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Kanika and kajal enjoy voyeurism – Part II

You know, Kajal.” Jaggu said, “That Kanika sure is one hot bitch. And have you seen how she is snapping at everyone? I am sure she doesn’t get any sex from her husband and is frustrated. You should do her a favor, and bring her to us. We’ll fuck her frustration away.”

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The First Fuck

The story begins at a wedding party. The first day of Mehndi when I saw Sonia (my dream girl) with her family. I was really impressed by her; frankly speaking I was impressed by her sexy figure. At that time She was 36-26-36 with fair color and about 5.5″. The next day she was in see through black saree, well after building a lot of courage I went to his brother & asked about their family.

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Teacher banged

I was very good in maths, so she had a liking for me. In addition, both of us shared the same birthday! Therefore, we had a very good relationship. I used to respect her initially, but slowly I started to see her as a woman. A hungry look used to creep over my eyes whenever she came close to me. I wanted to be with her on the bed, and I was becoming desperate day by day.

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The Maid

Ever since I was in my teens, as far as I can remember, I was fascinated with the concept or rape or at least forced sex. I liked the idea of having the power and the strength to force my will on a woman and do whatever I wanted to with her. After a lot of masturbating and thinking about how to go about doing it and getting away with it, I had almost come to the conclusion that it was pointless and that my fantasies would go unfulfilled, when opportunity not just knocked but slammed through the door into my life.

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Lesbian partner

Mai manju umar 37 sal color sawala ,married . bhagwan jane kyo mere badan me sex ki pyas avg. se kuch jadahi hai.waise dekha jaye to mai mere pati ke sath khush hu magar 35 ke bad meri sex ki bhukh bahut hi badh gayi hai. Mere pati bhi is bat se pareshan hai.kyo ki rat ko kabhibhi meri achanak sex ki chahat se mai unhe jaga deti hu our unki marji rahe ya na rahe unper tut padati hu. Kahi bar unka cock dhila hota hai magar adha adha ghanta chus kar mai use bada banahi leti hu.

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I Love You Bhabhi!

I am aged 29 years living in delhi with good height and physique , I do not why but I have a natural liking towards mature Ladies (married or unmarried) from 27-28 to even 40. This incident happened 2 years ago when I was working in Rajasthan and was residing in a rented room with a small family. Husband , wife (gorgeous) and their kid of approx. 8-9 month.

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Baju wali chachi ki zordaar chudai

yeh baat un dino ki hai jab mein 10th standard mein tha and i was just 18yrs old, that time i was not so much aware of sex and all. But thodi si curiosity thi mann mei…to know abt sex. Mere baju me ek chachi thi jo ki around 28 yrs ki hongi, she was having two kids, but still she looks very sexy and appealing. She was having a nice figure full of curves everywhere. Her butts was so nice in shape, round a single sentence she was so sexy.

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Indian Group Sex

Me, Seema, Trupti and Anjali have lived in the same complex for over 5 years. There have never been many other young adults living in our area. I lusted over all three girls for many years but still enjoyed the close non-sexual friendship I had with the three of them. They gave me insights into what girls talked about etc. On some occasions seeing them in their underwear even if for a brief period. We all use to go out together and my friends thought I was fucking all three. Believe me I was a hero at my school the King Stud.

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Hiii chat with Diya!! HardCore!

Me: kaha gayi thi yaar?

diyaarora: kahin nhai

Me: kal…

aahde me hi nikal gai

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A Gift From My Aunt

Last week I spent the night fucking my own aunt. I would never have even thought of such a thing under normal circumstances. What happened was so wild and crazy, I still can’t quite believe it.

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Wifes Escapade

I met him on a website and discussed my fantasy. He seemed like a guy who can be relied on for our privacy. He is around 40 years age divorced and single. I met him in a cafe first, He was dark, around 175 cm tall, strongly built with a slight stomach. Was perfect for what I was looking for. We talked for a long time and chalked out a plan to seduce Nisha to have sex with him.

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Wife in Public

Malavika is 34 and i am 36, but some friends say we look Much younger. I get very stimulated watching men of all ages staring At her and trying to get a good look. I don’t need to think hard, to Guess what these boys and men imagine while eyeing my wife. Sometimes In a place like a shop or park i will opt to stand at a distance and To try to see how men look at malavika.

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Sohail and Aalia

Sohail left his BMW with the valet, entered the hotel lobby, and got into the elevator. He knew the room number, as she had called him after she checked in. He got off on the proper floor, and headed for the room. Stopping in front of her door, Sohail took a moment to compose himself. He’d never done this before, and frankly, was having second thoughts. Well, actually, more like tenth, fiftieth, or maybe hundredth thoughts. But, you only live once, he told himself, so let’s just go for it. Sohail reached out to knock on the door.

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Sheilas football

At last, a couple has come to live in our vacant house next door,” Shrish’s mother announced.

Shrish was not interested in knowing who they were as he was very much involved in the cricket match showing on TV at the time. He was 18, tall, fair, and handsome, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He was studying MBBS and in his medical college he was a great attraction for the girl students.

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When Ramesh came to stay there, six months ago, he was the bitterest man in the world. He had every reason to feel so. He had every reason to feel so. He had left his home, parents and friends as he had got MBA admission in the most prestigious college in Chennai. His father thought it would be better for his son to stay in his close friend’s house, instead of staying in a hostel. But Ramesh thought that would be the end of his freedom.

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