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Bhabhi frm Rediff Part II

smile: hii
wana talk
waise u have very nice n sweet name
sonal: ur asl
smile: 25 m chd

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Aunt does me and Friends

In my last stories I had told you of my adventures with my Aunt Sarita. My cousin Meena too joins us sometimes. About my aunt, she has become addicted to sex and mind you of any kind. She has no inhibitions as long as her pussy gets stuffed with cock or any thing else. She was a unique lady and I have never seen any other lady like her in my life.

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True Incident – Train Journey

I am Sushila a working woman, working as Senior clerk in company in Patna. My figure is 36-29-38, and I am 34 yr old and mostly wear sari. I am going to tell you a real incident happened to me in 2005, while I was travelling from Patna to New Delhi in Shramjivi express. I was going with my husband on LTC to Rajasthan. We were in 1st AC compartment, and alone in the cabin. When the train reached Buxer, one gentleman boarded in the train and came in our cabin.

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Fucked Saalis Virgin Ass

My name is Anil and I am 35 years old and I am married to a beautiful women and her name is madhu and really we are enjoying our sexual life very much. But my wife is having a beautiful younger sister and her name is vanita and she is approx. 30 years old and married, having one kid.

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After Office Hours

This is an incident in which I was a participant. I have changed the names as she still works with us and we have great fun once in a while. I hope she doesn’t read this! Those of you who are familiar with India and it’s style of dressing will know what a ‘saree’ is – as for the others, go look it up in the dictionary!

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A Bihari widow Rathi Devi

After my African story and Russian story I want to tell you a real Indian incident. This happened in 1975 truelly with me. I was staying with my wife and children at Bihar and I was working in a cement plant.I had my company quarters.We has an old maid servent and she used to come and clean the house and utensils etc.The day she was sick, she has sent her niece for the job.The niece was a woman of say 35/40 years.She came and worked silently and went away.

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Trying Sex toys

For those who don’t know me……………… I am 21 years old married to a workaholic and lead quite an exciting life in that I am involved in a well to do business. I export antique and craft items. Regarding this I travel alot. at least every month I have to go some place or other and am a nymphomaniac (that is understating the situation!!!!)

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Anchal’s Incest

My name is Anchal.Let me tell you about me first. I am a 25-year-old female from India. I am 5’6″ tall and have a very shapely figure I am not married but am not a virgin either. I have a round ass and firm breasts. I am fair and have a very average size of 36c. The specialty of my tits is that it spills a lot of milk when I get aroused. It is always full. And I love the sight when people watch my shirt when it is drenched with milk. I also love to tease people.

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Dost bana avtar

Hmmm doston mere pyar ke din khatam ho chale the. Main bahut hi tanha rahne laga tha. Kahte hai na har kutte ke din change hote hai mere bhi hue aur main vohi pahle wali aukat pe aagya tha. Main toh jaise taise muth marke kaam chala raha tha. Aur main jyadatar apni pichli yaaden yaad karke muth mara karta tha. Tab mujhe bhi ehsas hua ki main sex ke bagair nahi rah sakta . Aap log meri photo dekho get oh aap sab bhi kahoge ki saala dekhne mein hi tharki hai.

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Models having hot group sex

Mona was missing regularly on alternativve evening and come back totally crumpled. We could imagine what all things the poor thing would have undergone. That fellow, Babu, would have fucked her right and left and left her totally disheveled. Mona went to the bathroom direct and took lot of time to come out and appear normal.

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Bhabhi frm Rediff

smile: hii
wanna talk
how r U
waise u have very nice n sweet name
sweta: hello

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Aparna Aunty & Me

Hi friends I would like to share my sex experience with my tenant aunt Aparna, Aparna was a typical very orthodox Konkani aunty in her mid 30 featuring an attractive buxom structure. An average person will give a second look on her structure; I being an average male had the same assent on her. She had moved to my house nearly 3 years before, during that time I had no intention towards her owing to fear factor, but as days passed with increased interest in sex knowledge I could not control myself with masturbating alone.

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Wife in Public

Malavika is 34 and i am 36, but some friends say we look Much younger. I get very stimulated watching men of all ages staring At her and trying to get a good look. I don’t need to think hard, to Guess what these boys and men imagine while eyeing my wife. Sometimes In a place like a shop or park i will opt to stand at a distance and To try to see how men look at malavika.

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kanika and kajal enjoy voyeurism. Part VI

I looked at Babu and Heera with glazed eyes, dug into my pussy to take out a big wad of Jaggu’s semen, and gulped it down. Then I slowly turned over and got on my hands and knees, wondering which one would fuck me where.. As I got into the doggy style position, I felt Jaggu’s cum ooze down my inner thighs in a thick stream. I was hoping Babu would fuck me next, but to my disappointment, he kneeled down in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth.

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When the following events took place I was living in a largish housewith my wife. I am a freelance commercial artist and work mostly from my house. I had a bed-sitter to myself (as I work at all odd hours and all sort of people called on me) with a small studio attached to it. My wife is a schoolteacher. She leaves the house in the morning and gets home only at about 3.30 in the afternoon. Our children are grown up and live separately. We had a maid who did all the household chores including brooming and cleaning.

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