My first man experience

He pulled away from me and I am standing there naked with my cock standing straight up completely disoriented wondering what was to come…

It was late and I was walking downtown and saw a porno movie and decided I was going to enjoy this.

I went upstairs and walked in a very dark balcony and the only thing that gave light to see by was the screen where 2 guys were fucking a woman. Read more »

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My best friends wife Part 2

Di came back into the room and got on the bed and took my cock in her hand and said how long before this cock is up and ready to fuck me them Dave, Oh it will not take long Di said my wife he is up and running again in about 15 minutes so did you fuck then you to my wife said No not yet Di answered we have just been drinking each others cum and and she gave that sexy smile again. Read more »

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My best friends wife Part 1

Di straddled with her pussy resting on my cock I could feel the warmth from her snatch going into my cock she lent forward and kissed me…
I have been a friend of Paul since we went to infant school and even worked at the same place for a while we both got married in the same year and still live in the same town just on different sides of it. Read more »

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A sexy dream

He started picking up the pace fingering her with the beat of the music that no one could notice but I did.
I am married to a very attractive woman. I am 43 years old, 5’3″ large upper body built and in very good shape. She is 30 years old , 5’6″ and a body that men die to be with. Her breast are 34 DD, with a 22 inch waist and 34″ hips.. A total hour glass shape. She has the most amazing hazel eyes with her dark brown hair and amazing legs. I see her as the sensual woman when she is being touched, eaten, and fucked!! What a site on her reaction. Read more »

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Brother sister and Jayne

A third person in a relationship changes everything, from food preferences, who cooks when and what, to use of a bathroom, to who does what and to whom in bed, is sex going to be with three people, with two If two, which two
Earlier I wrote, “We are still together, older now. We live publicly as brother and sister, we rarely see anyone other than our parents. We never had children.” We do live publicly as brother and sister, the rest is true to a certain extent. We obviously see Jayne, she is now part of our lives and we of her’s. Getting to that point was difficult, fraught with difficulty even, and I’m telling you now only because we are wearied by the necessity for secrecy. Confessing my incestuous relationship with David, if from the cover of anonymity, lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. The details of the relationship that now includes the three of us is the final step in our acceptance of us as we see ourselves. Not make sense It does for us. Read more »

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My wife walked in Part 3

I want you to all stand round me in the order you have just fucked me apart from you dear husband she said I want you to sit over there and watch, so I went to the chair and sat there my limp cock in my hand, so the men stood around her from Graham up the number 11, Alice was on her knees in front of the as they got in a circle around her, Right she said this is what I want you to do I am going to suck your dicks in turn and just before you cum I want you to tell me so I can finish you of with my hand as I want you to cum all over my tits and face, with that she turned to Graham and took is hard cock into her hands and gently stroked it pulling the foreskin back and forth over the large swollen head and she flicked the top of it with her tongue, Graham gave out a long soft Mmmmmmmmmmm as she did this, she then sucked the head of his cock inside her mouth and I knew what she was doing to Graham as she had done it to me so so many times, she places her teeth just behind the head of your cock gripping it gently then pushes forward with her head running her teeth all the way down your shaft and by the way Graham closed his eyes and gave out a long Yesssssssssssssss as he head moved forward I knew that is what she had just done then she will work back up your shaft the same way but this time she will rake her teeth across the head to and this will send any man into a frenzy and that is what it done to Graham as she gave back up his shaft his whole body shook and I though his legs were going to give way under him but he held on and kept standing as Alice done this a few more times before starting to suck on his cock taking him fully in with each forward thrust, Read more »

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My wife walked in Part 2

The head of his cock squeezed against the puckered hole of my wife’s ass and then it popped inside and when my wife screamed I thought she was going to bit the cock she had in her mouth but she just screamed, OH fuck Yes go on fuck my ass you fucker, I had never heard my wife use such language like this before as inch after inch went into her virgin ass when it was fully inside her she had his balls touching her cunt and he was indeed fully home and he just held it there for a moment or two and then slowly withdrew it until just the head was still inside her and he pushed in again slowly and as it went in Alice gave out a long loud MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and that was the signal for him to start fucking her ass fully hard and fast placing his hands around her hips he started to pull her back on to his forward thrusting cock slamming every single inch inside with every thrust on and on he rammed and Alice was having orgasm after orgasm and finally he came this time filling her ass with warm cum Alice said Oh My Gog that was fucking wonderful I never knew having a cock in your ass would feel so fucking good and when the cum hit my insides I could feel the warmth of it , Wow I want that feeling again that’s for fucking sure. Read more »

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My wife walked in Part 1

So I have been wanking myself off to porn movies when my wife goes out. First let me start by saying I am 58 years of age, loosing hair from my head and what is left is turning grey, I am not over weight but not skinny, 5’11” tall and a cock that is 7 1/2 inches long and has a girth of inches, I have been married to my wife for 25 years but I have a high sex drive even at 58 would have sex every day if I could. I have never been even good at getting the ladies at party’s even in my teens I was always the one left out, Since my teens I have only ever had sex with three women, My wife is the same as me and not had sex with many men either, but her sex drive is a lot lower then mine ( or so I thought ). Read more »

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In the locker room

Joey watched as his girlfriend transitioned from merely enjoying the sex to a horny, sexy animal, furiously working for her orgasm.
She flipped her wet hair to the side to dry off. Water cascaded down her body in small streams as she climbed up out of the pool, the droplets shimmering on her skin. She grabbed a towel, her chest heaving up and down in her swimsuit. Read more »

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Surprise in the jungle

She pulled off my pants and thong and spread my legs to look at my glistening bare pussy…
It was a warm humid afternoon on one of the many tropical islands I was visiting on my travels through Indonesia. I walked through the lush rainforest and thought of how much I missed my boyfriend who was supposed to be here with me and how he broke my heart not too long ago. Read more »

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Pussy play in the shower

Fingering me with 2 fingers again.. Can u add another finger and another
As I lay naked still wet from a hot shower, I start thinking about when I was washing my pussy it sent shivers up and down my body…just thinking about you I made my pussy squirt. Read more »

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Pleasure with my sons friend

This is a story I have been unable to tell my husband and need to tell someone since I have been married 31 years and I am now 58 years old.
About five years ago my sons roommate from college (who was 24 at the time) was in town for five months for training for his job. His company placed him in a local hotel about 5 miles from our house. Read more »

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Dirty at work

The lace garter belt hung around her hips and the straps clung taught against her skin.
“I have a question.”

Not even looking over at her from his computer screen, he nodded and said, “You often do.”

She pursed her lips together and responded, “Yes, but they’re never work related. This one is inappropriate so I’m asking permission to ask it.” Read more »

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Tony, Didi, My wife and I Part 2

While Tony had been standing there looking at us his cock had become hard once more and Pat saw this and walked over to Tony and said Lay on the floor which he did and Pat knelt over him and lowered herself down on his dick, both moaned and sucked in there breath as she did this and she was soon riding his cock sliding up and down on it harder and faster. Read more »

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Tony, Didi, My wife and I Part 1

Didi ached her back as Pats fingers entered her it was wonderful to watch these beautiful women make love to each other on the rug in front of us
It was two weeks since my 50th birthday and if you read my last story my dear wife brought her friend Didi round to give me a wonderful birthday surprise a threesome, Read more »

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