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Sister-in-law gets sex lesson

I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife. I live with them since I was at the age of 19. She takes care of me a lot; Care about my things give me a bathe and most of the time when I get bad dreams at night she slept with me. I wanna tell you about my sister-in-law body she has a one kind of body she has 38-26-38 size. I love her boobs.

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priya: HEY
me: asl
priya: ur asl plz
me: 24 m del
priya: 23 f del

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Mast Housewife with a tailor

Her name is Nidhi. What a treat for eyes and perfect to arouse me. I am a ladies tailor. First time she came to my shop was around 2 years back. She was wearing a black chiffon saree with black blouse and white bra. From his bra selection, I knew she was seeking attention type. She is fair like milk and “Bhara hua Badan”. Her navel was visible thru the saree and boobs were protruding out. From her makeup, bangles, necklace and ring, I could make out that she was recently married. She was really looking ripe to eat. My cock was in action inside my pant behind the table. She smiled and told me that she wants her blouse stitched. I was getting excited that I will get to measure her. However, to my disappointment she got a blouse out of her bag and asked for the same size.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-38

In this series comes two beautiful Aunties named Manju and Kamla Aunty.Manju Aunty was working in our farm house and she with her husband used to take care of the garden.She was around 38yrs old and had a plump body.She had two children who lived in the village with her in-laws.She was fair compared to Kamala Aunty.Kamala Aunty on the other hand also had a plump figure and had bigger boobs compared to Manju Aunty.She had only one son and she was introduced to me by Manju Aunty.How I came to know her goes in the story.

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My Bhabie Meri Jaaneman

This is true incident between me I was 21 at that time and my bhabhi Anita. What a Bomb shell a blonde and women worth to die for. I had a real crush on her from the time she came to my house mine elder brother Chetan is away from home most time. It happened one day when I was coming back from college I heard some thing Anita was moaning in her bed as mine next-door neighbor pushed his lund in and out of her beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so. She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his lund.

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vasudha bhabhi in process of getting a australian dick

vasudha:Away ! Away ! Away !
vasudha:Still Away ! Away ! Away!
colorderainbow:hi darling

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Wife swapping experience

Recently I have been a regular visitor to the story16 stories. After reading contributions from different senders I was both excited and motivated to contribute our real wife swapping experience for the benefit of story16 readers, especially for the couples. The story has gone little long but I have tried to recollect each and every detail of the experience. Since I have taken special pains I would request the readers specially the couples to read till the end and and forward their views. I am a well placed and handsome officer engineer. My name is Romy. I have a beautiful wife.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-37: Kajal

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Kajal Aunty.She was a village beauty and was around 28yrs old and newly married.She was married so some distance relative of ours and she with her husband came to our place to stay for some days.She was very fair and beautiful and had a short and slim figure and also had a nose ring.I personally believe that Woman wearing nose rings are normally very sexy in nature and I find them very very attractive for sex.They were married for a month and her husband was going to Dubai for carpenter work.He came to the city for his travel documents and my mother asked me to help him out in this matter.So,this is how I got acquainted to Kajal Aunty and her husband who will be leaving in a week and since Aunty will stay for a month or so,I thought why not make her my next woman?

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My Cousins naughty Wife

My cousin’s wife Simran is a very sexy looking girl from a Sikh background . She is slim. Her boobs are very attractive. From the day she was engaged to my cousin, she always gave me a hard on. My cousin too lived in India but in different city. Once my cousin’s wife came to our place. Generally she comes along with my cousin but this time due to some reason she came alone.

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mukta_roy34delhi: i like cyber sex
heart_virus_here: ok
mukta_roy34delhi: can udo it forme
heart_virus_here: ya
heart_virus_here: wana voice chat also

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Mother-in-law is wife’s larger version

Purnima, my wife has always been a great lover on the bed even while we weren’t married. It was she who made the first towards sexual advancements and I still remember how we fucked like rabbits inside the Ambassador Car which I inherited from my father. She had a pair of tiny loose tits when we dated and it is amazing to see how they have grown in size and density within a couple of years after we got married. Both of us preferred to wait for three years to have a baby for more reasons including our careers and of course, our sexual aptitude.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-36 : Mausumi

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Mausumi Aunty.This encounter was sudden and was also memorable one.She was around 38yrs old,fair and had a nice body.It happened one night when I was out of the city for some work and was returning home.It was late in the night and the road was almost empty.So,I was driving fast so that I could reach home.I was around 1 hour drive from the city when I noticed that a car was parked on the side and someone was waving hand.So,I slowed down and stopped.I came out of the car and went to the parked car and in the headlight of my car,I first saw Mausumi Aunty.

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Wife watching

Here again we are Rajiv and Reeta, the sexy couple from Orissa is sharing our new sex experiences with story16 viewers .I am Rajiv writing this new episode of “wifewathing” for your enjoyment and quick response in this subject on our email address. As you know my wife Reeta loves the position to be on Top and also sitting on the lap of me facing each other. In every move the backside BUTTOCKS of my wife plays a vital role, as it looks superb when she is on top and moves her hips vigorously with the stroke of my cock.

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Having fun with bhaabhi

My name is Adil. I live in the U.S. I have been in here for only a short period of time but thanks to my cousins, I’ve learned the ways here fast. I was lucky enough to get a job working for a major airline. This has helped me tremendously, since I am very skillfull online chatter. I have got many babes this way and met some too. No place is too far for me when it comes to US.

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payal: ya hi
me: hiiiiiiiiii
me: u so basd yar
payal: y

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