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Sex with Minisha Part 1

Hi… I am Rohan from Delhi. I am a constant reader of AISS and since a very long time I was thinking a lot to share my experiences of SEX LIFE with the readers of ISS but was not sure enough that whether I should do it or not. But at last I decided to do so & here I am with one of mine most exotic & unexpected experience.

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My aunt ass

Hi this is mohan. I am an IT employee in Bangalore. This story done before six months in my home town at evening 6 pm I hag going evening walk speed so more peoples are comes walk this place because a hill is there.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 4

My aunt was standing topless in front of me, asking me if I was okay with her being that way. Her eyes were glazed and her face taut. She seemed in a daze. I did the only thing that came to my mind. Actually at that time, my mind had no ability left to think, so I moved with instinct. I went up to her and looked at her breasts closely. I could see the blue veins running though her flesh, the erect nipples, and the goose bumps around her areola. She was trembling. I gazed at them for a while and then slowly reached with my arms and placed my hands gently on each of her breasts. She gave a muffled sob as my hands cupped her breast and pressed on them gently. I looked into her face. Her eyes were closed. I waited for her to look at me. After a few moments, she looked at me. I looked into her eyes and with trembling lips whispered, “Yeah, I am okay with it.”  I had to leave at that moment because I didn’t know what to do next, and I am sure neither did she. The softness and the warmth of her breasts stayed on my hands all through the day.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 3

I even felt movement in my lower regions and I knew that wasn’t good or even allowed. But there was no way for me to tell her to stop doing that. I couldn’t come out and say to her that she should cover herself up because I was starting to get excited by her. I didn’t know why she didn’t realize for herself that it wasn’t appropriate for her to show that much of herself to me. I just figured that our relationship was secure enough that she didn’t need to worry about me getting excited. I actually felt guilty for having such feelings after seeing her. It became a routine for me to every morning help her with her bra. She would go to her room. Take her shirt off while facing away from me and towards her bed. The bra was always on her Bed, which she would put on her breasts and extend the straps to back where I would reach over and hook it up.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 2

I followed her to her room. As I waited for her to tell me what she wanted me to do, she crossed her hands in front of her, grabbed her shirt from the sides and started to lift it up and off of her. Her back was towards me, so I couldn’t really see anything that I hadn’t seen before. She didn’t have a bra on as I was able to see her entire back without being distracted by the strap.  She bent over a little and picked up a bra from her bed and started to wrap it around her breasts. It was during that bending and extending her hands outward to put her bra on that I saw the sides of her breasts clearly. She held the two straps on her back and asked me to hook her up. I moved close to her quickly and did as I was told. She picked her shirt up, put her hands through the bottom and slid it over her head and onto her body.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 1

This story takes place towards the end of my high school. I was over eighteen and ripe with energy that I didn’t know where it came from; energy that kept me restless and got me into trouble more than once. There were five members in our household: my uncle, his wife, my grandmother, my younger aunt, and myself. My younger aunt was the smallest of my mother’s siblings and was still waiting to be married. But this story is not about her; it is about my uncle’s wife. My uncle’s wife didn’t really like my presence in what would technically be considered her house.

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Kama vasna Part 3

Black color ki bra mein uske dhoodh jaise gore boobs bahut zayada sexy lag rahe the. Vansh uski breast line pe betahaasha kiss karne laga. Disha bhi apne haath se uske sir pe itna dabaav bana rahi thi ke bas abhi use bra me hi daal legi.  Abhi Vansh ne uski t-shirt ko poora utaar diya tha aur uski bra hi dikh rahi thi. Vansh apni shirt already utaar chuka tha, isliye abhi smooch karne pe jo feeling thi wo alag hi thi. Wo Vansh ke upar thi aur buri tarah se smooch kar rahi thi. Uske boobs bra ke andar se hi latak ke Vansh ki cheast pe touch ho rahe the. Kaafi der tak aise hi ek dusre ko kiss karne ke baad wo boli, “Chalo bedroom mein chalein.”  Vansh ne use god mein uthaya aur waise hi kiss karte hue bedroom tak le gaya aur bed ke paas deewar ke sahaare khada kar ke smooch karne laga. Isi beech usne uski bra ki strips bhi shoulder se neeche sarka di, jiski wajah se uske boobs kuch free ho gaye aur hawa mein jhoolne lage. Jab Vansh ne uski bra ko utaara to wo expect kar raha tha ke wo latak se jaayenge, but he was wrong. Wo pehle se bhi jyada strong lag rahe the. Wo ekdam gol the aur free hone ke baad jaise aur bade ho gaye the.

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Kama vasna Part 2

Us time sabhi use hi dekh rahe the. Shayad ye soch rahe the ke saara office chhod ke Disha uske saath hi kyo hai. Aise ladke ke saath jo is maamle mein bahut peeche maana jaata hai. Shayad wo jealous bhi feel kar rahe the.  Thodi der mein DJ ne thoda soft sa music laga diya, jis pe generally couples dance karte hain. Vansh thoda confused tha ke kya kare. Pata nahi wo uske saath aise dance karna pasand karegi ya nahi. Kahi kuch gadbad na ho jaye. Isliye wo bola, “Disha I am just coming after sometime”. But wo shayad samajh gayi thi ke uske mind mein kya chal raha hai, isliye boli, “Arrey jahaan bhi jaa rahe ho thodi der mein chale jaana.” Ye uske liye ek invitation ki tarah hi tha, jise sun ke wo dil hi dil mein bahut khush ho gaya tha.  Ab wo dono dheere dheere dance kar rahe the. Disha ne uske shoulder pe apne dono haath rahe hue the aur Vansh ne uski kamar pe.

