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Our Memorable Office Tour

Our memorable Office Tour
I, Rahul am working in a Software Division of a reputed Company in Andheri. I would like to share my experiences about one Office Tour underwent by me and my colleagues. Two years back, six people were nominated by our office for training in Bangalore. Myself, Manohar, Gopal and three sexy ladies Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha. The training was for around two weeks.

After our first week of training, we decided to enjoy ourselves in the weekend and roamed around Bangalore. Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were all married and we were bachelors but we were very close and cracked jokes and enjoyed ourselves. Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were all married and we were bachelors, but we were very close and cracked jokes and enjoyed ourselves. Ramya was the slimmer one, beautiful, sexy. Her breasts were very sharp. We used to enjoy her blouse covering her boobs revealing underneath her pallu. She had a perfect structure. Madhuri’s lips were sexy, she was more of an orthodox type but was very sexy and had lovely boobs. Trisha was the plump girl among the three, had hairy legs, bigger boobs and very sexy lips and the prettiest lips. Gopal was the most mischievous among my friends and used to comment that we were like husbands and wives on a honeymoon. We roamed around Bangalore and visited various places. After a day of sightseeing and shopping, we decided to relax ourselves on a Saturday night
We were staying rooms adjacent to each other in our Company guest house which was well equipped with TV, AC etc. I, Manohar and Gopal were staying in one room whereas Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were staying in another. It was around 9 pm in the night when Gopal came up with a suggestion that we play Cards all night. So, I and Manohar went to the Ladies room and invited Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha to our room and play Cards with us. They agreed immediately, and we started playing Cards. The games went on interestingly, and in between, we did not forget to have a peep into the girls boobs and private parts. All of them were in nighties. It was around 11.30 pm in the night, when the girls got tired and Madhuri said that now its time to sleep. Immediately, Manohar said, why not sleep in the same room with us.
Trisha, “No, we will sleep in our rooms”
I ” R u afraid of us, we wont rape you”
All of us had a hearty laugh.
Ramya : Lets stop joking and go to sleep.
Manohar : Come on, lets sleep together.
Madhuri : Why r u all so interested in sleeping with us.
Gopal : Don’t u sleep with ur husband.
Ramya : But u r not my husband.
I : Since Gopal is going to be married in two months, he must be wanting practical training.
Madhuri : Behave urselves
Manohar : Why, tell me honestly, don’t u girls like sex.
Madhuri and Trisha blushed.
Ramya : Ok, I am going to my room.
Trisha : Stop, we are ready to sleep in this room, provided u don’t do anything silly.
Gopal : No, we will behave like good children.
Manohar : But only one kiss.
Trisha pointed out her cheeks and told Manohar to kiss.
I : No, not on cheeks, on lips.
Manohar grabbed Trisha and kissed on her lips.
Madhuri and Ramya enjoyed themselves. Seeing this, Trisha said, now its turn to kiss Madhuri and Ramya also.
I spranged upon Madhuri and kissed her lips to lips, while Gopal kissed Ramya lips to lips.
Soon Manohar grabbed Ramya from behind and kissed her, I kissed Trisha and Gopal kissed Madhuri.
We just started kissing each other in turns.
Gopal : Since u all agreed to kiss, why not go a step further.
Trisha : What
Ramya : What do u mean
Gopal : Why not draw lots and form pairs, lets be husbands and wives for a night.
Madhuri : No, I wont agree
I : Pl, Madhuri
Manohar was silent. There was a moment of silence.
Manohar : Think about it, whats wrong about it.
I : I think, we should all be enjoying.
Trisha : Ok
Madhuri blushed, but Ramya did not agree.
We all managed to convince her, somehow, and finally, Gopal drew lots to decide with the pairs. Out came the result.
I was paired with Madhuri.
Manohar was paired with Trisha
Gopal was paired with Ramya. We were going to be husbands and wives for that memorable night.
It was around 1 am.
We arranged three beds and began to dress ourselves.
My wife Madhuri was dressed in a orange sari and green blouse.
