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My wife and my friends

Hi I am Pradeep from Bhubaneswar, Orissa and I want to tell you all about my wife. My wife name is Namita, age is about 35, beautiful even at this age, and has nice body 36D-29-38. She loves wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid 38 ass and 36D boobs prominently. She wears sleeveless blouse showing her armpits when she raises her hand. I know that all my friend love her ass and the sexy armpits and lusted for her.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-42

In this part,I met another plump,beautiful and horny Aunty named Aruna.She was around 35 yrs old and was staying a quarter allotted to her within our colony.She was working on a project on a temporary basis and was staying all alone.Her husband and she was doing research together and she was here for some months and she is due to return in a month.I became familiar with her because she was working under my father.She was quite fair,tall and was a buxom beauty. That’s why I thought why not make her my next woman and was planning how to do that.Since she worked with my father and also was career oriented girl,I was afraid a bit but still didn’t let go of the desire to have her.

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my last cht…tribute to color

me: hi
shalinikaushik: hi
me: hi shalini
shalinikaushik: how are you
me: fine…u say how hv u been…

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My lusty bhabhi-Roma

My lusty bhabhi-RomaWell friends I’m Ashish from Delhi. I’m a quite regular and frequent visitor of the porn sites especially the erotic stories column. Wont deny that have learnt a lot from these sites n used in my experiences. Today I’l be sharing one of my experiences with my dearest lovely bhabhi, Roma darling who is just too good and adorable. Her looks and movements can bring a bulge in any mans tool. She just makes me go mad everytime I look at her now also after exploring her so many times.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-41

In this part comes another beautiful but plump Aunty called Suravi Aunty.She was a good friend of my mother and used to live in an apartment near to our colony.She was very fair and also plump and was around 35 yrs old.Her husband used to work on a ship and used to come home in every 6 months.She had a son aged 6 months.I had seen her at her marriage and she did gain weight after that but her husband was still slim and hadn’t changed a bit.

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My experience with housewife

Naaku yuktha vayasu raagaane naa sexual parts chaalaa korikalu korutundevi andari lo laagaa. Modati saari naa weapon (modda) erect avatam nenu gamaninchinappudu yento thrilling gaa feel ayaanu. Melli melligaa naa modda podugu gaa, laavu gaa, baagaa balam gaa kaavadam notice chesenu. Aa age lo naaku yentha sexy modaa vundi ani anipisthundedi. Ayithe yevrainaa female naa sex korilala ki todaithe yentha baagundunu ani yentho anukune vaadini.

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Sister-in-law gets sex lesson

I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife. I live with them since I was at the age of 10. She takes care of me a lot; Care about my things give me a bathe and most of the time when I get bad dreams at night she slept with me. I wanna tell you about my sister-in-law body she has a one kind of body she has 38-26-38 size. I love her boobs. I night I still remember when she was sleeping with me she holds it my hand and put it on her boobs and try with my hand to squeeze her breasts. I didn’t know at that time what’s going on but I felt good to squeeze her huge breasts. My sister-in-law had no children.

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suchitra a married horny slut from up

me:hi darling
me:fuck even now busy with work
suchitra u p:hi
suchitra u p:job ke time pe aur kya hoga
me:but job all the time

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Threesome with my wife

We are a married couple aged 28-27 in Kerala. The lady is fair & sexy with36 sized breasts attracting attention from where ever she goes. I have seen eyes of men bulge out watching her breasts, and it gave me a strange fascination. I then gradually developed strange desire to watch her making love with another man, and the though of it always made my cock go hard. I spend a long time persuading her to try a 3-some involving me, her and another man, in which we both men make love to her at the same time. She finally accepted to try it on an experimental basis, gradually growing aroused by the idea of 2 men pleasing her at the same time.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-40

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Maya Aunty.She works in a Bank where I have my Account.She is 39yrs old and very fair.She has a very attractive and plump figure though she has a short height(around 5” or 5”1’).She had a very charming smile.I normally meet her in the bank and she used to ask me about my studies and my family.I was very much attracted towards her but couldn’t think of a way to make her mine.

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Sex with Uncle’s wife

Hi to all story16 readers, I’m cbemale from coimbatore 20yrs of age. I’m very big fan of story16 and i almost read every stories in this site. Now i’m preseneting my experience to u all. My experience is with my dad’s friend’s wife. Her name is Swetha(fake) 30yrs of age,she has 38 sized boobs and she also has a firm big round ass. She is from southpart of tamilnadu, naturally they will have sexy shapes in their bodies. She will be looking very admiring to everyone and she has a small kid aged 6. As my dad and his husband were working in a same company they are very close to each other and i will call him uncle. His nature of job was very busy scheduled with his life.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-39

In this episode,I had another mature Aunty named Ritu.She was around 47yrs old and had a good plump figure.I accidentally met her in an ATM counter and I didn’t have a clue that she was going to be my next woman.It happened one night when I was at an ATM counter and it was raining heavily.Since I was on my bike,I decided to stay for sometime inside the ATM counter till the rain stops.I was all alone at the ATM counter and it was around 11PM.

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Raat Bhabhi Subh Saali

Hello friends, my self Kumar, 26yrs aur mera lund 8inch ka lamba aur 6inch mota he. Baat 2 saal purani he me apne computer ke office me tha saam 7 baje rahe the sahar se 3km door mera gaon he me rathon ko office me hi sota hoon us shaam meri Bhabi, un ka 3saal ka bachccha aur meri Saali aye aur kaha hum film ja rahe hein raat ko ayenge aur subh gaon jayenge aur tum yeh khana khalo

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payal: ya hi
me: hiiiiiiiiii
me: u so basd yar
payal: y

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Fucking Bhabhi

21 year old Sadhna had been too uncomfortable talking to either her mother in law or father in law about the business trip of her husband Arun. She had just been married for two days and her husband had left on a 20 days overseas business trip on the wedding night only. She had been waiting eagerly for the Suhaag Raat as any girl waits after marriage for offering her virginity to her husband. Her whole body was burning and filled with lust.

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