Desi Wife’s Chudai on Diwali

192020It had been my idea to go to the Diwali party, and Ajit, the wonderful husband that he is, agreed immediately. I was looking forward to re-injecting some long-forgotten Indianness back into my life, and a party with fireworks, good food, and new people while wearing elegant traditional clothes seemed like a great idea. In theory that is. In reality, I was regretting coming up with the idea in less than an hour of getting there. At least for the first hour or so. And the regret stemmed mainly from the fact that I had forgotten how much I loathed the monochromatic company of the typical cocoon-dwelling Indian immigrant in the US.

Ajit and I entered the big house hosting the party, put the food we had brought in the kitchen, poured ourselves a couple of drinks, and got into mingling mode. A couple approached us and started talking. We started off with the basics like where we were from, where we lived, what we did and so on. He was in IT, she was a housewife. They had also come to the party after seeing the flier. We all talked about how chilly it had been getting recently. And from there, the conversation went downhill as the couple’s cocoon started showing. Read more »

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Saving My Innocent Husband – Part 1

“B@stards..!!! They are asking us for evidence, shamelessly. They are the bloody Police Department, they must be finding evidences and nailing the real criminals behind the bars. Oh my poor little daughter Maya, I feel sorry for you, I really don’t know how we are going to find out the real murderer and save your husband,” my dad almost broke down. “Come on dad, don’t lose hope, this is the time we must be strong,” I said, and we were walking out of the Police Station. As we were walking out of the Police Station, my dad stopped in the middle, a good 10 yards from the gate, he stood helpless. He looked at me, “There is not a faint chance that your husband could have possibly murdered Shobana,” my dad was explaining about the “Shobana Murder Case,” in which my husband Akash, a newspaper daily photographer was arrested as the prime suspect.

The cops zeroed in on my husband as the murderer because he was the only man present in the Flat #413, 4th Floor of Prasad Paradise Apartment, where Shobana, daughter of a loan shark Mr. Gopal was lying dead. My parents live in the same Prasad Paradise Apartment, but in the 3rd Floor, Flat #313, just below Shobana’s Flat. While my dad was explaining, there was a Police Constable near the gate which was good 10 yards away from us, secretly staring at the slightly exposed region of my waist between my pink cotton saree and black blouse. As my dad was saying “there are big shots involved in this case. The cops are trying to cover up something to save somebody, and we need someone in the Police Department to give us some hints,” the Police Constable was still staring at my waist secretly. Read more »

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Saving My Innocent Husband – Part 2

“Are you okay?” a sound came from the bedroom. “Nothing sir, she just tripped,” Shiva said and quickly I stepped out of my dark blue panties, and hooked all my blouse hooks. Saying “sorry Shiva, I could not control,” I picked up my white bra and dark blue panties and gave it to him. “I can understand, just sit down and relax for a while,” he said and went near the fridge and gave me some water. While I was drinking some water, “I am doctor remember, I can understand what happened to you, just relax,” Shiva said. I sipped some water and looked at him. “I just wanted to turn you on before you seduce him, but seems like I overdid things and made you. It is all my fault, I am sorry Eva, I will not do that again,” he said. “Come on Shiva, don’t be sorry. I did not get your intention of helping me, but I just got carried away.

It is all my fault,” I said. “Jancy, let us not blame each other and ruin our friendship, I will never get a friend like you in my entire life, I don’t want to lose you Jancy. I have never had a good friend in my entire life,” he said and placed his hands over my hands. “Shiva, I will be a good friend to you, don’t worry okay?” I said and held his face. “Thank you Eva, I trust you” he said and quickly hugged me, and his weight made me lie down on the sofa and he slept on top of me. “Don’t worry, Shiva, I am there for you,” I said and hugged him, unaware of the fact that I am hugging him without my bra inside my blouse. He is my friend, so I did not mind, and Shiva started kissing my lips. Read more »

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Swetha Loses Her Virginity

My name is Swetha Suresh, my parents are from Kerala. I live in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Today I am going to share my sex experiences of my entire life.

