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On a rainy day

A beautiful evening , around june end , when the sun was about to go back and just started to dusk, I had just come back from my friends house at hebbal[a place at bangalore]. He had actually asked me that he would drop me out at my place ,i said it was too late and he also had to get back and looked like it was about to rain, so denied his request, I swayed my hand and bid a good bye and moved ahead onto the main road and was looking for some auto or any transport to go towards my home. I was slowly walking looking on either sides its a little outskirts and looked lonely ..

I walked up to the main road and was standing there.. For quite sometime, I could not see any clue of any vehicle coming, slowly a bike passed by I asked , as in I made a sign of it .. He moved of without any clue, I was hoping I could find some auto or any bus.. As I was waiting there an other bike came over, I thought there was no point as none would stop to give a drop in that deserted area. I just kept quite and he also went ahead and stopped after an 2 meters or so and looked back.

I also didnt mind I just kept quite, a man next to me who was vending earthen pots said”oh boy go with him , its hard to find autos here and it looks like its going to rain , go.. Go” so I took the old mans advice and walked towards him, he was young guy around 27,28 a northie as tall as me but well built looked like a athlite,wore a checked shirt folded sleeve, and wore a jeans to go with it. He was quite good, as I was looking at all these he asked “where do u want to go?”, towars mekri circle I replied. He made a sign to get on to the bike, I also happily got on to the pulsar… As we rode ahead slowly he used to break suddenly, the roads very really bad and I used to bumb in to him, untill than I had no signs on hitting this guy but the road really pulled the cupid string as took a next crater jump I caught him tight over his lower chest wow!

He had solid bod and amazing counter , ” hold me tight ” he said, thats how we started to converse , he started to ask where I studied ,what I did ,why I had come there, and others. As we progressed it slowly started to drizzle, it started to tickle me and it drove me close to him and caught him slowly and was feeling this hunky northie i was dam sure he had no clue as we went ahead it started to rain , the roads turned dark and the naughty sun was just crimson and just romance in the air he also started to shiver a bit ,” lets stop for a while and go” asked he. I nodded with unison.we stopped the bike and stood under a tree which was too thin He said” come closer, u will get wet” it was too small tree to hold both of us, but I took a step closer to him, he also came closer we stood for few min and he again moved behind me and stood very close.

Oh god each time he left his breath my heart was going mad, I also drove my self close toward to him, there was hardly any space between us I could feel his body heat ,his breath, I really wished I could kiss him.not far was my dream, as I was dreaming I slowly could feel the guys hardness grow at my back, I just waited to see , yes for sure he was getting hard….. Even I liked this sign and moved even close to him and pressed my butts and that hot hard dick was just warm enough to ignite both of us.his hands slowly came on my side and held me tight”i guess its raining here we will go to other tree ” he said, I nodded my head, he patted my butt and walked towards the bike, and he called me I walked and got on to the bike He rode the bike off the road and took into a shurb road , there was no one around and only plants to our height and a tree seemed quite far I was looking a hump came and I caught him close and he asked “whats ur name”.”kunal” I said, and slowly I asked whats ur name”randeep, randeep singh” he said so how do like the rain ,

I said I love rain he gave a sudden break and stopped. Both of us got down and ran towards the tree. As I ran he held me close and said I guess there are no people around , I looked around and we could not see anyone except the rain falling with noise. Both of us were drenched I could make out his body it was sure gym made , the wet shirt highlighted his body , and I was wet too in my tee shirt and my cotton pant was stuck to my body he walked closer and stood next to me, even I moved closer,i guess by than he was also turned on, I also leaned towards him he caught me tightly, that hot body was creating warmth, could still fell that hard rock I just kept quite I guess he understood,he slowly got his lips close to me and caught my lower lip and started to smooch oh god it was awesome we started to kiss like helland he was holding me tighter and tighter,

he just pulled his his shirt off and wow what a body , just a dream for anyone to sleep with, and he put his hands under my tee and started to pinch my nipps and slowly lifted it up and nibbed them I was going mad I hugged him hard he slowly came down to my navel started kissing there and my sides heaven I could not control I was holding his head firmly, slowly he got up unzipped his pant and pulled of his pants with the underwear and wow a amazing 8 inch throbbing cock sprang out. I hugged looking at it and it hit my navel wow, cant explain the fun, he slolwy carressed me moved his hands around my waist unbuttoned my pants and pushed it down and slolwy squeesing my butts turned me over he knelt down kissed on them and slolwy bit them he pulled the underwear and started to kiss, I undressed myself and by than he also got of his pants, both were there toally naked drenching in the rain, as he kissed the rain water was squessing between out lips, he turned me over bit my back, neck,

my butts as water trickled down my back he licked it up to the neck, it was the best experinece, He held me tight and started to fuck me from my back, I was enjoying it and I was kissing, he released me and said a second and moved towads the bike he got on to it and rode it Its a worth a watch for anyone, a naked hottie on the bike , with his erect dick facing the raining sky, wow,he came colser stopped and parked it. I went closer to him and held the cock , he yeld haaaaaa ad it became harder he caught my lips and started to smooch, the harder I stroked the stronger his kiss grew and squeesed my buts with passion. We went on like this for while as he got down the bike and lifted me nad put me horitontaly on the bike, he started to kiss me on the navel, came down and slolwy kissed my pubes, my inner thighs bit them,

I was enjoying suddenly heaven, he swallowed my cock,eveytime his tongue was going up and down I was losing my heart beat i suddenly pulled it out ,he got on to the bike, was carresing my nipples bent on me I could feel his heat and the trikkling rain, he was fucking, our dick were hitting each other hard, he got down and kissed my lips,and started to stroke my dick and sloly got his dick closer to my lips started slightly rubbing the tip o my lips I swear, it was really nice the best part was , he had a mole on the dick that was enhancing the 8 inch, it was the best dick I have seen so he stroke I lost control and said haa,he by than pushed his rod into my mouth, it was the first time I was sucking a dick, it was worth .he moved it too and fro and was moaning as he did it I was enjoying that manly hand caring my dick and squeesing my body .

He suddenly pulled it out and got onto me he started to fuck me , he said he loved coming in that way he caught my lips started to bite them hard I could feel he was reaching ectasy by than even I was loading it out just I jerked out, not asec he held me tight and I could feel a hot liquid between us, we were lying there silenty only the rain drops were heard, he slolwy got up lifted me, we cleaned each other in the rain, smoched again naked, his arms around me and mine around his chest, we wore our clothes and stood there for a while, untill the rain stopped my body rejected to stay far from himhe also was holding me tight nad I enjoyed it, as we rode back he said he enjoyed the experience with me and he was happy and he had a girlfriend and never enjoyed the way we did, this guy was real special, he was not arrogant,

nor had attitude he was down to earth and I had tried hard later to meet guys of this kind never found any guy of this sort. He was unique and guess one of the best I ever met, as he drove slowly and spoke to me I kept on kissing his manly back,untill we could notice people aroumd, he dropped me at my place hugged me held me tight said thank u and rode away, I could not hold my tears as I wanted this guy for the rest of my life That day passed on thnking of him, to the extent even today I cant forget randeep, life is so mischevious it always take away what u love more.