My aunts belly

Hi Every Body, I’m from Bangalore, like any other guy of 26 I too masturbate watching TV or thinking of some one whom I have seen on the road, But things started getting real when I got introduced to a female friend ‘Urmilla’ by my friend Rekha, who in turn used to practice with us.

Once I was invited by Urmilla to her house for a small function, I took Rekha and went over there, not many had come, possibly they were on their way. Urmilla came out and welcomed me, later the magical thing happened, she introduced me to her mother, wow she was beautiful, more so because, she was showing almost the whole of her belly from under her pallu, she had a sexy provoking belly.

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Sex with a MILF teacher in her house

Hey there friends myself Shashank Sharma. I’m 20 year old guy from Haryana. My height is 5’9″ and i am doing b tech from a govt. college. This story is about i lost my virginity to my teacher and enjoyed every bit of it. Lets start the story.

You can reply to me on my email id:

This story started 4 months ago. When I was in my final semester of diploma. The story revolves around Sonia who was my class tutor as well as the in charge of my major project. Sonia was a gorgeous lady mother of two children’s one 5 year old and the other 1 year old. She had those amazing boobs and a huge ass for which anyone would die. Her stats were 36D-30-38 with a height of 5’5”.

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Meri pehli chudai ne mujhe randi bana diya

Hi friend mera naam sonam hai yeh mere phli story hai mujhe jada expirance nahi hai mere age 23 saal hai yeh story 5 saal phele ki hai jab mai 18 saal ki thi dekhne me bhut sunder hu usse samaye mera figure jada kass nahi tha chote se boobs gand thi par pher bhi ache dekhti thi mere 3 choti behan aur bhai 1 bhai hai mene apni choti behano ko bahi chudakad bana diya hai apni tarha aur apne boyfriend se chote bhai ki bahi gand faatva di ab mein story per aati hu

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Sex with a Telugu housewife in Hyderabad

Hello everyone I am Vishnu 29yrs young 5.11 and slim good looking person live in Hyderabad. I am going to tell my true story in my life that happened. I don’t want to waste time and i will come quickly to the story and this is my second story. Actually it happened 3months back.

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Nangi Indian wife ki mast chudai

Hello meri id meri wife ki age 26 hai aur meri 29 saal.hum gurgaon mai rehte hai aur hamari marriage ko 3 saal hogaye hain meri wife ka naam sonam hai aur woh dikhne mai bhut he sexy hai uske momme ka size 36 aur gaand 34 hai pink nipples aur gore badan ki wajha se woh bhut he sexy lagti hai mera yeh story 6 month pehle ki hai sex karke mai bore hoo chuka tha aur mai kuch new chata tha mujhe ek alag si talab lag gayi thi ki

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How I fucked my busty teacher

Hello friends,my name is Rajeev.I am from Mumbai.I am now 22 years old.I would like to share with you an incredibly wonderful sexual adventure which I experienced when I was 18 years old.

I was in 12th standard when my parents insisted I join a maths class because I was poor in math.They enrolled me in a private tuition which I had to attend every day for the next six months.Next morning I went to the tutors house which was a few blocks away from my home.I rang the doorbell..No one answered..As I was about to leave a lady opened the door.She was only dressed in a towel.She told me to wait outside for a few minutes as she had only taken a bath and had to get dressed.I was awestruck at her appearance.The towel could not conceal her ample boobs which to my knowledge was atleast a 36dd .After a few minutes she invited me in.

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Nihaarika aunty and unki beti Bhavika ko choda

Hello dosto me jay aapka sex dost me fir lauta hu meri sex kahi ke sath jo teen din pehle mere sath ghati. Kese mene apne pados ki aunty or unki beti ko kis tarah choda and woh mujse roz chudwane lagi.

3 din pehle ki baat hai meri pados ki friend bhavika mujse milne aayi thi kyunki me europe se lauta tha and me kya gift laya tha uske liye woh dekhne ke liye aaye thi and mere ghar pe me akele tha kyunki mom dad sab bahar gaye wee the and woh meri help kar rahi thi mere kapde lagane me cupboard me woh muje har kaam me help karti thi hum dono bachpan se bahot ache dost the jab bhi muje chot lagti dard usse hota tha and hum dono unpacking kar rahe the suitcase and tabhi meri suitcase me se mera underwear nikla and woh usse sung ne lagi tabhi mene gaur kiya ki woh smell kar rahi thi mera under wear and apni panty me unglu daal kar fingering kar rahi thi mene usse dekha tab mene bola kya kar rahi ho.

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Chachi ko randi ki tarah choda

Hi friends..This is Ironman back with a new story..First of all thanks to all the reading mai story and mailing me their feedback…It means a lot..Ab toh aunty aur ladkio ke bhi mail anne lage hai sex chat aur sex ke liye..I hope app logo ko mere sath maza aa hoga..

So mai ab sidhe story pe aata hu yeh abhi just kuch dino phele ki bat hai..Mai hyderabad ek coaching class attend kar ke liye aaya hua hu..Aur haal fillal chacha ke ghar pe rukha hu..Mere chacha service karte bai aur aaye din bussiness ke mamle mai bahar jate rehthe hai..Abhi bhi chacha assam gaye hue hai kisi bussiness ke silsilr mai..Toh mai aapko chachi ke bare mai bata du..

