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Couples Stories

1. My wife sharing her body

My wife name is latha 24 years old and my name is kumar 26years old.we got married two years back .both of us are working in two different software companies.this happened 3 months back,i have a project in china so left for china saying that my project completion takes 7 to 8 days.But after going to china(bejing),

I have problem with my project leader and we two are sent back after 3 days,being in sad mood i didn’t inform to my wife before leaving.i came at about 6:00pm to hyderabad.i went straight to home and found locked.i enquired my apartment owner and he said that my wife came at 4:00 and left the place quickly .i open the door with key which is with me and locked inside to give surprise to my the door is can be closed or opened both sides.i went to bed room and completed bathing.

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Couple’s Fun In The Train

My name is Ritu and my hubby Arun. We are 35 and 41yrs old. My stats are 34-28-36 5’3” and his average build up 5’7”. This story starts when we boarded the train from Howrah for Lucknow. We got one upper and one lower berth in the 1st class cabin. When I saw the reservation chart I came to know that another couple aged 34 and 42 years is going to travel with us in the same cabin. After some time another couple with an infant baby came and occupied the other two berths. They arranged their luggage and sat on the other lower berth. The lady started breast-feeding the child and we started chatting with each other. They told us they stay in Gomti Nagar and their names are Alok and Anu. Hubby works in Tata co. And she a housewife. As the child was just some months old and due to breast feeding her boobs and hips were on the higher side (more than mine). Their heights were nearer to those of ours. Hubby was a bit bulky. Barring Anu me Arun and Alok went to toilet in turn, and ultimately closed the door and retired on the berths. Hubby’s on the upper berths and wives on the lower. Hubbies brought out magazines started reading and soon dozed off. We the ladies started chatting with each other, soon became friendly and started opening. As the hubbies were sleeping and she was feeding the baby we started talking personal. About families we discussed and came to know that we are of same size i.e. (no in-laws or relatives) at Lucknow. She moved and as her sari’s pallu slipped I saw that her blouse has become wet in the nipple area.

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Couple in Hong Kong

Last year, I had finally married my child-hood sweet-heart, Vishal. It was our dream to go abroad for our honey-moon. Hence, much before our marriage, both of us had carefully saved enough money, to take a trip to Hong Kong. We arrived with much anticipation at Hong Kong. We spent the first few days, almost entirely in our hotel room – basking and enjoying, in the first flush of passionate and lustful satisfaction – like any newly wed couple. We were couped up in our hotel room for 3 full days. On the fourth evening, as usual, Vishal was already half drunk – when we decided to walk around the city for sight seeing. We kept walking and window shopping for a long time, passing through innumerable small streets and little winding gullies. We were almost lost, but did not really care, as we were in the city. It was already dark in the late evening. While walking in one of the back lanes, a flashing red, neon sign caught our attention. It said, ” Adult films – 24 Hours “. I kept walking, but Vishal had stopped.

I asked, ” Why have you stopped, Vishal ? ‘

With a mischievous grin and a wink, he replied, ” Why not ? Come Nirmala, let us be naughty. Let’s just check it out ”

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Couple in Bus

I am today putting up a incident of a newly married couple whom are living in Delhi and working . On their request I am putting this story before you as they feel that yes they cannot come out openly in the limelight as both belong to an good class and have good reputation in the society and feel that our society is still not mature to handle these types of truths. I am changing their names to protect their identity. Ravi is an 30yr old, working as an Senior manager in an Export house and her wife Shipla is an 29yr old consultant working for an big educational institute. Both are happily married and enjoying their sexual life up to the max. Both of them found that they both still feels a great urge to keep trying new things to keep their sexual life more pleasurable. Ravi had a detailed talk with Shilpa and told her that he has some desires and would love her to fulfill them and Shilpa too comes out with the truth and discuss it openly with her hubby. Ravi wants her wife to show off her great body to strangers and he loves their attention to her lustful body. He always demand her to keep trying tight reveling clothes and wants her to ensure that strangers enjoys with her up to the max. Both are well paid off and are easily affording a good luxury car but on Ravi’s request Shilpa everyday goes to office in a public bus in order to ensure she ends up getting new pleasures and incidents that could excite her hubby.

