A wife’s gift Part 1

Hello friends, here is a story that will make your cocks hard and your cunts wet. A loving wife gifts to hubby his sexy sister on her wedding anniversay. I came writing it, I hope you cum reading it. Email me at sislover_man@yahoo.in I am very open with my older sister Sarita who is married to businessmen Sahil. They have two kids and they are studyng in school. Sahil is most of the times traveling and Sarita often spends some time with my wife Ankita. My sister loves her Bhabi (brother’s wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband’s sister) I am Anuj, married to Ankita for two years.

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Vinith having first time sex with Renu

Hi Guys I am Vinith from Chennai, narrating my first sex experience it was during my coll 3rd year, her name is Renu and her fig is 36:32:34, During our starting stage of our love we used to hug only nothing more than that, v used to have phone sex and we watched porn movies together nothing more than that, but one fine afternoon I went to her home for group study at time her mom was inside home only, as it was exam time there was nothing in our mind other than studies (a day before our university practical exam) it was around 3pm suddenly her mom got an important call and she has to leave, as she was thinking that we two where very good friends she left us alone and said she will be returning only after 8pm,

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English teacher teaches grammar Part 2

Once I touched it I was able to understand it has already grown taller and was ready to burst. So then with so much of courage I decided to slowly start shaking it in up and down motion. I didn’t mind that she would catch me in this moment. I was in a very moody way that I really wanted to cum it out. As I was slowly in action all of a sudden she stated a word,

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English teacher teaches grammar Part 1

This incident happened to me at the age of 18. With accordance to the title this incident happened between our English teacher and me. Coming to the story the heroine of the story named Vasuki is a fair booby unmarried women with so much of beauty aged 27. She is the first glamour women of school and she is the only woman who wears a sleeveless jacket. Her boob’s size will be around 36 more or less compared in the shape of a peer… but a bigger one.

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Fucking my aunty in coldness

It was a friday evening when Uncle called and said that they were going for a tour to Ootty and I should accompany them.I wasn’t sure why he called me while they were going for a family tour.He said that he had to attend a meeting in between the tour and if I am there he should not leave Aunty and their little daughter Anu alone for a day. I took permission from my parents and started packing my laggages for the tour. My Uncle,Mahesh was a manager in a private company and his wife,my aunty Geetha was a house wife.

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A day with my sweet girlfriend

Hi everybody, im writing a real incident which happened during my college days. Without wasting much of your tym lemme get into the story. Im Rahul age 21from, this incident happened during my second year of graduation with my classmate. We were a group of frends, she(Swetha) doesn’t like me at all, as i use tease her so much in front of her, and so she ws not talking to me. But I used to stare at her boobs and ass when she moves around. I used to masturbate fantasicing about her from the day her swaying ass attracted me.

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My english teacher Shilpa very sexy Part 2

She asked me to come in. When I entered the house I asked her about her fewer. She laughed and said that it was just an excuse to spend an evening with a handsome guy like u. I couldn’t believe my luck, I thought as if I was day dreaming at that time. I just asked her for a glass of water, she again laughed and went inside and brought a glass of water for me. While drinking I looked into her eyes, she was looking like a bitch in heat. I just sat on sofa and asked where do u want to go or what are your plans today. She said –“plz be frank Karan tell me clearly do u really want to go outside”. I was getting hints by then of a wonderful evening with her.

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My english teacher Shilpa very sexy Part 1

Hi friends this is Karan from Delhi. I am 21 yrs of age. I am 6 ft well built, wheatish complexion, brown hair and quite handsome. Today I am going to tell u that happened to me recently. From the very beginning I was always attracted to sexy Aunties as they develop flesh at right places to get a good look after their marriage. The story I am going to tell u is about my English teacher- Shilpa (name changed).I first saw her when I was in Sixth class. She was appointed as our English Teacher.

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My first experience with virgin Swati

Usually I’m a late riser. One day morning my mom was screaming at me to wake me up. Someone had come to my room. I woke up reluctantly and wringed my eyes and took my specs. Then I saw the man. He was my neighbor. I knew him. He said, “Are you a maths tutor? “ I replied yes. He asked me that if I had time to teach his daughter. I knew her too. She’s Swati. First I told him that I had not enough time but I didn’t refuse his offer. I was agreed to teach her from the next month.

