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Hi, this is Rahul 30 m and my wife Naina 26. My wife and me are very sexually active enjoying the whole night till morning in each others arms. We are married fo 3 years and are just crazy for sex.We are frindly to a couple Kabir 31 and his wife Manisha 29. Both of us had been to Kabir and Manisha’s on a couple of occasions they had in return visited us for meals.

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first sex experience in ISLAMABAD

Hi, I shan(name changed) am from Pakistan islamabad and would like to share some personal experience. I am little crazy about sex, if I get chance so I can sex on daily basis. I have lot of sex experiences. Let me tell you about myself before further proceedings, I am smart,6 feet height with fair color 26 years old.

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Boss’s wife

I am an engineer by profession and this is what happened with me during my first job about 5 years ago when I was in Poona. After finishing my engineering I joined a company. I am an electrical engineer and my company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town. Since the nature of contract was not very big, I was made the site engineer and overseer by the company. This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples near by.

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Chaalu nokarani

Hi guys this is Rohit from Ludhiana Punjab. It is the true incident occurs when I came to my home in holidays. Actually I’m studying in Bangalore. Let me describe myself. I m 5feet 11 inches tall, air and smart look guy. When I came to my home in holidays I saw that my parents had hired a maid which is hardily 18 yrs old.

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My wet Neighbor – Part 1

I am a 38 year-old female living in a small seaside town on the South Coast of England. I am 5’4″ tall with a petite figure and small 34A breasts. I keep my body in good shape for my age with a couple of gym sessions a week. I am married to a decent, hard working man and have a wonderful son of 18. All in all we have a fine life on my husband’s good salary even to the extent that I am fortunate enough not to have to work.

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Chachi Ki Chudai

It happened a 2 years ago.i never saw my chachi(named-sarita) from that prospective until this day. it was a sunday and so i , my uncle and chachi planned to go out for dinner .it so happenend that i sat on the side my chachi was sitting and my uncle sat alone on the other side.we placed the order for the food and patiently we had dinner my eyes suddenely fell on a place completley new to me.

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Loving Devar Ji

Jo mai batane ja rahi hoon wo mere jivan ki ghati hui ek ghatna hai jise kuchh log sayad jhuut samajh lenge ya kuchh log samajh lenge ki copy ki hui hai. Par mujhe isse fark nahi parta ki aap kya sochte hain bas mai likh rahi hoon agar apko lage mai sahi kah rahi hoon to mujhe mail kijiye lekin please mujhse sambandh banana ke bare me na soche kyonki mai ek bhartiya pativarata stri hoon.

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Our First Threesome Adventure – Part 1

Hi I am Suman, I’m 31 years old. I have been given a good well-developed body by my Gujarathi ancestors. My husband and I have been married for a little over five years. Our marriage was an arranged one; we love each other very much. He married me because of my beautiful shaped body 38..26..38…. and fair skin. The first four and a half were great, but the last six months have really been incredible.

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25 f bnlore

saina: how do u know me
colorderainbow: hi
colorderainbow: buddy
colorderainbow: exbii
saina: i m not on exbii

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Eik sexy aunti mili

Ek din mein ghar se nikla or road per pedal Walk ker raha tha ke achanak ek gari aakar ruki or us mein ek aunty Bethi hoi thi age taqrreban 33 ho gi us ney mujh sey ek address pocha Mein ney usey batdya lekin woh kheney lagi key kia aap merey sath chal Saktey hey kyu kein mein new hoon is lien mujhey rastoon ka pata nahi Hey mein ney pheley to mana ker diya socha pata nahi kon hey kahi Mujhey agawa kerney ke chaker mein to nahi hey lekin us ney kha ke Plzz agar aap aghey to barii mehrbani ho gi phir mein ney socha pata Nahi shahid

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Tommy – Our Neighbour Boy

From there I could see my wife through the opening in the curtains. She was sitting nude in front of the dresser mirror brushing her long red hair. I moved in closer. I recognized the figure as my next door neighbor’s 20 years old son, Tommy. He was wearing a tank top and his shorts were down around his ankles. He had his cock in his hand stroking it slowly. By now my anger had turned to amusement. After all, what 18 years old wouldn’t want to see my wife nude? At thirty, she was beautiful.

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First Encounter With Chatmate

The story which I am telling you is my first encounter with a lady who is my internet friend. Her name is Maya (name changed for privacy reason) and she is a working widow from one of the beautiful place in India. The incident happened very recently, but I and Maya knew each other from past 1 year as internet online friends. It was way back in 2008 when I and Maya first met in a chat room in yahoo messenger.

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Best Birthday present to office colleague

Hi, I am anil from hyderabad , with new story of mine with a girl named Rani.

She is working my office and she from other city. She lives in there alone and working as Executive in my company. I always stare her boobs, butt when she comes to me to goes away from me.

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An evening with Vijaya

Vijayamma was the servant of our home for 3 months. She was a slim beauty with dull complexion. But she is enough for satisfying our needs. One afternoon my parents went out of the house to attend the marriage reception of a family friend.I was alone at the home. After watching television I went out to have a bath.Meanwhile I saw that Vijaya was sweeping the courtyard and advancing around the house.

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My very special relationship

Hi, I am Vinu, 18 year old, a engineering student in Bangalore hail from northern India. I was eagerly looking for an opportunity to share about my happiness and experience but finally I got this site where I can express my joys that I had unexpectedly. About me, I am a north Indian girl, I am 5.5ft height, I weight 43kgs, shoulder level cut hairs, I am fairer side by complexion, I measure 32/27/34, and little added flesh at appropriate places to look more than beautiful.

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