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Attractive aunty Arati cannot stand 3 days without a dick as her husband is away for work

Hi im Sanjay.and im from punjab.I am 28 years.this story when im stay in
dehli for one year my course.and i have hire apartment. which is so far
the tallest in our area. I live here with my one friend.There was a lady
just in front of my apartment I live in the 9th floor and just opposite
to my apartment was another apartment. From my bedroom verandah I could
clearly see the bathroom of the my opposite flat. This lady used to come
for a bath everyday near about 11 AM. This lady was about 37-39 yrs of
age. Her name was Arati. I never used to talk to her but though she is
our neighbor I used to sometimes smile at her whenever we used to meet
each other downstairs or at any function. She had no kids and her
husband was working in a company and had to go out for tour at least
10-15 days a month. She was really very attractive and sexy. She was
36-30-36, she had round cup shaped boobs and a soft and round ass. She
was more on the fairer side and had a very Indian feature. She had long
brown hair and a round face and long neck, which was really very sexy.
It was Saturday morning! My friend gone his tour,so im alone that day I
was really getting bugged up that day cause no one was at home and I had
nothing to do. Well I then switched on to some music J LO (Jennifer
Lopez) and was listening with a blasting sound. By the time I had called
up few friends and was talking to them, It was about 10 AM and I thought
of taking a bath and get refreshed cause I was feeling very clumsy.

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Anil tries to get dirty with single woman archana

archana: how do u know me
Engineer Anil: hi
Engineer Anil: buddy
Engineer Anil: exbii
archana: i m not on exbii
Engineer Anil: but u follow that
Engineer Anil: m i right
archana: yeah but .. as a guest
archana: so how can u know me
Engineer Anil: i know thats it
archana: how is govinda ?
Engineer Anil: he is fine
Engineer Anil: how about u
Engineer Anil: ur asl
archana: i mean who is govinda
archana: i dont know him
Engineer Anil: batay to
Engineer Anil: 24 m bombay
Engineer Anil: engineer
Engineer Anil: an exbiian
archana: check my profile
Engineer Anil: ur asl ??
archana: 25 f blore

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I met a horny mature Desi aunty at the supermarket and fucked her in the back of my car

one day i was at the supermaket shopping for some egges and bread and
while i was doing that i wsa also looking for a hot mature women who i
can take home and fuck. i looked thru lots of mature women and i finally
found what i was looking for. i was at the check out counter and there
was this nice mature aunty in front of me waiting for her turn. so while
i was standing behind her i was admiring her ass from that salwar
kameez. her ass looks so good i felt like touching it right there.

little bit about aunty, her name is jaya, age 40yr old, nice tits and
nice fuckable ass…… about me age 27, handsome, good physic, nice
tools and love to fuck mature women…….

me: ” excuse me, aunty are you from around here? aunty: ” why do you
want to know me: ” just asking, i just wanted to say that you are very
beautiful…… aunty: ” thank you, anything else……. she had kind of
angry look becuase i just started talking her and she dont talk to
stranger, so i was looking at her ass and i said no nothing
else……she caught me looking at her ass…..

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Couple from Bombay and their friends get involved in a secretive society where they get to have sex with various couples

It happened last year on the New Year eve. Narayan got an invitation from
an unknown person. Let me give their introduction first. Narayan is a guy
of 33 living at Mumbai. Sangeeta 27 years is his wife. Sangeeta is damn sexy and
has a perfect shape to bring life to the dick of a 100 year old guy
also. She has a firm breast of size 36 and a slim waist line. She has
well shaped bums too. They were married for five years now. They are
still free from children. So much so for the intro. Let us go back to
the main story. The envelope definitely stood out from the rest of the
mail. It was about seven inches square, very heavy parchment paper, with
only an embossed emblem for a return address.

“Sangeeta, does this look familiar to you at all?” Narayan asked as he held
the envelope up for her to see.

“No, but it’s probably just another useless advertisement leaflet or
so.” she said. “Open it and see what it has.”