My first sex experience occurred at the age of 18, I was studying in class 12, After my dance practice me and my boyfriend decided to go to a birthday party, It was a bit night around 10 pm. We reached his house by 10:15. But to our surprise there was no much celebration. Only one more boy came. But I was very happy to see the thankfulness of the birthday boy because we came to his room. We cut the cake and sang song, I danced a little bit…lol. Then they opened drinks. I asked my boyfriend why he never told me that he drinks, he replied I never asked him. I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV and three of them started drinking. Then suddenly the other boy asked my boyfriend if he had sex with me, he said no..they started laughing. I became very angry and asked my boyfriend to leave. But that boy said if Achu ( my pet name) really loves you she will do it today. Read more »

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Experiences of a Mumbai Street Voyeur

Hi. I live in Mumbai suburbs, and my favourite activity to help beat () the stress of our daily commute is to see naked slum girls and beggar girls. These girls are lovely, with slim waists and astonishingly voluptuous figures. Over the years I have made a mental map of locations in Mumbai where there is a good chance of watching these gorgeous ladies show us their bodies while carrying on with their day to day activities …

Most of these locations are along the western railways (where I live) and south Mumbai (where I studied :p).

I do hope that other AISS readers will contribute with their own sightings and you will give me a few more great places to hang out () and de-stress ().

Oh, and anyone with pictures or videos … bhai, I will be forever grateful for feeding my evil habit :p

So here are the list of my current spots of interest, as well as past spots which may have changed. Read more »

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Watching My Wife with her Stepfather

My wife was excited when her mother and stepfather invited her and I to spend two nights in Mumbai with them. They had just opened up a new semi-legal betting company. Sakshi just turned 25 in November and although I’m 28 I’ve never been to a betting den. I was glad that they extended the invitation to me as well. Sakshi and I have been going out together for over two years and plan on living together when she finishes her MBA. I’ve always gotten along well with Bob (her stepfather) and Minakshi Ji (her mom). I especially liked Minakshi Ji because like Sakshi she was beautiful and playful and had a great sense of humor. Dinesh ji was cool too and he had some money (not rich, but comfortable) and Sakshi and her mom were afforded luxuries they never knew before their relationship started 3 years ago. Dinesh ji and Minakshi Ji were married this past summer in a simple ceremony, it’s both of theirs second marriages.

Anyway, Sakshi and I were excited to be going but we would all be sharing a room. It was a large room with two queen-sized beds but nonetheless the idea of a good fuck before bedtime seemed out of the question. Sakshi had just returned from school that previous Friday and we had great sex for hours. We usually couldn’t keep our hands off each other but now that I graduated and she was still in school the separation time just made us hornier for each other. I loved Sakshi because although she had little experience before we met (one lover) and neither did I (two lovers) we explored many new things together. Some we liked, some we tried and chalked off do experience and never tried again. Read more »

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My Hot Affair with Arjun

Once upon a time, I was just a wanna-be slut until I took that first step into sluthood by meeting up with Arjun. in a vacant lot at 2am so he could gag me on his cock with his goal of making me piss myself, and the bonus that he gets his cock sucked.

That was at least two years ago now. We’ve said hi on occasion since but never managed to actually meet up again for this reason or that.

That changed tonight.

Last week, I emailed him to let him know that I still tell the tale of meeting him when asked about my kinkier experiences. Being the kind of cocky bastard that I seem to be attracted to, he was pleased and said we ought to do it again. Read more »

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My Stepmom Between My Legs

My name is Manish. I am a 19 year old guy from Thane, average build with a 7 inch cock.

This is what happened. I was staying round my dad’s for the weekend, I usually stay every other week due to the costs of getting there. I had never seen any affection towards my step-mum, she was a 40 year old, nice build with 32D breasts. I had often jacked of to the shape of her body, I had often hoped to find a pair of her knickers to get a nice smell of her pussy.