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Kama vasna Part 1

Hi Friends….This is Akshat. I am 24 years old aur main Delhi ka rehne waala hu. Aaj main aapke saath apni ek story share karne jaa raha hu. So, join me……  Vansh Chandigarh mein rehta tha. Uski age 21 saal thi aur us samay wo ek Call Center mein job karta tha. Wo uski pehli job thi aur waha ke culture ke baare mein bhi use kuch khaas nahi pata tha. But ek baat thi, the girls were realy gourgeous and sexy over there. Waise bhi Chandigarh to apni beauty ke liye kaafi jaana jaata hai. Uske almost sabhi friends ki girlfriends thi waha pe. Wo bhi sochta tha ke ek girlfriend banae, but tab itni himmat hi nahi thi ke kisi ladki se aisi baat kar sake.  Uskit team me bhi total 8 ladkiya thi.

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Sex maid Shilpa ki chudai Part 2

My 8” long penis was tingling for hardening like an iron mast and crying to insert the tight hole. I lifted the lower part of my body and held the penis with right hand, then bending it downwards I set the penis head with Silpa’s pussy hole opening. I applied pressure on my penis head and huge pre-cum dripped on the pussy hole. I applied by rubbing with my penis head. Then I set the penis head again to Shilpa’s pussy hole and applied pressure forward. With more pressure the circumcised penis head popped into the pussy hole. I stared at Shilpa’s face and she was moaning. Then I set my knees at the floor and applied some more pressure and my penis shoved about two inches into her pussy. I held Shilpa’s two shoulders with my both hands and dragged my penis back about one inch. With the next thrust my penis shoved about half of its length. I astonishingly observed Shilpa was still moaning………. I grabbed her breasts with both hands and gave some jolt backward and forward and my penis shoved into Shilpa’s pussy till its base. Then I started fucking by backward and forward my waist and gradually I accelerated my operation.

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Sex maid Shilpa ki chudai Part 1

Hi AISS readers, I am new to all of you.. I am from Kolkata For the all readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Amit, aged 40 and 5’-11”. I have average body and serving in a public organization. I’m married and having two kids. My whole life is lustful indeed. I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”.

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Muhn boli behan ki chudai

Hi Reader’s  Mera name Sanjay hai. Height 5.11” feet Average Body. Mai Delhi me rahta hun. Ye kahani aaj se 3 saal pahle ki hai. Jab me Delhi aaya me ek bpo me kaam karta tha. Tabhi mujhe kuch kaam ke silsile me apane ghar jana pada Bhopal jaha mere mummy papa rahte hain. Dosto jab mai waha se lautane ko hua tabhi mere pados wali aunty aai aur mujhase kahne lagi ki “Beta meri ladki bhi delhi me rahti hai uski tabiyat bahut kharab hai please use ye kuch paise de dena aur ho sake to uska kuch din khayal rakh lena” .

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My sex dream sister Vrushali

I am rohan from mumbai 27 years Old, about my sister vrushali she is 5.4, fair, brown hairs, she wear 36 size bra…  let me now say how my dream to have sex with my cousin sister Vrushali came true. I was very simple boy fond of playing when I was in standard 9th that time she was in standard 7th. I was never fond of girl before I came to know what actuall sex is. Once my friend was talking about doing mastribute, but I was completely blank about it what it is, so one day I tried shaking my penis the way they was saying some transperent gel came out of my penis I thought its my spum.

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First time Prince fucked Pinki in Multan Part 2

Ab main soch raha tha kah kahan laa kar jaon iskoo. Mujh sa saber nhi hoo raha tha. Raat kafi hoo gaye thi. Mari mom na kaha kah beta chaloo uthoo kaal baarat per bhi jana hai early morning jaa kar soojaoo. Lakeen main kasa maan jaata main is intazar main tha kah pata chala kah pinki na kahan sona hai. Aakhir decide hogaya kah pinki or us ki family mara room main soyee gi qon kah mara room bohat bara tha jis main 3 Bed tha. Or Main yahi chata tha. Mari khushi ki intaha na rahi. Main soch raha tha kah aj to jasa jasa main cha raha hoon wase wase hoo raha hai. Lakeen time nhi guzer raha tha. Main dil hai dil main sooch raha tha kah sab jaldi jaldi soyeen or main pinki ko kisi or room yah store main laa kar jaon.

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First time Prince fucked Pinki in Multan Part 1

I’m Prince 26yr, cute and v hot guy with 7-inch fat pink cap penis from Multan Pakistan. I read a lot of ISS stories that are encourage me to write about 1st sex experience which I did in the age of 18 with my couzn (pinki) from Faisalabad. At that time, she was 25 years old very cute, fair, sexy girl with 36-28-32 sizes. As u can imagine how much sweet, she is. Now let me start my story.

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