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Office hours Part 2

Vandana was crooning and as I moved to suck her other nipple she unbuckled my belt and released the catch on my pants, which fell about my ankles. I buried my face in her cleavage and she squeezed her breasts against my face. Vandana pressed her breasts against me. She moved them up and down and back and forth across my face before moving down to my chest.  She continued down my body, rubbing in a circular motion while kissing and nipping my chest. As she reached my stomach, she slid her hands down my back and under my shorts. She didn’t stop, and ran her hands down over my ass and down my legs, carrying my shorts off. As I stepped out of my shorts and pants, Vandana was rubbing her lips and cheeks up and down the entire length of my hard cock. I watched as she kneeled in front of me, kissing and licking the underside of my prick from the base to just under the head.

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Office hours Part 1

It was getting close to lunch time and I was already restless. I was staring into the terminal of my work station, not concentrating on what I needed to do, but thinking of wild sexual encounters involving myself and my latest lust. There was a light tap at the door behind me, taking me out of my reverie. I turned to see the part-timer, Vandana, looking around the door as she opened it. She had started the previous day. She was doing a report for the boss and I had been assigned to answer any questions that she may have had.

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Neelam – A housewife

Hi my name is Rajeev.I am from NOIDA My mail id is When I was doing my graduation in Ghaziabad.I was staying in a rent house. The rent house having two portions in that one couple were staying in one portion and I was alone staying in the other portion. The couple having no children for the past 5 years. The Husband is an employee he used to go to office in the morning and comes in the night only. She was a housewife at the age of around 30, pretty and good looking. She was very amicable and we became close soon.

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Chudai Kiran baji ke sath

Hello girl and guys, reader for AISS. I am umer from Karachi Pakistan . I am 29 year old my body 5.10″ inch i am also big fan of these stories I want to tel my real experience with my fist cousin her name is kiran ( kiran real name ) kiran baji is 37 years old with figure of 35-25-36. she is very sexy giral.  This is a true story that happened to me 2 year old. Now write a story urdu aj se do sal pele ki baat hi ke me apne cahcha ka han Lahore kouch dinon ke leye Lahore gaya tha . mere cahcha or cachi docter hen un ki ek beti kiran jo us waq 35 year ki thi or ek beta asif jo us se gar sal jota hi . ccahcha or un ke gahar walon se meri mulaqat taqriban 5 sal ke bad hui thi .

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Aunty gets satisfaction at last

Hi AISS readers, my name is Rahul( from AHMEDABAD and i love to read stories on AISS and RISS. read it, see some nude pic and then a good sexy movie and then i feel like heaven. In this world of dissatisfaction i am narating a true story which actually was told to write by my aunty, because the experience which she had has changed her life to a certain extent. I insist you all to please read the whole story till end. The story (experience) goes like this, i have a very beautiful aunt in Ahmedabad, she lives near satalite road. She has a very nice figure and as my uncle is very young and married late she will be around 29 years old.

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Unsatisfied bhabhi

Hello friends, I m Manish i m good friend AISS, i read all stories AISS, I m bad in English so my stories in hindi ok. I m also gujrati and live in very popular city in gujrat.. I m average looking guy, 5:9fts,65kgs, curly hair, good body and big & very hot Cock, my age 24, So, friend meri stories kuch is tarah hay.  Yeh stories aaj say 6 month pehlay ki hay Jab hamaray baju may ek new cuppel rahnay aaya. unki new new marrage hui thi or wo kariban meri age ke hi honge. unkay usband ka kuch import exoprt ka business tha. thode din rehnay ke bad unki hamari family say jan pehchan ho gai or hamara ghar unka aana jan ho gaya. kariban thode dino bad us bhabhi ki choti sister bhi unkay sath rehnay ko aai.

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Rasili choot ka maza

Hi guy and girl, I am rana back ,i live in Karachi. I am telling this story to share my sex with my cousin ,because she read my other stories and told me to write her also so I write story. It start’s when my cousin came our house after finshed her second exams to learn computer ,she also live in same city,but so far.  I was very much horny boy I m use to see her breast from her qameez .

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Sardiyon mein garmi ka ehsaas

Hello main aik story pehle bhilikh chuka hun jo umeed hai ke aap ko pasand ayee hogi. yeh story meri apni hai jo man aap ko abhi sunaun gaa. yeh 3 saal pehle ki baathai meri baji ki shaadi thi aur gaun sey bohat sey mehmaan aye huay they jis waja sey hamarey ghar mein jaga bhi kam ho gayee thee aur is liye main store room mein aik chaarpayee bicha ker soya hua tha ke achanak mujhe apni tayee ki awaaz aayee woh apni bety ko jo ke mujhe 2 saal choty thi us waqt meri umer 23 saal thi ko keh rahi thin ke jaga ki problem hai is liye tum yahin irfan ke saath hi sojao bhaihi to hai is ke baad tayee chali gayeen aur bano mere paas aker late gayee.

