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Sunitha bhabhi

This incedent really happened.Let me tell u how I fucked my luscious bhabhi Sunitha. This is a long erotic story about the luscious story believe me she is more stunning than the story. She is from Mumbai a 21 yr old babe with a whitish complexion, nice apple sized tits and a nice, tight but big ass which moves with a lot of sexual promise and dam sexy with good shapes I used to see her when she sweeps the floor and other works. One day I had seen her coming out of bathroom from window she closed her main door and taken her clothes from cupboard ,I able to see only her ass.

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here goes simmy again

me: there
bhag gayi shayad
simmy: nhi
simmy: bina bataye nhi jati
me: to voice call ki option q nahi aa rahi hay

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Neighbourhood Aunties 7 – Sweta

The next beautiful Aunty in this series is Sweta Aunty.She is 42 yrs old and had a buxom figure.Well,as anyone may not find her that much attractive because she was dark but one thing made me attaracted towards her was her big ass.She had a son who used to play cricket in our college team.I have been very close to him because he used to get tips from me as I am a very good player and also the team captain.Also I wanted to fuck his moms big ass too.

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Simran:hi there????
simran:gud mrng

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Wonderful Sex With Beautiful Bhabi

Hi, it is Raj from Hyderabad, A.P. First of all let me congratulate this site for its unexplainable service. I am regular reader of this site. The stories which were published are very impressed me and the boldness of narrating the stories are very much enjoyable. Here, I am doing job at private firm. I am a fair complexion and 5-8 height.

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My Squirting Maid Neela

You must have enjoyed my earlier two real life stories with the maids in my house. I have had multiple sex partners, but I am only publishing stories with the ones I have enjoyed most, and all the stories that I have published are real life stories. In fact there is one thing that I have found out in my sexual liaisons, most women hardly have enjoyed orgasm with their own husbands or even their boyfriends. In fact what I believe, partly we are responsible for it as we are too busy with our own sexual desire & apetite. I have found that women take a longer time to warm up, and we hardly give them that time.

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Sex Teacher Lavanya

Hai, I am xxxx (dont want to tell my name ) from Chennai. I am 22 years of age. I feel the title it self will impose some idea about the story on u all readers. This story is a real one. This happened on my 20 – year of age.

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My horny wife

Hi this is kk working in mnc name changed I got married to Reena two years back it is a love marriage we were in the studied in the same college we came close & we had an affair for some years before marriage life was full of sex she has a lovely figure as she is just 31 she is thick at her hips with small waist & boobs of 34 she always like to be clean at her navel she keeps a it a v shape trims properly on night as she was taking her shower I just casually started playing with her cell phone messages while going through I found many messages of Samina all containing adult jokes & all that scrap I noted the no in my phone & when she came out.

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Neighbourhood Aunties 6 – Lalita

The next beautiful Aunty in this series was Lalita Aunty.She was 44 yrs old and had a lovely daughter who was 18 and was studying engineering. She lived in the house above ours and most of the time She and my mother used to sit in her balcony while having tea in the afternoon and have chit chat. Since I was alone and also her only daughther at home,sometimes we also joined the chat.I had developed a weakness for her beause sometimes she looks at me like she wants to fuck me too.She also praises me a lot infront of my mother.Her daughter had become also close to me.

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Mother turned Wife

Ajeet is a 20 year young boy, secondary school student, studying plus two. He sat in the sofa with a thin, well-worn magazine of grainy photographs of nude women in his left hand and his erection in his right. As he stared at a waist-to-head picture of a particularly sexy brunette with heavy sized breasts he slid his hand slowly up and down his hard penis while trying to imagine what it would be like to have this woman sitting live across from him watching him jacking off instead of just staring back at him lifelessly from a piece of paper.

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My Wife Boss

I am Akash 27 year old working as s/w engineer in Mumbai. My wife Dibya (all names changed) 25 year old is also working as a marketing executive in a MNC and she is work alcoholic. Her nature of work is such that she has to travel all over India and some times she goes to abroad also in connection to her work. My Wife’s Boss is a lady named Rati and she is in her mid forty but looks much younger than my wife. She is unmarried and is owner of good look. Her figure may be around 36-28-34.

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My Sexy Cooperative Maid

I was learning at College when I was 21. It had happened on a Thursday. That day I had only practicals in the afternoon so that I returned home early. When I reached home it was only half past three and my sister had not arrived from school.. Instead of my mother the maid servant opened the door. Se told me that my mother had gone to relatives house and apologized for not hearing my bell as she was running tap water in bathroom while taking bath after her routine work.

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I was on my way to visit my friend. I reached on time but i was informed by her brother wife Nisha that he will be late & i have to wait for him. Nisha was so sexy fair looking & good figure. I was friendly with her we used to talk on phone. I was about ot leave she said wait ofcourse who wanted to leave. I love to watch her boobs. Nisha brought Coke she asked about my personel life. i asked nobody in the house. No!

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Garima Singh: hey darling
heart_virus_here: u just dont talk…huh
heart_virus_here: tumhe ab tak main yad hun,kaise garima…
Garima Singh: i m in gurgaon….abhi waise ghar jaa rahi hooo…..will u bi online?
heart_virus_here: gurgaon kahan se aa gayi bangalore?
Garima Singh: ha ha ha

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Neighbourhood Aunties 5 – Mina

After having made 4 Aunties as my women, I was in search for another mature beautiful Aunty and her virgin ass.But I never thought that my search will end somewhere in my own house.The beautiful Aunty I am talking
about is Mina Aunty. Her husband was a clerk and was working under my father.

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