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My Painter Wife and Old Model

My name is Arun and I am 30 years old. I live in an Indian city and work as a Sales Manager in a multinational firm. My wife’s name is Shilpa and she is 26. We have been married for about two years. She used to work in the same company as me as a receptionist when we fell in love, dated for a while and got married. Shilpa was and is exquisitely beautiful, with a flawless complexion, perfectly featured face and a body that looks like it has been sculpted using an hourglass template. She is slim, has long silky hair, medium sized and firm boobs, and a round as with curves that are hard to hide even in loose clothes. Obviously, she had many suitors in our company, so I felt very lucky when I convinced her to be my girlfriend and then my wife.

During our courtship, I had come to know that Shilpa was always considered a talented painter, but because her family was not very well off financially, she could not pursue her dream of becoming an artist too seriously. Since I earned more than enough for us to live lavishly, I suggested that after marriage, Shilpa should quit the dead-end receptionist job and work on her art, something she was delighted to do.

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My Friends & My Lovely WIfe

It was New Year eve my friends were to go on outing to their farmhouse. They invited me to come along and bring along with me my wife Sarita too. We have already swapped with my two intimate friends namely Sumanta and Rajiv and regularly fuck each other’s wives. But my wife’s fantasy was to be fucked by my friends’ in-group alone while no any other lady would present there. Sarita liked to handle more than one cocks alone. I thought this was the right time to fulfill my wife’s fantasy. So I asked them we would accept their invitation if they would go in outing without their wives and only Sarita would go with us. They agreed with me. I coaxed my wife to go along; as I know that Sarita and my friends will be all pleased about her joining with us. We were scheduled to come back within 2 days.
So as per our plan we were starting to our friend’s farmhouse in a Qualis. Rajiv was driving & Sumanta was sitting by his side and my wife and me sat on the rear seat. Hardly we would have traveled 2 K.M. when I turned to my wife and indicated her to open her blouse. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse with a chain behind. She wore a long mangalsutra that dangled over her big 34D bosom. When I indicated her to open blouse she turned her back to me and needing no hint I just pulled zip all the way to her low back in one single go.

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More Swap Plans – A soft swap

Me and my wife were in Delhi for a vacation. Went to a bar and resturant for dinner. After a couple of beers we both were discussing sex. Then I proposed why shouldn’t she try some different person. She bluntly denied to my out of the way idea. Then I tried to convince her (Just because I wanted to prolong the discussion so that I can manage couple of more beers). She was serious and conronting with me on values, love etc etc. I was enjoying the whole discussion and beer too. Then I tried to convince her saying that the life only comes once and one shouldn’t confide to just one man and woman if he/she has a good appetite for sex and all. Not to my astonishment she asked will I do this with another lady if I get a chance? Not with much of a thought, I casually said, “Yes why not?”. That was a punch line for her and she was a bit convinced. Then she said “Yea may be you are right.” That was the day and we came back to the room to have a nice sex and sleep.

Then one day in our home back in Mumbai, when I am back from my business, she told me, “There is a guy on net she accidentally came across who is insisting to meet her”. She even was having his phone number. His name was Rajesh. Then I insisted her to talk to her.

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Me, Wife and Gardner

We got married when Komal was 25. At age of 33, she was complete women with a well fucked chut. We tried all possible poses and added spice to our sex life by making love in new and strange places. I also got a vibrating dildo from Germany which I used to put into her chut. It excited me to see that lund shaped dildo fuck my wife’s wet pussy. I used to imagine that another man is fucking her. When we stayed in Delhi last year, we had a house with a garden. Our gardener was also our chowkidar (watchman). He was young 25 years old Nepali called Balu. I noticed that he used to stare at my wife and I often noticed a bulge in his trousers when ever he came near Komal. I planned to get my wife Komal fucked by our young watchman, Balu. I instructed Balu that we will be sleeping outside on the terrace and he must come upstairs and check everything whilst we are sleeping. He agreed. That night when I heard him coming, I slowly lifted the sari to reveal her naked smooth legs. Poor Balu could not believe his eyes and stared at them as if he wanted to eat them up. Next night after making love, I told Komal not to put on her blouse as it was very hot. Later that night, just before Balu came I removed the cover sheet to reveal my Komal’s smooth shoulders and her breasts.

