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Office ki masti

While I was licking her pussy, she was sucking my dick. Oh it was so pleasurable. I could not hold longer, so I keep sucking her juices. I pressed in my mouth into her pussy and I was driven mad. I sucked her pussy hungrily. My face was wet of her vaginal juices. It was so good. She started moaning and then screaming. Her screaming made me get more furious and without wasting another second I dropped her off, and inserted my hot dick into her pussy. She just closed her eyes at this and gave out a loud scream in pleasure.

My dick went inside her just like a hot knife pressed smoothly and gradually into butter. Oh it was exciting like I was riding on a roller coaster. I started inside outside movements furiously. She stopped her breath and closed her eyes, and was absolutely quiet. Just in a few seconds she gave out a hot cry and started shaking her pelvis. Oh, she was cumming… I was mad at this thought. I made her cum. I caught her body in my both arms and held her tightly so as not to let her shake on her orgasm, and this made my body shake along with her.

I stopped my pull push until she relaxed and I caught my breath again. Then I continued fucking her. She asked me to cum inside her. She repeated that again. But I was in no mood to listen to her, and as the pressure inside my dick built up, I busted on her breast and face and fell on her body and oh, it was so good. She was saying “u should not have done that”. She wanted to enjoy my hot cum in her pussy but I did not want to take the risk to make her pregnant. Later on, she smiled at me, and said “its okay, no problem, u r really good”

I was tired and thought to leave but she was not in a mood to let me go. Her hunger for sex was increased. I smiled at her and got dressed. She went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for both of us. We had the coffee together and I was about to leave.

She hugged me tightly and then immediately began undoing my belt. I helped a little as I could not wait to have her sweet mouth wrapped around my dick. She pulled off my pants and underwear together and gripped my hard dick in her hand. I put my hand behind her head and slowly guided her face down to my waiting member. “Suck it Baby!” I almost fainted when her little red lips parted and swallowed my throbbing dick. She brought her head up slowly letting her mouth drag up my shaft leaving a trail of saliva behind her. As she continued her work I reached back and resumed stroking her slit. When my finger was nice and wet I lightly ran it over her asshole. This made her moan louder and suck harder.

Her tongue instantly dropped to my hairless sac and she licked it up and down as my finger continued its exploration of her backside. I pushed the tip of my finger into her tight little butt hole and she pushed her hips back onto my hand. She was turning out to be quite adventurous now. I pulled out my finger and lay on the bed. She needed no further encouragement and swung a leg over my face placing her pussy inches away from my eager tongue. I stuck my tongue out and touched her pussy teasing it with quick flicks. She lowered herself down and grasped my dick in her hand and began to suck with renewed vigor. My hands grasped her ass as I shoved my tongue deep into her sweet seventeen year old pussy. As we continued our sixty nine I found myself staring up at her crinkled little anus. Remembering her admiration of my finger play back there I pushed her body forward and spread her cheeks. Her mouth was pushed from my dick and she returned her tongue to my balls. I planted soft kisses up her pussy lips and around her little hole. I circled her ass with my tongue getting closer and closer

Ohhhhhhhh!” Her pleading was cut short as my tongue tip touched her tight hole. My tongue was soon replaced with my lips as I planted a deep kiss on her ass, pushing my tongue up inside her. “Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good!” Her tongue lapped at my balls and even touched my taint a few times. This drove me crazy and I shoved my tongue harder into her ass penetrating her tight muscular ring. I wanted nothing more than to have my tongue completely up on her pussy. As I kept feeding her butt I reached down and pushed on her head forcing it further down my body. She got the hint when I lifted my hips, and she pressed the top of her head into the bed in effort to reach my dick. Her nimble little tongue traced its way down my taint and ran over my dick. I moaned and sucked her pussy as hard as I could as I felt the tip of her tongue wiggle its way into my butt. The feeling was amazing!

After a few more minutes of licking 69 I asked her to get off. I carried her to the big dressing table kept in the corner. I made her sit on the table her legs hanging. She understood my idea. Then she lifted her legs and bent her knees and spread her legs. I stood in front of the table between her legs and found the height perfect. .I took my dick in my hand and rubbed it on her few times. Then I took her hand and placed on my dick. She took my dick in her hand and placed that at the entrance of her pussy. I placed my both hands on her pussy. Then I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. Then I gave a hard push and my entire dick went in her pussy. She felt my dick deeply in her pussy. I keep fucking her slowly pushing my dick deeply into her pussy. She closed her eyes and kept her head on my shoulders. I started banging her quite forcefully now. The fucking went on for five minutes only. Then I felt my dick inside her pussy swelling like a balloon…. With great moan I trusted my dick deep into her pussy and shot semen inside her. We remained like that for some minutes. I then pulled out my dick from her pussy.

Gosh. I was completely tired now…I stood there placing my hands on her shoulders. didn’t have the energy to get myself on the bed again. anyhow I pulled myself and landed on the bed. My eyes shut slowly shut down and the next I heard was the alarm bell ringing. She left my place after half an hour and I laid on the bed for a long relaxed sleep.