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Office party made me a bad wife

Hi friends, thought about sharing my true experience with my office colleague during a party.I am 29 yrs old and a married NRI. I have been working in this company for the past 7 months and really enjoy the work and the staff I work with. Recently we had our companies 20th anniversary dinner in a luxury hotel and I went alone since my husband couldn’t make it.

I have a curvy 36d-28-38 figure and was wearing a short body hugging black dress and gstring with no bra and the high heels make me look more sexy and lift my ass nicely. I sat in the table with Rohit, who is the other Indian guy work in our company . Rohit is a 26 year old single guy with nice built body and charming smile. First time I actually had the chance to talk to him for such along time and he was really charming, interesting and was making me laugh. I enjoyed the sexy complements he made during our chat as we sipped few glasses of nice wine. I enjoyed him admiring my exposed sexy thighs and big cleavage and made no effort to hide them. In fact I was enjoying the attention and feeling proud.

Everyone started dancing around 11 pm and I joined Rohit on the dance floor. We slowly started dancing and as time passed he was holding my hips and I could feel him gently caressing my ass and since I was wearing a thin dress and gstring it felt like he was caressing my naked hips/ass. Our body got closer and closer and often my braless tits rubbing his body and I could feel his hard buldge gently press my thighs. He was whispering to me how sexy I am and I was telling him that I am enjoying the company as well. Now slowly he is grabing and squeezing my ass gently and I am letting him to play without any resistance. It was making him more comfortable and brave as he started rubbing his hard buldge constantly on my thighs and over my crotch. I couldn’t stop getting horny and wet. My nipples now getting erect and it was obvious to him without the braless top. He softly whispered ‘seem like someone enjoying the dance’ and I softly replied ‘with a smile ‘yes I am’. By now we are performing dirty dance and our bodies almost glued toe ach other on the crowded dimn dance floor. He was squeezing my butt like there is no tomorrow and my hands rubbing his back while my braless tits crushed on his chest. I was drunk and horny to feel guilty that I am married. He ddint dare slide his hands inside my dress since was office party.

Nearly 2 hours of dirty dancing and more drinks he made the bold move and whispered in my ears ‘lets go out baby’. I followed him with no resistance like kid in a ice cream shop. He gently pushed me against his car and started kissing me and fondling my tits over the thin dress and they r poping out through the lowcut top. His hand went inside my dress and grabing my naked ass and he guided my hand to his buldge. I couldn’t stop rubbing and squeezing it. It was dman huge and I could imagine I am in for a wild hard blah blah. I started unzipping and stroking his cock while he pulled down my gstrign to my ankle and started fingering my wet shaved pussy. His cock was dman huge in my hand as he droped his pants to his ankle and rubbing his hard cock on my wet pussy. I was too horny and aroused to bother how bad I am behaving. I was kissing him again as our tongues share lot of hot saliva and hew as fondling my tits hard. Suddenly I felt his cock slide inside my pussy as I felt so tight, his cock was dman huge and hitting me deep inside. I was leaning against his car and enjoying it. He was fucking me real hard and even the car was shaking. I was playing with his hair as he bend his ehad and stared sucking my tits. We were grabbing each others ass for deep penetration while facing each other. After a nice long blah blah he made me turn around and slide his huge cock in doggy and I could only think of heaven than anything else. I was loving it and each stroke giving me damn nice erotic pleasure. I didn’t feel the pain when he spanked my ass real hard and pulled my nipples. Infact I enjoyed the rough treatment. After a nice long doggy he suddenly shouted ‘come on baby get on your knee’ and I quickly droped on my knee as he started shooting huge load of thick cum all over my face and some into my hair. I could feel the thick hot warm cum all over my face. I quickly washed by face and caught a taxi and got home. Thank god my husband was fast a sleep and wasn’t there to suspect something. Next morning I made love with husband and I couldn’t stop imagining Rohit doing me. My husband was asking why I act so horny and is aid because I haven’t had sex with him the previous night and that is why. He was joking and sais ‘may be some hot guys turned me on in the office’. I laughed it off without giving him a proper answer. But me and Rohit pretend like nothing happened since then and act like normal office colleagues.