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Couple Friendship

Hello, I am Anil from Kerala . I am here to tell my real life story. I am married to a wonderful girl and me in my early forties and she in her late thirties now. Once, recently after our marriage I have read in one of the leading magazines in India about wife swapping getting a practice among the couples of India. It was first time I was seeing such a scene and to my surprise I got much excited to that idea. The reason for my surprise was that I was never thought of such an idea before marriage and I was not ready to select a girl having even night duty as my bride. I thought many times whether it is I really got excited on the wife swapping idea. I refined the idea many times in mind and searched for more reading. As a result I read more stories about wife swapping and group sex and I finally concluded that I like group sex much than swapping. At that time Internet was not popular in Kerala but now a days we can find many sites opening chances for such great ideas. I refined the thought for more than one year in my mind and I finally decided to open up it with my wife. After many trials during our bedroom sessions, disclosing the idea of group sex, I could only win to narrate it as a fantasy to my wife and I was much desperate to see that she will never accept it to happen in real.

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Confessions of a House Wife

I am a housewife living with my husband and my three years old daughter in a city of kerala. I am an average looking keralian housewife having brownish skin with large breasts and big round ass. My hubby is a tall man of dark complexion with a great appetite for sex. Actually, this posting is one kind of confession for us. I am of 35 years now and my hubby is at 40. I got married when i was 23 with my hubby. He is an engineer and was in a central government organization at the time of our marriage. Since one yr after our marriage we tried for an issue but i didn’t got pregnant till four years back. We went to many doctors but almost all of them told that my hubby had lesser amount of sperm count and possibility of him to become a father is very less however, not impossible. We tried many times and not used any condoms since then but not succeeded to conceive. We were very much frustrated for not having a kid of our own. However, let me come back to the fact now. Four years ago, in the winter time we went to himachal for a tour. We planned our tour to khajhier from shimla by some hired car. We hired a blue indica for the purpose. The driver was a local young man. We thought that we will be able to reach khajhier by evening but the driver told that that was impossible to reach there in one day. When we mentioned about the distance and asked him that he should drive the distance in 6-7 hours.

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Bengali Honeymoon + Swap

Hi friends, this is Kaushik from Kolkata. I, with my wife, reading this site for the last couple of months. And now we want to share our memorable honeymoon experience with you. This is my first post. We are married in the March, 2006. After few days we are planning for honeymoon. We are looking for North Bengal, i.e. Darjeeling, Gangtok, Mirik etc. Finally we finalize that first we will go in Mirik and stay there for 4 days, after we will go to Darjeeling. Before starting about our adventure let me tell about ourselves. As said earlier I am Kaushik (28), working in an IT firm with 6’ tall and 70 kg weight. My wife Radhika (25), working in a private bank with 5’5” tall and 65 kg weight. She is a real beauty with medium complexion. Her stat is 36D-28-36. I am really lucky that I got a wife like her with 36D breast in her 25 years. We have an arrange marriage and our marriage occurred within 3 months. So we didn’t have so much time to know each other before marriage as we both have our own office. But what can I assume that I am going to be a very lucky man. So according to our plan we take flight from Dumdum to Bagdogra and reach there around 1.30pm. It was first week of April, so summer is just coming up. We took a sumo and reach Mirik around 4.00pm. The journey from Bagdogra to Mirik is too good to say. We already booked our hotel. The hotel is very nice with a very top position, made of wooden and just opposite to Mirik lake.

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A true Threesome Story

In 2001 I was transferred to my company’s Nepal office in from Delhi. I had been working for the same company for two years and jumped at the offer to head up the newest Regional Office. I had lived in Kathmandu for over five years and was just a bit apprehensive about moving to a bigger city. When the CEO told me that I would make twice my current salary plus many other substantial perks, I knew I could get used to it again. The negotiations and offers related to the job took over a month. I had been discussing the move and new job opportunity with my wife Ritu. Ritu was, at first, totally against the idea of leaving Delhi.

