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Office Lesbian

It was another typical morning in Arti Sinha life. She was an Executive at one of the multinational company in south Bombay. She had been working the same job for the last Two years, since gaining her degree. She enjoyed the work and was well liked by the employees working under her. She rented a nice apartment only twenty minutes drive from her work, drove a nice car and, in all, her life was nice. And empty. She took a moment as her car pulled up at the traffic lights to look at her reflection in the rear view mirror.

Her long black hair, was neatly tied back in a ponytail, with her make up just right, a faint trace of lipstick outlined a mouth with full lips. High cheekbones offset a nose that was short and straight. The most remarkable things she saw were her eyes – Brown with the clearest whites. All in all it was an attractive face, could have been beautiful, save that it lacked passion. She looked down at her figure, taking in the firm fullness of her breasts and her shapely curves, veiled beneath a two piece suit that managed to thoroughly disguise the ripeness of her body. She sighed as the lights turned to green and put the gear into drive, accelerating smoothly towards another day at office. Another Friday morning leading to the dreaded Friday night, with an empty weekend to follow. She shuddered as she realized that weekends had become a dead space in her life, an emptiness to be filled, rather than time to be relished. It was hard to reckon the point at which her life had become this cycle of tidy work and empty leisure.

Arti pulled the car into the executive’s parking lot and reached behind her for her bag. 8.50am ten minutes before her office hours. She confronted her wan reflection and reached a decision – more lipstick was needed. A small victory for her own morale, perhaps. Why not? Yet she did not want to be seen making up in the other old lady executives. She thought of some safe place to make her little gesture. The staff toilet was out of the question, too much comment would be made. She sighed, looked down at the lipstick and put it back in her purse. Perhaps this gesture was not meant to be, after all. Then she realized, the changing room behind the executive rest room would be deserted at this time, with the people all milling to their work chairs. She would have the privacy there. She felt a small flush suffuses her – this petty gesture of rebellion excited her. More so as she was doing it in the office, where she could be discovered. Getting out of the car, she slipped behind the administration building and using her executive master key opened the back door to the rest room. She stopped, looked at the huge empty room with a small laugh of pleasure. Fuelled by the delicious conspiracy Arti approached the locker room. She stealthily opened the door and was about to proceed to the large mirrors, which were masked by a bank of lockers. Suddenly she heard a breath on the other side of the locker and froze. She ducked behind the locker and sat with her back pressed hard to its door to avoid detection. The breathing began to get heavier and there was a rhythmic quality to it, that Arti recognized. Summoning her courage she raised her head just above the locker and saw reflected in the mirror a bare back. She dropped her head down, now worried about the possibility of discovery. The breathing continued, now punctuated by a low moan. Irresistibly drawn she slowly and cautiously raised her head. What she saw was so surprising that it knocked the breath out of her.

It was Shalu, a 23-year-old computer data feeder. The girl was Stark naked and held her eyes tightly shut. Drawn, in spite of the danger of discovery, she looked at the girl more closely. She had long & lustrous black hair, which cascaded down her back. The girl was magnificent. Her breasts, shapely and firm, jutted out from her chest and as Arti looked more closely she saw that both nipples were hard. The girl was caressing her own face with one hand. Drawing her long fingers across her cheeks and then slowly sliding her index finger into her mouth. Withdrawing the moistened finger she then extended her tongue and languorously licked it. The glistening finger then moved down to the left breast, where she began to slowly trace a circle around her engorged nipple, tweaking it. Arti saw that the girl’s other hand had stolen beneath the thong and that she was slowly sliding three of her own fingers up into herself. The hand’s rhythm continued, gently becoming faster. The girl began to move her hips. Still stroking herself, she bent, suddenly, forward. The long, glistening index finger, lifted the thong where it cut tightly across the girl’s magnificent buttocks and she inserted the finger into her anus. Bent over the girl looked magnificent as the long inky black hair brushed the floor. She began to moan more loudly as her climax built. Finally with an intense shudder she stood straight her whole body jerking in a series of convulsions as her pleasure peaked. With both eyes still firmly closed; pausing only to flick her long hair back the girl withdrew her fingers from her vagina and began to lick them clean. Arti darted her head down behind the locker. Her own heart was racing. She was short of breath. She had never witnessed such abandonment to pleasure in all her life. It stirred an ache between her legs and she felt her whole womb contract. She was sweating. Shaken, she silently picked up her bag and left the locker room.