Removing the contents from the envelope, Narayan saw an invitation
formally printed on rag edged parchment.

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sonam has just dropped her hubby off at the airport and is looking for some company late night

niraj_the_guy: hi…
sonam_le: asl
niraj_the_guy: male 28 kol…urs plz..
sonam_le: name?
niraj_the_guy: ur asl plz.??
niraj_the_guynn: hmm am nirajan.
sonam_le: 26/f/kol
niraj_the_guy: oki..thanx..
niraj_the_guy: wat u do sonam..??
sonam_le: h wife
sonam_le: you, niraj?
niraj_the_guy: hmmm…nice
niraj_the_guy: am wrking in IT..
sonam_le: ok
niraj_the_guy: where r u now sonam..??
sonam_le: ofcourse home
niraj_the_guy: but its too late na ..stilll awaken..?
sonam_le: yaa
sonam_le: hubby had a flight
niraj_the_guy: oh….
niraj_the_guy: so wat ur hubby does ..
sonam_le: job

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10 minutes of free time is all poonam needs in order to satisfy her needs

poonam C:Hmmm. Busy as always
poonam C:Me too
busybee binod:hahahha
busybee binod:today i have some relief
busybee binod:what about u
poonam C:Maybe 10 min free time
poonam C:so just dropped in to say hi
poonam C:So how are things
busybee binod:screwed up
busybee binod:terrible
busybee binod:u cant imagine
poonam C:Mine too
poonam C:But not much
poonam C:Got hold of the stuff
poonam C:Looks like now on will be easy
busybee binod:hmmm
busybee binod:i have to travel to mumbai next week
poonam C:Just that my pussy is not screwed for a looooong time nor )
busybee binod:so was getting ready for that
poonam C:oh ok
busybee binod:hahhahahah
busybee binod:get some free time n ping me
busybee binod:even my lund was dieing to hear from u

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Aunty Shilpa with her sexy body likes it hard and rough and loves to bit too

Dear friends,

This is the first time I am narrating a real story which happened me six
month back I am S ( I don’t want tell my name) from cochin . I am 34
years old and good in look and athletic body ,I don’t tell much about my
self, what happened one day I went for seeing a house (As I was planning
to buy a house, ) a broker took me in to a big house , the house is good
than we had a talk with the owner , actually owner is a women. She is 38
yrs, her n name is sahiba . She is good in look and she is 5.5 inch
height, her boob’s are good in size, her buttocks are really good like a
two pots she has two female kids elder in final year in B.A Younger in
first year B,Sc. We talk and finalize the deal . she demand after the
sale of the house she want to stay in the same house for rent .

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Two Desi couple do a wife swap and enjoy eachother’s partners for the night

Sarbani and I had been married for over ten years. The first six years we
spent catching up on all the sex we thought we’d missed out on while we
were both single. Our lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and
routine. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our
desires. We were very happy with our marriage but felt we were missing
out on something and wouldn’t discover what it was. One night in bed, we
were watching one of x-rated movies, something about swinging couples.
Sarbani kidded about why they didn’t call it “husband swapping”. I just
chuckled and said “wife swapping” sounded sexier. I asked Sarbani her
opinion on the subject. She kidded me about her being with another guy &
tossed a few questions to me about how I would really feel and react to
seeing her getting fucked by another guy or sucking on another guy’s
cock. I said I will love to watch it. She laughed & agreed that we need
to give it a try. Now the question was who is to rope in. After a
lengthy discussion It was decided that we will talk it out with Rakesh &
Nanda a very close friend of our’s.

