My bhabhi is always horny

My name is Ajay. I want to share my sexual experience with you people out there. This happened with me 2-3 years back with my bhabhi. You see my brother is married & we all stay together in a big bunglow just on the outskirts of Mumbai. My bhabhi Anita is a really hot women. She looks gorgeous wearing those sarees. Her big butt. Her juicy boobs. Her wet lips always used to arouse me but I never got a chance to even touch her. But my luck soon changed. One day everyone went out for shopping. I didn’t go as I wanted to watch WWE in the TV. My bhabhi didn’t go to, she said she wasn’t feeling well. After everyone went, Bhabhi called me at her room.

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Dil aaya padosan par

I am 19 male from jaipur (india) avg looking & my name is Hs. A few months ago a Family, Husband and Wife came opposite to my house. The man name was Saahil and her wife is Neha. Neha is so cute. 36-29-36, 5’8″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, long hair; big black eyes. Neha was just 27. In a very Short priod we become very good friend. One day I visited Neha’s house to meet her after her husband left for his office. She has just finished her bath and was very happy to see me. She hurridly prepare a coffee for me and herself and we started chatting on various matter, but on seeing her curves in her saree because on that day she was wearing a thin sari and a very short blouse that does not protect to cover her large white boobs and her sari exhibiting all the shape of round dome like butt, I was aroused and not showing any interest in chatting, she noticed it but keep on ignoring.

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Seducing my lonely cousin

I was staying alone in the city for my higher studies. I was staying in a small flat, in the same building where my cousin sister lived with her husband and newborn baby. I used to visit them almost everyday and we were very close.  My brother-in-law was looking for a job in US and finally he got it. He had to leave immediately but my cousin had to stay back with the baby, as she could only go after six months. I promised my brother in law to take care of them in his absence. My college used to start late in the day and I would be free in the mornings. My cousin asked me to come in every morning so that I could look after the baby while she took a bath.  Things were going smoothly for a couple of days. Then, one day while strolling through their house, as the baby was asleep, I noticed that the bathroom door had a gap in the wood through which I could see inside.

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Fun with aunt under blanket Part 2

But to my bad luck we reached our place. My place was a Penthouse on fourth floor. It consists of two rooms – 1 kitchen and 1 study room with attached bathroom. It was a small room. which I can afford with my small job.  Even at my place power was not there. After parking bike we started taking steps as there is no elevator. We took steps as fast as we can. My room will be on a corner upon the building. After taking steps we ran into my room. It was too dark, we can hear each others breathing as we took long steps to reach room. I got a candle in my room, I asked my aunt to close all the doors so that the candle won’t go off. After lighting the candle I offered her a dry towel to dry herself.  She was completely drenched. she was looking so sexy in that wet saree. she loosened her hair and started drying it with towel. She was trying to cover her body from me. She turned away and continued to rub her body with towel. I can’t move my eyes away, I was looking at her back, neck, waist and butts in the candle light. I want to hug her from back and kiss her on neck.  She suddenly turned back, looked at me and said “Hey arun dry yourself otherwise you will catch cold.

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Fun with aunt under blanket Part 1

It was a typical sunny day in cochin in rainy season. I opened my eyes and looked at the time in my mobile, usually by this time I will be on my way to office. But today I was on leave as my aunt from my native place coming to city on some work. As she don’t know anything in the city, she asked my help. I got ready in few minutes and started to railway station. Train was little late and I was waiting on platform for my aunt.  My aunt name is Rekha. She lives in our neighborhood in my village, Her husband is working in Dubai, she has a daughter studying in secondary high school probably 8th or 9th standard. She lives with her parents, taking care of her daughter.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 11

At 3:30 she walked over to Susan’s salon to have her nails and hair done for the evening. Susan and Brittany welcomed Lisa and Brittany brought her a glass of white wine. Jo Anne came over and they all talked. Lisa had asked both Brittany and Jo Anne to be bridesmaids in her wedding along with Nicole as her Maid of Honor. Lisa wanted to tell her sister, or rather Kenny’s sister about everything that had happened and so much wanted her to be a bridesmaid as well. But until now she had been too afraid. She would like her sister and mother to be at the wedding  That was going to be most difficult  All of the girls were going to the boutique for their final fittings tomorrow. They were gabbing and laughing and having a wonderful time.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 10

The tank was cut low enough to show off her beautiful titties. Her firm nipples pushed into the tight bodice of the dress. With the dress Nicole had given her a pair of black french cut panties, sheer black pantyhose and a wide black belt. She wore her heart necklace and her gold cuff bracelet and assorted rings. Nicole brushed back her hair and pulled it into a french braid on which she tied a large black velvet bow. She brushed her bangs into a wispy carefree style. Nicole spent alot of time on her eyes and lips. She put a little powder on her cheeks, for she was still black and blue, being careful not to go near the microfine sutures near her ears.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 9

The class was at 7:30 and Lisa was very apprehensive. Lisa went with the introductory group while Nicole went with the advanced.  They were all pretty young girls in her group, in all shapes and sizes. Lisa introduced herself to some of the girls standing in a group near her, until she noticed that Brittany from the Transformations Salon was in her class. She went over to her and was so glad to see her. Brittany was dressed in a teal blue leotard with white lace tights,and looked great. They hugged and kissed each other and said how great it was to find out that someone they knew was in their group. Their instructor was named Dawn, was very cute and very well proportioned.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 8