All that morning, as she worked, she was breathless and shaken. Terrified by the strength of her own reaction and by the fear that her colleagues could see the depths of arousal that suffused her. Luckily she did not work with Shalu in any of her department. The morning ended and she gratefully made her way from the office cabin to the staff room. As she entered the large sunlight room she was hit by the need to avoid the scrutiny of her colleagues. All she wanted was some peace to still the raging torrent inside her. She made for a chair in the corner of the room near a large bay window, pulled some papers from her bag and began the pretence of being busy marking so as to avoid company. The image of Shalu kept returning to her mind. The utter abandonment of the young girl to her pleasure stirred an envy within her. Shalu had been like some glorious animal, unaware of the world and totally involved with her own pleasure. Arti, suddenly began to wonder how that girl would feel under her own hand. She felt her own excitement begin to arise.

She was interrupted by Sofia, Three years older than Arti, she radiated health. She was some five inches taller and full figured although it was backed up with lean muscle. Her short dark hair was slicked back off her face, having been newly washed and her long, shapely legs were glowing with exercise as they extended from beneath her not very short skirt. “Mind if I join you?” she asked. Her voice was a rich contralto, steady. Assurance radiated from her, yet it was backed with a kindliness and humor that occasionally twinkled from her brown eyes. Arti, realizing she would cause offence if she demurred, gestured to the seat opposite her and Sofia sat, gracefully folding her long legs. “You seem a bit off color lately, Arti. I was wondering if everything was all right?” Arti, silently, felt a tremor of fear. Had the other woman sensed her arousal? “Oh, I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately. I’m Ok”. Sofia’s eyes, twinkled at her in amusement. Arti had an awful feeling that the other woman didn’t believe a word she was saying. She had known Sofia only six months, since the dynamic woman had joined the company as a Senior Executive.

Arti had always been a bit afraid of her and had kept her distance. There was something about Sofia that was disturbing. It was not the raw physicality of the big woman but her piercing gaze that disturbed her. There was some indefinable difference about Sofia, something she could never put her finger on. She knew that Sofia was independently wealthy from a legacy, but beyond that she remained a disturbing mystery. “Arti, I hope I’m not out of line, here, but I couldn’t help but notice that you seem, well, unhappy. I’ve seen you over the last few weeks and you seem so pale. I just wanted you to know that you can talk to me if you need a friend.” Arti was shocked at the directness and perceptiveness of Sofia. She didn’t know what to say. “I’ve had a lot on my mind” she stammered being totally unable to meet Sofia’s direct gaze. “Loneliness problem, perhaps?” Sofia said with the gentlest trace of humor. “Is it that obvious?” she replied. “Well, Arti, you don’t need a degree in psychology. It’s that obvious. Do you want to tell me about it?”

Suddenly Arti was overwhelmed by the other woman’s kindness. She felt an urge to spill her heart out. She opened her mouth as if to speak and then felt an invisible mental hand descends. “Uh, it’s not the kind of thing…” “You would feel comfortable talking about here.” Sofia finished for her. Arti felt those eyes asses her, coolly and with a thoroughness that was something akin to an X ray. “Well, let me ask you something. Have you any plans after work?” “No” she replied feeling the conflict between her need to share and her fear of revelation suddenly become highly acute. “All right, why don’t we meet after work. We can talk, Ok?” Arti found her voice. “Why are you doing this?” She asked. “You look like you need a friend”, said with that lazy smile as the lunch break bell rang. ” Meet me in the parking lot after office.” and with that the big woman gracefully rose from her seat and moved powerfully through the crowded room. Arti couldn’t help but notice the tautens of her calves as she walked and the sheer shapeliness of her frame. She immediately pushed these thoughts aside, gathered her papers into her bag and left the staff room for her office. As she walked down the hall, lost in her own thoughts, she was snapped from her reverie by a sudden impact. Startled she looked up. It was Shalu, who had collided with her, obviously running late after a lunch break. The girl was all innocent vitality and glowing health. She smiled at Arti and flicked a strand of her hair from her eyes. Arti didn’t know what to say. The memory of the girl’s uninhibited morning performance still glowed in her mind. The girl picked up her bag and with a shy smile excused herself and ran down the hall, like a filly – all legs. Arti found herself feeling, again, a desire she could not recognize. Putting it from her mind she went into her cabin.

