Threesome sex in classroom Part 3

I then turn her around and start to kiss her lips gently. And removed her hand from her boobs. And touched it slowly and rubbing the soft and small tits. She starts to moan a bit loud. And I am still kissing her lips and touching her ass. I then made her sit on the table and start to kiss all over her body from her neck to thighs. She was now really very turned on and horny and the start to rub and kiss her inner thighs. Then I kiss her pussy from top of her panty and just licked bit once with my tongue. Then I removed her panty, Sunita mam was standing her and guiding her and controlling all the action. Her pussy looks very tight as she was a virgin. And she has a very hairy pussy and i try to locate her clitoris with my finger and see start to moan louder ”aaaahhhh…. stop it… uuummmnn” With her eyes closed and Sunita mam is just touching her tits and holding her body while she try to move a bit.

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Threesome sex in classroom Part 2

Hearing this Sarika mam came to see what happening and Stand near the kitchen door. And seen I am kissing her and teasing her but didn’t say a single word. I noticed her and start to rub my dick on her ass and licked her neck and she Sunita mam was moaning softly …ahhhh….uummmnn… stop it…. But I am enjoying everything and Sarika mam too enjoying everything.

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Threesome sex in classroom Part 1

I am going to share a 3some experience with 2 of my faculty in college classroom when I am in the final year of graduation.

One of the faculty as you already know about is Sunita my organizational Behavior Faculty. For new reader let me introduce her she was bit dark in colour but got a nice figure just like black Latin chicks with big tits and nice ass. Her figure was 38-32-36, her age was 28yrs now, she was unmarried and I have slept with her many times after the first incident. Now she has become a permanent teacher at the college and got her personal cabin and also sometime we used to love inside her cabin.

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Little pussy Part 3

“Well, okay then, just this once. Just so you’ll know what it feels like.”

I knelt between my little girl’s legs, and lifted her legs apart, and lowered them gently onto my thighs.

“Annie, are you sure you want to?”

“Oh yes, please Daddy. I really want to.”

“Okay then.”

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Little pussy Part 2

“Oh don’t say that, sweetie. It could land me in a lot of trouble, more than you know.”

“But no-one would know, would they?”

“Oh I guess not, but…”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone Daddy, and you wouldn’t tell them either.”

“I know but…”

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Little pussy Part 1

“Daddy, can I sleep with you?”

I awoke to hear my little girl’s voice. I shifted the bed clothes down to make room for Annie. I was too sleepy to make the effort to speak. I just drifted back to sleep.

In the morning I awoke with an erection, and my little girl’s hand around it. She was lying asleep. It felt good, but I turned away.

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Four cock’s at night Part 3

I looked at Kumar with a pitiful face of mine. But he least cared and said to me, “Madarchod why are you looking here. You make us excited by wearing small clothes and now you feel the pain. Think of us, what we all go through when you wear skirt and show you sexy thighs. Today I will make up for all the suffering you gave me.”

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Four cock’s at night Part 2

My god, what could I have done…! Arhan now came near me and he put his dick in front of me. I lifted my hand and put his penis in it. He looked at me and asked me to stroke it. I stroked it a little. Kumar, Nitul and Bunty shared the remaining body with themselves. Kumar went on my tits and he grabbed them in his hands. He was squeezing the tits so hard that I had intense pain there. Nitul spread my legs and he started to finger my pussy. And Bunty looked the foot liker. He removed my chappal and started to suck my thumb. I stroked Arhan’s penis more now and he was still shooting the entire thing on his high definition iPhone camera. I was gutted and forced to indulge myself in this act. And this act was about to be so dirty. I never knew they could go so bad at me. It really was a long night for me. Stay tuned for next episode of this story, story of my devastation……!

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Four cock’s at night Part 1

I was dressed in my red skirt and black t-shirt. It was my friend Twinkle’s birthday party. She did not invite anyone except the collegians. Her dad works in an MNC in Dubai and they have a lot of money to spend. And that showed up in the party. It was booze, boys and bang all over. As no elder person were there apart from 1-2 old waiters; the atmosphere was terrific. Guys were hugging and dancing with girls on the high-pitched music. And Kumar showed up with his friends Nitul, Bunty and Arhan. Kumar was my good friend and senior. We were reading mates in the library. He came close to me with a chewing gum in his mouth. He waved me and said that I looked gorgeous. I thanked him and he asked me for dance.

