Anthony has his first with his aunt Part 1

Hi friends and sexy damsels! I am Antony (not real name) from Chennai wanting to share my beautiful encounters. let me start with my debut experience. please read this and give your response without fail.  About me I’m 21, just an average guy with an average build and I’m 5″9. And about my aunt, her name is Angela (not real name). She’s 34. To be honest I’m not good in women’s figures (size).

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Balwinder doesn’t stop at his mom

I am new to this channel but experienced alot in this field. i am BALWINDER AND I AM 55 today 55 and not old but gold in this field.

i remeber and can tell u about 45 years back i use to sleep with mi mother when i was just ten and use to keep mi hand on the nipple of mi mother by lifting her kameez. i dont know whether she use to enjoy it or just for sons sake never tried to shit me or push me away.after 2 to 3 years i changed and use to sleep with mi elder sister and whenever we find the time we get naked and kiss each others body including her boobs her pussy and mi penis. her pussy was. getting hairs by that time littles like grass. this never ended till she grew and her cunt started leaking.once or twice i touched her boobs and pussy she gladly resprocated but never TRIED to have some good relations with me.

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Kiran satisfies her devar Neeraj

Hi ! My name is Kiran . I am 26 years old and married . This story i am posting to tell u my experience with my dewar U can send me your suggestions and your sex stories and pics at or!!

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Neha ki yaadgaar suhagraat

Meri umar 22 sal ki hai. Neha ki umar 20 saal ki ha, Dikhne mein wo bahut hi khoobsurat aur sexy lagti hai. Main bahut hi sexy hoon lekin Neha to mujhse bhi jyada sexy hai. Wo mujhse hamesha tarah tarah ke style mein ek dam mast ho kar chudwati hai. Main hamesha nayi nayi ladkiyon ke talash mein rahta tha aur bade aaram se unko apne jaal mein phasa leta tha. Phir unhein apne ghar bula kar unki buri tarah se chudayi karta tha. Ye silsila Neha ke aane ke baad 1 month tak band raha lekin phir shuru ho gaya. Ab main Neha ke samne hi un ladkiyon ki chudayi karne laga. Jan ke mahine mein is baat ko lekar Neha ka mujhse khoob jhagada hua. Neha ne kaha, tum hemsha nayi nayi ladkiyon ko phasa kar ghar late ho aur mere samne hi unki chudayi karte ho. Agar aisa hi karna tha to mujhse shadi kyon ki. Agar main bhi tumhari tarah roj roj naye aadmiyon se chudwane lagoon to tumhein kaisa lagega. Maine kaha, agar tumhara man bhi roj roj naye lund se chudwane ka karta hai to mujhe koyi etraz nahin hai. Tum mere samne hi jis se chaho chudwa sakti ho. Main tumhein bilkul bhi mana nahin karunga. Wo boli, phir theek hai, ab main bhi roj roj naye aadmiyon ko phasa kar unse tumhare samne hi khoob chudwaungi.

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Saali aur sexy saas ki chudai

Mein 25 sal ka married hoon. Meri shadi 3 months pehle hui thi. Meri biwi ek sexy mast gand wali ladki hai. Hum log jabse engagement hui thi tabse hi chudai karte the. Mein Baroda, Gujarat me rehta hoon and private company me job karta hoon.

Mere ghar me mom dad and meri biwi aur mein rehte hai. Meri ek badi married sister hai. Woh bhi Baroda me hi rahti hai. Mere sasural me meri biwi ki badi bahen yani meri saali and saas sasur rehte hai. Uska nam Aarti (name changed) hai. Woh karib 30 sal ki sexy aurat hai. Woh pragnancy ke dauran apne mayke aayi thi aur 8th month chal raha tha. Uske baare me agar batau to woh karib 5.7 ft lambi hai. Uske boobs bade bade aur gand fuli hui hai. Uska figure 36-30-36 hoga. Jiske karan woh bahot chudasi dikhti thi. Meri nazar us par shadi se pahle se hi thi. Aur jab bhi me apni biwi ki chut marta tha mein Aarti ko hi soch kar chodta tha. Kya veerya niklta tha uska nam lekar.

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Nisha ki chudai ka nasha

Hi to all readers mein aapko meri ik real story sunane wala hu . story se phehle mein apne bare mein bata du. mera naam jimmy hai mein punjab ka rehne wala hu. ik punjabi ladka hu . dikhne mein smart hu .meri age 24 saal hai .aur mera lun aapke hath ke size se  thoda bada hai aab apna hath dekh lo :p bada hai naa yeh story aaj se 2 months phhele ki hai.

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Padosan bhabhi ki zabardast chudai

Hi Friends, Mera naam saurav h.aur m delhi se hu aur m 32 saal ka hu. M dikhne m smart huu..aisa sb kehte h mujhe…m noida  job kr rha huye baat 0ct 2012 ki h..hmare ground floor pe ek couple rehne aaya tha..bhaiya ka naam nitin tha aur bhabi ka naam  astha kya bumb piece thi…gori itni k puchho mt..Figure 32 34 36….
jeans m nikal jaye to uski gand dekh k log sadak pe hi pagal ho jaye..zada tr vo suit pehnti thi…m to dekhte hi uska aashiq ho gya tha.. raat din use chodne k sapne dekha krta tha aur sochta tha kaise baat shuruvat mauka nh mil rha tha..

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Nayi naveli bhabhi ki chudai

Me ahmedabad ke 1 gau me rahta hu 27 saal ka hu.story hai dost ki saadi ke baad bhabhi ki chudai…

Hua yesha ki mere bahot sare dost hai un me she 1 mayur name ka jo dost tha ush ki shadi thi. Mera achha dost hone ke nate ushne aap ni shadi me pahele aane ko kaha tha.( hum jaha rahte hai waha unke father job karte hai iss liye wo yaha rahte the par shadi aapne gau me rakhhi thi.)