At 17.30Hours, Arti arrived in the executive’s car park. She was standing by her own car looking around for her new found friend then suddenly the evening was split with the rumble of an engine and Sofia appeared astride a Enfield Bullet motor cycle. She had changed her dress to black leather pants and a bike jacket, also in black. She looked, Arti had to admit, simply stunning with the leather molding itself to every curve in her body, outlining her full figure.

“C’mon. Hop on the back”, Sofia grinned. “I’ve never ridden a bike before”, Arti protested. “Get on!” All of a sudden Sofia’s eyes turned hard as flint. There was an unmistakable edge of command to her tone. Arti found it frightening and strangely arousing. She climbed on the back of the bike, sliding up behind the bigger woman. “Put your arms around my waist and hold on tight!” Sofia demanded as she gunned the bike out of the parking lot. Arti clasped her arms around Sofia’s waist finding the sensation pleasant. The other woman’s waist was slender and her hands rested beneath her breasts, which she could feel juggle slightly as the bike moved. Arti was surprised that her co-executive was not wearing a bra, and that the breasts were firm. As they rounded a corner the left breast brushed against her hand and she felt the nipple. It was hard. As they hit the Worli sea face road Sofia opened the throttle on the big bike and Arti felt her grind back into her as she accelerated. Suddenly it felt marvelous to be alive. The clear road, the sea to one side and the gentle warmth of the sun shining down and the bike powering along the road. They pulled in, in front of a hotel Arti had never seen before.

Sofia helped Arti dismount & then hopped off the bike. “Look at you, your eyes are shining!” Sofia said in delight. “Oh, Sofia I never knew it could be such fun! That was just amazing” Arti said. “Well that’s a bit better. Come on, I could use a coffee, and I know that you need one.” And she led the way down a short alley to a black door. She knocked twice and the door opened. Arti stepped inside. A large Catholic woman met them at the door and kissed Sofia on the cheek. “Your usual table, Sofi?” “Yes, and 2 coffee too.” She took Arti by the arm and led her to a booth in the corner. The whole hotel was dimly lit and country and western music played quietly in the background. As she sat in the booth Arti suddenly felt a flash of gratitude to the Sofia. She had effortlessly dispelled her earlier gloom and fear and made her feel alive. The catholic woman returned with a tray holding 2 glasses of coffee. They took their glass. “To a new friendship”, Sofia toasted. “To you, Sofia”, Arti replied. “Honey, would you do me a favor? Call me Sofi?” “Ok, Sofi it is.” And with that the two women upped their glasses and drank. Arti felt the coffee hit her stomach hard, she had no food that day. But it tasted delicious and so she drained her glass. Sofi watched her, with a slow smile and topped up her glass again. “So, to you. What is eating at you girl? Tell me.” As Arti sipped her coffee she began to tell the other woman about her the purposelessness of her life. Sofi proved an excellent listener, only occasionally topping up her glass. Arti was amazed that the jug was now empty and that over an hour had gone by. Finally Sofi looked at her and said. “Well, honey, I think we know what your problem is.” “Oh? And what is that?” Arti replied, now emboldened by the fine coffee flowing in her veins. “You are stuck in a rut. You need to make some changes.” “And what would they be?”

Suddenly Sofi grew serious. She leaned over the booth table towards Arti and took her hand. “Honey, would you let me help you?” Arti didn’t know what to say. Then she looked at the prospect of another endless weekend dawning and felt a flush of recklessness. Slowly she smiled “Yeah, why not?” Sofi gave her hand a squeeze, which made Arti feel suddenly warm, and then withdrew her hand from Arti’s. Arti couldn’t mask a vague feeling of disappointment that the contact had been broken. “All right, we are going to make a whole new you. And I have just the idea where to begin, come on, we’ll just make it in time if we leave now.” Arti felt too happy and woozy to resist. Her new friend took her by the hand and led her from the hotel, back into the street, around the block to a small shop.

