Romping with my aunty

Let me introduce my self, my name is Shashi (name changed), a final year Degree student, 5’7”, good built. I came to know about this site from one of my friend. Its really great site and I would like to share my experiences with you friends. It’s about Kamala, a sexy lady of my life. Her entry into my life was quiet unexpected.

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Sex with Peon

Hello. My name is Reena and I am 19 years old girl reading in a reputed college in +1 classes and today I will tell you the true story of my life that happened last year. I live in a small town and I stay in Amritsar for my higher studies. My college was about 7 km from my hostel and I had to go there by rickshaw.  My classes are over at 5pm. As I was about to leave, it started raining heavily.

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Classmate Mona ki seal todi

Dosto, mera naam Mohit hai or me lucknow shahar ka rahne wala hu. meri umr bis wrsh hai or vartman me lucknow vishivvidgyalaya se snatak (graduation) kar raha hu. Aap sab logo ke pyar ki hi meharbani hai, jo me aaj aap logo ke samne apni pahli kahani prastut karne ja raha hu or asha karta hu, ki aap sabi ko meri yah kahani jarur pasand aaye.

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The Vegas Vacation Part 4

I felt Sanjana’s hands reach down and unbuckle my pants, drawing down my zipper, and releasing my cock finally. Madhuri slid down onto the floor in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She expertly rubbed the head across her lips a few times then plunged the first few inches of my shaft into her mouth. She stopped with less than half of my cock between her lips and began bobbing on it slowly and sucking hard. The vacuum pressure she exerted on me caused my to swell up even more. Gradually, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, until she had all of me into herself. I could feel my cock head hitting the back of her throat. Glancing over at Sanjana, I saw her staring intently at Madhuri’s pink lips encircling my member. She had pulled her skirt up and was now alternating between rubbing her clit furiously and pushing two fingers deep into herself.

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The Vegas Vacation Part 3

During dessert the chat’s for a bit personal as Sanjana and I talked about how our marriage was arranged, and bits of our married life. We joked about how not having kids so far gave us freedom, and while joking we threw out a few sexual innuendos hoping that Madhuri would catch them. I got the impression that she did, as she would touch her face at times and relaxed her body posture more.

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The Vegas Vacation Part 2

“So what do you want to do first?” I asked jumping on the bed, and calling her to me with a smile.

“I know what you have in mind,” replied Sanjana with a smile, “but I really need to freshen up. I’m going to take a quick shower and then let’s decide on what to do.”

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The Vegas Vacation Part 1

Greetings and salutations dear readers. The story you are about to read is a narration of one of my most cherished memories. The incident happened when I and my wife took a vacation to Las Vegas. Now I know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but this experience was something worth sharing. Well before I get too ahead of myself, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sameer and I am the Non-resident Indian counterpart of what American’s call the Average Joe. I was born, raised, and education in India. I received my Undergrad education from IIT Delhi, a very well renowned college, and then came to the US for my Masters Degree. I majored in Computer science from UT Austin and upon completing my degree was soon employed as a Software engineer.

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Indian aunt Rina’s milk

Apu as child grew up with his aunt Rina. When Apu was just 5 years old his both parents dies in an accident and there was no one accept aunt Rina to take care of him. Rina adopted Apu to fulfill the longing of her 9 month old son Jack who died of jaundice. To lessen the weight of tragedy in her day to day life she treats Apu as her own child and even Apu treats her like her mother.

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Maya mausi Part 3

Aki ab tum mere upar aajao aur hum dono palat gaye ab maine uske munh me apna lund dal diya aur chodne laga aur dusri aur uske dane ko phir apne munh me le liya. Maine apni ungli uski choot me dalkar gili karli aur uski gaand ke chhed pe rakh di. Wo samaj gayi ki ab ye ungli uski gaand chodne wali hai. Jab maine apni ungli uski gaand me dal di thik usi waqt usne bhi apni ungli meri gaand me dal di aur mere lund ka paani nikal gaya. Main apni ungli se uski gaand chodta raha aur usne mera pura ka pura pani apne munh me le liya.

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Maya mausi Part 2

Next morning she wakes me early to wear clothes when I just pulled her in bed and put my cock between her ass cheeks and squeezed her boobs and said maya mera lund teri choot me ghusna chahta hai to which she said let me go I am getting late and said agar chodna chahte ho to condom mat bhulna.

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Maya mausi Part 1

I have been reading stories on this site over past 6-7 years from all the categories and it gives me so much pleasure reading these hot stories posted my people like me around the globe. It is obvious that every person is attracted to the opposite sex irrespective of the relation with them and I am no excuse. I was never a person thinking about incest but reading all those stories on this site made me interested in seducing my aunt.

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It’s all in family Part 3

Uncle came in the evening with news he again has to again go out of town due to office work for more than 2 weeks. Auntie was upset. Uncle insisted that Auntie and I should go to my parent’s place and stay there for 2 weeks. Auntie agrees. Uncle asked me if it’s ok to be absent from college for 2 weeks. Anyways nothing much was going on so I also agreed.

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It’s all in family Part 2

From that day I couldn’t think about other than my aunt. Who knew she got such an amazing spotless ass. Even in dream I was thinking of aunty only. Picture of bottomless aunty sucking uncle’s cock was keep on coming in front of my eyes.

Main problem was uncle aunty both used to treat me like their own son. I knew it aunty will not even let me touch herself. Few days passed nothing was coming up in mind. But one day we all were sitting on dining table and were having our supper. End of the dinner aunty brought bunch of bananas from kitchen. We all started having bananas. I barely had one banana and my tummy was full. So I handed over second banana to my aunt. She did not mind and ate that banana as well. It was her 3rd banana. I asked her innocently,

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It’s all in family Part 1

I was born in a small village. My father had a small shop in our village. My mom was a housewife. I used to enjoy my childhood days and had lots of friends. In studies also I was quite bright. My mom is from a Brahman family. She had a love marriage with my father. Mom was very fair and quite tall where as my father was a dark and stout person. I took my father’s persona. I was quite dark and thin, also stout. I had an inferiority complex during my school and college days. No girl used to talk to me or even I made any attempt to converse with girls. Mom had a only one elder sister and she was also married and was living in nearby town. Her husband was engineer and was working in a still plant in same town. She was also a housewife. Both sisters were very connected and closed.

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At The Cinema With Neena

We settled into our seats about fifteen minutes ahead of the show. The lights in the theatre were still on and the crowd coming in. I had booked us the last row at the back and corner seats at that. I had already planned the seating arrangements. I sat at the corner seat, Neena next to me, then Rishi followed by his dad and then his brother.

The drive to the theater had been kind of odd for me. I sat at the back of the car with Rishi and his brother. Not caring much about what Rishi thought anymore I spent much of the journey staring at Neena from the back, occasionally making eye contact in the rear-view mirror.

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