It was Saturday night, my dad had arranged to go out with some of his friends, I was left alone with my step-mum for the night. We ordered a pizza for dinner because she doesn’t cook. We ended up watching TV until 11pm and that is when I went to sleep as I was feeling pretty tired. I got a glass of water and went up to bed.

I woke up about 1 in the morning to go to the toilet, but living at my dads house, you have to go downstairs if you want to go to the toilet. I made my way down the stairs, slowly as I thought my step-mum was asleep, I get to the living room door and just before I go to open it. I hear a quiet moan, I stop in my tracks and try to work out what it is. I stay next to the door for about 5 minutes listening to this moaning from the living room, I peak my eye through a hole in the door. My jaw drops, infront of me on the sofa lays my red-headed step mum masturbating on the sofa, both legs in the air, all I see if her perfect 32D tits and a pink glass dildo. I feel my cock start to throb, I hold it and start to rub gently. Read more »

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Tanushri – A Very Special Fuck

I watched him get into his car and drive down the street. When he rounded the corner, I made my way to the house and entered through the back. I locked the door behind me and walked toward her bedroom. As I got closer, I could hear the shower running. I stepped inside her bedroom and whistled as I stripped down.

Five minutes later, Tanushri emerged from the bathroom wearing a white terry cloth robe. She paused when she spotted me; her eyes burned in anger as I made an impatient gesture with my hands, indicating that she should disrobe. She reluctantly opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. My cock flexed as I ogled her curvaceous body, wondering how she managed to look so good, even after pushing out a baby. My hungry eyes devoured her shapely legs and the full cheeks of her ass. Aside from the black fishnet stockings and the red lace bra I asked her to wear, Tanushri was completely naked.

She reached for the jar of lubricant on the nightstand and crawled on the bed. She positioned herself on her knees and scooped out a dollop of clear gel. I watched Tanushri’s hand disappear behind her back and move around. She frowned in concentration as her arm moved move back and forth in a steady motion. Read more »

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The Affair with the Driver

“Fahim, now take the next left. And then it’s the third house on the right.” I said, giving directions to the new driver the company had just assigned me.

“Ok, sir.” he said, and turned left.

“This is my house. This is where you are to pick me up from every morning at 830 a.m. sharp.” I said. He nodded.

The door to my house opened, and out ran my 8 year old son Pintu, yelling, “Papa! Papa!”. He was followed by my wife, Ketaki, looking beautiful as always, with a happy smile on her face.

“So Samir, how was Bangalore?” she asked, opening the gate for Pintu, who jumped into my arms.

“Ooof.” I said picking up my son. “Bangalore was, well, boring as usual. By the way, this is my new driver…” Read more »

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Chudai at the Wedding Party

The sun was getting ready to settle down for the night and the South-Ex bungalow was glittering in the decorative lightings. In three days time Adity, the beloved daughter of Mr Malhotra was getting married. She was the youngest of the three siblings and was also the most beloved of the family. She was better known as Mini to her friends and family.

The house was bustling with relatives, uncles and aunts, cousins, younger nieces and nephews. Mini was very happy as she was marrying her love Akash whom she met almost two years ago. Akash was working as engineer in a big medical equipment company. They got engaged a month back and now in three days they were getting married. Mini was in her room trying out different dresses when she heard a cheerful voice,

“Hi, Mini you look so pretty,” this was Rekha her best friend.

“OMG it’s you Rekha, you are arriving now!” she frowned, “you should have been with me at least a month before the wedding, helping me.” Read more »

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Ranjana Bhabhi’s Adventure

“Mamma ice cream!!!” seven year old Rani yelled as she saw the gelato store in the mall and tried to run towards it. But Ranjana held her hand firmly.

“Not now, Rani.” she said, dragging her inside the shoe store. “First we have to get your school shoes.”

