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Papas nri friend

Hi I am Pooja from India. I am 21 years old and still unmarried. I love to show off my body to the elder ones like uncles and dads friends. I knew I was attractive; the boys in my college would stare at my firm breasts and long legs as I wore my short knee length skirt and blouse to college. I love seducing men, especially older, mature ones. In my inner mind I wanted dad to see me in these clothes but I never thought of going beyond that. I really loved to show off my body and I did that to our servants too.

The first thing you would find out is I never wear any underclothes, no bra or panties ever. Haven’t had any on for at least ten years. My tits, which are 34 B’s have a slight sag to them, but not real bad, have nipples that when I really get excited can get to almost a ½ inch long and hard as pieces of rock. My ass is 36 not the best looking but people stare at it while I walk. I’ve been shaving my pussy completely for the last few years and keep it as smooth as possible. Depending on how I’m positioned my inner lips sometimes peek out . I am aware of my slit with two prominent outer mounds and a slight bump where my clit is. I have a tight belly and my legs are pretty good.

We have two male servants who are about 28 and 20 yr of age. One is Basheer and another is Krishna. They work for us for a long time and have seen me grow. Today I felt something different when they looked at me in my new dress. The younger, Basheer was staring at my naval and then breasts alternately and he admired my dress.

“Madam! This dress is nice and you look beautiful.” That was all he said. I felt I should show him some of my goodies and the thought made me wet. I bent in front of him to pick up something, which I dropped on purpose. As I did this by heavy breasts peeked out of the top and he had a nice view of my boobs. I am sure he must have seen my bra too. Then I turned around and showed him my solid ass, which looked prominent, as I had bent. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw him staring at me. I straightened up and looked at him. He was still staring at the swellings of my breasts and exposed naval. I smiled at him. He smiled back but he was very much excited. I looked at his pyjama and saw that his lund had swollen to huge dimensions and was towards the left side of his pyjama. As he was not wearing any underwear the shape of the lund was clearly visible. He looked at me looking at him and knew what the matter was. He hurriedly adjusted his lund so that it stayed parallel to his body and pushed it below the nada. But I had seen enough of his lund and knew it must have been about 6-7 inches long and thick too.

I did not go any further on this and left the room, making him stare at my back as I walked. When I was alone in the afternoon, the though of Basheer looking at my body made me all wet and I had to put my hand inside my panties to rub my pussy. I knew I was an exhibitionist and wanted to expose my body to others.

My dad showed special interest in my clothes and loved me to wear skimpy clothes. I don’t know why he loved that but I also liked to wear the clothes dad bought me. Dad had brought me some cut off jeans and cotton top when he returned from a business trip in Europe. I felt very shy when I wore the dress. The cut-off jeans were fitting well below my naval showing my belly button and flat naval. The top was low cut and showed about half of my hard 34″ breasts. It was also semitransparent and showed my black brassier clearly. My breasts looked prominent in the outfit and my ass too looked great. The top was a bit short below and showed some part of my stomach too. When I looked in the mirror my pussy started to get wet and I felt some spark passing through my body. Never the less, I decided to wear it for the party dad had thrown this evening.

I put on the clothes and paraded before my dad and he loved it. ” Pooja! You look lovely in this outfit and I am proud of you. The dress fits on your body nicely and I am sure my friends would love it. You are such a sweet girl!” saying so he kissed me on the cheeks as fathers do. I felt shy and could not look into the eyes of my father. But he did nothing more and asked me to help him for the party in the evening. I was very conscious of my dress but decided to wear it for the party.

Dad had called his friends for the party who were all in the age group of 50 to 60. I wondered what I should do in a party of such older men. But at the same time the thought of wearing such revealing clothes excited me. So I put on the clothes dad had bought me. I was wearing a low cut tot that just showed a little bit of cleavage, and a cut off jeans with no panties I applied a darkish lipstick to my pouting lips put on big circular ear-rings and all my jewellary. The chain hanged from my neck and fell deep in the cleavage of my breasts. I knew this looked attractive. I did not apply any makeup. I looked into the mirror and looked satisfied at my reflection.

Dad called me and said that his friends will be arriving at about 6 pm and that I should be ready to receive them. He looked at my dress and said, ” Pooja! You look wonderful in this dress and I am sure my friends would love to see you. Make sure you serve them drinks. They are important for my business.” With this he left to make preparations for the party. Both our servants were busy too and Basheer was looking at me with anticipation but I did not want to go any further so I ignored him. Krishna too was looking at my assets hungrily and that excited me.

