Jawani ka pyar Jawani ki maar Part 2

Ek haath se meri chunari kheech kar zameen par gira di. Phir achanak unhone apne donon haathon se mere hathon ko palang se sarka diya aur mein apni peeth par palang par gir padi. Aur woh mere upar gir pade. Aur mujhe paglon ki tarah kiss karne lage. Kabhi honthon par, kabhi galon par kabhi gardan par chakh katte to kabhi kanon par chakh katte to kabhi apni jeebha se mere kanon ko chatte. Mera badan unke badan ke neeche pis raha tha. Unhone mere hathon ke ungliyon mein apni ungliyan daal kar mere hathon ko palang par kas diya tha aur mujhe chus chus kar mere hothon ko kis kar rahe the. Unki chati mere doodh ragad rahi thi, aur unki kamara meri tangon ke beech mein meri bur ko ragadne ki koshis kar rahi thi. Phir unhone mere hathon ko choda aur mere doodh masalne shuru kar diye aur apni kamar ke neeche ke bhag se meri tangon ke beech ke bhag ko ragadne ki koshis shuru kar di.

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Jawani ka pyar Jawani ki maar Part 1

Maine abhi do-teen maheene pehle hi ladkiyon ke school se apni 12th ki padhayi pass kI hai aur shehar ke mashoor college mein admission li hai. Mere papa ek gazatted officer hain aur meri maa ek housewife. Sari umar ladkiyon ke school mein padhi hone ke karan, aur mere mummy papa ke mere prati jyada hi dhyan rakhne ke karan mera ladkon se kabhi samparak hua hi nahin.

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Chetna ke sath subah ki chudai Part 2

Phir lund ke supaade ko uski choot ke muhun par set kiya aur ek jordaar shot mara. Lund phisal kar ek taraf hat gaya. Phir chetna ne apne haath se lund ko apni choot ke muhun par lagaaya aur boli, “ab maro dhakka,” Maine jaise hi aagey ki or dhakka diya, aadhaa lund uski choot mein ghus gaya. Chetna dheere se cheekhi shhhhhhhhhhh. Doosre hi dhakke mein poora lund uski choot ke andar tha.Lund poora ghus jaane ke baad mein ruka aur uski nighty ke andar haath daal kar maine uske bobay jinhe maine abhi tak dekha tak bhi nahin tha ko pakad liya aur maslane lagaa. Main Chetna par poora jhuka hua tha, aur uski choot mein mera poora lund tha. Mera pet uske gol gudaj chuttaron se sataa hua tha. Chetna ke bobon ko dabaanay ke liye jhukne ke kaaran mujhe apne pairon ke panjon ke bal khada hona padaa. Khair uske nipplon ko apni ungaliyon se masalate hue main apne lund ko uski choot ke andar bahar karne lagaa. Chetna mere har dhakke par dheere-dheere siskariyan bhar rahi thi.

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Chetna ke sath subah ki chudai Part 1

Hi, AISS readers, Viji again. Meri first story, “Mamta Ki Chudai Sunday Ko” ko aapne jo response diya hai uske liye thanks. Housing Board ke makaan mein rahte hue maine kareeb 6 months tak Mamta ki jabardast chudai ki thi. Kai bar maine uski gaand maari. Iske baad kisi kaaran maine makaan change kar liya aur maine city mein rent par makaan le liya. Naye makaan par bhi Mamta kabhi-kabhi aa jatee thi aur hum kareeb ghante bhar ka chudai session rakhte they jiske baad voh chali jatee thi.

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Chachi se chudai ka sabak

I am pravesh again from Delhi. I am 24 years old and unmarried engineer. You can read my story SEX WITH COMPANBY GF in office section. Here is my other story. Friend in my childhood I was very very horny. You can treat me as a child who is inclined towards sex. I must have watched my father fucking my mom in my early days, and one day I copied him on pillow and enjoyed it.

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Extra lecture

Hello! I am Kshitiz from Delhi. I am 22 years old. We are three children (Me, My elder sister Sapna (28) and my younger sister Neha (19) of my parents. I was staying with my married sister and Jiju due to my studies. My sister (sapna) is 28 and Jiju is 34. My Jiju works as a sales representative for a well known Computer company and for that reason he many times goes out for work.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 3

We have become comfortable enough with each other that it didn’t seem out of place.””It didn’t.” She was serious.”Not at all.” I looked into her eyes to convince her of my sincerity.”Well, I am relieved.” She did not seem relieved. Next morning, she was again wearing that white, lace bra. When I finished hooking it up, she turned to face me and asked, once again, “Are you sure, you are okay with it?” She was very serious, and I couldn’t understand why.”Yes, I am.” I said forcefully. “Don’t worry.””I won’t.” She whispered. As I was about to exit the door, she called me, “Raj!”I turned to see what she wanted. When I looked at her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was standing in front of me without her bra. Her breasts were fully exposed for me to see. I stood there with my mouth agape. She asked, “How about now? Are you okay with this as well?”A thousand and one emotions went through my system in milliseconds. My dick went from 0 to 90 degrees in a snap. She must have heard that snap as it hit the cloth and stretched it out.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 2

I didn’t even give her a chance to say thank you this time. I was feeling ashamed of having seen my aunt so without clothes. I don’t know what made me stop and look back as I stepped out of the door. She was facing me and was watching me leave. Our eyes met again, this time directly, without the benefit of a reflection. She seemed lost somewhere and gave me a slight smile but didn’t say anything. I rushed out of there as fast as I could. Her cleavage, her belly, and the area below her navel stayed in my mind all through the day, as did the embarrassment. When I came home that afternoon, I didn’t have the courage to even go eat my lunch. I was afraid of coming face to face with her. I didn’t know if she was upset at my boldness of looking at her directly that morning. I was very hungry though and I couldn’t even think, let alone do my homework, because my brain needed some nourishment.