“But I want it now!!” she started jumping up and down. The kid had been a handful from the day she was born.

“Rani, please don’t make a scene!” Ranjana said as the dozen or so customers in the store started looking at them.

“Yes ma’am, how can I help you?” a salesman walked up.

“We are here for these shoes for the Vidya Niketan uniform.” she handed him the note from Rani’s school. Read more »

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Mandira’s Journey from Traditional Wife to Sexy Slut

Mandira and Abhishek are a beautiful couple based in Bangalore. Mandira is 32, a beautiful, innocent and traditional housewife and Abhishek is 36, working in one of the companies in Bangalore. Abhishek got married to Mandira at the age of 30 who is from his native village. They have 2 kids as well, elder son is studying in UKG and second son is still very young, Mandira is still breastfeeding the second kid.

Mandira is a very beautiful housewife, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5′ 2″ height, has got very long, black hairs and always used to apply red kumkuma to the parting of her hair above the forehead. She used to keep her nails beautiful by doing manicure and pedicure and likes applying red, black, maroon colour nail polishes. She is bit plump after having the second kid and has got a gorgeous figure. Her breasts, 34C are very fair and round. Since she had just delivered a baby, her breasts had grown even bigger, as they are full of milk. She loves her husband very much and they were leading a very beautiful life without any problems between them.

Mandira is very comfortable with Saree and even Jeans as well. When in home, she likes wearing nighty which will give very much comfort to her in doing all the household activities. She is not used to wear bra when in home, because every now and then, she had to feed her kid, wearing bra was not comfortable for her during the feeding. A maid used to come to help her in doing all the household chores. Read more »

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Office Affair with Nandini

It was Ganesha Festival. And there was an orchestra in one of the areas in Bangalore. There was huge crowd with many celebrities had come as Chief Guests. Lots of dance programs, songs where going on. I was passing by my car and it was very difficult to drive because of traffic jam. That of crowd was there. It was already 9:45PM. I was so tired and it was Friday was returning from office. I felt this crowd will not get cleared soon. I just felt let me just park my car somewhere there and see this Orchestra for sometime and then go to house.

I parked my car and walked little bit near the orchestra. It was very difficult to watch anything there. But I was helpless because I had no other go. I just stood there for few minutes. Suddenly I saw a boy was crying there. I just asked him

Me         :               Hi dear, why are you crying? Read more »

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How My Mother Saved the Family

My dear friends, I thought many times about sharing this story since its covered with my life’s most private events. It’s about My mother. How she sacrificed everything even her body and chastity for the wellbeing of her son.

Ours is a family of two- me and my mom. I’m Nikhil 20 and my mom Padma, 38. I was told by my mom that my dad left her when I was in a tender age. since then I’m her everything, my happiness is everything to her. Even though she doesn’t know where my father is, she behaves like a sumangali, wearing sindhoor on her forehead, wearing bangles and Mangalasutra. She is a conservative orthodox and respectful lady. We enjoy each others company, We could be considered a working lower middle class family living in a tiny two bedroom house in a huge city somewhere in South India.

Our economic condition was not all that well. I was still studying in my final year and had to work part time. Although the pressure of the job was too much it would wore off when I came home to have the snacks kept ready for me by mom. My mom is a delicious cook. She is delicious as well. Very few sons get to have a mother like her. At the age of 39 she was a perfect shaped woman (Thanks to all the hard work). Having a perfect shaped larger than average sized boobs, and her lovely ass neatly curved would be a delicacy even to her own son to see. She mostly wears Saree at home and occasionally nighty. I must admit that I had fantasies about her. Initially I felt guilt but later I thought it was normal. Because she is the only person with whom I live besides it hard to avoid such thoughts by a sexually active boy about a very hot female. So I decided to keep these thoughts restrained to my fantasies and allowed myself to see her in a sexy way. I wouldn’t miss a chance to peep at her cleavage when she bends down while wearing nighty. Read more »

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