The first to arrive was Mr. Bob. He was about 60 but looked healthy. He was actually white American. He was in India on official tour. He had white hair and white beard and wore round glasses. I received him and welcomed him. He was glad to be received and extended his hand for me. I shook his hand and requested him to take a seat. He looked at me from top to bottom and said, ” Wow Pooja! You look wonderful. That top you are putting on is very nice. Come sit with me for a few minutes.” So I sat next to him, a bit away from him. He pushed his body near me so that his thighs touched mine and started asking me about my college and things like that. Every time he talked he used to pat my thighs and caress them. He pushed his elbow against the side of my breasts and rubbed it there. I felt excited and wondered what my dad would say. Just then my dad entered and saw us sitting. He said hello to Mr Bob and sat next to him. This made Mr.Bob shift towards me and his body was touching mine. I felt awkward but could not do anything. Mr. Bob was rubbing his thighs against mine and I knew he was getting excited too. My dad asked me to serve him drinks so I had to get up.

I made sure that as I handed him his drink I leaned over real low to give them a nice glimpse of my tits. By the looks on his face, he was seeing plenty too. Even my dad was looking. An electric current ran through my body as I saw Mr Bob looking intently into my top to see a pair of tits spilling out. Even my dad was looking at them and he watched Mr. Bob looking too. As this was going on the doorbell rang and I ran to open the door, shaking my ass as much I could. There were three of my dads friends looking at me. I wished them and asked them to come on in. I showed them my dad’s room and walked them there. I made it a point to sway my ass as much as I could and I knew the guys must be watching it. My dad welcomed them and they all sat chatting. I was told to serve them drinks so I went to fill them up. I called Basheer for help and he was glad to oblige.

While I was filling the glasses Basheer was putting snacks in the dishes and he stood close to me. He was looking into my top and trying to peek at my breasts. I ignored him and after filling the glasses took them to my dads room. They all saw me walk in and I could trace their eyes following my body, looking me up. As I bent to serve them the drinks, one of my dad’s friends, Manoj looked at my peeking breasts. I felt shy at the old man staring at me so boldly but knew he must be sex starved. So I shifted to next one and he too followed the same ordeal my dad was looking at me with pride in his eyes.

He said to his friends, “I think my daughter looks wonderful. Do you like her dress? I bought it from England. Look at the fitting! Its wonderful.”

His friends admired me and I felt shy in front of the old fellows. But I wanted to tease them more so I purposely opened my top 2 buttons and again served them drinks. This time their eyes popped out looking at my assets. Dad didn’t say anything and so I decided to go further. I called mr. Bob to look at my drawings. This was some pretax and I wanted him alone with me. He was ogling my body in the privacy we had. His eyes roamed from my firm tits to solid ass. When I showed him my first drawing, he smiled at me and praised me a lot. While looking at the drawing we stood very close and his body almost touched mine. I felt excited so I shifted my body close to him till his arms touched my sides. He felt the heat of my body and shifted more towards me, pressing his body onto mine. I saw him peeking into my top to look at my breasts. This was big turn on for me and I really wanted him to look.

I asked him , ” How is my drawing? Did u like it?”

He was so absorbed in looking into my top that this question startled him. He moved his eyes from my breasts with great difficulty and said, ” Hey Pooja, they are beautiful. You have nice breasts.”

” Ohh uncle! I was talking about the drawing and you are praising my breasts?” I said sternly. This must have hit him so he said, ” sorry to look at your breasts like this. But I really could not resist. You are so tempting nymph! Please don’t tell your dad about this.

” How can I Uncle? I wont tell. It’s your honor being a guest to my dad. Did you like what you saw?”

“Ohhh they are really wonderful. Will you please show them to me? I promise not to tell anybody. I will give you nice present for this. Please show your breasts to me.”

” Ohhh how dirty you are Uncle! I am your daughter’s age and you are asking me to show you my breasts? How can I? What if my dad walks in? No I am sorry.” I said firmly (pretending to be firm).

“ohhhh Pooja! Don’t get me wrong. You look so beautiful that even your dad wont be able to look away from your body. So how you expect me to?”

“Its Ok uncle! If that pleases you I will show you my breasts. Ok?”

Saying so I got up and stood before Mr Bob with my hands above my head. This made my breasts go up and look prominent. I thrust my breasts at him and licked my lips, looking directly into his eyes. The old fellow was all red with excitement! I then caught both of my breasts in my hands and showed them to him.

” Look uncle! See my breasts. Are they Big? And Nice? Come on Uncle tell me. I am showing them to you!”

“Yes baby! They are really nice and may be firm. They look really wonderful. Can you show them naked? Please I am dying to see them in flesh!”

” Ok here I go.” Saying so I caught my top at the bottom, with both hands crossing each other. I then slowly removed the top, showing him my naked stomach, sexy naval and then Ohhh the breasts. I removed the top and threw it to Mr. Bob. He caught it and put it to his mouth, smelling it and then licking away at the chest area. I was amazed at this and did not know a female of any age could do such wonders to men. I felt proud of my feminity. As soon as I removed my top my breasts jumped out breathing in the fresh air and sensing the gaze of the old man. Mr Bob’s eyes bulged out and his stare focused on my breasts. My breasts were hard and nipples were erect due to all the excitement.

