Chudai at the Wedding Party

The sun was getting ready to settle down for the night and the South-Ex bungalow was glittering in the decorative lightings. In three days time Adity, the beloved daughter of Mr Malhotra was getting married. She was the youngest of the three siblings and was also the most beloved of the family. She was better known as Mini to her friends and family.

The house was bustling with relatives, uncles and aunts, cousins, younger nieces and nephews. Mini was very happy as she was marrying her love Akash whom she met almost two years ago. Akash was working as engineer in a big medical equipment company. They got engaged a month back and now in three days they were getting married. Mini was in her room trying out different dresses when she heard a cheerful voice,

“Hi, Mini you look so pretty,” this was Rekha her best friend.

“OMG it’s you Rekha, you are arriving now!” she frowned, “you should have been with me at least a month before the wedding, helping me.” Read more »

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Ranjana Bhabhi’s Adventure

“Mamma ice cream!!!” seven year old Rani yelled as she saw the gelato store in the mall and tried to run towards it. But Ranjana held her hand firmly.

“Not now, Rani.” she said, dragging her inside the shoe store. “First we have to get your school shoes.”

“But I want it now!!” she started jumping up and down. The kid had been a handful from the day she was born.

“Rani, please don’t make a scene!” Ranjana said as the dozen or so customers in the store started looking at them.

“Yes ma’am, how can I help you?” a salesman walked up.

“We are here for these shoes for the Vidya Niketan uniform.” she handed him the note from Rani’s school. Read more »

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Mandira’s Journey from Traditional Wife to Sexy Slut

Mandira and Abhishek are a beautiful couple based in Bangalore. Mandira is 32, a beautiful, innocent and traditional housewife and Abhishek is 36, working in one of the companies in Bangalore. Abhishek got married to Mandira at the age of 30 who is from his native village. They have 2 kids as well, elder son is studying in UKG and second son is still very young, Mandira is still breastfeeding the second kid.

Mandira is a very beautiful housewife, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5′ 2″ height, has got very long, black hairs and always used to apply red kumkuma to the parting of her hair above the forehead. She used to keep her nails beautiful by doing manicure and pedicure and likes applying red, black, maroon colour nail polishes. She is bit plump after having the second kid and has got a gorgeous figure. Her breasts, 34C are very fair and round. Since she had just delivered a baby, her breasts had grown even bigger, as they are full of milk. She loves her husband very much and they were leading a very beautiful life without any problems between them.

Mandira is very comfortable with Saree and even Jeans as well. When in home, she likes wearing nighty which will give very much comfort to her in doing all the household activities. She is not used to wear bra when in home, because every now and then, she had to feed her kid, wearing bra was not comfortable for her during the feeding. A maid used to come to help her in doing all the household chores. Read more »

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Office Affair with Nandini

It was Ganesha Festival. And there was an orchestra in one of the areas in Bangalore. There was huge crowd with many celebrities had come as Chief Guests. Lots of dance programs, songs where going on. I was passing by my car and it was very difficult to drive because of traffic jam. That of crowd was there. It was already 9:45PM. I was so tired and it was Friday was returning from office. I felt this crowd will not get cleared soon. I just felt let me just park my car somewhere there and see this Orchestra for sometime and then go to house.

I parked my car and walked little bit near the orchestra. It was very difficult to watch anything there. But I was helpless because I had no other go. I just stood there for few minutes. Suddenly I saw a boy was crying there. I just asked him

Me         :               Hi dear, why are you crying? Read more »

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How My Mother Saved the Family

My dear friends, I thought many times about sharing this story since its covered with my life’s most private events. It’s about My mother. How she sacrificed everything even her body and chastity for the wellbeing of her son.

Ours is a family of two- me and my mom. I’m Nikhil 20 and my mom Padma, 38. I was told by my mom that my dad left her when I was in a tender age. since then I’m her everything, my happiness is everything to her. Even though she doesn’t know where my father is, she behaves like a sumangali, wearing sindhoor on her forehead, wearing bangles and Mangalasutra. She is a conservative orthodox and respectful lady. We enjoy each others company, We could be considered a working lower middle class family living in a tiny two bedroom house in a huge city somewhere in South India.