In the window were illustrations of tattoos. She led Arti inside where a large man dressed in leather stood. A few words passed between them while Arti took in the spectacle of the shop. Then, wordlessly the man gestured to her to follow him and he led her through a beaded curtain and sat her on a chair. “First thing we got do is get rid of that page boy cut. Got get you looking’ sharp!” “What’s wrong with my hair?” Arti protested. “It makes you look like a god damn librarian!” Sofi turned to the leather man. “A number three”, she said. The leather man smiled and picked up a pair of scissors. After half an hour the cut was complete. Sofi took Arti’s hand and led her to a mirror. Arti gasped at what she saw. Her beautiful long black hair had been cut off; she now had a short boyish cut, which was oiled back. It made her feel, somehow, sexy and uninhibited. “Do you like it honey?” Sofi asked standing just behind her, with her breasts now pushing firmly into her back. “Oh, God! Sofi I look so…” “Sexy, honey. Real sexy, now we go to stage two”. She clicked her fingers and again the leather man gestured Arti through an adjoining door. There was a chair with tattooing equipment set up next to it. He gestured she should sit and Arti, too overcome to protest, complied. Sofi came up to her, reached over and undid the buttons on her blouse exposing her shoulder. “A Rose. Just here.” The leather man grinned. Once the pain had passed, Arti looked in wonder at the delicate little rose that now graced her body just above her left breast. Sofi turned and looked at her appraisingly. “Okay. That’s phase two complete. Tomorrow we begin phase three.” Arti could only shake her head in amazement and wonder what tomorrow would bring.

Arti arrived at Sofi’s mansion exactly at 4pm as she had been invited. She knocked on the door and Sofi opened it. She was wearing black leather shorts, thigh boots and a leather halter neck top that pushed her breasts out. “Aah, honey. You’re on time! Good.” She took Arti’s hand and led her into the mansion. Arti gasped when she saw the room was huge with a panoramic view of the sea. “God, it’s just incredible! is this all yours?” “All mine and no one else’s. Sit and we’ll have a drink.” Arti did so, slipping off her coat. With her jeans and t shirt she felt so conventional compared to the audacious clothing of her friend. “I think some champagne, first.” Sofi opened the bottle and poured Arti a glass. She sipped at it feeling nervous and excited at the same time. “Are you ready to continue your conversion?” Sofi said with a small smile. Arti nodded. “Good” and she withdrew a small pillbox and placed it on the coffee table between them. Opening the lid she took a small pill out. “Close your eyes and open your mouth”, she said. Arti complied and felt the pill placed on her tongue. ” Now swallow!” Arti was about to protest when Sofi picked up her glass and forced it to her lips making her swallow the pill. “What is it?” Arti asked nervously. “Oh, a little something to help you with your inhibitions. It won’t take long and then you’ll feel ready to play.” She poured Arti another glass of champagne. “Drink it, it will help to relax you.” Arti obeyed. Suddenly she felt a great rush of warmth spread over her and with it came a feeling of horniness. Unbidden, the picture of the girl masturbating came to her mind and then she felt terribly aroused. Her T-shirt seemed too tight and her clothes seemed an encumbrance.

Sofi noticed the glazed look in her eyes. “Good. I think you are ready now ” she said. “Follow me.” Arti took her hand, her head spinning, her cunt aching with the need for something to fill it, fondle it – anything! Sofi led her into a room. It was bare save for a large bed, with white silk sheets on it. On top of the bed was a pile of what seemed to be leather. “Put them on and then come into the other room, when you’re done, honey.” She left the dazed Arti standing looking at the clothing. She picked them up individually. There were two black leather boots with spike heels that came up to the top of her thighs. Pair of long black silk gloves which came over her elbows. Beneath them was a spiked collar. She undressed and slipped the garments on. With each new piece she felt more of the old Arti slip away, leaving her exposed. She then stood in front of the mirror and gasped at what she saw. Other than the boots and gloves she was completely naked. The tight grasp of the leather made her thighs seem longer and smoother and the spike heels made her buttocks swell and her breasts hold higher. With her cropped black hair offset by the black spiked collar and gloves she could not recognize herself. She turned from the mirror and saw some make up on the table and picked up the lipstick. It was blood red gloss, which she ran over her lips. It made them look wet. She took the black eye shadow and did her lashes and her lids. She turned and looked at herself and saw the little tattoo of the rose was now even more pronounced. She did not recognizes herself. She walked back into the living room, feeling sexy and alive.

