Rent my daughter Part 1

I won’t lie to you. I’m a single mother and any money is good money. That includes earnings my daughter makes by posing for artists who need a model to draw, paint or photograph. Often they require her undressed, either partially or all the way. Sometimes they require a little more than that.  Like I said, I won’t lie to you. Most parents would call my entrepreneurial skills child endangerment. A year ago I would agree with them but since then I have changed my views on the subject. I never imagined I would be capable of exploiting my daughter’s 18-year-old body for profit, let alone become aroused by it. But opinions and tastes change especially if they make life a little more comfortable on the side.

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Sex with my friend’s lovely wife

Hi everybody, welcome to you all. Read my sex story. I’m not well in English. If any thing wrong forgive me. If you enjoy this story, Females (Mature only) who fantasize, want to have secret sex or enjoy roleplay over net can mail me at . Males please excuse, I won’t reply to any unnecessary mails I am Sunil. I am 36 yrs old & married. living in Delhi. My friend Vijay (35yrs) buy a house near mine house and moved there with his wife Preeti. My house was some 100 ft from him there is no house in between so we came see ourselves a bit from our houses.

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Virgins story

This is my first story. Hope you will like it. Before getting into the story let me introduce myself. My name is A…..(you can call me Chinnu.).I am from Kerala ( Thrissur ). Well I am 5″6 and have a gorgeous masculine body since I workout 2 hrs every day for the past two years. Well I will be 18 only on the 8th of the coming Nov. Well I am studying for my Engineering. Let us get into the story now. Actually I am a shy personality and hence have had very few encounters with feminine. Yet those were really memorable.

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Wife swap – Biwi ki adla badli Part 2

Next day Saturday tha. Shan nai subha hi apnay dost Amar ko call kar di aur raat ka program bana liya. nashtay kay baad hum log bahir shopping karnay chalay gayay… dupehar ko bahir hi lunch kiya aur phir 3 bajay wapis ghar aa gay…. shaam ko 6 bajay tak hum sotay rahay aur phir tayyar ho kar raat 8 bajay hum log Amar aur Priya kay ghar pohanch gayay. Amar aur priya humari hi age kay thay. Priya 25 ki thi aur Amar 30 ka. dono bohat hi achay aur khush ikhlaq thay. Priya bohat khoobsoorat larki thi… gora chitta rang, slim, aur curvy jism (meri tarhan)… meinay note kiya kay Amar baar baar meray sexy jism ko bhooki nazron sai dekh raha hai aur Shan priya sai bohat be-takaluff tha… shayad is liyay kay woh pehlay bohat baar aik doosray kay saath chudai kar chukay thay….  hum sab khanay sai pehlay red wine pee rahay thay aur batein kar rahay thay….Khana khanay kay baad Amar nai phir sai sab kay glasses mein sharaab dal di tu mein boli… me: Ji mein ziyada nahi peeti…. thank you..

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Wife swap – Biwi ki adla badli Part 1

Mera naam Sahar hai. meri age 23 saal hai. mera taaluq Karachi, Pakistan sai hai. 6 months pehlay meri shadi Shan sai huee. Shan ki age 32 saal hai aur woh pichlay 20 saal sai Virginia, USA mein rehtay hein aur wahan Real estate ka apna business kartay hein. Shadi karnay Shan Pakistan ayay aur sirf 3 weeks reh kar apnay business ki waja sai wapis chalay gayay.

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My little sister Ritu

Ritu started going to the same school as me and sort of got in my view every now and then. I mean, she was a real little snot, you know. Whenever she was home, she never let Mom and I out of her sight for a moment.  Ritu’s room is the last door before the kitchen, and as I moved down the hallway, I noticed her door was open a couple of inches, and the light was on. Out of curiosity, I stopped and looked in.  Wow! I couldn’t believe it! There was my naked little kid sister standing in front of her mirror, but the sister I used to know wasn’t there anymore. she had little curves and bumps in places she never had when we went skinny-dipping a couple of years ago. She now had a little curve to her butt and her hips seemed to be wider.