She told me that living in a less cosmo country would be boring and that she would go crazy. After I was able to get her more information on Nepal and the landscapes around the area we would be moving to and show her that we really in for some nature treat, she began to come around. By the time it was time to make the final decision, RITU and I were both very anxious to make the move. Ritu and I had been happily married for about two years. Both of us were going to have our big 30th birthday before we left for Kathmandu. Our birthdays were just two days apart and each year we tried to do something special and/or different to celebrate. One night, lying in bed, Ritu asked me what I would like to do for our birthday. I hesitated for a moment, then asked her if she really wanted to know what I was thinking about.

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Bhabhi Ki Dhukai

Meri bhabhi ka naam rashmi hai.unki umar 27 hai.woh gori moti gand wali aurat hain.unki height karib 5.4 hai.mere bhaiya hamesha kaam mein busy rehtain hain.woh bhabhi per kaam dhyan detain hain.mein meri bhabhi ka accha dost hoon.ham saath mein movies bhi dekhne theatres mein jate hain.ek din mein clg se ghar aya to dekha bhabhi computer pe xxx movie dekh rahin hain.mujhe ajib sa laga.meine kabhi bhabhi ke bare mein aisa nahin socha tha. Kuch din baad mere bhaiya kaam se mumbai se delhi gaye 10 dino ke liye.mere maan mein bhabhi ko chodne ke khyal aane lage.bhabhi ek din kali saree pehne bahut sexy lag rahi thi.low cut blouse bahut inviting tha.mein nashte ke samay bhabhi ka cleavage dekhe ja raha tha.bhabhi ne notice kiya aur puchne lagi kya dekh rahe ho.mein sharma gaya aur bola kuch nahi bhabhi boli sharmao mat.bol do agar tum mere boobs dekhne ki kosish kar rahe the to.yeh sun kar mein shocked reh gaya.meine haan bola aur bhabhi se maafi mangi.yeh sun kar bhabhi hasi aur boli tu jawan ho raha hai.per apni bhabhi ke bare mein ganda sochta hai kya? Meine kaha app bahut sexy ho bhabhi.mera maan aap ke sath shadi karne ka karta hai.pagal hai tu.bhabhi boli tere bhaiya kya karenge phir.meine bola bhabhi mein aap ko kiss karna chahta hoon.woh boli karna ,mein tujhe mana thodi karungi. Meine kaha kiss hoonth pe karna hai.woh boli hai ram ,kya bol raha hai.meine achanak bhabhi ke hoonth chumne laga.woh virodh kar rahi thi par mein uske hath pakad liye.

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Bhabhi Ki Chut Ki shaving ki

Ye story hai meri aur meri cousin bhabhi ki. Meri bhabhi ka nam suman (name changed) wo thodi rani mukarji jasi lagati hai . Mera hamesha se us par chrush tha or mai hamesha unhe chudne ke sapne dekhta tha.Waise main bahot hi shy person hun, kisi naye person se jaldi mix nahi ho pata, lekin time jate-jate meri aur unki dosti achi ho gai. Aur maine kai baar unke undergarments ko sunga hai aur muth mari hai.

Mai apne bare mai to bata deta hoon mera naam jaybir chodhry hai mai Haryan se hoon or mere lund ka size 11″ hai lekin thoda patla hai . meri height 6 foot 1″ hai or thoda sa mota hoon Apko mera pehla sex experience batata hu jab mai 18 saal ka tha.mai padahi me bahot accha tha 10 tak lekin jab mai 11 th me aya tab muje sex ki bahot icha hoti thi.uss time se maine blue film dekhna start kia aur muth marna bhi.