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Massage in Khajuraho

I am 37 years old engineer and my wife is 35. She is very beautiful and nice looking lady. We have 2 kids of 8 and 5 years. We are living at factory site at Chandrapur, small town of Maharashtra. Because of small town there is no place to visit with family in holidays. In vacations we used to go for outing. My wife came from very conservative family. Every day she prays at least 2 hours and take cares of children in a very nice way. She never had any affair outside in my opinion. Our sex life is normal and she likes to enjoy sex in different positions.

In last summer vacations, we decided to visit Khajoraho. Because there are sculptures of sexual positions in temples there, we didn’t want to go with our children. So we left our children at their maternal uncles’ place and left for Khajoraho. After reaching Khajoraho, we hired a guide. He was a young boy of 20 years. He suggested if we want real enjoyment of Khajoraho, we should go for the guest houses in a nearby forest. He told that there are some nice places between forests. We decided that he is right and hired a car and went 20 Km away from Khajoraho in a forest with him. A very nice guest house with all necessary facilities was there and we took a suit in that guest house.

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A friend in need……… (A true story)

Hi friend, myself “PERWEZ” and going to tell you very very hot experience which happend with me in my own town. I am a married man blessed with two lovely kids. My wife ZEBA is a very beautiful woman on earth and always supported me to enjoy my sex life in a very better way. She has permitted me to enjoy with the outsider RIGHT girl OR woman OR with couple. I am a 6′ (approx) muscular man with strong sex desire. My wife ZEBA always enjoy her sex life with my experinces. The story which I am going to tell you all that was incident and it becomes a memorable in my life. One late rainy night when I was returning from my one business meeting I found few motorcycle guy were chasing slowly slowly to a lonely lady who was moving fast on FOOT alone with her small umbrella. I smell something wrong and stopped my four wheeler nearby lady and on opening gate I asked her “IS SHE WANT HELP?” She saw me at one glance and saw the motorcycle guys who were watching us on stopping their motorcyle. She replied YES and on folding her umbrella got in my four wheeler quickly and I speed up my four wheeler quickly. First I told her do not worry she is safe now. After few minutes I asked her where she want to go? She told her address and kept speaking that due to some work in market she got late and due to that she could not find any taxi or anything to reach at home and in the way these bastard saw me and started to follow me.

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Group sex with cousin and his friend

Hi this is Roopa with a group sex with my cousin his Friend. Last month my cousin Deepak & his friend Arun came to my house in connection with their tour. Deepak is doing his Final B.E at Bangalore. Their idea behind the tour is to visit the South Indian temples. Arun is interested in visiting the temples of south. So Deepak gave him company in his tour. So they planned to stay at my house for two days and visit the temples in our place and the surrounding area. At the time of their arrival, me, my father was in my house and my mother went to my grandma’s house. My mother was scheduled to come back after a week. Our house is individual house in the developing area outside the city. They reached our house in the morning. I prepared food for them and served. My father went to his office. They had food and took rest. Evening we chatted for some time about various topics and they went out and came back. All of us had dinner. The day went cool. Deepak is a handsome guy, tall, fair and with well build body. Arun is also a handsome guy and has a very good physique. My father used to come home around midnight. After dinner I told Deepak to lock the door and I went to sleep. When I was about to pull by deep sleep, I felt somebody in my room. It was Deepak & Arun. Their body spray fragrance made me identify them. I used to sleep in a position facing the ceiling and placing my left fore arm on my forehead. I was in chuddidar. So the position could have seduced them. I have the structure 34-29-38, 165cm height and fair complex.

