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One Real SWING Story

My wife Renu and I have thought about swinging for years, but we never had the opportunity to explore the idea for real. All of that changed when we discovered online dating. We didn’t go overboard with swinging, we’ve only done it once and Renu doesn’t think we should do it again for a long time, but it was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The excitement of fucking someone else’s wife, even though it bothered me to know that some guy was having just as much fun with Renu was amazing. It all happened last month and I can’t stop thinking about it. We met Ravi and Prachi online and it was their first time swinging as well. We seemed very compatible so I invited them out to our home for a wife-swapping afternoon. They agreed right away. I’m 32 and Renu is 30, Ravi and Prachi were about the same age as us. Ravi was a little taller than me and he was really broad with dark features and a soft face. I couldn’t help but feel jealous when I saw Renu check him out. It was a look that let him know she wanted him. Prachi had a beautiful body with round boobs and an easygoing attitude that added to her sexual presence. Just looking at her gave me a pudgy in my pants. It was going to be an interesting weekend because she had such a different type of body compared to my wife. Renu has medium breasts and an hourglass figure, and Prachi was her total opposite. I’ve never really been a guy to go for flat chicks with slim hips, but looking at Prachi changed my preference very fast.

I’m sure Ravi was thinking along the same lines- he was having trouble bringing his eyes from Renu’s chest from the moment we met face to face. The nearest neighbor to our house is four or fifty house away, so privacy wasn’t an issue, but we didn’t just start ripping each other’s clothes off right away. We got to know one another in a normal fashion- just like any other weekend with guests. The only difference was the tension in the air because we all knew what was going to happen. Renu and Prachi went of together and Ravi and I kicked back at the house and talked shop.

When the women came back it was clear they had gotten along just as well. Every time I looked at Renu she was eyeing Ravi. It was clear that she was attracted to him and he knew it. She flirted with him shamelessly and a few times I was quite jealous. Prachi wasn’t as forward and I was even getting second thoughts, worried the weekend wasn’t going to turn out as I had hoped. Renu was the first one to get things started and it kind of caught everyone by surprise. We had just finished eating and suddenly my normally shy wife said she wanted to be alone with Ravi. She asked Prachi if that would be all right with her and her response was almost robotic “Yes, take him inside. We’ll be fine.” She gave me a small smile and that was it. Renu went with Ravi and I went for a walk with Prachi through the woods. I did have the presence of mind though to make up the excuse that I needed to use the washroom- I didn’t have to go, but I was able to grab a few condoms, a small tube of lubricant, and a blanket.

I walked with Prachi far enough away from the house that we couldn’t be seen and then we stopped and I kissed her. I’d forgotten how difficult a first kiss could be. As we embraced I took in how different her body was compared to Madhu’s. Prachi’s breasts were Medium it made her nipples seem bigger by comparison and my hands caressed her tight hips and perfect ass. It was exhilarating, and it only got better. She got down on her knees and pulled out my cock. She purred that it was beautiful and said she was glad I wasn’t as big as Ravi. I couldn’t help but ask, “How big is Ravi?” Her reply was that he was nine inches long, and a lot thicker. My cock is only six inches. My thoughts turned to what Renu’s tight pussy would be going through and it gave me butterflies in my stomach. I felt like running back to the room to stop everything, but Prachi started sucking my cock and I stayed put. It was like time stood still. Prachi was an incredible lay. She sucked my cock like a pro and brought me just to the edge before stopping and begging me to lick her pussy. I savored helping her peel off her clothes, threw the blanket down on the ground as a makeshift bed and then dove between her legs. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m very good at oral sex myself, only I didn’t stop before she came.

When she was still reeling from her orgasm I got on top and fucked her hard. It was good, but it got even better when Prachi regained some of her energy and switched things around, riding my cock like a woman possessed. I was worried her pussy would be loose since her husband was so big, but she was actually tighter than Renu. Are all chicks that get fucked regularly by big cocks like that? Does it give them more pussy muscles? Anyway, it was a nice surprise. What was even nicer was that she went wild when I told her I had some lubricant and wanted to fuck her in the ass. She said she hadn’t done anal for years because Ravi was just too big. She got on all fours and arched her back, presenting me with perfect access to her brown eye. I probed it with my finger for a long time before it was loose enough to fuck. When I finally eased my cock between her buns she started playing with her clit and moaning in a very high shrill tone. Now that was tight. Prachi’s ass was perfection and I fucked it as I pleased until I came. She actually had an orgasm while I did it too- Renu has never had one with my cock up her butt so it was a completely new experience for me on multiple levels.

We put our clothes back on and kissed once again before heading back. Ravi and Renu were on the porch when we approached. Renu didn’t look very happy, but Ravi seemed very satisfied. I found out later that he had hurt her with his massive cock. She said he didn’t seem to be intentionally rough, but that once inside her pussy he fucked her too deep for the odd stroke and it hurt so much it brought tears to her eyes. He’d tried to fuck her in the ass too but she had to yell “NO” to make him give up the idea. She finally made him come by jacking him off- and he rudely sprayed come all over her face when she wasn’t prepared. She was also upset that he wouldn’t go down on her and she didn’t have an orgasm. They left after that and we haven’t seen them again. Ravi thanked us for the hospitality and Prachi winked at me just before they drove away. I want to do it again with another couple, but Renu doesn’t want to. I think I can work on her enough to get her to try again, we just have to make sure next time that the guy isn’t so well endowed.