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Housewife of Jaipur

Hii to all readers …… The story is all abt my luck to have fun with a housewife …. I have seen thousands of girls women but she was the ultimate one ….i often feel jealous of her husband …right now I m not in contact with her ..where she is coz I have left the locality where we use to live once …. Let me tell abt me …..i m a 21 year old guy ,6 feet tall having n atheletic body as I have dedicated a lot of time to sports activities ….i m from jaipur the capital city of rajasthan. And I have mostly lust for the ladies elder to me specially the housewivies I always look for the bhabhies and aunties …it was going well until 1 year back ..i use to live in apartment where there was so many bhabhies n aunties to get mix up and getting my eye tonic ….though I had relations only with one woman ….about whome I m going to tell …..and I m looking for other bhabhi or aunty …

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Reshmi – My first experience

This is the real story of my first sex experience with the closest friend of my younger brother which happened in the mid eighties. I am Reshmi from Cochin district of During the period under mention, I was studying for my 3rd year course. I have a younger brother named Ravi who was two years younger than me and was doing his 1st year B.A. He had an intimate friend named Suresh who was staying about 3 kms away from our house. Both my brother and Suresh were so intimate that they used to invite each other for every important occasions. Suresh used to come to our house too often and he had all freedom and access to her house.

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Pehli chudai ka nasha

Doston , maine apne jeevan me kai  parkar ke choot ka raspan kiya aur kai tarah ke gaand se khilwar kiya, kyonki main chut ka pujari hun aur vasna ka khiladi hun ,kai choot ke seal bhi tode aur kai ke gaand bhi phare ,kisi ke chuchi ko khaya kisi ke ghulabi makhmali honton  ko chabaya magar aaj aplongon ke bich  ek aisi suchi  chut ki kahni sunane ja  raha hun jo meri khud ki aapbityihai aur maze ki hairat kardene wali baat yeh hai ki uski chhoti si choot ke seal todne ka anand hi  alag tha  Mere  dusre walemakan mein ek family kirayedar rahte the uski  sabse badi wali ladki thi uska naam pinky tha who 3 bahen aur do bhaiyon mein sabse badi thi,uske papa ek sidhe sadhe insan the aur plant me thekedar ke under mein kaam karte the unki duty kabhi din aur kabhi  raat ki hoti thi aur mammi thodi murakh aur baatuni mahila thi,

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Chachi ki khoob chudai ki

Hello dear readers i m a great fan of AISS. i m Dukhi Prince 20years old .and i live in Lahore. i tell u first about me ok i live in lahore at my chacha,s home .kion ky mery waldeen kisi or shaher main rahty hain or main studdy ky liy lahore aaya houa houn.or main 2nd years ka student houn.mera chacha mujh sy serf 9saal bary hain or un ki shadi 4.5 saal pehly houi thi.meri chachi bohat khoobsorat hy 5.8 lamba qad khobsorat hont juice sy bhary houy herni jasi ankhain patli si kamer or bary gol matol boobs heavy hip she look like a beautiqueen.

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On a rainy day

A beautiful evening , around june end , when the sun was about to go back and just started to dusk, I had just come back from my friends house at hebbal[a place at bangalore]. He had actually asked me that he would drop me out at my place ,i said it was too late and he also had to get back and looked like it was about to rain, so denied his request, I swayed my hand and bid a good bye and moved ahead onto the main road and was looking for some auto or any transport to go towards my home. I was slowly walking looking on either sides its a little outskirts and looked lonely ..

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My friend’s and his wife

Hi, to all readers. I have really enjoyed reading the stories and I thought that I should also share my experience with all you lovely, sexy people. I am a married man, living in Mangalore, and this is what happened some months ago, when my wife had gone to her hometown. My friend Rajesh and his very good looking wife Neeta live a kilometer away from my apartment. We meet quite often and are rather close.

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Aunty fucker

Hi to all the Blog readers. I have read many stories on different sites so I decided to share my true incident with u all. Frist I tell about me I am 23 yrs old with average built body and 5′7 feet of height.  This incident happened 6 months ago when my aunty visited our home she was a friend of my mother and was 32 yrs old with a very tight ass and nice breast I always use to see her ass when ever I got a chance.

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Bhabhi in construction house

Dear all readers, I have been reading a lot of stories on this site for quite a long time now and thought of writing one of my own experience. My name is Raj (Raja), a Punjabi puttar in Delhi aged 29 yrs. I work in a private co. earning handsomely. This is the story about one year back when I was posted out in Rajasthan.  There I took a single room on tenancy, the landlord had a family with wife and two children and they had another family tenanted on first floor, A man with his wife and a child.

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My horny and sexy bhabhi

Hi friends today I am going to narrate you a story which happened with me six months back with my own bhabhi. I live in pondicherry with my bhaiya bhabhi on first floor. My name is Prem 23 years old 5.5’ and very handsome guy. I live with my brother ramesh 33and my bhabhi Rekha 28years old having a very good figure 38-28-36 very long hairs below her butts 5.4and always wear sarree at home. Bhaiya is a employee in private mnc company and is very busy. He travel a lot and come home night and totally drunk.

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