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My experiences with my Punjabi aunty who is also my neighbour

Hi there this a real story that happened with me. I stay in an apartment
and we have another house just opposite to ours. our kitchen faces the
kitchen of the opposite house. the house opposite was vacant for a long
time and suddenly it was acquired by the new tenants…. the family had
a couple and their 2 kids. it was a Punjabi family , the lady was not
more than 26 but her both the kids were in school as she was married too
early… she was gorgeous looking bomb… she used to smile at me when
ever she used to see me… I was really surprised with this and I used
to become more and more horny every time she smiled at me… but she
never talked to me …I thought it was just a general smile given to the
neighbors.. but one day as my mother was out I had to serve my lunch for
myself and I suddenly saw her in the kitchen ..she was adjusting her
sari she didn’t notice me …. but I stood there admiring her… and
after some time she too saw me and she gave a huge smile …I said hello
to her .. our windows were at the distance of 10 feet. she asked me
whether I had my lunch ..this was the first time she talked to me… I
said no. and she asked me to come and have lunch with her at her home…
I was happy with what was happening but I controlled my self as every
one in both the apartments know me very well and me going there would be
a great problem … I could find out that she used to ignore me when
anyone was around in the balcony.. but used to stare at me when nobody
was around… she used to do a lot of makeup and was very fair
adorable… anybody would get ready to fuck her if got a chance. one day
no body was there at my home and the phone bell rang.. I picked up the
phone and it was her … I was surprised with her call and she called me
with my name I never told her my name ..but she heard it someone calling
me …then I asked her how she got the number she said she visited my
home the day before and met my mother and as they didn’t had a phone
connection she took our number …and she knew that no one was at home
except me so she called from outside… I was really overjoyed with this
I couldn’t believe with what was happening with me.. she asked whether I
have any problem in having friendship with her. and how can I refuse ? I
accepted.. she asked me to meet out some where and we planned to meet at
a restaurant. she was very very beautiful her boobs were oozing out of
her sari and I could clearly see her navel… she took my hands and said
that she is admiring me from the very first day they arrived and was
always trying to make friendship with me she was happy that her
wish is fulfilled …she told me they were from Delhi and they r new in
the city …she said she was always feeling lonely and wanted a friend
to share her feelings ..and now she was happy that she got me…. she
took my cell no and then used to call me daily.. . when no body was at
my home I used to go to the kitchen and watch her preparing food.. her
kids would leave along with her husband to school at 9 and would return
around 4 in the evening till then she was all alone.. she called me to
her home many times but I was afraid … one day her husband had to
leave the town for business work was late night… and and before
all that we used to crack double meaning jokes and all kinds of talk
about love and sex etc.. but never kissed nor I saw any part of her body
that night every one in my house slept and I went to the kitchen and she
was standing there in her black sexy nighty … she gave a smile but I
could notice a great change on her looks she was too hot to look.. she
had some kind of passion and lust in her eyes.. she asked with me low
voice whether I would like to see her breasts…. I was overjoyed and
nodded my head.. she gave me a flying kiss and slowly bent down and
caught her nighty from the bottom and slowly started to raise it …
imagine what would be my position… my dick was unable to bear the
scene… she slowly lifted and came above her waist and I was surprised
she didn’t wear her panty and was totally nude I was about to faint as
just saw this on net and movies but never ever thought that some thing
like this can also happen with me… she slowly removed it totally and I
could see her huge round sexy boobs.. my god…. we didn’t had tension
cuz no one else can watch us cuz it was just opposite windows …. she
became totally mad and invited me to come to her home …. it was around
12:30 at night …I was in a fix.. I wanted to go and was afraid if
anyone saw me… I collected some courage and slowly and hiding I
managed to reach her house and I saw her door was open for me .. I
bolted the door and was looking around and I suddenly felt her from
behind … she was totally mad at that moment I could control