And now The Honeymoon Pt. 4 – Nicole handed Lisa a small purse and they headed out to the waiting cab. The cabby to them to a club called Obsessions. Nicole knew the owner, Carlo, who greeted them at the door. “Good evening Niki, how are you, I haven’t seen you for so long.” He kissed her on the cheek and looked at Lisa. “Oh Carlo, I want you to meet my friend Lisa. Honey, this is Carlo.” Lisa blushed quite demurely as Carlo kissed her hand.” “I am captivated by your beauty my dear Lisa, welcome to my club.” Carlo said as he escorted them to a table.  Nicole hadn’t told Lisa that this was Ladies night. They were sure two hot young ladies and here they were with about a hundred other hot young ladies to see the sensational Obsessions All-male review.  Lisa couldn’t believe that Nicole had brought her here. They were seated right next to the dance floor. Lisa’s heart was beating a mile a minute. What was happening to her, she wanted out, but also wanted to stay. All of a sudden the show started and Tony was introduced.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 7

Although small, they were quite feminine and her nipples protruded through the silken fabric and a noticeable cleavage formed while covered with pretty lace. Lisa then sat down at Nicoles vanity while she fixed her hair and make-up. Pink and mauve were the colors of the day and Nicole did an excellent job of giving Lisa the perfect daytime look. She also wanted Lisa to wear her hair off her face, and pulled it back into a sophisticated style. Finished with her face and hair, Lisa finished dressing. The slim skirt to the suit was quite short, a good 4″ above the knee. Nicole assured her this was the look of all the young girls today. The jacket was another story… It was very tailored.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 6

Finally Lisa was taken over to the full length mirror. She brought her pretty hand to her mouth as she gasped. She was the most beautiful creature that she has ever seen. She didn’t realize how low cut the back of the dress was, it came more than half way down her back. She just stood and stared for what seemed like an hour. Shaking her out of it, Susan said, “Lisa, Nicoles outside waiting for you. I’ll get her. Jo Anne bring Lisa into the office to meet Nicole.” Jo Anne brought Lisa into the office to meet Nicole. The office had a beautiful Art Deco motif, at one end a large white marble fireplace was the perfect backdrop for seeing Lisa in all her glory. Jo Anne posed Lisa for Nicoles viewing.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 5

She looked down and they were totally smooth, fitting perfectly. They were cut to expose the cheeks of her cute little ass with a seam up the middle and little ties at the side holding up a small triangle of satin and lace covering only her new pussy. Susan tied the silk belt around Lisa’s waist and helped her off the examining table. Her legs were a little weak. And she felt a little light headed. Susan told her that it was the effect of the medication and helped her into the manicure area. Susan introduced Lisa to Carol, the manicurist. Lisa thought “Another feminized male?” she couldn’t tell anymore. Carol was all female, but loved doing transformations. Carol was wearing a pretty stripped knit crop top in black and white that came off her shoulders and a pair of tight stone-washed jeans with a pair of black patent pumps. Carol said, “Lisa, we’re going to have lots of fun.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 4

Even after 4 years, I remember this night of mine every scene by scene as if its happening today. How can I forget that He made love to me mercilessly 3 times on my first night. I too enjoyed it, of course. I hope you like this story of mine. I would love to hear your comments. Please do email them to me at shaniapal@y…. I promise to reply you as soon as I can.  Love you all – Reema. Katherine Kimberly Harrison  Kenny had always been less masculine than the other boys at his school. So when he graduated and went on to college he found himself stereotyped as being gay. The reality was that he saw himself as more of a feminine character than a masculine one. As a child he had tried on his sisters clothes. He loved the feel of silk and lace on his body. For years, his hidden desires were quelled for he lived at an all male school.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 3

He quickly put his mouth to one of my boob over my bra, started squeezing my other boob with his one hand and helped me in removing my blouse from my hands with his other free hand. He was sitting with his legs spread and I was standing in between his legs. He has not touched my pussy yet, yet it was so wet already. Parlor girls did a great thing in choosing a front open bra. Sanjay’s hands wasted no time and opened my bra right away. My tight hooters were in front on his eyes and near his mouth. His mouth remained wide open for a while at looking at my tight boobs. I was full in size, 36 inches, but my boobs were tight, as a teenager would have. His squeezing and licking had made them harder and my nipples were erect.

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Rima’s suhagraat Part 2

Then Tanya took over the charge and she did my hairs and my jewelry. I never imagined that a girl can wear this much of jewelry at the same time and still look beautiful. They have done it very nicely. Richa brought the lehnga and asked me to step into it while she was holding it. I followed her commands and she slipped it over to my waist and tied it nicely and tightly around my waist. I suddenly started feeling really heavy. She gave me the matching sandals, silver in color with good 3 inches of heels. And then finally she brought the huge elaborate chunni and wrapped it elegantly around my shoulders and over my head. It was so heavy that Richa had to pin it up at least 10 different places.

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