Sofi was sprawled on a couch. Slowly she stood and crossed over to her. She circled her, drinking her in. “Oh you look so pretty, little one. Just like a porno actress.” She pulled Arti to her. Arti gasped as she felt her naked breasts squash against the bigger woman’s. Her nipples felt delightfully chaffed by the rough leather Sofi was wearing. Sofi lowered her face to Arti’s and nibbled at her lip. Arti moaned, then gasped as she felt Sofi’s tongue slip between her lips. It was snaky and powerful. She opened her mouth wide to accept the kiss, and then began to suck on the tongue now thrusting into her mouth. She felt Sofi’s hands reach behind her to cup her ass. She pulled Arti into her, cupping the buttocks in each hand, while still fucking her mouth with her tongue. Arti was going crazy with the pleasure of it. Sofi finally broke the kiss and pushed her back onto the sofa behind. She knelt down and lifted Arti’s thighs onto her shoulders. She leant forward and sucked one of Arti’s nipples deeply into her mouth, gently chewing on the nipple and running her tongue over it. Arti bucked with the shock of the pleasure. Her hands wound through Sofi’s hair and pulled her head down onto her breast. Then Sofi moved her head to the other breast, while sliding her fingers over Arti’s mound and tracing the lips of her vulva. Without thinking Arti opened herself and pulled the finger deep inside herself, beginning to ride the exploring digit as if it were a cock. Sofi slipped two more fingers deep into her. Arti thrust harder and harder against the fingers, feeling Sofi’s thumb descend on her clit. Her head fell back and she screamed as she came again and again.

Thinking that she would have a moment to catch her breath she began to move her thighs off Sofi’s shoulders. Before she could, the bigger woman had lowered her head and began to lick her oozing cunt. The muscular tongue licked the very length of her lips, pausing tantalizingly at her anus and then caressing her clit. She began to buck and thrash uncontrollably with the pleasure of it. “Yes, yes! Fuck me with your tongue!” She cried. “You are just a little bitch in heat, aren’t you?” Sofi said raising her head momentarily from Arti’s aching cunt. “Oh yes I’m your bitch, make me your bitch!” “Only if you ask me properly. You got to call me momma!” “Yes! Yes! Momma, make me your bitch!” And then Sofi bent her head to the girl’s snatch and stuck her tongue right up the neck of her womb. Slowly inserting and withdrawing her tongue she kept the rhythm up steadily. With her thumb she began to rub Arti’s clit. Suddenly Arti felt a pressure on her anus and Sofi had inserted two fingers up her and was sliding them in and out steadily. She came, screaming again and again.

Slowly Sofi lowered her legs to the ground. “You loved that didn’t you, you hot little cunt?” “Oh yes”, Arti whispered. “I think you’re ready for the next stage of your conversion” and began to undo her top. She slid the leather halter off and gasped when she saw the other woman’s full breasts. Then she slid her shorts off leaving her wearing only her black boots. Arti was filled with the need to use her mouth on her friend, to return the pleasure she had received only so recently. “Wait here!” she commanded and strode from the room. She swiftly returned carrying a large black leather dildo suspended from a harness. She threw it at Arti. “Put it on!” she demanded. Arti nervously picked up the huge artificial cock and stepped into the harness. Sofi came over to her and slapped her ass. “Not like that!” and swiftly adjusted the straps so that it sat jutting out from Arti’s body. Sofi sank to her knees in front of Arti, and extended her tongue. “What are you going to do with that nasty old cock?” “I’m going to fuck you with it momma”, the reply burst from Arti’s lips. Sofi extended her tongue and began to lick the shaft up and down. Arti found her hips began to move in time. She gasped when Sofi opened her mouth and swallowed the whole dildo into her mouth. She finally allowed the now glistening piece of black leather to plop out of her mouth. She walked to the couch and stood on her hands and knees thrusting her ass out. Arti walked forward and picked the head of the monstrous cock up in her hand. She rubbed it against Sofi’s snatch, which was wetly glistening. “No, not there”, she ordered and took Arti’s fingers and pressed them against her anus. Arti gasped and withdrew a touch, then feeling the heady excitement take her completely, she leaned forward and slipped her tongue around its rim. She felt Sofi thrash beneath her and the boldly pushed with her tongue until it slid up inside her. She began to fuck her lover’s ass with her tongue. Sofi was moaning and whimpering. Arti withdrew her tongue and pushed the head of the dildo into Sofi. It slid in effortlessly and Sofi began to scream with pleasure, bucking her hips back against the dildo trying to drive it more deeply into herself. Arti began to thrust, deeper and harder loving the feeling of power it gave her. She looked up for a moment and caught her own reflection in the mirror. She looked a total slut and she reveled in it, feeling years of inhibition melt away as she fucked her girlfriend up the ass.