anymore ..we both went to her bedroom …and she bolted the door of the
room where her kids were sleeping.. she was just murmuring …ohh I love
u darling… I am very hungry plz fulfill me…. we first hugged tightly
and I started to kiss her on her lips god she was too great at it..
we both were exploring ur mouths… and simultaneously I was pressing
her boobs and playing with her nipple …she was getting more and more
passionate… I then started kissing her neck and slowly lowered down to
her armpits she was smelling too good she used a very good perfume in
the whole room as were as her body.. they fragrances were adding fuel in
the fire… now I cupped her breasts and started to lick them … she
was holding my head a pushing me towards her …I then started sucking
her hard …more harder she wanted .. and I did so.. I was unable to
breathe.. I was on my clothes and now she turned me down and removed my
shirt ..and pants.. she was all nude and now she removed my underwear..
she was overjoyed to see my huge dick.. she took it in one hand and was
moving it up and down ..she was playing with it…. she asked me whether
I liked it ..I winked at her…. she then holding my dick in one hand
came over my head and started kissing and licking with her tongue… she
was teasing me and I was enjoying those moments.. she slowly licking my
head came near my eyes… then my nose then my cheeks my lips .. then my
ears and neck then she slowly came on my chest.. she was more passionate
on my chest and spent some time there and then slowly went more down
near my stomach and now my waist …I was too excited now cuz I wanted
her to suck me and I didn’t knew whether she would do it or not… then
she started licking my balls …she was sucking them she was moaning
allot … she then licked my whole dick and licked all my precum.. .I
was about to come as this never happened to me before but I controlled
by stopping her for a moment she saw me to find out what was wrong then
I told I am about to come she smiled at me and said she want to drink
all the cum.. then she took my dick again and started sucking it hard
and harder ohh god I just can’t forget that experience… she was a
great sucker.. .she gave me my first blow job of my life … I was too
hot … now she was sucking more and more faster.. I was about to come
and I didn’t notice that I was infact fucking in her mouth with her
rhythm ..she was staring as she was sucking me …I just started fucking
hard in her mouth cock was touching too deep in her mouth and I was
about to come and I finally came in her mouth with great pressure… she
was sucking me more hard and drinking all the cum… she licked my whole
dick and now my dick began to shrink down …we both were too
tired ..but there was much to happen…. after 15 minutes of rest we
started the action again. she told me about 69 and I agreed … I was
lying down and she came over me and positioned her pussy near my
mouth .. my dear the smell made me too horny and she was all wet.. I
never had this before and was really eager to proceed … I just started
moving my mouth near her buttocks and pussy she took my cock and was
already doing her job … I took a little time to start…. I first
started with fingering her.. she was moaning allot and as I was
fingering her deep and deep her sucking on my dick also became wild ..I
was fucking her with my finger and she was fucking my cock in her mouth
with the same rhythm.. she then stopped and asked me to suck her pussy I
wasted no time now and just started licking her pussy I separated her
clit and inserted my tongue deep in her pussy… ummm it was too
hot …. I started fucking her with my tongue she enjoyed that a lot she
was pushing her pussy in my mouth and her action started to increase and
her moaning more louder …and suddenly she came and she secreted a
thick liquid… I licked all her cum… she felt dead with that and even
I was about to come.. she layed down on the bed and came and sat on her
belly and she was lying just closing her eyes.. I gave some strokes to
my cock and I came on her boobs and stomach …. her eyes were closed
but she knew what was happening around she applied all that cum all over
her body and pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly …. I said I
have to leave and I left the place carefully but she insisted me to stay
and I promised her that I will come another day and fuck her … then
next day I went to her house as her husband was to come the next day..
we started with a passionate kiss and without wasting any time we
started the fucking ..she sat at the end of the bed …I happy that I
was experiencing sex without condoms as she had already done abortion
and there was no fear…. I positioned my cock and inserted he pussy…
it was toooo wet and hence was easy for me to enter ….