Our economic condition was not all that well. I was still studying in my final year and had to work part time. Although the pressure of the job was too much it would wore off when I came home to have the snacks kept ready for me by mom. My mom is a delicious cook. She is delicious as well. Very few sons get to have a mother like her. At the age of 39 she was a perfect shaped woman (Thanks to all the hard work). Having a perfect shaped larger than average sized boobs, and her lovely ass neatly curved would be a delicacy even to her own son to see. She mostly wears Saree at home and occasionally nighty. I must admit that I had fantasies about her. Initially I felt guilt but later I thought it was normal. Because she is the only person with whom I live besides it hard to avoid such thoughts by a sexually active boy about a very hot female. So I decided to keep these thoughts restrained to my fantasies and allowed myself to see her in a sexy way. I wouldn’t miss a chance to peep at her cleavage when she bends down while wearing nighty. Read more »

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Sex, Guns and the Desi Mafia

Priyanka stood in front of the huge board. Many pictures were pinned on the green board, red twine connected the images. Many of it were just playing cards, including the top most one, there were no pictures of the people, no known records, just a name famous in the street. Way on top was that of a joker, the name Varese, a name that was most commonly used in the street. Drugs were named V1, V2 and went all the way to V12. The higher the number the costlier the drug, the latest was named I-Two often called the costliest drug available on street in India. It was the purest form ever found, samples sent to test to FBI corroborated the same, the origin unknown.

Definitely not Mexico or Colombia, reply came from FBI.

Priyanka looked at the hierarchy, six were known, no pictures again, just playing cards. There could be more or less, no one knew. The first image was on the fourth layer, a local man, one who stood for local MLA once, a clear picture of a young man, who had the typical rags to riches story. The name J’ DC a.k.a Jose DeCruz written with green sketch. The image was the latest taken only few weeks back. Three more names were written under it, including pictures. The two men and one woman who was most constantly seen along with J’ DC, his only known contacts. Read more »

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Incestception – a Tale of Sex and Dreams

Rahul was an just an ordinary 18 yr old guy in India, just completed his school and in search for a college to join, had a lot of free time. Lives with his 46 yr old father Arjun, who was a businessman and wont be home much often and his 44 yr old mother Sonia who manages the family boutique/beauty parlor. Since she was the boss she would be at home more than she would be at work. And he had a 24 year old sister Arya who lived at another city after getting married. She visits once in a few weeks or sometimes once in a month. Rahul’s aunt Neha, 45 yr old, lived just one house away from his, she had a daughter Priya who was 25, also got married like his sister but lived at home.

Her husband is working abroad, only visits once in few months. They had no children yet. Aunt Neha’s husband had passed away, she takes care of their family business which was a clothing company. They all were decently rich people. The females of the family were little bossy and independent and dont like being questioned much often. They controlled and looked after the house and were pretty good at it. Neha visits Rahuls home very often, both his mom and aunt were very close and would always go out together, sometimes with the daughters but Rahul wasnt always interested to spend time with them so he stayed at home or with friends near his home. But he was not allowed to go far from home and only his close friends were allowed to visit his home.

Most of his friends weren’t fond of his bossy female family members. But he managed somehow because they were rich enough to buy stuff that can keep him entertained at home. It was just another lazy afternoon, Rahul was alone at home playing video games and eventually he lost interest and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Sat down on the couch watching tv, changing channels one by one and ended up putting on some random music channel. There was a sex scene in one of the songs and it got him a bit excited. Being home alone, he felt free to show off any feelings.  It was nothing new, he had the privacy to do all those things and no one ever cared to notice what he was upto. The song was over and he had the desire to do something kinky. But was bored of jerking off to porn, there was nothing new to do. He heard the sound of mom’s car entering the porch and got pissed off because of his spoiled mood. Read more »

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From Neighbour to Master

I stood in the open balcony in our small 8th floor flat; my silky brown hair cascaded around face. I was dressed in loose fitting gown which provided a perfect silhouette of my curvaceous figure to whoever looked up.

I watched the movers & packers unloading expensive looking furniture from 2 big trucks. I recalled the earlier night when my husband told me about the new arrivals. “They have bought the entire 17th floor & have booked four parking slots!” my husband Abhishek had said. I had felt a pang of envy when I had heard that but looking at all the expensive stuff being moved I felt downright jealous. I had always craved for such an opulent lifestyle. My eyes widened a bit when the new owners cars were driven in. The owners themselves came in the last car. All the cars were big & expensive looking & so were the occupants.

