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One rainy evening

Hi ! I am prince , 29 yr old from Bombay. I would love to share a true story of my life. Usually we have maid ( lady servant ) to help my wife at our home. Fortunately I had a very beautiful maid , may be appx age of 25. It seems her husband was a truck driver with one of the transport company and usually traveling all over India.

She used work for us during morning hours 9 to 12 and evening 7 to 10. On many occasion I used to observe her as not only because of a beautiful face but also good healthy boobs, sense of dressing, style of wearing saree where her curves are visible, very well shaped buttock, smooth and fair skin. Even She used stare at me as I am very fair, handsome ( I am into modeling ), tall. During monsoon season one particular day, evening my wife went to her mothers place and I was alone watching television rather surfing the channel at around 7 our maid come to house as usual she went in kitchen and just worked their for some time then she came and asked whether I want something. Without looking at her I said NO.

She asked can I go back I said yes !! by the time rain started very heavily She said she do not have umbrella I told her if she feel comfortable she can sit and watch tv for some time. She agreed as I could have given my umbrella but then morning if it rains for me office going will be a problem. During surfing it just stop at a one channel where one sexy scene was going on the I realized that I was not only one who was watching it I was about to change looking at her I changed my mind. Now she was watching that channel and I was enjoying her beauty. Suddenly she realized that I was watching her she started feeling shy.

She started conversation that ” do you enjoy with your wife in a similar way which was just few minutes back was on TV screen” I said yes why ? she said her husband first of all not available for most of the days in month and even when he is available he is not bothered about that do I enjoy sex with him he just satisfy himself and go.

Because of the TV scene and all above discussion I was excited and even she was !! I just went near her and gently kissed her on her chick she was thrilled. She also started kissing me on face and suddenly she gave her healthy red lips on my lips I really enjoyed her lips on lips for some time and then I used my tongue to lick her lips and slowly gave my tongue in her mouth she enjoyed it and gave a tongue in my mouth.

By the time my was very hard and I could feel her boobs very hard on my chest. I slowly started removing my kurta pajama she said wait I got a shock now she will refuse but to my surprise she said that lets remove each others cloth and she started removing my! kurta and unbutton my pajama. I was only on my brief. She said now its your turn. I started removing her saree. After removing saree I removed her peticot too.

Now she was in her balck panty and blue blouse I removed her blouse too. Now she was jus tin her black bra and black panty and I could feel that she must be 36-23-34. She said please remove my bra and panty I just follow her word and removed and she removed my brief and was very happy to see my appx 8 ½ inch property. She said that my husband is having hardly six and half. I explained her that size does not matter but she loved mine.

She again started kissing me all over again. I asked her if she would love to take my cock in her mouth she said usally her hubby put in her cunt directly. I told her that this a way you can enjoy the sex. She started kissing my cock but she felt little awkward I told her to pick up honey bottle from kitchen which brought very fast I poured some honey on my cock and told her to eat ! it like a con ice cream probably she understood and honey worked she started enjoying my ice cream

It s very diffcult to explain how much I was enjoying by giving my honey –cock ice ceram to her. I was feeling that any moment I will come and i told her to stop I took her on a bed and started playing wit her boobs I pured little honey on her boobs and licked, chewd and my one hand on other boob other hand was fingering her cunt.she was really enjoying with ooohh aaahhha ooooaaa ahhhaaa and then she said put your cock inside as she was very hot I told her wait and I poured little honey in her cunt and started licking it and put my tongue in her cunt she was like about to come she said now pleasssssssseeeee put inside and I just started adjusting my cock on her cunt and slowly I pushed in we started jerking slowly even she started responding from down and I plunged my whole 8 ½ inch sword into her and she just shouted like oooooohhhhhhaa oouch.

The rain was heavy my pumping was going on heavy with kissing her boobs and lips an dneck about after 4 minutes she said I am cuming and in few seconds even I came with thick liquid inside her. I was just resting on her for a minute she just kissed me and said Your wife is really lucky you are very gentle and careful in your fucking also. After that we had bath together I told her to prepare something to eat and then I can show some other action too. She followed my order she made some pulav very fast we had our food.

Now again we started watching tv for some time as I wanted some time for my sword to sharpen. After fifteen minutes she removed my cloths and her also and told me to start I started kissing her all over again and she did the same thing. I kissed her boob, all curves and started licking her cunt again that sound of aaahhaaa oooooccch was on she really enjoyed my tongue fucking and she started taking my cock without anything in her mouth she enjoyed taking my 8 ½ inch in her mouth and she was eating it like ice cream even I was enjoying it with aaahhaa oooohhhaa then I told her to bend like a horse keeping you hand on bed she was surprised and after bending her I just inserted my 8 ½ inch sword inside her ass without giving her any hint and she was like shouted and cried ahhaaaa aaahhhaa ! and pleaded to stop as it is very painful I told her she will enjoy it after some time but she was literally begging and told that her husband never tried this finaly on her requet I just removed my sword only after intial plunge and small Jhatakas I started playing with her buttocks and started licking her ass and I just spat in her ass and she was enjoying it again without giving her nay hint I just plunged my sword in her ass this time probable she enjoyed with little noise oooch aaahhha and then she started responding and enjoying and I started pumping in hard with my fnger in her cunt and other hand holding her buttock after 5 minutes pumping I told her I am cumming she said please let me have it in her mouth and I followed her order and I just removed my cock when it was about to come and took it ot her face and thick white juice came on her face she really tasted it wit her tongue and all over face.

Again I kissed her as afterplay. She was very happy .She said s! he really enjoyed the second round more. Now she whenever gets a chance request me to fulfill her fantasy and enjoy fulfilinf her every fantasy.