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Desi man helping a friend in need by implanting some semen in his friend’s wife’s pussy

Hi friend, myself “Feroz” and going to tell you very very hot
experience which happend with me in my own town. I am a married man
blessed with two lovely kids. My wife Chandika is a very beautiful woman on
earth and always supported me to enjoy my sex life in a very better way.
She has permitted me to enjoy with the outsider RIGHT girl OR woman OR
with couple. I am a 6′ (approx) muscular man with strong sex desire. My
wife Chandika always enjoy her sex life with my experinces. The story which
I am going to tell you all that was incident and it becomes a memorable
in my life.

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yasmin likes to keep her choot busy even when her husband is away

Ahmad:hi miss kanpur
Ahmad:how r u
Ahmad:so whats going on
Ahmad:any luck with hubby
Ahmad:kuch masti hui ya nahi
Ahmad:husband wapas aaye ya still abroad
Ahmad:abhi bhi bahar ghum rahe hain
Ahmad:so sad
Ahmad:to kabhi phone pe sex hua hay ya nahi husband ke sath
Ahmad:o ooo
Ahmad:aur net pe kab chudi last baar
Ahmad:net pe kabhi nahi chudi sachi batana
Ahmad:ye hui na baaat
Ahmad:maja aaya tha

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lady shilpa worries about pregnancy after deciding not to use condoms

silky shilpa:hii
boy jay_z:hi darling
boy jay_z:how r u
silky shilpa:thik hi hu
silky shilpa:or tum?
boy jay_z:main bhi bas thik hin hun
silky shilpa:i m in some trobl…y u say so
boy jay_z:what trouble tell me
boy jay_z:ki hoya hazoor
silky shilpa:yar sab ulta hai mere sath
silky shilpa:perids nhi aye
silky shilpa:bahut garm cheeje b kha chuki
silky shilpa:bt koi fayda nhi
boy jay_z:o ooo
boy jay_z:did u do unprotected sex
boy jay_z:withought condom
silky shilpa:nhiui
silky shilpa:haan ye hota hai ki phle kuch mints ase hi kar to lete hai
silky shilpa:pae is se koi darr to nhi
silky shilpa:????
silky shilpa:par
silky shilpa:bolo naa
boy jay_z:hmmm

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Aunty Saraswati educateds young man Ramesh about sexual desires

Hi All,

I am Ramesh again, its has been since last few days, i did not write to
Kerala Erotica, was busy at work, but, me and my wife Sujata always visit
site. and the friends that we got from kerala erotica, its our gifit,
all are in touch with us still. I can’t give name of a person here, that
he is giving good company and pleasure for us, every month. he is a good
stry writer in kerala erotica to gave a chance to enjoy the three some,
once in a month.I did not even think, a net person can change my wife
like this, as wild sexy girl.. Thank you all..
I hope you enjoyed my previous story “Anjaly Aunty”. Its been long time
since i started getting into Adult content on net. I started visiting
porn sites from my first year into engineering. It was exciting to me
when i started, and i have been with the same rage and urge since 10
years. I am now 28. Here is my second experience. This also happened
during my engineering and it was with a lady staying opposite to our
house. Her name is Saraswati.

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Delhi girl Durga gets touched all over the place by a stranger on the bus before eventually getting fingered

I am today putting up a incident of a newly married couple whom are
living in Delhi and working . On their request I am putting this story
before you as they feel that yes they cannot come out openly in the
limelight as both belong to an good class and have good reputation in
the society and feel that our society is still not mature to handle
these types of truths. I am changing their names to protect their
identity. Avinash is an 30yr old, working as an Senior manager in an Export
house and her wife Durga is an 29yr old consultant working for an big
educational institute. Both are happily married and enjoying their
sexual life up to the max. Both of them found that they both still feels
a great urge to keep trying new things to keep their sexual life more
pleasurable. Avinash had a detailed talk with Shilpa and told her that he
has some desires and would love her to fulfill them and Shilpa too comes
out with the truth and discuss it openly with her hubby.

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When uncle fails to satisfy Indira aunty she looks elsewhere for satisfaction

She was 40years old and she had a son who studied in USA.Her husband was
a rough man to be precise as I have heard abour frequent quarrels
happening between him and Aunty.He was also not a very social man and
avoided most employees except a few with whom he used to hang out
with.Aunty never liked those persons and that’s why she had a difference
with Uncle.

One day I got an inside story,that Uncle and his friends regularly watch
the porn movies at one of his friends house and also bring callgirls for
fucking.This news interested me and I thought that Uncle might not be
interested in Aunty any more because of her age and that’s why he is
having young girls for his satisfaction.So,may be Aunty doesn’t know
about this fact or she does,but keeping it in her mind for the sake of
their reputation and family.I decided to cash on this golden opportunity
as soon as possible.

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