Mera dhyan padhai ki jagah baki chizo mai jyada tha islye mai 12 mai fali hogya tha or phir mai apne papa ke sath bus ka kam karne laga tha hamari 4 badi bus or 2choti bus hai.mai apni bhabhi ke ghar kafi ata jata tha kyoki meri maa ki death ho chuki thi or hamara khana bhabhi ke ghar se ata tha phele hum hotel se khana le kar ate the magar jab se bhai ki sadi ho gayi tab se bhabhi hamare liye khana bana ti hai

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Bhabhi ki chudai II

Ham dono bhaiyon ke beech bahut pyaar tha. Bhabhi bhi mujhe bahut maanti thi. Bhaiyya 25 ke the aur Bhabhi 22 ki. Dono ki shadi ko 4 saal huwe the aur ek 2 saal ki meri bhatiji bhi thi.
Main bhi 19 saal ka jawan ho gaya tha aur choot ki bhookh pareshan kiye thi. Mann karta tha ki kisi ko bhi pakad kar chod de. Bhaiyya office ke kaam se 10 din ke liye bahar gaye the. Unhone samjhaya tha ki Bhabhi ka dhyaan rakhna aur der se mat aana raat ko.

Us raat kha pikar jaldi hi let gaya aur ek sexy novel parhne laga.
Bhaiyya ke rahte Bhabhi kaam na karne ka taana deti thi par aaj wah chup thi. Raat ke 10 baje Bhabhi boli, “So gaye kya Pawan?”

“Nahi Bhabhi.”

“Lo zara Munni ko dekho main bathroom ja rahi hun.”

“Ji.” Aur jaldi se novel chhupa Bhabhi ke room main aaya.

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Bhabhi ki chudai

Hi, Friends I am Bhupesh, Male 35 from Sangrur Punjab. Ab mein aap ko apne aaj se dus saal pehle ki kahani sunata hun. Hamari kirayedaar ka naam sonali hai jo ki 23 years ki hai.Unhe mein bhabi kehta hun .Wo ek sexy lady hai 36,30,38 rang gora figure maintain choochiyaan badi…badi aur bhaari chutad .Unke husband yani ki bhaiya Aksar business ke silsile me bahar jate rehte the.Aise hi chal raha tha pariwar. Maine jab se unko dekha tha tabhi se maine decide kiya tha ki mujhe unse sex karna hai isiliye mein unse kuchh din me kafi ghul mil gaya tha.Ek din Bhaiya mere paas aye aur bole ki unko apne kaam se bahar jana hai aur unki wife ki tabiyat thik nahi hai aur wo ghar par akele hai so mujhe niche ja kar rehne ke liye bola. Maine bola ki koyi baat nahi. Mai to isi din ka intjar kar raha tha. Maine usdin pure samay plan banaya ki kis tarah se aaj raat me mai unko chodunga. Raat ko mai niche gaya to wo room me baithi hui thi. Mai kuchh der tak baat karta raha. Kuchh der ke baad hamdono ne plan banaya ki chal ke bazar ghum ke ate hai. Ham dono baazar ghumne ke liye chal pade. Jaise hi raste me pahuche to tej barish hone lagi. Jab tak ham room par pahuchte tabtak kafi bhig gaye the. Room me ane ke baad jaise hi unhone apne saadi ke palu ko jhadna suru kiya to unke boobs ko dekh ke mera lund khada ho gaya. Maine tabhi soch liya ki aaj kishi bhi kimat par mujhe unko chodna hai. Maine apne bhige hue kapade khol ke ek towel pahan liya. Wo baath room me jaakar nighty pehan kar aa gayi. Mai kuchh der ke baad dusre kamare me jaa ke bed par let to gaya lekin nind mere ankho se koso dur thi.

