My first job Part 1

Hi readers, am Sangeeth from Kerala. Presently am staying in Tamilnadu, Coimbatore. My contact id is As this is my first story I expect response from readers especially from ladies, aunties, housewives and every female. And my story is little bit long and if I am boring u means please forgive me.  I was interested in ladies elder to me, house wives and aunties from my young age. I like south Indian ladies, use to watch ladies in sari and see their side view. That is an awesome feeling for me when I see ladies with sari showing their hip, navel, boobs shape etc. I like medium and fat ladies than slim ones.

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Fucking college friend

Hello friends. This is my second story. Well I should introduce myself to you my name is Sanz (name changed). I live in Gurgaon this incident happened with me on 29th August which was a few days back. I am 6 feet tall athletic body amd wheatish complexion.

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Fucking my owner aunt

Hi All readers,

I am 25 male and working in MNC – Hyderabad. I’m only an average looking guy with exercised body. Still now I have only one real experience which iam sharing with you guys. I stay in Secunderabad. I Love Aunts a lot married, widowed, divorced. I love them a lot. Coming to the story,

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Company worker aur uski behan ki chudai

Hello all boys, girls and bhabhis or aunties. Ye meri pehli story hai jo aapko batane ja raha hu . Mera naam raj hai m 24 saal ka hu . m haryana se hu. Mera body normal type hai . M simple or sunder hu . Mere ound ka size 8 inch lumba or 3 inch mota hai. M iss ka regular reader hu . Muje iss ki story padana kafi acha lagta hai . Aaj m aapko apni ek real story batane ja raha hu .

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Lost my virginity

I am reader of this site this is my first story I would be great if my story is published on this site this was my first story please forgive if any mistakes are there in this story due to my first post in this site Hi each n every one im sanjay(fake names ) from bangalore I am not a regular reader once I was browsing I come across the site this im going tell true story how I lost my virginity ..

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In spite of love marriage

Hi AISS Readers I am a regular reader of the site and very fond of reading to wife sex story. I don’t think so that all the story posted are true but I consider few of the stories are real like mine. Friends, I m an intelligence officer in Indian army and posted in New Delhi. I had an affair with a girl since 2005 and married with her in the month of april 2011.

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Adventure of an Indian call boy Part 2

Where as I put my left hand inside her panty and was pressing her pussy lips slowly and again I came to her left nipple and with my right hand I pushed her panty out from her legs and made her totally nude and we both were in our born birthday suits full nude she was amazed to see my dick size of 4.5 inch long & 2.5 inch thick & said that she hasn’t seen a cock in her life and it will give her full enjoyment while fucking I was sucking her both boobs and nipples one by one and I was playing with the clit of her pussy lips for about 15 minutes and she became hot and was moaning very wildly I started kissing her earlobes then came to her eyes then her cheeks and when I came to her neck she was arching her body in excitement and I took my full time about 40 minutes while kissing at her earlobes eyes cheeks neck and in a sudden I put my lips again on her lips and sucked it for about 20 minutes playing with each other tongues and after sucking her lips for 20 minutes I again sucked her both boobs and nipples for 5 minutes and then kissed her armpits and licked both armpits for about 15 minutes.

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Adventure of an Indian call boy Part 1

Hi this is Sam from Delhi (basically from south). 5.9 Height, 90 Kgs, dark, tall, and small tummy. My urge for sex is very high. I am a callboy now for female by profession and I provide service to those unsatisfied females who are unsatisfied by their respective partner’s husband / even for spinsters. This is my 1st story with all you people.  If there is some mistake in words for describing my story then I am sorry for that dear friends. In my this story that how I became a callboy by profession and I love this profession because I love to have sex with different girls or ladies in my profession I get the chance to enjoy with different girls and ladies.

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The gift Part 3

To say the least from that day onwards, Ramesh became my second lover. We became mother and son only for other people and for his dad. It was very hard to balance being mother and lover with a stud son around and doing all kinds of mischievous things. Ramesh never had enough of me and used to molest me even when somebody is around. he does more of it when somebody is around us. He would never let an opportunity go to fondle his mother’s body. I always wondered whether he is doing it for shear lust or to hint people around that he is bonking his mother. In anycase, I liked it.

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The gift Part 2

Half an hour after my son finished filling me with his cum, he was fast sleep beside me. I too was tired from our my sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened we hours ago.
I donot know how long I slept but I was waken by the sound of somebody opening the front door. I gotup immediately to find my clothes but heard the steps getting near.

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The gift Part 1

Never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium. My name is Vijaya. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as myself and his dad went to the airport to pick him.

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Sex with Neha aunty

Hello All,  This is my first story,please correct me if i made any mistakes.This is true incident happend in my life. Every day i go for morning walk in a park and one day as usual i went.I was done with jagging and sitting alone on a bench in the park.To my surprise i found a lady crossing me,her name is Neha(Name changed) with assets 34 28 32,she was really gorgeos and a married woman.

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Fucking a beautiful housewife in Pune

There I arranged my accommodation in a rented house, in which the ground floor was occupied by the house owner and the first floor of the house, which was fully furnished rented to me. The family of owner of the house was comprised of four members who include the house owner; he was a textile showroom owner, his wife and two children. On the initial stages, the house owner helped us very much to establish my family there and arranged so many house articles for our family.

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Sex with Minisha Part 2

I found that she had started breathing fast & said,” Rohan please, what are you doing! Don’t do this please” I replied,” I think I am your guest & you were supposed to offer me coffee. But instead, I would like to help you and have milk instead of coffee.” She hesitated & shyly replied,” I don’t know what to say.”  I said,” don’t say anything, just relax. I think we are good friends now.” She replied with her dreamy eyes,” Yah, we are.” I went forward & kissed on her cheek. She was all red with shyness & I untied the gown she was wearing exposing her upper front body. I asked her,” May I.” she said,” I don’t Know. Your T shirt is getting all wet”  I removed my T shirt & she was so excited to see my muscled body with all the cuts on it & I can easily see the lust in her eyes which began to creep. She started to move her hands on my bare chest. I pulled up a chair & sat on it & pulled her towards me. Now the whole action began…..   I removed her gown from her body completely.

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Sex with Minisha Part 1

Hi… I am Rohan from Delhi. I am a constant reader of AISS and since a very long time I was thinking a lot to share my experiences of SEX LIFE with the readers of ISS but was not sure enough that whether I should do it or not. But at last I decided to do so & here I am with one of mine most exotic & unexpected experience.

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