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Anthony has his first with his aunt Part 2

All this was happening in the romantic ever light blue night lamp. Then I kissed her again and again slowly and very lightly. I let my dick out of my shorts and started some serious massage. Suddenly I saw her neck and wanted to plant a kiss there as well. I put my left leg over her left leg and in a position that my dick was completely pressed hard against her right thigh.Then Before I could reach for her neck there was a slight movement in the room. It was my grandma(my aunt’s mom). I guess she went to the toilet. But, I didn’t move my position. I lowered my head so that I reached the pillow and took the hand from her boobs and placed it in her stomach and pulled the bedsheet right up to her boobs and my shoulder. Before my grandma could return from the toilet I started to feel her stomach above her shirt.

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Anthony has his first with his aunt Part 1

Hi friends and sexy damsels! I am Antony (not real name) from Chennai wanting to share my beautiful encounters. let me start with my debut experience. please read this and give your response without fail.  About me I’m 21, just an average guy with an average build and I’m 5″9. And about my aunt, her name is Angela (not real name). She’s 34. To be honest I’m not good in women’s figures (size).

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Balwinder doesn’t stop at his mom

I am new to this channel but experienced alot in this field. i am BALWINDER AND I AM 55 today 55 and not old but gold in this field.

i remeber and can tell u about 45 years back i use to sleep with mi mother when i was just ten and use to keep mi hand on the nipple of mi mother by lifting her kameez. i dont know whether she use to enjoy it or just for sons sake never tried to shit me or push me away.after 2 to 3 years i changed and use to sleep with mi elder sister and whenever we find the time we get naked and kiss each others body including her boobs her pussy and mi penis. her pussy was. getting hairs by that time littles like grass. this never ended till she grew and her cunt started leaking.once or twice i touched her boobs and pussy she gladly resprocated but never TRIED to have some good relations with me.

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Kiran satisfies her devar Neeraj

Hi ! My name is Kiran . I am 26 years old and married . This story i am posting to tell u my experience with my dewar U can send me your suggestions and your sex stories and pics at kiranlovesfun@indiatimes.com or dune1324@yahoo.com!!

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Neha ki yaadgaar suhagraat

Meri umar 22 sal ki hai. Neha ki umar 20 saal ki ha, Dikhne mein wo bahut hi khoobsurat aur sexy lagti hai. Main bahut hi sexy hoon lekin Neha to mujhse bhi jyada sexy hai. Wo mujhse hamesha tarah tarah ke style mein ek dam mast ho kar chudwati hai. Main hamesha nayi nayi ladkiyon ke talash mein rahta tha aur bade aaram se unko apne jaal mein phasa leta tha. Phir unhein apne ghar bula kar unki buri tarah se chudayi karta tha. Ye silsila Neha ke aane ke baad 1 month tak band raha lekin phir shuru ho gaya. Ab main Neha ke samne hi un ladkiyon ki chudayi karne laga. Jan ke mahine mein is baat ko lekar Neha ka mujhse khoob jhagada hua. Neha ne kaha, tum hemsha nayi nayi ladkiyon ko phasa kar ghar late ho aur mere samne hi unki chudayi karte ho. Agar aisa hi karna tha to mujhse shadi kyon ki. Agar main bhi tumhari tarah roj roj naye aadmiyon se chudwane lagoon to tumhein kaisa lagega. Maine kaha, agar tumhara man bhi roj roj naye lund se chudwane ka karta hai to mujhe koyi etraz nahin hai. Tum mere samne hi jis se chaho chudwa sakti ho. Main tumhein bilkul bhi mana nahin karunga. Wo boli, phir theek hai, ab main bhi roj roj naye aadmiyon ko phasa kar unse tumhare samne hi khoob chudwaungi.

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Saali aur sexy saas ki chudai

Mein 25 sal ka married hoon. Meri shadi 3 months pehle hui thi. Meri biwi ek sexy mast gand wali ladki hai. Hum log jabse engagement hui thi tabse hi chudai karte the. Mein Baroda, Gujarat me rehta hoon and private company me job karta hoon.

Mere ghar me mom dad and meri biwi aur mein rehte hai. Meri ek badi married sister hai. Woh bhi Baroda me hi rahti hai. Mere sasural me meri biwi ki badi bahen yani meri saali and saas sasur rehte hai. Uska nam Aarti (name changed) hai. Woh karib 30 sal ki sexy aurat hai. Woh pragnancy ke dauran apne mayke aayi thi aur 8th month chal raha tha. Uske baare me agar batau to woh karib 5.7 ft lambi hai. Uske boobs bade bade aur gand fuli hui hai. Uska figure 36-30-36 hoga. Jiske karan woh bahot chudasi dikhti thi. Meri nazar us par shadi se pahle se hi thi. Aur jab bhi me apni biwi ki chut marta tha mein Aarti ko hi soch kar chodta tha. Kya veerya niklta tha uska nam lekar.

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