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Erotic chat

any babe interested in hrd wild erotic fun!!!!! 31 m rich guy here

anaida_14 (May 18 12:39 PM):
anaida_14 (May 18 12:40 PM):
only chat
anaida_14 (May 18 12:41 PM):
u there

iwantacallgal (May 18 12:41 PM):

anaida_14 (May 18 12:42 PM):

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Kya tum paas hona chahte ho?

ye kahani hai mere dost ESHURAJ ki jo padhai me bahut kamzor tha ,kisi tarah usne class 8th pass kar liya tha par 9th pass karna bahut mushkil tha ESHU ko bachpan se hi ladkiyo wale shauk the jaise gudiyon se khelna .hum log use MEETHA keh kar chedte the eshu ke ghar walo ne humare school k adhyapak SHADAB sir ko usko tution padhane k liye niyukt kar diya tha ek din eshu ke ghar wale shadi me gaye the uske ghar par koi nahi tha  us din sir ne use sawaal diya par wo use nai kar paya sir ne uski gudiyo ko dekh kar pucha ye kiski hai ?

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First touch & first kiss part-3

That’s actually true. We share so many things on chat that he also know more about me than many of my close friends. I started feeling better now and my body started behaving normal. But I can still feel the wetness between my legs. I’m in a sky blue georgette sareei. I know it’s his favorite color and softness of the saree and my body is going to turn him on. I looked at his pant. I can see the bulge. I know he must also have been thinking about it since morning. Poor little fellow. I will give you nice treatment today, I thought to myself looking at his bulge. I’m actually becoming more and more desperate.  I just couldn’t keep my thoughts away from him for a second.

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First touch & first kiss part-2

She started sending kisses, hugs etc. I still maintained my composure so that I don’t loose her for any of silly matters. By now I know that she has a lot of respect for me and also developed some desire for me. One fine day, I got the opportunity that I was looking for. She was so upset with her husband and shared the real fact with me. She indeed was not happy with sex life they had and on that particular day she was so upset because he left from intercourse in the middle for urgent business matter. I said, I can understand how it would if someone leaves it in the middle. Then she said,”how do you know?, you don’t even have a girl friend?” I was a bit caught, but then covered it up saying one doesn’t have to experience it to imagine the situation. I started continuing on that topic and asked her what she liked in sex and what she was looking for…

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First touch & first kiss part-1

It’s a cold winter night and I was alone at home. I’ve ben thinking about the lady with whom I chatted on internet this evening. It’s making me really HOT. If my guess is right, she is not satisfied with her sexual life and needs more fun. That’s been my observation. Well, I might have to continue chatting with her for some more time before I confirm my opinion.

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Bhabhi ke sath

My comments on “all indian sex stories” were often read by the wife of my own younger brother. The wife of my own younger brother possesses and ever maintains an outstanding ready-to-fuck personality and postures. I internally ever wished during the last over 25 years (ever since she was married to my younger brother) to brutally fuck her whole nude voluptuous body, with meaty nipple bearing extra-large, heavy pointed boobs, intoxicating ass plump, muscular shoulder, arms and thighs together with inviting dense hairy vagina & prominently raised meaty vaginal opening (which I saw many times through bathroom holes).

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My girlfriend’s sister

Hi, This is sam, 25 male from mumbai It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience. I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some emotional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very frustrating. I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 23 year old sister very well. In fact her sister, POOJA, says she is totally comfortable with me, like a brother.

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Hot encounter at Chennai

Dear Readers, Am Vivek from Chennai and this is my second post here.  After reading my first story on this site i received couple of stray emails showing interest in meeting me. I do reply to all such emails and normally there would be no more communication from the sender. But one exception was Sushma (Name Changed). Sushma was working at Chennai and staying with her friends in an apartment. she appreciated my story and said she too would like to have a hot time with me provided she likes me and she expected complete secrecy.

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Hot lesbian

I began having lesbian urges from age the showers at school after sports lessons i had more than a passing curiousity about other girls bodies.i would always try to deny and forget the strange sordid feelings i had experienced so often,and usually i did that pretty well.i fooled myself it was just imagination playing tricks..but by the time I was 20 those feelings were much stronger.i had erotic fantasies about many females in school,and one woman in particular.she was my teacher,emma.everytime i saw her i automatically felt aroused with feelings i could not understand.

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My fat boss

My name is pravin. I have experianced a lot of sex in my life. This is an true story took place 6 months ago. I temraverly joined in an computer center for work. The work is 6 to 10 pm. My bose is a fat woman and do no about computer at all.

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Mom fucked by cable man

Hi guys! This is Tejas here. I’m from Pune and I’m going to tell you about the sex affair of my mom with the cable guy. To tell you more about her…her name is Priya. She is a teacher. Her figure is 38-30-40, height 5?2? with huge melons and a massive ass which all the people in my neighborhood swoon over. Many people salivate on seeing her gaand and I’ve heard many people in my society wanting to do her ass. She normally wears saree and tucks it quite below the navel. She is a sort of neighborhood bomb. She is a real treat to the eyes when she walks.

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Ravi’s wife – my sex slave

Hi AISS readers, I have been a regular reader of this site and now would like to share a real experience of sexual intercourse with my colleague’s wife.  Myself 26 years old unmarried MNC employee, staying alone in Jaipur After MBA, I came to Jaipur (Rajasthan) and for last few years I have been working with a private Finance company as an Area manager. In my company there was a colleague named Ravi who was staying nearby my rented flat with his wife – Shilpa. Gradually ravi and I became good friends and I used to visit her home very often.

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Didi ki Saas ko choda

Hi dosto mera naam parminder hai jaise ki aap sab jante hain. Aaj mai apni ek aur story likh raha ho, didi ki saas ki chudai. Abhi hal mai hi meri didi ki sadi hui hai mai unke ghar gya tha didi haneymoon ke lia bahar gyi thi wahan ki dekhbhal karne ke lia bulaya gya tha mai wahan pahuncha to meri didi ki saas kafi khus hui ghar bada tha islia ek hi kamre me sone ka programe bana rat me sasu g ne kaha beta thak gye honge lao me body ki malish kar do mai bola thak to gya ho pure 100 km gadi chalake aaya ho khair rahne dijia lekin wo nahi mani aur fatafat tail leke aa gyi mai bister pe leta hua tha wo pahle mere sar ki malish ki phir wo mere hath ki malish karne lagi maire najar unki badi badi chuchio per thi jo aadha bahar dikhai de rahi thi unki chuchi wakai gajab ki thi phir wo mere pair ki malish karne lagi unki najar meri kachhi per thi wo janbujhkar apne hat ko mere kachhi tak le aati thi unke touch karne se mera land khada ho gya tha.

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Anita seducing part-2

babe.anita4u: but still my babyy started to cry
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: then i had no option but to feed her
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: but unfortunately i was wearing a dress and no top or
Jayaprakash N: i c
babe.anita4u: then i pulled my dress down and started feeding baby
Jayaprakash N: then
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: i am sure all the men wpuld have seen my nipple
Jayaprakash N: ya
Jayaprakash N: indeed

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Anita seducing part-1

Jayaprakash N: hi
babe.anita4u: hi
Jayaprakash N: all well there
babe.anita4u: ysss
Jayaprakash N: k
Jayaprakash N: so what news ?
Jayaprakash N: how was weekend
babe.anita4u: nothing
babe.anita4u: not bad
Jayaprakash N: k
Jayaprakash N: didnt go out
babe.anita4u: naa re
Jayaprakash N: oo u have to nurse a baby .. i forgot

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