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Sexy Bhabhi:- 02

Hello, I am Shivesh. I have my parent, elder brother Rajesh and his wife Bani in my family. I am 22years old and I am 4 years younger to my brother. My bhabhi’s ( Bani’s ) age is 24 year. We all stay together at Chattishgarh. My bother is working with an engineering firm as an executive. My brother is got married two years back with Bani.

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nikita 02

rajat: kahan ho yarrrrrrrrrrr…………kabse wait kar raha tha……nikitaaaaaaaa……………………
nikita: hi ji
rajat: kahalk thi kal aap
nikita: how r u

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Neighbourhood Aunties 23 : Sonam

The beautiful Aunty featured in this series is Sonam Aunty.She was the English teacher of our college.Since We met often in the college,I used to fantasies her and how I wanted her to be my woman.There were rumors that she had affairs and her husband didn’t like it.Thats why she was having a rough time with him but since her husband had owned his father-in-laws property,he couldn’t afford to leave her.She was also very strict in the college and often used to scold student who used to be absent in her class or used to neglect their studies.I was used to admire her secretly which I think she noticed too.

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Friend’s wife

Shakeel was my friend from last 13 years. We were the same native place. We worked in one city. He was employ and I had my own small business. We met twice in a week. Usually we met at his place. Because he was living in his own rented house. I was living with a couple of friends in a sharing place. Where Shakeel doesn’t fell easy. Mostly we spend all the Sunday at his home, playing cards, etc. Shakeel family has not too big, his wife Neelam and three children. My regular visit made me there like a family member. Even Neelam washed and iron my cloths.

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My student fucks me real hard

I am a computer teacher in a reputed public school in south delhi and there are a lot of spoilt students who have enough money. Some of them look older than their age and look like a man enough for a woman like me. Most of the teachers in our school are young girls having done our graduation few years back. Like I’m 28 years old and these boys are taller than me and have full grown bodies like a man.

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My young private teacher

I am going to tell you the story of my first sex in life with my young private teacher.
Two years ago when I am studying; I joined the private tution of a teacher in our college. She ask me to come to her home for the tution in the afternoon from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Pados Ki Neelam Bhabhi

Mere Age 29 He Aur Me Jaipur Me Raheta Hun . Mere Pados Me Neelam Naam Ki Aurat Rahte he . Wo Bahut Sexy he . Me Usko Rooz Dekhta Hun aur sochta Hun ki kab uski chudai karu . Neelam Ka rooz Hamere Ghar Aana Jana Tha . Me Neelam Ko Bhabhi Keh ke bulata tha. . Jab me Neelam ko dekhta tha to mere lund tan jata tha . Neelam Ke ghar me wo aur uska pati raheta tha

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heart_virus_here: kahan ho yarrrrrrrrrrr…………kabse wait kar raha tha……nikitaaaaaaaa……………………
nikita oi: hi ji
nikita oi:
heart_virus_here: kahalk thi kal aap
nikita oi: how r u

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Neighbourhood Aunties 22 – Nita and Madhavi

In this part,I was lucky to have another threesome with two beautiful Aunties.They are of 48 and 46 yrs old and they were Nita Aunty and Madhavi Aunty respectively.They were close friends and their husbands used to work in my father’s office.They used to chat,go shopping and also attended every function together.If someone is not present in her house,she could be found at another one’s house definitely.People and especially all the ladies of the neighbourhood used to both admire and envy their friendship.

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Daddy’s wife

I am going to tell you a real story about me. I am a 22 years old lady from Delhi. We live in a house at Old Rajendranagar. I live with my dad, who is 39 years old now. He was married at his 18 and after a year I was born. My mom was 1 year younger than him. When I was 3 years old, mom left dad because of great misunderstanding between them. So my dad brought me up being both father and mother. He was just 24 years old by then and I can imagine how difficult it was for him to upkeep me. He is a junior officer at one of the private company here in Delhi. He earns good amount of money each month which is more than enough for us to survive on.

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office friends! huhhh

kavita wanted to make the night special. It was, after all, her first date with Ravi. He would be there in less that an hour. kavita and Ravi had worked together for years. Ever since the first day she saw his 6’1, broad shouldered, deep eyes and brown hair, kavita had wanted to be with Ravi. Since she was about 5’4, blue eyed blond and had a few extra pounds on her and shy, she never did anything about it. Finally, she asked Ravi if he wanted to come over for dinner. She was excited to the point of no return when he said yes.

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Sex with my Leelechi

My name is shankar and I am 21 years old. I’d been having this intense feeling towards my servant leela. . . Or as i’d lke to call. . . Leelechi,for the past one year.

About her,she’s aged around 45, her big stomach,her tight ass and her humongous boobs are the most striking parts of her body. . . And for a whole year I managed to control myself. This is how I finally got my feelings out to her. . . As usual leelechi came to our house to do her work. . . . When I noticed her she seemed strikingly more beautiful than usual. . . In her dark pink saree and black blouse. I was supposed to pay her the salary that day.

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Seducing Bhabhi

Mine is a real incident and not an exaggerated one. This is the encounter with my sister in law, who is 34 yrs of age. She has huge beautiful breasts. My first sex experience was with her. My name is Joshi (Name Changed) from coimbatore . . What I am going to write is a true story that happened to me. While I was studying there my eldest brother got married. I could not attend the function since we were allowed to home only on vacation that also once in two years.

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nisha 03

nisha: hi
me: hiiiiiiiii
nisha: h ru
me: hru
me: me fne
nisha: i am also gud

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Neighbourhood Aunties 21 : Shanti

In this experience,I got the first taste of a threesome.The Aunty featured in this series is the mother of one of my friend and the other woman is her daughter-in-law,the wife of my friend’s elder brother who works in Kuwait and comes home in every six months.My friends family was poor and he had to work outside to support his family.Aunty was a widow and she does some part time job like stitching to make some extra money.My friend used to send money through my ATM and I went to his house to handover the money.Thats how I got a lot close to them.

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