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Hooking my aunts bra Part 1

This story takes place towards the end of my high school. I was over eighteen and ripe with energy that I didn’t know where it came from; energy that kept me restless and got me into trouble more than once. There were five members in our household: my uncle, his wife, my grandmother, my younger aunt, and myself. My younger aunt was the smallest of my mother’s siblings and was still waiting to be married.

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I love Neeta aunty

My name is ajay and I am from jabalpur presently working in delhi. I just wanted to share one of the most interesting incidents which happened some years back when I was 18 years and in my twelfth standard. I had one of my distant uncle staying at a place called gawlior in m.p. which is6 hours from 6from satana. He was married to Neeta. She was 31 years old then with 2 kids, one was of school going age and the other was just 4 months old and in feeding stage. But I must say she is one of the sexiest women I have ever come across in my life.

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Seducing the sexy servant

I am Rinku from DIU, India. I am 20 years and I am doing computers. I think this brief introduction about me is more than enough. So after reading all your experiences I decided to write my own. Actually your experiences have encouraged me to take the daring step.So sit back on your seats and enjoy. Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions. Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant.

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Meri Anarkali Part 3

Mera sher dahaaden maarne laga tha. Aaj to uska jalaal dekhne laayak tha. 7” ka mota gehunaa rang 120 digree me mustaid jang ladane waale sipaahi ki tarah. Maine Anaarkali se use pyaar karne ko kaha to wo boli “nahi aaj nahi choos sakti” Maine jab iska kaaran poochha to wo boli “aaj mera Shukrawaar ka vrat hai nahi to main aapko niraas nahi karti. Main jaanti hun is amrit ko peene se Aankhon ki jyoti aur pati ki umar badhati hai par kya karoo ye kuch khatta sa hota hai na aur sukarwaar ke vrat me khatta nahi khaaya piyaa jaata” Maine kaha main paani munh me nahi nikalunga bas ek baar tum ise munh me lekar choos lo to wo maan gai aur apne ghutno ke bal baithkar mera lund choosne lagi. Pehale usne use chooma fir jeebh firaai aur baad me apne munh me lekar choosne lagi. Mere lund ne 2-3 tupke pre cum ke chhod hi diye par lund choosne ki lajjat me use kuch pata nahi chala. Wo kabhi lund ko poora munh me leti aur kabhi baahar nikaal kar andon ko chumati. Fir gapp se poora lund andar le leti.

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Meri Anarkali Part 2

Madhu jab haath dhone attached baathroom gai to mere dimaag me ek plan aaya. Maine wo penti guest room se lage comman baathroom me daal di. Aanarkali isi baathroom me kapde dhoti hai.Dusre din Sunday tha. Madhu aur main deri se uthe the. Anaarkali rasoi me chaai bana rahi thee. Chaai peekar Madhu jab baathroom chali gai to maine Anaarkali se kaha“Anaarkali tumne jo wada kiya tha uska kya hua ?”“Kaun sa wada saahab”“Aare itana jaldi bhool gai wo penti aur bra pahan kar nahi dikhaani ??”“Oh… wo… issssssssss…………..” wo ek baar fir sharma gai. Maine uska haath apne haath me le liya. “Uiii maaaa………….” Wo jor se chillaayi. Agar Madhu baathroom me na hoti to jaroor sun leti. “wo… wo… Madhu… didi…” Maine idhar udhar dekha itane me to wo rasoi ki or bhaag chuki thee. Mera aaj ka aadha kaam ho gaya tha. Baaki ka aadha kaam kapade dhote samay apane aap ho jayega.

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Meri Anarkali Part 1

Pehli baar chudwane me har ladki ya aurat jaroor nakhra karti hai lekin ekbaar chudne ke baad to kahti hai aa lund mujhe chod. Ab Anaarkali ko dhekho saali ne poore 2 mahine se mujhe apne peeche saudaai saleem (paagal) bana kar rakha tha. Putthe par haath hi nahi dharne deti thee. Ragdne ka to door chumachati ka bhi koi mauka aata to wo har baar kuch aisa karti ki geeli machli ki tarah mere haath se fisal hi jaati thee. Akele me ek do baar uske anaaron ko bhinchne ya gaalon ko chhune ya chumma lene ke alawa main jyada kuch nahi kar paaya tha.

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Lover’s husband invites me Part 2

I thought I would come but I had to fuck his wife in her cunt more than anything and he wanted my big cock to enter her pussy and watch it stretch her and fuck her. But I had to push my fingers in the ass of Sonia as she was doing the same to me. So I wetted my fingers from her cunt and put one in her ass hole. Oh it was so tight! I felt her swallow my finger and then push it out. Oh she was enjoying this! I pushed it further and found the ring of muscles controlling her canal. The inside of her ass was knotty, hot and delicate.

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