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Vasudha bhabhi being fucked by Mark in Goa on V day

colorderainbow:hi darling
vasudha:free now?
vasudha:I have 20 min

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Sex experience of Tanuj with aunt

I am Tanuj aged 37 married and have two children from Calicut Kerala. I want to narrate an incident that happened with me 20 yrs back. I was just 18 and was undergoing my high school education. I was very studious, well behaved, smart and handsome boy.

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Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 03

Part 3

As I thought about what to say she mumbled guess not yet, with that she told Sanjeev how when she danced she liked to get her neck and ears kissed and took his hands off her back and on her panty covered ass. He just held her ass for a bit but I guess not getting any stop from me and being very aroused at this point himself he started to gently kiss her neck. She noticed his arousal I am sure and started to grind him more.

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Kavya, The Virgin

I was addicted to play with my tool from 8th classand as farheens family vacated from the building I was seacing for partner to play sex we were living in building since 9years. we and our owners were living as one family.kavya was owners daughter.they were very rich.

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Fucking girl working in opposite office

Hi this is Aakash from Guwahati Assam, my earlier sex experience with my chat friend Renu from Ghaziabad while I was in Delhi could not be posted in this forum. So once again I am posting my real life sex experience which happened with a girl working opposite to my office.

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Getting Lucky with Laxmi

After having so much sex with all the glamorous girls in my studio I decided to have a change trying out with my rustic horny looking maid Laxmibai. Laxmi was a 25-year-old typical village type sex bomb but she wasted it all in shyness. She had a dark oily body massively loaded with ample fat and flesh but not compromising with a shapely figure.

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Sex between Devrani AND Jethani

Hi Now here is my true story. I am a 25 year old married to a man who is so busy that he does not have time for sex and am a nymphomaniac. So u must have guessed by now what happens? I tried to explain to him that I need more attention but who listens? so life went at low key for me. I reached a point I was horny 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! that time I went back to my native town Sahiwal.

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I fucked my model sister

Hello friends. This is Rahul from Delhi. I m 20 yrs old, 5’5 tall and with average built. I have a very close friend named Lucky. He was my classmate. But I hardly call him a friend because we treat each other as brother.

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Neend main bhabi ki chudai

Hello dosto , meri kahani tab ki hai jab main ba final me tha aur apni bhaya bhabi ke paas delhi main rehtha tha aur bhaiya noida main ek company main kaam karte the,bhabi dekhna main bahut hi sunder hai aur bhaiya se kafi pyaar bhi karthi hai aur main bhi unhe poori izzat deta hoo. Ek baar ki baat hai jab main,bhabi aur bhaiya hum sabi ek hi kamre main rehte the aur raat ko wo dono bed par aur main zameen par sota tha.

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Two dicks in one threesome sex

A couple months ago a friend of mine was in town overnight for business and we decided to get together for a couple drinks and dinner. Shashi and his wife used to live next door to me and we all were pretty close before he got relocated. So it was great to get together and catch up with what had been going on with him and Lata.

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Vasudha 03

vasudha:Hi there
colorderainbow:Morning darling
colorderainbow:how r u
vasudha:Saw my latest pics ?
colorderainbow:u sent in my mail

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Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 02


Well believe it or not over 7 years had passed since we got married and Sanjeev had married Megha and then split up. The split came and Sanjeev was feeling pretty down about life in general, we felt bad cause we were so close to both of them. Megha had apparently, to our surprise fallen in love with someone from work right before their wedding but went thru with it anyway, of course it lasted just a year and it seems like she was having an affair for almost the whole thing.

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Hot Story of Bus Groping and Fucking 1st time

Hi friends, its riki , my age is 24 im doing job in a software company, today im writing for my 1st experience of sex with a gorgeus school gal 1st time in bus today this is my experience of today. 14th nov 2010

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Fucking At Office Continues

It was 3 in the noon when I returned to my flat in downtown Pune. I was sharing this flat with another call centre girl called Shilpa. Shilpa was a dark slim girl from rural Maharashtra who had enjoyed numerous sessions after joining our company. When I entered the flat I saw Shilpa my supervisor Karan and an unknown man sitting in the living room. Shilpa was bringing them drinks and both of them were kind of relaxing.

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Fucked by my servant

Hi my name is Sunita I am 21 years beautiful girl with size of 38-28-38. Here is my story with Ramu our servent. Ramu is 42 years old; he is 6 ft strong muscular man. Often he used to work just in vest and many times in the garden I have seen him working wearing shorts only. He used to call me Beti and treated me nicely always. Lately, however, I have noticed him staring at me often. Sometimes he had given me mischievous smiles also.

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