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My slut wife

This is absolutely true story. My name is Sandeep and I am 35 years old married person. I am from middle class family. I took my education from Pune where my parents are living today. Because of my job I shifted to Goa. Seven years back I got married with Rakhi . She is from the rich family .  She is 30 years young. She has fair complexion and 5’5″ height . She looks very sexy as she has very big boobs and nice medium size ass . As she is from rich family and being lived in Mumbai , she is very bold and used to have lots of make up on her body . Now we are living in the Goa since our marriage. We are staying in a nice 5 room’s block in good locality . Upcourse the block has been provided by my company .

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Fun with lady boss Part 2

She was trembling due to cold so I told her to go to the bedroom and offered her a quilt. she sat on the bed and we were chatting Idhar Udhar ki, phir achanak hi mene during chat uss lady ka right hand pakar liya aur apnay haath mein daba liya aur saath hi saath chatting bhi horahi thii… mujh ko uss lady key reply kaa intitizar thaa bcoz mene apna kaam start kar diya thaa…….and she was also very intelligent she just reply with her hand pressing my hands and with kiss on my both hands then…..buss phir kiya thaa….that was the sign that all doors are open now…..Mein uss lady kay head mein apna haath dal kar lady ko kiss kiya jis par uss lady nay bhi mere sar ko pakar kar french kiss start kar di…..MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmwwaaaah…..Mwahhh…….Mwwaaaaahhh,,,,,,,,,,,, aur mujh ko aik good start mil chuka thaa……..mene bhi uss ki zaban suck karna shuruh kardi,,,,,,,HHHHHHmmmmm Sluuuuuuuppppp…..Slllllllupppppp……Aur saath hi saath mene apna right hand lady key breast par rakh kar mammoo ko squeeze karna start kar diya..

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Fun with lady boss Part 1

Hi to all AISS readers. I am a regular reader of AISS and I have read almost all the stories on this site. I think this is the best platform to express one’s feelings towards sex. I am raj from the beautiful city Dehradun ( India ). I am 27 yrs old male with an athletic body and nice and hard tool of 6 inches. I am very fond of sex and anything related to sex. U can say I am a sex maniac. I always see sexy ladies in their beautiful dresses and think of having sex with them. I started watching blue films when I was in class 8 and from then I got into the wonderful world of sex. I use to read porn literature and watch adult movies whenever I got the chance.

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Sales girl in action

Hi Guys my name is Cool Dude(naturally not a real name). I am in AISS and very new to sex and all that things as Ive learnd and saw a first Blue movie in AISS Summer vacations and through my friends I came to know about AISS and I found it stories very interesting. So this is my first story.  So I live in Mumbai between Malad To Charne Road (purposely not given the exact Location).

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Shanti – Meri kaamwali

My mom and dad were across town watching a movie and my sister was at a friend’s house, so I had the whole house to myself and our maid Shanti. That made it a perfect time to go on the internet and download some porn. The computer was in dads room and I was sure Shanti would not come there. I sat down at the desk and turned on the computer. When the computer finished booting up I put my floppy disk in because I wanted to save anything I found so I could use it in my computer. The computer in my room didn’t have a web browser on it, but if I saved pictures I could still see them.  I immediately clicked on the web browser and typed in: AISS. A moment later the screen popped up that said if you aren’t over twenty-one years old you aren’t allowed to see this site. I was eighteen, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

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Aunty and her two daughters

Readers might recollect that I am a Doctor by profession, practicing at Chandigarh, sportsman like body, 5’8″ tall. After graduating from medical College – Shimla, I joined P.G.I. Chandigarh to persue my M.D. Started living at home, once again in my first floor room. Soon I became popular in the area and people would walk in for consultation, either they had developed confidence in me or because it was free for neighbours. All my stories are real incidents of my life with no names changed. We had rented out house Annexe to a family, Mr. Sharma, belonging to a lower middle class group, around 50 but looked much more, his wife Sudha Sharma was in her early forties but looked much younger.

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Indian gangbang story

Hi AISS fans this is neha narrating you a true incident which happened with my classmate abhinav and his friends uday and pankaj.I am 22 years old but the incident happened in class 11 when i was 18.We all were in same class in a public school in Delhi.  All schoolgirls living in Delhi know that as we move in one class high our skirt size decreases accordingly.My skirt used to be about 1-2 inches above knee when i leave my house,at school bus stand it used to become 3-4 inches above knee and in school especially during lunch it even used to go 5-6 inches.I used to wear smallest skirt in school.

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