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Husband Swapping

Husband SwappingNeha and I had been married for over fifteen years. The first six years we spent catching up on all the sex we thought we’d missed out on while we were both single. Our lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and routine. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our desires. We were very happy with our marriage but felt we were missing out on something and wouldn’t discover what it was. Then Neeta came in life & life was once again full off events. Sadly for us Neeta got married & left form Mumbai. Life was once again back to routine. One night in bed, we were watching one of x-rated movies, something about swinging couples. Neha kidded about why they didn’t call it “husband swapping”. I just chuckled and said “wife swapping” sounded sexier.

I asked Neha her opinion on the subject. She kidded me about her being with another guy & tossed a few questions to me about how I would really feel and react to seeing her getting fucked by another guy or sucking on another guy’s cock. I said I will love to watch it & supported my argument with our association with Neeta. She laughed & agreed that we need to give it a try. Now the question was who to rope in. After a lengthy discussion It was decided that we will talk it out with Rakesh & Nanda a very close friend of our’s.

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Husband share his wife

This story is happened in front of me in the threater itself and their home too their lived two thick friends named Raj and Rahul Raj got married and his wife name is Meena. I am writing this story on behalf of the meena and she narrated the story to me i am writing in her words only.

they are just arried b4 6 month. Today Raj seems to be very happy, as his friend RAHUL comes to our house. He was his thick friend from childhood. He has gone to states 3 months b4 our marriage. He didnt came to our marriage because of it. So he comes to visit us today. I was fair lady.. medium built. I resemble Martina Hingis in appearance. I am at 23 now. I am 34-28-36. RAJ was well built and musculine just 2″ taller than me. He was fairer but not as me. May be next to wheatish.

RAJ always use to tell about him and his mischiefness with girls. I understood from the speech of my hubby that they are very close friends. I new nothing more than that.

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Hot desi swinger couples story

An amazing site this one forced me to put my inputs. The readers would get angry with this story but trust me guys this is very much prevalent in our society now and has no taboo between partners who do this. Read on further to know what this story is all about. But I can guarantee you, you must not have read anything like this before. While every word is true, the only exception I took is to change our names. My wife Reena and I are an average late thirties couple with two exceptions. The first is that we don’t have any children with us as they are in hostel which was not by design but by choice and the second is that we are swingers. We enjoy our freedom and love to experiment sexually. We have been successful and my wife is still very attractive. She is 5’5 with short black hair, deep brown eyes and a great shape. I’m 6’1 with brown/balck hair and black eyes and we both work out at the gym. Reena wanted to try a new Mughalai restaurant in town. We went to the restaurant and it was packed so we decided to go the the bar. You could hardly move as it was so crowded. If fact, the guy next to us, knocked over his beer. He apologized and offered to buy us a round. He introduced himself as Vicky ( vic in short ) and his wife as Lalitha ( Lil in short ) Vic was an average sized guy probably 5’10.

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Horny Foursome

Both I and Meera were of the same age and divorced, in fact we met each other in my new office where Meera was senior in the office with in a few days we became good friends and we came to know each other that we both divorced so we decided to live together. We were together for almost one year as we were having good pays there was nothing to worry about except our sex desires, of course we used to enjoy mutual masturbations we were enjoying but we were away from the males we wanted them badly but we could not.

I was compensated by my husband with some money and a flat which came into my heir recently so we both decided to shift our house to my flat so we shifted immediately we were barely seeing the neighbors, one Sunday we came contact with our neighbor house owner this is owned by a person and now it is been using by his two sons. Those two sons doing a sort of business they introduced themselves as Ankith and Vinith, they are almost of our age, after that we encountered them several times with some greets one day we went to have coffee we used to have good chat with them in fact i and Meera are fantasizing them and our discussions were about their physic and personality and the sizes of their dicks etc., we used to meet often but we never proposed them to have fun with them, generally our discussions were about their wives and their businesses and about our offices and some time about our divorced life.

