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Orkut friend took away my virginity

Hello My Dear Erotic Readers..I am very happy that I am one of you who read all the stories in this wonderful site “AISS”..I am Sahar from Bangalore(as usual name changes to protect the identity),24 years old working for a MNC,and who is going to take you through the experience awaited a long long time.I got a friend request on Orkut from a girl named Rinutha(again a name change) which I accepted as it was common for any guy to accept a girl’s request.I got a call after a few days( as I have kept my num in my Orkut profile) and I said who is this and no one spoke there and I thought it’s a blank call..but that’s the call that made me to lose my virginity after a few months.

Then I got a msg that they called in error and apologized.I said that’s ok and dint msg as I was in roaming in my native.I came to Bangalore next day and started receiving Gud morning msgs and I replied..this continued for some time and after a few days we became closer in the msgs..which slowly started as the calls..and I was sure that she had crush on me by the way the msge looked though she never expressed and I never forced to do that..after a few days we stopped talking as she said that she is going away from Bangalore to her native..i wished her all the best and forgot abt that as we were not into any relation but just a phone friend and we never even met..Days passed by and one fine day I got a call again and it’s the same now we started talking and she proposed on the same day..and I was of little doubt that she might again say some story and stop talking..why to take risk of getting into relation as she said abt her family last time and her love also last time(may be to make me jealous as I said that I have plans of loving a friend of mine)…so then we came to a decision that we shall be friends and after a week she said abt her engagement that her parents fixed..and I wished her good luck and expressed my happiness for that..slowly she started complaining abt him and I used to console her..

Slowly we became close and I started sharing abt my feelings that I get when I get mood when I see good girls and aunties,she started sharing her sizes which are 30-28-30 and asked her I can be of help to her friends who are like me as well who are looking for sex..she said she will surely do that but I nevr thought that she will be one of day she said she will come home one day and she cameas she said..I stay alone in Bangalore and she came and I had said during our conversations that I watch porn on my mobile…so she asked to show them when she came home..for which I said no and she came close to me to show those on mobile feeling me and I showed a clip that I have downloaded from Mobikama and she got aroused..She tried to feel me more and touching more of my body and leaning her on my shoulder and she asked how do they do that infront of a camera..and she suddenly started stretching her body and raised her head to reach my lips and there was the liplock from both the ends for abt 10 mins sharing the saliva of both..she climbed me and hugged me locking her legs around my waist and started biting my lips and cheeks and I was licking her all over neck for which she is getting more and more excited..hugged tight..toook her to the bedroom and put her to the wall and started licking her neck and slowly rubbing her thighs and feeling her virgin pussy…bit her small boobs on the top for which she got aroused and asked to feel them more..

I made her sleep and started kissing and slowly removed her top..ther I see my beauty in pink bra with small boobs like Sapotas which are white in color and brown nipples..took them into my mouth at one gulp and started sucking them whch became harder and harder and nipples grown..she started enjoying by feeling me more and more…I removed her pants and pink panty where I found that sweet(pussy) covered with hair and dripping due to my sex..licked her beautiful toes,feet,thighs and her entire body took that small pussy into my mouth and started sucking and licking all the juices that are dripping from her which are salty but making me more strong..I have put grapes into it and started sucking them and drinking the juice from those grapes mixed with her pussy juice..she was maoning and shouting to suck more and more and tore my tshrt and removed my pants with my Jackie to feel my black thick dragon which is cleanly shaved…she said let me return the favour of me making her happy licking her and took the rod into her mouth and started sucking what a feeling it is and this continued for almost 10 mins..O man..what an experience though she is a fresher..

I said her that I am gonna cum for which she nodded and started sucking harder and I shot my shots into her mouth which she drank like thirsty girl..then she again made my rod to get harder by playing with her softhands and she forced me not to waste the time and eneter her..(I was sure that this will happen which made me to buy a pack of condoms last day) and wore the condoma dn tried to enter her virgin we both are new and for the first time struggled for sometime to enter and she started crying when I started entering her slowly..I felt bad when she started crying with the pain and tried to remove my rod back for which she stopped and asked me to continue and I reached deep into her with one shot and blood started to come out and I got scared as I did something worng for which she said its normal for the first tome and asked not to stop and continue to fuck for which I started fucking slowly and sucking her upper part of the body sucking her neatly shaved armpits and neck and boobs..

fucked for almost 10 mins with nice rhythms for which she gave the equal support and both cummed at a time..she was very tired and slept hugging me tightly for sometime which made my rod strong again..she came to know that she removed the condom and used one more condom and started fucking me going on my top..O man that was the fun..really girls rock in fucking they are not less than any way..she was riding me like a jockie on a winning horse and biting me now and then..and started fucking harder until I cum and slept naked for sometime..I can never forget this moment which took my virginity off and raised me the desires more and more..I never got a chance to meet her and looking for some more experiences like that..Hope you liked this experience and I welcome your comments and any girls/aunties in looking for some good secret relationships(pnhone/email/physical) are always welcome..Can be reached at .Take care all..