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Sexy Indian women in train journey Part 2

I chewed on that tit for some time while cupping, pressing, pulling, pinching the other as she wriggled and writhed in my grasp, occasionally letting out a small scream if my fingers had been too hard on her tits. I pulled her sari to her waist and grabbed a thigh in one hand, rubbing it, pressing it, feeling the soft flesh tremble under my hand. She was shivering all over, from fear or expectation, I couldn’t tell. I grabbed an ankle and tied it with my handkerchief to the tap on the basin. She twisted and squirmed all over again trying to loose the binds.

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Sexy Indian women in train journey Part 1

I was going back from college to home during the vacations. Long arduous train journey, took almost two and a half days. The only consolation was an occasional sexy woman who could possibly be in my coach, whom I could think about and jerk off. Other than that it was mainly a fucked up trip with crying and screaming kids, bullshit being passed back and forth among other passengers.

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Bhabhi ki choot mein bada lund Part 2

Unhone apna petticoat upar kar diya aur boli, dekh meri chut bhi ek dam geeli ho gayi. Tune to mujhe pagal sa kar diya hai. Ab mujhe bardast nahin ho raha hai, tu meri chut ko shala de, main tera Lund sahla deti hoon. Maine kaha, kewal sahlana hi hai ya kuchh aur karna hai. Wo boli, agar tera man kare to meri chut ko thoda sa chat le jis se mujhe bhi thoda aaram mil jayega. Maine kaha, kapde to utar do. Wo boli, tu khud hi utar de. Maine bhabhi ke kapde utar diye. Ab wo ek dam nang ho gayi. Unki chut ek dam saaf thi. Maine kaha, tumhari chut to ek dam saaf hai. Wo boli, mujhe chut par baal bilkul bhi pasand nahin hain isi liye main ise hamesha hi saaf rakhti hoon. Tera bhi to ek dam saaf hai.

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Bhabhi ki choot mein bada lund Part 1

Mein delhi mein MBA karne ke liye wahna jakar mein apne cosin bhai k ghar jakar permanetly ruknna jo ki ab nahi rahe wanha sirf bhabhi rahti bhaiya.Shadi ke 3 saal baad hi ek road excident mein bhaiya ka swargwas ho gaya tha. Main bhabhi ke saath akela hi rahta tha. Bhabhi ka naam Ritu hai. Bhabhi bahut hi khoobsurat thi. Wo mujhe Sunny kah kar hi bulati thi. Unke Papa aur mummy ka swargwas bahut pahle hi ho chuka tha. Bhabhi umar mein mujhse 5 saal ki badi thi. Wo mujhe bahut pyar karti thi. Bhaiya ke gujar jane ke baad main bhabhi ki poori dekhbhal karta tha aur wo bhi mera bahut khayal rakhti thi. Main subah 10 baje hi ghar se chala jata tha aur phir raat ke 6 baje hi ghar wapas aata tha.

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My sexy neighbor Madhu

I am bangalorean presently working in hyderabad for a software firm. This happened when I aws doing my +2. She was my neighbour. I knew her from childhood, but the feelng changed at that time. I was so exited by seeing the adult movies, some how i wanted somebody to experience. She was of same age, beatiful and her physical personality was mind blowing, it was 36 30 38.

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Doctor fucked my wife Part 3

He then turned to where I was sitting, and asked me if I could give him a condom. I hadn’t expected things to proceed this fast, but I went to the bedroom, got one and gave it to him. I guess this was his way of asking my permission to fuck her. My wife seemed surprised by this as well, but before she had time to think, he gave the condom to her. He then unbuckled his belt, lowered his jeans and revealed a very visible erection within his jockey shorts. He then motioned to my wife to put the condom on him. She hesitated for a second and looked at me and I told her to go ahead. My wife got down, knelt on the floor and then lowered his underwear with his help. His cock was very stiff and pointed almost straight up with a prominent pink head. She struggled to get the condom packet opened, and then tried to put it on him. She had never put on a condom before since I always did it myself. She fumbled with his cock and the condom for a while, trying to get it on. His cock was thicker and longer than mine, and I was fascinated to watch her handling his cock. After she was done, he stepped out of his jeans and shorts, and laid her on her back on the carpeted floor and lifted up her skirt all the way, revealing her smooth thighs and pubic area. He placed a cushion under her butt to position her pussy at the right height.

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Doctor fucked my wife Part 2

He then asked my wife to get up and undress to her waist for her breast exam. She hesitated a bit, and then sat up on the table and started undoing the snaps on the front of her blouse. I helped her to remove it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy black bra. She undid the snaps at the back of the bra, took it off and sat up, with her hands crossed in her lap. Her embarrassment at sitting topless in front of the two of us was obvious. She looked very attractive and vulnerable at the same time. My wife has nicely shaped breasts with perky dark nipples, which stood out clearly. He asked her to raise her right hand and then started checking her right breast. With his bare hands, he felt up her underarm and all around her breast in a circular motion with three fingers pressing the flesh of her breasts. He asked her if she ever had a discharge from her nipple. She said no, but he still pressed a finger on her nipple, bending it to one side and lightly squeezing it. He then lowered her arm. He repeated the same with her left breast, while holding up her left hand over her head with his other hand. He asked her if she ever did breast self-exams and she said no. He said that she should do them regularly in the same way that he just did, and placed his hand again on her breast to show her the area to cover.

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