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Group Sex

I’m sam 35yrs old) from famous Bangalore city outer. Let me share here my sexual experiences with two girls Brindha and Kavitha. They live near my house and I am the dearest boy friend of them for the past two years. Brindha is around 25yrs old, very busty, white in complexion, has body structures 38-28-38. Her big boobs and round shaped bums are the much attractive things. I always stare at her while she was walking outside though my house. Next one Kavitha 23yrs old is of medium complexion, not with much big breasts, but has a quiet attractive figure of sizes 34-26-36. I like both girls very much and my main activity while I was in my room was to chat and play (all focused only on sex) with them. Originally, they have come to Bangalore from a different state and so they are careless about keeping such sex relation with me because no body can guess their identification. We three, often go to movies, shopping, tours to some lonely area etc. While in theatre, I will be sitting in the middle with two sexy girls on my either side and we do some caressing with our genitals over the dress in the dark. That was a great fun.

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Group Sex With Sonia

That has happened with a close friend of mine, her name is Sonia (name changed). This happened with her on the second day of her marriage and is still happening now also. She got married about six months back. Her marriage was an arrange one. All the things (marriage) happened very quickly, to be precise it took no longer than a month from the day she got engaged and got married. Because of that she didn’t get much time to learn enough about the guy and the family she was going to spend rest of her life. Now, the story I am going to narrate may sound weird but believe me each and every word is true. At her in laws place there are just two people and they are her husband and his sister (Neha) she is around 20 years old. Both of his parents got killed in a road accident four years back. Now, let us assume that I am Sonia and I am telling my story. On my wedding night, I was waiting for my husband in the bedroom. I was very tired because of the long and tiring ceremonies that took place in last couple of days. My condition was like I would go off to sleep, like dead, if he doesn’t come in next few minutes. So he, finally, came after the agonizing wait for about fifteen minutes. His sister was along with him and both of them were holding hands, it looked strange to me but I didn’t give it a second thought. Then both of them came near the bed on the side where I was sitting.

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Group sex with cousins

I decided to reveal one of my experiences involving my cousin sister in law & cousin sister with you people. Before starting the story I want to introduce u with my cousin sister in law (bhabhi) who’s name is Preeti. Preetis’s age is 31 and she is a fair and an extremely beautiful lady, with curly hair. Earlier she had the looks of a model with a perfect figure, but after giving birth to two children her buttocks have enlarged a bit and she has become a little meaty, with big boobs & broad thighs. But that has just added to her sex appeal. I can assure you that any male who will see her for the first time will definitely get a little erection down under. I had always dreamed of fucking her since I saw her for the first time.

She is really a charismatic lady, who can make any male dance on her fingertips with her sex appeal. This story also involves my cousin sister (Piku). She is of age 24 and is thus one year elder then me. She is the heartthrob of her college; hundreds of guys in her college can do anything to have friendship (and ultimately sex) with her (I got that information from one of my close friends). She is also a fair lady, but not as fair as bhabhi. She is a beautiful & smart girl with a bold nature. Her boobs though quite big if compared to girls of her age could never be compared with bahbhi’s enormous sized boobs. But her habit of wearing revealing clothes always attracted me towards her.

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Group Project

My senior year of high school and I am lucky enough to have a lot of classes I like. My favorite is definitely Literature, not so much because of what we go over, but because I had a lot of friends in it with me. On one particular day our teacher announced that we had to make a video project for a book we had just gone over, and she split us up into assigned groups and told us we had to work on it outside of class.

I felt like the luckiest guy in the world when I saw that Brittany and Ashley were both in my group. They were the two classroom hotties; Brittany a softball player with a hot athletic body and Ashley with her sexy black hair and well defined body. After a quick meeting, Ashley informed us that she wouldn’t be able to come to my place after school today, but she would tomorrow and that Brittany was the opposite; she could come today but not tomorrow. (It had been decided to go to my house since both my parents were away on business trips)

So the solution was simple- Brittany and I would work on it today, and then Ashley and I would work on it tomorrow.

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