The man was around 45 to 50 while the woman was around 35. Both were dressed smartly & from my judgment they were dressed in the most expensive of brands. The man was called DK & his wife Urvashi.

For almost three months I tried hard to catch the attention of my new neighbours but to no avail. Read more »

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Manisha Seduces Her Hubby’s Nephew

I had been married to Abhishek for a year & was frustrated with the monotony. Then one fine day Abhishek’s nephew Anuj came to stay with us to try for his college admission. He had just turned 18 but looked younger due to his slim body. He was very shy while speaking to me & blushed if he even touched my hand accidently. His awkward way turned me on & I began fantasizing about being screwed by him. I tried to make eye contact & get as close as possible but he always averted his eyes & moved away. I was desperate.

I stood naked in front the mirror, ‘What is wrong with the males of this family?’ I thought to myself. It wasn’t that I was ugly & out of shape! In fact I knew I was attractive as hell, I was 5 ft 5 inches tall, slim & with an almost perfect figure. My brown silky hair fell over my shoulder & some of it cascaded onto my dark brown nipple. I stared at my reflection & gently caressed my firm breasts. I fingered my deep round navel & let my fingers slip towards my clean shaven pussy. I teased the insides of my naked thighs & groped my perfectly rounded bums with my other hand. I knew I had to do something to satisfy my starving pussy.

For the next couple of days I kept irritating Abhishek as much as I could. Especially when Anuj wasn’t around. Finally Abhishek lost his cool & slapped me. We fought & I cried acting as if I was the wronged one.  I also made sure Anuj noticed me sobbing & crying. I saw he was sympathetic towards me. The next morning, Abhishek & I, had another massive fight before he left for his office. I cried & cried & acted as if I was ill & about to collapse. I acted so well that the usually shy Anuj came up to me & said “Manisha mami (Aunty) are you all right? Do you want some medicine?” Read more »

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Honeymoon Masti with the New Bride

Our marriage was an arranged marriage. I am Manoj, 23 and she is Shruti, 21. Just imagine the innocent, charming, cute Renuka and obedient, soft, sophisticated, gentle Manish from Hum Apke hai koun movie. That’s exactly how we looked. We both worked for banks as officers but in different branches in Delhi. I had met her just twice before the wedding, once was when our family went to see the girl and the next was at the engagement. She was very shy and demure and I was the talkative one. Anyway-we got married had our 1st night and went for our honeymoon to Shimla-Chail.

The 1st night (Suhag Raat) was a bit awkward as we were both inexperienced and fumbled around shyly and somehow did the deed, which by the way ended too soon as I was highly excited and after years of using my rough hands for masturbation, the warm wet pussy of my wife was too exciting and sensitive and I could not hold on longer and came in her too soon. We immediately slept after that and had to get up early to leave for our 4 day Getaway bus tour to Shimla-Chail. Our middle class families

decided that going by taxi was too dangerous due to the high road accidents in the hilly region as well as it was better to be on a bus tour for a few days to get to know each other while having other people around to get over the initial awkwardness. So we were put on the popular luxury AC tourist bus accompanying other newly weds like us as well as other couples and a few families with children and older parents. The bus tour was for 4 days as it was a tour going through various places with temples, forts and other tourist destinations en route. Read more »

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My Wife’s Taboo Affair

My name is Krish. Mine was an arranged marriage and I had been in love with Meera since then. This is a story of how our marriage which was the most beautiful thing ever happened to me went on to seem like it wasn’t actually there, because it seems so gone now. A person often meets his fate on the road he takes to avoid it. Simply put, it’s a story of how I messed with it and lost it all.

I’ll start from the beginning. I was running a small business when I got married. It didn’t work much in my favour and I was forced to quit. I pursued a white collar job from which I was fired an year later. Then I returned to my own business which met with a horrible outcome and I soon found myself reeling with a heavy debt. Though my wife, Meera, was working and earning for our family, I could not find a way to repay my debt to a man called Sunny. I was almost on the run. I was ignoring his calls. But it was a bad move. He tracked me and I ended up being beaten up by his goons. I wasn’t seriously injured, but it wasn’t a nice experience either, for a first timer.

