Viji aunty with a special clit Part 2

When my finger reached inside the hair, up to her slit, probing for her secret aperture, and as I entered my index finger, her clitoris PLOPPED out, hanging loosely between her thighs. I joke NOT! Seriously, her clitoris was actually an extended piece of tissue easily about 5 inches long, hanging almost like a cock between her thighs. I quickly jerked my hand away from that hole, as if I’d encountered something dangerous like a scorpion or a snake (which, in a sense, I had!) and looked up at her. Viji’s eyes were still closed, her hand pressing my mouth to her left nipple (a single strand of hair just under that areole) while she now opened her thighs wide and stood on tiptoe, resting her right thigh over my shoulder, rubbing her hips, grinding them onto my shoulders.

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Viji aunty with a special clit Part 1

A few years back, when my son was just 2 – 3 years old, we had an aunt of mine staying with us. My dad’s youngest sister, she was a widow and in desperate financial straits. My mother had suggested that instead of engaging an unknown person as a maid we could consider employing her as she would take care of my son and would also earn some money with some dignity. My wife was reluctant to “hire” an aunt as a servant but I had to finally agree with my mom that this was a good idea. I had to go down to Kerala and bring Viji back with me – I was working in Bangalore, those days. We returned from Thrissur to Bangalore by bus, an overnight journey.

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My dream aunty

I have had an experience many years ago which I have been contemplating on sharing with all of you. I have always been turned on by women who are older to me and in fact have been lucky to have intercourse with a few of them. One lady who has always fascinated me right from my childhood was my mom’s great friend Sbeba aunty. Though she was mom’s great friend, she was younger to my mother. She was not mind blowing material, but had a face that could attract any man. God had blessed her with just enough of everything, nothing extra.

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Ms. Mamta teacher in camp

I am karan, a 20 year boy. The incident I will narrate happened some 5 mtnhs ago. It is about my Teacher, Miss Mamta and me. Everybody in our class, including girls, were her big fan. She was so approachable and cordial and seemed to understand our problems. She is beautiful happened to be just another plus point for her. I, too, worshipped her. It was during summer camp that her true colours came to my knowledge. Actually, she asked me to erect her tent and when it was erected she poked my friends that I didnt help them in tent erection.

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Sex with sexy and beautiful aunty

I’m bhargav from Delhi and this story which I’m posting here is about me and Aunt Monika. I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is 28 now but still loooks like a sexy college gal. Her vital stats were 36-30-38 and man her ass was like heaven to watch. We have a joint family; mine and my aunt’s bedroom are on the 1st floor. It was Feb.

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Little sister Pinki’s virginity lost to me

Hi AISS readers this Raj, and the story which I am going to tell is in fact a real story which happened with me which pulled me into incest. It is this experience which made me write many stories here. It was with me and my cute little sister Pinky and our sexual relationship. Pinky was in her 10th standard and I was in doing my intermediate. We were residents of busy streets of Pune. To begin with I didn’t have any sexual experience and I was very much obsessed with sex and female sexual organs and everything.

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A wife’s gift Part 2

Both my sister and my wife had even shed their bra and panties”Ohhhh Bhabi, aaj kahin ja kar mera sapna sach hua hai. Main kab se tere saath humbistar hone ka sapna dekh rahi thee, ye tera gora badan mujhe pagal bana raha hai. Mujhe isska ek ek inch chum lene do. Inn chuchion ko chus lene do aaaaaahhhhhh Bhabi! (ooooh my sister in law, my dream has come true, today. I have been dreamin to bed you for a long time. You body has made me mad. Let me kiss every inch of your body. Let me kiss these boobs!) my sister was kissing my wife like a crazy lesbian. Bhabi ki chuchi ke saath bhai ka lund bhi milega Nanad ji” said my wife and both women laughed. I had seen so much lust in your brother’s eyes and I decided that I will bring you together. I knew you wanted it Didi. You wanted your brother’s cock and his wife’s pussy, did you not?” my wife asked and my sister nodded and bent down to kiss my wife’s nipples.

