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colorderainbow:R U THERE?
colorderainbow:HOW R U BUDDY
prameela:are you there?
colorderainbow:YEAH I M HERE

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My Escapade With Minu

My name is Kaushik l am 26 now. I am a software engg. by profession. This incident happened to me 1year back when I was 25. My Boudi’s(Bhabhi) name is Minu she is very sexy. At that time she was 28. I would like to say more about her. She is 36-28-36. She is having a big boobs. She is having a average body. She is black and having curling hairs which slides on her shoulder.

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Sex with Rajeshwari

I am narrating my hot sex encounter with my young servant Rajeswari. This was happened when I was 38. About Rajeswari, she is 21 and 28-26-32 of size with a fresh looking glance. She used to come to house for cleaning, washing of clothes etc. At first I have no intention of having sex with this small lady. But one incident leads us to have sex and further encounters.

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Sis replace my wife place

I had just got divorced from my wife. It was an amicable arrangement – amicable and inevitable. She was a lovely girl. Attractive, very sexy and good fun to be with. The sex was great but that was the problem. She just loved to fuck. Unfortunately it wasn’t just me that she fucked.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-30 : Soma

In this part comes Soma Aunty.She was a Bengali beauty around 38yrs with a plump body.She was tenant living in our house which we rented and was near to our colony.Her husband was a Medical Representative who normally goes out on tour frequently.So,I thought why not make Aunty my next catch.I was thinking of a way by which she can be seduced.

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heart_virus_here: hi aunty ji
nishi pannu: hi
heart_virus_here: kaisi hain aap aunty
nishi pannu: fine
heart_virus_here: kal kaisa laga aapko aunty
heart_virus_here: did u enjoy it

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Meri bhabhi Nishi

Dear Friends,

Hi, yeh kahani bilkul suchi hai, aur sari kahani MUMBAI me hue hai, lekin sub koi samaj sake is liye hindi me likhi hey. Mera naam RAJ SHAH hai, mey 26 saal ka hu, 5 ft, 5 inch lumba hu, aur mera lund 7 inch lumba hai.

Meri bhabhi Nishi, 5ft, 3inch lumbi hai, vo bhi 25 saal ki hai, aur figure 36D-32-36 hey, bahot gori aur sharp features hey. Bhabhi ka bhari bahri gaand aur boobs hai.

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Sex with my servant Shanthi

Hello! Friends this is a true story, which happened in Delhi Noida. I am 28 male I work for a co. There now coming to the point I had hired a flat in Noida and use to stay alone it was almost 2weeks past I was telling every one that I need some one to cook at my place & there was no reply or nobody took it seriously. I had shifted from Bangalore. One day a lady came in morning telling that the shop keeper referred that you need a cook I so I told her come inside she was around 32yrs with 2 Childs she was a Bengali. Slim fair.

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Wife’s outside fucking

My name is Rajiv; I’m an engineer by profession. I’m 32, happily married and posted at SAIL, Rourkela, Orissa. My wife Reeta is 26 and very beautiful. She is very aggressive and open in sex and has no inhibition. She never said no to sex in our five years of married life. Let me also describe myself that I’m 5’-6” with my size of my cock is around 6 inches when it erects. Dear readers you must be wondering why I’m writing about us but in the later lines you may enjoy.

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Neighbourhood Aunties-29 : Kamala

This episode describes my encounter with a Bhabhi and her mother-in-law.Bhabhi was newly married into our neighbourhood and her mother-in-law who lived in the village also came to our colony for the function.Bhabhi’s name was Rani and her mother-in-laws name was Kamala.Bhabhi was around 30yrs old and had a proportionate figure,I mean everything was in order and so was the mother-in-law but a bit plumper than her.

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Hi readers, this is Pooja from Bangla. My husband is Nikhil. He written a story birthday Gift .I had a sex party wit him And Suresh. He also allowed me to sex with any person. We’re really open and frank in case of our sex life. My husband always asked me to do whatever I want and to have whatever I want in my pussy. That happened a few days back when my hubby came home with four of his friends at work. They all were looking handsome and charming. I was serving them lunch and was wearing a beautiful out fit with revealing my breasts to all of them. I could feel their hot eyes on my body and on my boobs. That was also making me hot. I was the only woman among those all guys.

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Servant’s Banged My Beautiful Mommy

Hello this is Krishnan again from Chennai thank you all for your valuable feedback. If anyone didn’t read my first story (servant fucked by servant’s) means first read it then only you’ll understand this story. As I told, my mom Sitha is a homemaker, 40 yrs of age and her structure is 36-28-38. After knowing the intentions of servants I was much interested in seeing them in action with my mom. Next day according to their plan Radha didn’t came for work, she took leave by saying that she is not feeling well. When I hear that Radha was on leave I conformed myself that they are going to fuck my beautiful mom.

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Meenu Bhabhi

At present I am posted near a very beautiful city “Pokhra”. I live here with my wife and kids. I am 38 and my wife is 33 years. We have three kids. I am from a muslim family. My cock is 8 inch when fully erect and is circumsised. I am able to satisfy any women and can fuck for about one hour continuously. My wife get 3 to 4 orgasm in my one attempt. My wife is sexually conservative but I am broad minded as far as sex is concerned. I have sex with several women in my life before as well as after marriage. I promise to share my each sexual experiences one by one latter. In this story I am narrating my experience with my neighbour Meenu who is a very close friend of my wife.

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heart_virus_here: interested misssss
heart_virus_here: ab ladne mat baith jana yar…
heart_virus_here: go n find ur king
heart_virus_here: u married?
heart_virus_here: if nt then u cnt b queen

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Neighbourhood Aunties-28 : Swapna

In this part,I got to nail an Aunty who was an professor at the university under whom I was doing my project.A small project on Accounting was to be done by the Honours student and as Aunty was the HOD of Commerce department of the University,I had to work under her.The assignment was for seven days.Now let me describe something about Aunty.Her name was Swapna and she was 45yrs old though she looked as if she was 35.She had a slim figure and short hair.Her husband had died and she had no children.So,I thought how it would feel to have my cock in her tight pussy and also in her tight virgin ass.

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