I told you I’ll start from the beginning. Which means there was an incident in the beginning that paved the stones for the surprises that my life had for me. That eventful day, I was leaving from my house to somewhere when I spotted Sunny’s SUV at the end of the street and I immediately withdrew myself to my house. Meera was in the shower and I had no time to spend explaining. To her, I was already gone because I had announced my leave when she was in there. Read more »

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Cuckold Husband Shares His Wife

Hi Everyone, I am new to AISS and wanted to share my own story.

I have been living with my beautiful 26 years old wife Akanksha in US for last 1 year. She is slim and beautiful. Her hight is 5’4″ and is absolutely stunning. She is more of open minded. I was very happy observing her outlook. She loves to wear very short dresses. She believes in exposing.  This story which I am going to narrate is my real story which happened few months back. Realizing that I am cuckold I thought to share with you all.

I would like to get your comments as I proceed with my story. My friend Gaurav called from India and informed that he is travelling to my city. He is bachelor. I told my wife that Gaurav will be coming to our city. She was happy, she met him during our marriage. She asked me where he is going to stay, I told that he might be staying in hotel while looking for apartment. She told that he can stay with us. I was totally agree and called Gaurav that he is supposed to stay with us until he gets the apartment. My wife asked that since he will be staying with us for couple of days it does not mean that she has to change her style of dressing. I said its ok, Gaurav is open minded, so don’t bother about it..wear what u feels like. Read more »

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Buying a Sex Toy For My Daughter

My daughter Sunidhi is eighteen-years-old and perfect.

“Well, you would say that, she’s your daughter; ‘Papa’s little girl’,” I hear you say.

But seriously, she is perfect! Friends and acquaintances of mine will often use the exaggerated expression ‘my daughter from hell’ when recounting yet another misdemeanour committed by their teen daughter. Well, all I can say is that in that context, I must have ‘a daughter from heaven’.

Sunidhi has always been such a lovely girl, both inside and out; charming, cheeky yet not precocious, helpful, caring, loving and she has a smile for everybody. If I have one complaint, it would be that she talks endlessly. She has done ever since the day she uttered her first words. My favourite expression when she spouts endless verbiage is, “You’ve got verbal diarrhoea again Sunidhi”; she’ll pause, smile at me, giggle and then carry on, unabated. Yep, she’s ‘my little girl’ and always will be. Read more »

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Dr. Chaudhuri’s Sexy Patient

Pithasthana Venkataraman glanced across the receptionist’s desk at the lone woman in the waiting room, wondering what her problem was. This was a Friday, the end of her second week on the job at Lilavati Hospital, and the overwhelming question she had, every day, with everyone who came in the office, was ‘What’s your problem?’

Pithasthana had just turned 21. She was a pretty girl, of mixed Tamil-Mallu background, who lived with her boyfriend in an apartment just outside of Malad. She had graduated from the local BA college a year ago, the modern version of secretarial school, and had ended up with a temp service as a secretary. This job looked to be her longest gig yet, and even had the possibility of turning into a full time job, but she generally wondered about the people coming in -‘What’s your problem?’

Dr. Vijendra Chaudhuri was a psychologist specializing in couples therapy and family counselling. It was a small office, with just himself and a secretary/receptionist. His regular receptionist had left on a maternity leave three weeks ago and was now due any day. The first secretary the temp agency had sent over had proved a rude and stupid disaster and had been sent packing at the end of the first week. Pithasthana was determined to do much better. If the regular secretary decided that motherhood was a better deal than working, which was a real possibility since her husband had a decent job, then Dr. Chaudhuri had told her he would probably keep her on. Her contract with the temp agency allowed her to go to work for him after twelve weeks, and the money he paid to the temp agency would go to her instead. It was a twelve-week contract; she had worked two and next week the office was closed because the doctor was going on vacation. Then it would be another ten weeks and she might be able to work full time directly for him. Read more »

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Devlina Shared by Her Boyfriend and His Father

Devlina sat down next to the boy. He looked like they were the same age, which would make him 18 if he was a day. His father had sent her up here, told her his name was Varun, and asked her to help him though his first time. From the way the father had acted, nobody knew how old Varun was. Of course nobody was supposed to know she was only 18, either.

Varun was lean, with a dark shock of hair. He was naked, like most everyone else at the party. He was sitting on the bed, so she didn’t get a good look at his body. She put her hand on his knee, and he jumped.

“I don’t bite,” she said.

“It’s just … I mean, I…” His face turned bright red, and he tried to look everywhere but at her as he swallowed nervously. Read more »

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