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Garima Singh: hey darling
heart_virus_here: u just dont talk…huh
heart_virus_here: tumhe ab tak main yad hun,kaise garima…
Garima Singh: i m in gurgaon….abhi waise ghar jaa rahi hooo…..will u bi online?
heart_virus_here: gurgaon kahan se aa gayi bangalore?
Garima Singh: ha ha ha

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Neighbourhood Aunties 5 – Mina

After having made 4 Aunties as my women, I was in search for another mature beautiful Aunty and her virgin ass.But I never thought that my search will end somewhere in my own house.The beautiful Aunty I am talking
about is Mina Aunty. Her husband was a clerk and was working under my father.

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Me my wife & my friend

Hi I wanted to write this true story and let a few of you enjoy people checking for grammar avoids reading. It so happened that my old friend around 10 years younger to me had come to our house and spoke to me and my wife and it was around 12 noon, and I also did not go to my work site (I am a builder) my wife after she finished cooking lunch went to have bath and take a nap, we got married in 94. And this is the time my stupid brain started working and wanted this fellow (let’s call him Druv) see both of us have sex.

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Wife’s Affair With Boss

I don’t know how it all started but by the time I realized, it was too late. I am a 30-year-old blue-collar worker, working for a well-known Indian company. My wife is 26 years old. Both of us come from a typical, Indian, middle class family. We are a nuclear family, unlike other Indian families, as my parents passed away some time back. We stay alone in our 2BHK row house that I have inherited from my parents.

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My Servant Girl Sharada

This story is in continuation of my earlier story of Shimoga in Karnataka, where I was working and had a great encounter with a girl who is now in kozhikode working as a nurse. The episode happened when I was working in Shimoga and she was there on nurse training (BSc).

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After a week of my brother’s marriage my bhabhi caught me one day when I was preparing for school. She kissed me and hugged me. I felt her boobs which were about 38 in size. I told her that I am feeling something which she told me I want that u should feel the same which I am feeling too. What else you are feeling she asked and she put her hand on my cock. I referred back and put my one hand on her boobs and hold on her boobs. She asked me to put inside I told her no I can’t do it, then she put my hand forcibly on her boobs inside the blouse. I went strong hard in my pant and she asked me to press it and kneed it.

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rajat: hi
rajat: wana b frnds
rajat: interested
rajat: asla
rajat: asl
dimple: asl

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Neighbourhood Aunties5 – Mina

After having made 4 Aunties as my women, I was in search for another mature beautiful Aunty and her virgin ass.But I never thought that my search will end somewhere in my own house.The beautiful Aunty I am talking about is Mina Aunty.Her husband was a clerk and was working under my father.She used to come to our house to chit chat with my mother and also help her in household as well as the ladies club works.She was P.A of my mother in the ladies club.

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Jaya my wife colleague

My wife is working as a teacher in a primary school. She had a colleague by name Jaya, now working in a call centre. She stays in a nearby building close to ours. When she was a teacher, her husband divorced her, as he got involved with another woman. Jaya has a 6-year-old daughter. Recently Jaya’s ex-husband died of cardiac arrest.

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My Nights with Indu

It reminds of my experience with a young maid s at my house. I am a married man now in late 30s and live in Kollam.My first experience with a maid was about 10 years ago. Till then we had an old lady helping us. After she left we got a girl of 19 years and she started staying at our house. Her name was Indu. She was fair and I never thought of doing anything with her. Apparently her mother was sick and wanted to stay with her and leave her daughter with some secure family.

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Sex With Younger Sister Nisha

am Rohit from Mumbai Churchgate 22age 5ft 10inch average body today i am going to tell you my real sex experience with my younger sister Nisha she is in class 9 small size boobs round ass and the best part is her figure she looks very hot when she wear school uniform every day I use to drop her to school and pick her up from her school on my bike that time there was no bad intension was there for my sister but one day while coming back she was sitting back she said bhai.

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megha 03

rajat: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sexy

rajat: how r u dear

megha_: hello raj

megha_: i m fine

megha_: pehle batao meri mail check kari

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Neighbourhood Aunties-4 Subhangi

The next Aunty in this series was another beautiful Aunty.Her name was Subhangi.She was 42 yrs old and mother of 3.Her eldest son was a friend of mine and she was also the member of the ladies club.She had a daughter too who was a bombshell and I heared a lot of things about her from my sources.She was involved with some boys of her college and also with some teachers too.

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Stranger satisfies wife

To me going out anywhere with my beautiful and vivacious wife provides enormous excitement mostly because of the attention she gets from prying eyes. Malavika is 34 and I am 36, but some friends say we look much younger. I get very stimulated watching men of all ages staring at her and trying to get a good look. I don’t need to think hard, to guess what these boys and men imagine while eyeing my wife.

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My tution teacher

My name is Jitu (not real name )& I am 27 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 6 years back. I was born at Mumbai and I am Fair , Hieght 5.6 and a Smart Personality I was 21 at the time and struggling at school when one of my parents’ friends suggested a tutor for me. The tutors name was Sharmila she had just left University with BCom and was looking for a stable job. In the meantime she was taking tution to bolster her finances.

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