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A married Kerela aunty lust story Part 2

I was thanking my luck gods for permitting me to be at the right place at the right time so that i am able to enjoy this lady. My lips met hers. The first time i am smooching. I have seen in it movies and have longed. This is happening for real. Our lips locked. Our hands exploring each other’s back. She started cupping my ass and in return i cupped her ass… She put her hands under my jeans and felt my ass. We were smooching. After a good long 10 mins taking seconds we broke the smooch. She had her eyes closed and I could see her enjoying the feeling of me on her. The lips slowly parting. The lips parted but lots of saliva threads were still joining her lips with mine.

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A married Kerela aunty lust story Part 1

Hi. I am Sam from Kerala. It was 3 months back when I was like most of the guys of my age looking out for the 1st memorable sexeperience that I met this gorgeous lady who was by looks about 40 years old. Well I had to call her 40 years young. Like all women of that age she had an amazing figure. I don’t know the exact figure stats but any guy would go drooling over. How I met her.  Well here we begin my 1st story in this website. I walked into Varkeys supermarket at Palarivattom Junction to buy a deodorant. I went up to the 1st floor and went near the counter where all the deos were kept. In this supermarket the deos and some cosmetics are kept behind a counter with a staff to look after.

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My wife Sona

This is Vicky and wife’s name is Sona. Though not very beautiful, she has an attractive face with a 34C-28-36 figure and I usually notice men looking hungrily at her. For quite some time I suspected that Sham, male friend of mine and Sona were having regular intercourse but were being very discrete about it. The closest I came to witnessing one was during one of my lunch breaks when I came home to find his car parked in front of house. But this time I did not have the key to the house and so could not get in. The only way I could see was through the partially open drawing room window that admits an incomplete view of the connecting bedroom.

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Stranger bhabhi

S here. I live in kurnool town. I m 5. 7 feet tall , fair in colour , quite smart n of 18 yrs. This is the first time I m goin to now narrate my first sexual encounter which happened in kurnool itself with a fucking gorgeous bhabhi that everyone would dream about. We all friends used to sit at a place regularly outside a cyber café . so everday many gorgeous girls n bhabhis used to come there to surf etc. there was a particular bhabhi who almost use to come everyday n just stare at me n give me naughty smiles ohh she was the hell sex goddess . I used to shag everyday dreaming of her. so one day when I was alone waiting for all my friends to come I saw her coming in her red zen . She came parked her zen just next to me n got down. She was wearing a yellow salwar kurta that day n she had her two hooks of her back salwar open I don’t know whther incidently or purposely .

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My bhabhi is always horny

My name is Ajay. I want to share my sexual experience with you people out there. This happened with me 2-3 years back with my bhabhi. You see my brother is married & we all stay together in a big bunglow just on the outskirts of Mumbai. My bhabhi Anita is a really hot women. She looks gorgeous wearing those sarees. Her big butt. Her juicy boobs. Her wet lips always used to arouse me but I never got a chance to even touch her. But my luck soon changed. One day everyone went out for shopping. I didn’t go as I wanted to watch WWE in the TV. My bhabhi didn’t go to, she said she wasn’t feeling well. After everyone went, Bhabhi called me at her room.

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Dil aaya padosan par

I am 19 male from jaipur (india) avg looking & my name is Hs. A few months ago a Family, Husband and Wife came opposite to my house. The man name was Saahil and her wife is Neha. Neha is so cute. 36-29-36, 5’8″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, long hair; big black eyes. Neha was just 27. In a very Short priod we become very good friend. One day I visited Neha’s house to meet her after her husband left for his office. She has just finished her bath and was very happy to see me. She hurridly prepare a coffee for me and herself and we started chatting on various matter, but on seeing her curves in her saree because on that day she was wearing a thin sari and a very short blouse that does not protect to cover her large white boobs and her sari exhibiting all the shape of round dome like butt, I was aroused and not showing any interest in chatting, she noticed it but keep on ignoring.

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