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Neighbor didi

Hi Friends, Reading true stories and sharing your own stories which were hidden somewhere in your dark room within is a fun and that is when I thought sharing my first sexual encounter with you all.

Please post your comments or feel free to contact me via email, I will be waiting so that I can post more of my experiences.

I am from Pune, working as a manager with an MNC and this incident happened when I was in 10th standard. It was long back when I tasted first experience of sex and memories are still afresh in my mind.

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Rent my daughter Part 3

I went through the next week with gathering anticipation as to where this would all lead Emma and me.  Thursday afternoon arrived and in my usual way, I did my best making Emma presentable. I’ve became more skilled over time in dressing her to accentuate her erotic appeal. Mostly it is little details that make the difference such as trace of perfume between her legs or a touch of lip gloss. Her wardrobe also consisted mostly of imported, custom made items that would make even a porn star blush. Sometimes I felt guilty of trying to overexpose her charms to piercing eyes of complete strangers, but today I wanted Susan’s first impression to be a good one. I arranged Emma’s hair in two long pigtails which paired with her favorite sunglasses made her look like an archetypal Lolita. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was incredibly nervous about our impending visit and unsure as to whether I had misinterpreted Susan’s signals.  We arrived to Susan’s studio on time and she buzzed us in.

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Rent my daughter Part 2

Then she slid her thumbs around the front of the child’s hips and deliberately held her in a firm grip. Emma’s eyes were closed and I heard a quiet whimper coming from her lips.  “How’s that? Are your arms better now?”  Emma’s voice was weak and quiet as she replied, “They are fine now. Thank you.”  “You really seem to have a magic touch.” I wanted her to know that her involvement with the model was approved by me. Then an idea suddenly occurred to me.  “Annabel, I wonder whether her arms would ache less if you actually tied them to the cross? She wouldn’t have to grip and hold anything.”  Annabel held her chin in her hands for a few moments as she considered this. “That’s an excellent idea Christine. Now why didn’t I think of that? I can see you’re not just a concerned mother; you have ideas as well.”  Oh, I had ideas all right. I was just hoping she’d be able to share them.  She went over to the cupboard and returned to Emma with a length of thin blue rope. “Now, don’t be afraid, sweetheart.

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Rent my daughter Part 1

I won’t lie to you. I’m a single mother and any money is good money. That includes earnings my daughter makes by posing for artists who need a model to draw, paint or photograph. Often they require her undressed, either partially or all the way. Sometimes they require a little more than that.  Like I said, I won’t lie to you. Most parents would call my entrepreneurial skills child endangerment. A year ago I would agree with them but since then I have changed my views on the subject. I never imagined I would be capable of exploiting my daughter’s 18-year-old body for profit, let alone become aroused by it. But opinions and tastes change especially if they make life a little more comfortable on the side.

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Sex with my friend’s lovely wife

Hi everybody, welcome to you all. Read my sex story. I’m not well in English. If any thing wrong forgive me. If you enjoy this story, Females (Mature only) who fantasize, want to have secret sex or enjoy roleplay over net can mail me at . Males please excuse, I won’t reply to any unnecessary mails I am Sunil. I am 36 yrs old & married. living in Delhi. My friend Vijay (35yrs) buy a house near mine house and moved there with his wife Preeti. My house was some 100 ft from him there is no house in between so we came see ourselves a bit from our houses.

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Virgins story

This is my first story. Hope you will like it. Before getting into the story let me introduce myself. My name is A…..(you can call me Chinnu.).I am from Kerala ( Thrissur ). Well I am 5″6 and have a gorgeous masculine body since I workout 2 hrs every day for the past two years. Well I will be 18 only on the 8th of the coming Nov. Well I am studying for my Engineering. Let us get into the story now. Actually I am a shy personality and hence have had very few encounters with feminine. Yet those were really memorable.

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Wife swap – Biwi ki adla badli Part 2

Next day Saturday tha. Shan nai subha hi apnay dost Amar ko call kar di aur raat ka program bana liya. nashtay kay baad hum log bahir shopping karnay chalay gayay… dupehar ko bahir hi lunch kiya aur phir 3 bajay wapis ghar aa gay…. shaam ko 6 bajay tak hum sotay rahay aur phir tayyar ho kar raat 8 bajay hum log Amar aur Priya kay ghar pohanch gayay. Amar aur priya humari hi age kay thay. Priya 25 ki thi aur Amar 30 ka. dono bohat hi achay aur khush ikhlaq thay. Priya bohat khoobsoorat larki thi… gora chitta rang, slim, aur curvy jism (meri tarhan)… meinay note kiya kay Amar baar baar meray sexy jism ko bhooki nazron sai dekh raha hai aur Shan priya sai bohat be-takaluff tha… shayad is liyay kay woh pehlay bohat baar aik doosray kay saath chudai kar chukay thay….  hum sab khanay sai pehlay red wine pee rahay thay aur batein kar rahay thay….Khana khanay kay baad Amar nai phir sai sab kay glasses mein sharaab dal di tu mein boli… me: Ji mein ziyada nahi peeti…. thank you..

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