Manohar’s wife Trisha was dressed in a beautiful light blue sari and tight blue blouse.
Gopal’s wife Ramya was dressed in a green sari and tight green blouse.
We shaved, had a bath and got ready for the occasion.
Madhuri, Trisha and Ramya approached us, shyingly, head down with a glass of milk.
I took the milk from Madhuri, Manohar took the milk from Trisha and Gopal took the milk from Ramya.
Gopal could not control himself. He grabbed the milk from Ramya, shared it with her and pushed her down on the bed and was all over her.
Manohar was immediately seen unbuttoning Trisha’s blouse and sucking her boobs.
I hesitantly approached Madhuri and kissed her gently. She too kissed me.
We both started kissing.
Soon I pulled her over me and began kissing her.
I pushed her pallu aside and started feeling her boobs and touched her blouse.
It was tight, soon I kissed it and she sighed “Aah”
I unbuttoned it and kissed her boobs, her nipples and sucked it.
On the other bed, Gopal had totally ripped off Ramya’s blouse and sari and was busy biting her nipples.
He was pouring honey on her boobs and simultaneously chewing them.
Her eyes were closed and she was shouting in ecstacy.
Trisha was fully naked and was sucking Manohar’s cock.
I and Madhuri kissed each other and were simultaneously enjoying the other couple’s sex acts.
Soon Gopal left Ramya and kissed Trisha’s boobs.
Manohar left Trisha and kissed Madhuri’s boobs.
I left Madhuri and kissed Ramya’s boobs. We tasted the boobs of all the three girls simultaneously as well as their vagina.
I grabbed Madhuri, said “Madhuri, I love u”
We hugged in bare body and I realized the heat of her body in me. Aaah, aaah, rahul, rahul she muttered.
At that time, Manohar also went berserk and started pushing and rubbing and kissing Trisha all over.
I dragged my tongue all over Madhuri’s face, arm pit and boobs. She was so curious and held my back hair and guided me from her boobs to belly.
She was agonized by the tickle of belly. I went down licking and reached her toes.
I started going back kissing her legs, thighs. raised her petticoat and kissed her thighs and started my prime journey towards the treasure of cunt. She was again jolted and raised and turned me down and started kissing me from top to bottom.
I removed my pants and briefs and stood naked before her. She was very shy to look at my nudeness in fade lights. When she was probing to touch my pennies, I voluntarily took her hands and lead her to touch my hard pennies.
She made a feather touch, and my pennies shooted up, and I whispered haaaaa… She understood I am getting high and slowly tightened her grip.
I was so high that I held her head down to my pennies. She kissed around my pennies and balls. She was on the mm oup oup..
I held her hair back and held my pennies and started trusting it into her mouth.
I pushed her down and was rather much curious to have an intercourse and trusted my hard pennies between her legs.
Our legs unlocked tightly, our body twisted, hands twisted around and I kissed her lips to lips and rubbed her boobs. She lost her control, when I kissed her neck area, she murmured mmmmmmmmmmm.. rahul aaah aah.
At that time, Trisha and Ramya were also shouting in ecstacy as Manohar and Gopal were also busy pumping their cocks in and out.
I spread her legs with mine and trusted my hardest pennies in to her cunt. She held my pennies and guided into her passage.
I trusted my pennies with a vigor to reach inside and started pumping in and out. she shouted with ecstacy.
Hurrah, I was kissing her, holding her boobs and vigorously fucking her. After a stand still silence of inserted pennies, I gradually started moving my buttocks in and out. She murmured “bas, bas” (enough enough). I never let her go for 5 minutes and kept pumping out.
She pushed me down and we laid in peace. It was around 4 am now and we slept in the arms of our respective wives.
In the next morning, we got up, had a bath and dressed ourselves. We started chatting and cracked jokes about our experiences and enjoyed the rest of our tour. Now two years have passed. Gopal has got married. Manohar has been engaged and I am also to be married. But we will never forget the experience of our lives during those two weeks.