.

Me         :               when you have sweet box infront of u, will you have only one?

Nandini :               god I cant stop with one. I will have whole box

Me         :               then you expect me to have only one kiss?

Nandini :               hey raki, you are not so innocent as you look

Me         :               but I didn’t hurt you na sweetheart?

Nandini :               raki shall I tell u something?

Me         :               sure dear pls don’t be so formal

Nandini :               I sersiously wanted to hug u so tight and feel that warm caring

Me         :               you know sweety I could feel how much you miss that caring

Nandini :               you have so caring warm hugs

Me         :               even you dear..but tell how was the kiss?

Nandini :               frankly telling that kiss which you gave is my first every kiss I had like that

Me         :               u mean you never had a smooch in your life time?

Nandini :               swear on prajju never dear.

Me         :               your husband never kiss you like that?

Nandini :               now can we stop about that? I just need good time with you now

Me         :               ok sweetheart. I wont ask that again until you tell

Nandini :               thanks a lot dear

Me         :               ok now tell me about the kiss

Nandini :               I had seen these kind of kiss in movies. I had never tried this kind of kiss

Me         :               u liked it dear?

Nandini :               I was totally lost in the world. I was just feeling so nice and happy

Me         :               you have very soft and sweet lips

Nandini :               even you dear. Your lips are so soft

Me         :               I liked your tongue and also the sweet saliva

Nandini :               naughty, you make me crazy

Me         :               and you make me mad

Nandini :               you are so handsome sweethrt

Me         :               even u are so beautiful dear

Nandini :               I never had such feelings dear.

Me         :               I swear I never had a chance to be with a girl like this

Nandini :               I can feel that dear

Me         :               how?

Nandini :               I can easily know that by seeing those CDs, books

Me         :               ohhh did u feel bad about it dear?

Nandini :               first when I saw that CD cover I was little upset, then when I saw those books, I understood you are very romantic person

Me         :               thank you dear

Nandini :               but after you told bachelours problem, I was thinking why are you so alone? Why don’t you get married dear?

Me         :               I don’t want to get married sweetheart

Nandini :               why what happened? You look so cute and smart and I told you any girls will be mad for you

Me         :               are you mad for me?

Nandini :               shut up stupid. Answer to my question

Me         :               I just aksed are you mad for me?

Nandini :               even if I am mad now there is no meaning sweetheart. I am married now

Me         :               I just asked are you mad for me that’s all

Nandini :               I am not mad but I like you

Me         :               waaaw u like me?

Nandini :               yes dear I really like you

Me         :               even I like you so much sweetheart

Nandini :               you have good collection of books

Me         :               you mean about romantic books?

Nandini :               all I am telling. Good collection of movies, books. I liked your study room

Me         :               what about those hidden collection of movies and books

Nandini :               I don’t know about those kind of books and movies

Me         :               you never watched or read those kind of books?

Nandini :               no never dear

Me         :               ok ok

Nandini :               but u know raki? I was feeling sad when you told bachelor problem

Me         :               what to do? We have to manage

Nandini :               but I was little upset also after seeing all those naughty movies and books

Me         :               what will you understand a bachelour problem dear

Nandini :               as I don’t know about that

Me         :               how will you know about bachlour problem? You are married and there is someone who can keep u happy on bed

Nandini :               if u are married that doesn’t mean you get everthing. Even I feel I am bachlor

Me         :               ohh you are not getting that chance to go for heaven?

Nandini :               no dear.

Me         :               since how long?

Nandini :               its been almost 2 years and it will be once in two months

Me         :               ohh I am sorry for that dear

Nandini :               its ok no probs. But sweetheart, do u really feel sad about your bachlour problem?

Me         :               yes dear though I am very romantic I am not getting that chance to show my skills

Nandini :               you are very romantic and naughty dear

Me         :               thanks a lot sweet Nandini

Nandini :               how are you managing that sweetheart?

Me         :               hand, hand is there right for helping

Nandini :               naughty fellow, so self satisfaction

Me         :               yes yes. Whatelse I can do dear

Nandini :               do u feel you need that romatic experience?

Me         :               yes dear I am eagerly waiting.

Nandini :               I can really feel that dear..

Me         :               you care me so much. Then whey don’t you help in that?

Nandini :               stupid rascal.. What help you need from me?

Me         :               to feel the romantic experience

Nandini :               I cant dear, plssss

Me         :               ok ok dear. Don’t get tensed

Nandini :               I am not tensed sweetheart. I knw u are so good and gentleman

Me         :               but this gentleman also need some pleasure right

Nandini :               you are absolutely correct

Me         :               until I get someone true, trusty and beautiful I should be using my hands

Nandini :               ok dear my office came I will get down now

Me         :               sure sweetheart… but let me know when are coming again to house

Nandini :               let me think dear. I will surely come one day

Me         :               I am waiting for that day

Nandini :               sure sweety. Even I want to enjoy and keep you happpy

Me         :               thanks a lot sweetheart.

Nandini :               ok dear I got down.

Me         :               ok my sweety, good bye take care

Nandini :               you too take care dear

Now slowly Nandini and I have started speaking about nasty tings indirectly and eve she was liking it.