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Bhabhi ke saath ek raat maje kiye

Hiiiiiiii dosto mera nam rahul hai. Yeh us samay ki bat hai jab mai 18 sal ka tha. Bare bhai ki shadi sirf ek sal hi hua tha. Mere mata pita bahut hi dharmik bichar ke hai aur hamesha dharma karam me lage rahate hai. Mere bare bhai ka import export ka karobar hai aur aksar wo apne kam ke silsile me dusre sahar me tour par jate rahate hain. Mai tab collage me tha. Meri bhabhi mujhko bahut chahatee thee, kaunki ek mai hi to tha jise ki bhabhi se batcheet kar saktee thee khas kar jab bhaia business ke kam se office ya tour par bahar jate thee. Meri bhabhi bahut pyar se humara khyal rakhtee the aur khabhi eh ahsas nahee hone deti ki mai ghar par akela hun. Wo mujhe pyar se rahu kah lar pukartee the aur mai humesha unke pas pas rahana pasand karta tha. Wo bahut hi sundar thee, ekdam gori chitti lumbe lumbe kale bal kareeb 5’3″ aur figure 38-28-40 tha. Mai unkee chuchee par phida tha aur humesha unkee ek jhalak pane ke liye betab rahata tha. Jab-bhi kam karte waqt unka anchal unki chati par se phisal kar neeche girta tha ya wo neeche jhuktee, mai unkee chunchee ki ek jhalak pane ke koshish karta tha. Bhabhi ko is-bat ka pata tha aur wo janbujh kar mujhe apnee chunchee ka jalaba dikha detee thee. Eh bat tab hua jab mere bhaia kam ke silsile me shadi ke bad pahalee bar bahar gaye. Ma aue babuji pahale se hi tirth yatra par haridwar gaye hue the aur kareeb ek mahine bad lautne wale the. Bhabhi par hi ghar samhalnee ki jimmedaree the.

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Bhabhi ka Doodh

Hello, first of all i will like to introduce myself. I am 24 male living in lucknow my name is raj & i am unmarried with high sex drive. This is real story of my life. There is a family beside my house. There is very beautiful bhabhi (nita) and her husband is a bank officer. Their marriage is late marriage and her age is 32 years. Damn she has perfect figure from top to bottom. When ever i see her figure i used to excite and worked myself at bathroom .usually she keeps a very closeness with me and when ever i need any thing i used to ask her as i am living lonely. I used to go there for a moment especially for phone; she offers me cool drink and asks me very much. But due to fear i unable to catch the real moment.

Daily she watches me and we both laugh each other and there is no real thing happened between us for a long time. Later i went to my native place akluj for my vacations and usually i used to telephone her but there is no significant moment came. One month after vacation i went again to pune and searched for my beauty and learned that she is pregnant and went to her home kolhapur . So i felt disappointed for long time and returned to my studies. Six months later i got information that she conceived a lovely child and both are coming to pune. I was really exited to see her face and body shapes after a long time. I don’t know how many times i worked myself in bathroom imagining my bhabhi .

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Bhaabhi ko pregnant kiya

Hi I am Yogesh. I am a regular visitor and like the stories very much. Today I write a story of my own sex experience with my bhaabhi.

My bhaabhi is 35 year old women. She has a great figure 36-4-26 which is why she attracts me very much. I always wanted to have sex with her. sometimes I kept staring at her breasts and when she looked at me, she smiled. my dick would go up to its limits it was Thursday. everyone had gone out of station. I and bhhabhi stayed home due to my exams. she always comes to my bedroom sharp at 6 to wake me up. at night I don’t wear underwear. so when I get up, my cock would bulge out of my pants. seeing this, bhaabhi used to give me a naughty smile and said “sab kuch dikhta hai”. My dick rose like anything.

That day, I decided to have sex with her. I went to sleep at night thinking about how to have sex with her. I got a plan. I went to sleep and put the alarm of 5.45 am. I got up at 5.45 and took out my penis from the bottom of my half pant. I pretended to be sleeping until I heard the noise of the door opening. it was my bhaabhi. My heart started beating faster. I kept one of my eyes open slightly to see my bhaabhi’s reaction. bhaabhi came near me and was totally shocked.

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