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A wife’s gift Part 1

Hello friends, here is a story that will make your cocks hard and your cunts wet. A loving wife gifts to hubby his sexy sister on her wedding anniversay. I came writing it, I hope you cum reading it. Email me at I am very open with my older sister Sarita who is married to businessmen Sahil. They have two kids and they are studyng in school. Sahil is most of the times traveling and Sarita often spends some time with my wife Ankita. My sister loves her Bhabi (brother’s wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband’s sister) I am Anuj, married to Ankita for two years.

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Vinith having first time sex with Renu

Hi Guys I am Vinith from Chennai, narrating my first sex experience it was during my coll 3rd year, her name is Renu and her fig is 36:32:34, During our starting stage of our love we used to hug only nothing more than that, v used to have phone sex and we watched porn movies together nothing more than that, but one fine afternoon I went to her home for group study at time her mom was inside home only, as it was exam time there was nothing in our mind other than studies (a day before our university practical exam) it was around 3pm suddenly her mom got an important call and she has to leave, as she was thinking that we two where very good friends she left us alone and said she will be returning only after 8pm,

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English teacher teaches grammar Part 2

Once I touched it I was able to understand it has already grown taller and was ready to burst. So then with so much of courage I decided to slowly start shaking it in up and down motion. I didn’t mind that she would catch me in this moment. I was in a very moody way that I really wanted to cum it out. As I was slowly in action all of a sudden she stated a word,

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English teacher teaches grammar Part 1

This incident happened to me at the age of 18. With accordance to the title this incident happened between our English teacher and me. Coming to the story the heroine of the story named Vasuki is a fair booby unmarried women with so much of beauty aged 27. She is the first glamour women of school and she is the only woman who wears a sleeveless jacket. Her boob’s size will be around 36 more or less compared in the shape of a peer… but a bigger one.

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Fucking my aunty in coldness

It was a friday evening when Uncle called and said that they were going for a tour to Ootty and I should accompany them.I wasn’t sure why he called me while they were going for a family tour.He said that he had to attend a meeting in between the tour and if I am there he should not leave Aunty and their little daughter Anu alone for a day. I took permission from my parents and started packing my laggages for the tour. My Uncle,Mahesh was a manager in a private company and his wife,my aunty Geetha was a house wife.

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A day with my sweet girlfriend

Hi everybody, im writing a real incident which happened during my college days. Without wasting much of your tym lemme get into the story. Im Rahul age 21from, this incident happened during my second year of graduation with my classmate. We were a group of frends, she(Swetha) doesn’t like me at all, as i use tease her so much in front of her, and so she ws not talking to me. But I used to stare at her boobs and ass when she moves around. I used to masturbate fantasicing about her from the day her swaying ass attracted me.

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My english teacher Shilpa very sexy Part 2

She asked me to come in. When I entered the house I asked her about her fewer. She laughed and said that it was just an excuse to spend an evening with a handsome guy like u. I couldn’t believe my luck, I thought as if I was day dreaming at that time. I just asked her for a glass of water, she again laughed and went inside and brought a glass of water for me. While drinking I looked into her eyes, she was looking like a bitch in heat. I just sat on sofa and asked where do u want to go or what are your plans today. She said –“plz be frank Karan tell me clearly do u really want to go outside”. I was getting hints by then of a wonderful evening with her.

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My english teacher Shilpa very sexy Part 1

Hi friends this is Karan from Delhi. I am 21 yrs of age. I am 6 ft well built, wheatish complexion, brown hair and quite handsome. Today I am going to tell u that happened to me recently. From the very beginning I was always attracted to sexy Aunties as they develop flesh at right places to get a good look after their marriage. The story I am going to tell u is about my English teacher- Shilpa (name changed).I first saw her when I was in Sixth class. She was appointed as our English Teacher.

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