I saw mr Bobs pant bulge and the bulge went on becoming prominent as he looked at my twin assets. I caught my breasts in both the hands and squeezed them showing him the proud nipples. He got up and tried to catch them in his hands but I moved away from him and he looked frustrated. I told him not to touch me unless I tell him to. He kept quite and stood looking at me. I moved away and unbuckled my cut off jeans letting it move down from my solid ass. I had to move my ass to take it down and I removed it and kept it on the bed. My ass cheeks bulged out and I turned around to show them to the old man. He looked at them and hurriedly unzipped his pants, fishing out his cock. I looked at his cock, I had seen a grown up cock for the first time and kept staring at the wonderful thing.

It was about 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide. I could see prominent veins running all over the length of the cock and it looked really nice. Mr Bob was now holding his cock in his hands and rubbing it.

“come on Pooja you showed me yours now see mine! Look at it! Ohh I want to touch you. Come here and let me look at your pussy. Show it to me!” he said.

I was afraid of the old man. I did not want his cock in my pussy. Besides dad could walk in any moment. This made me back out and I gathered my clothings and started to dress. He was angry at me and said, ” NO Pooja! Don’t do this to an old man like me. Teasing me and then backing out! Let me just look at you and finish. Let me take out my sperm. Here I go. Look at it. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Baby! YES!”

Mr Bob was rubbing his cock hard and moaning. I watched him as he jacked off in front of me. I forgot to wear my clothes and just looked at him. Ohhhhhhh! My pussy was flowing with juices and it made my panties wet! As I was looking at Mr. Bob, I heard my dad’s voice. He was talking to his friends and they were all coming to my room!

I hurriedly took my clothes and started to put them on. Mr Bob too put his cock back in his pants. It was just in time! My dad and his two friends entered my room and dad went to show them my drawings. My heart was beating faster and Mr Bob looked all flushed. Dad must have noticed this because he asked him if he was alright. What could he say? After sometime we all went to the dining hall for dinner.

Mr.Bob sat next to me for dinner and his eyes were looking for glimpses of my boobs. I think dad was watching us with interest and I did not dare to give him lift. While we were having dinner, I felt a feet brush against my leg. It was notorious Mr. Bob! He was feeling my legs with his naked feet. I felt his feet caress the legs and tickle me. I could not believe this was happening under my fathers nose. I kept quite and he grew bolder. He shifted slowly towards me and cut down the gap between us. Then his left hand slowly sneaked towards me and onto my thighs. He moved his hands over my knee and rubbed it. Then I felt his fingers poke through my pants and onto my naked thigh flesh. I moaned with excitement and dad looked at me, staring strangely. I got scared and looked back. Dad smiled at me and said, ‘ Pooja! What’s the matter? Are you ok? Ohh may be Mr. Bob pinched you! He is notorious old man. Aren’t you Mr. Bob?”

“Ohh Mr. Kapoor! You are right. Pooja is very charming girl and and I cant keep quite sitting next to her. She was teasing me in her room so now I am pinched her for that.”

“Ohh dad! I just said that I like old men looking younger. And Mr. Bob does look younger for his age”

“Thanks Beti(daughter)! For the compliments to this old man. And for that I am going to take you to the market after the dinner and give you some gift. Is it ok Mr. Kapoor.”

“Yes you can take her but you have to drop her back ok?”

the conversation ended and the old man continued titillating me with his expert fingers. I was excited with the idea of going with this old man and teasing him more. So we finished the dinner and Mr. Bob called me to come with him. His driver brought the car and we both sat in the back seat. I had loved the attention that this old man was giving me. I forgot about his age, and was actually getting quite turned on by him.

As the car moved ahead, he shifted towards me and his thighs touched mine. He was very much excited and did not bother if the driver was looking at us in the rear mirror. I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch through his pants and saw how big it grew. I crossed my arms and leaned over just a little so he had a great view of the cleavage that my top was showing. I think that I could tell that the bulge in his pants actually got a little bigger. When I realized this I could feel my pussy starting to get moist. The thought that this man wanted me drove me crazy. And I couldn’t help but tease him a little more. I was aware of the driver watching us and that made me more excited.

Mr.Bob made his move and started to caress my breasts. I told him not to do this as the driver was watching but he just winked at me and pushed his hands inside my top, touching the breasts over the naked skin. I felt by breasts grow a little at his touch and relaxed in the seat, resting against the back of the seat. He pushed my top a bit up and lecherously grabbed my breasts in his palms and kneaded them hard. A thin moan escaped my throat and I looked in the mirror. The driver was watching us! He was looking in the mirror and smiling at us. I was shy and tried to cover myself telling Mr.Bob that the driver was looking in the mirror.

“Don’t worry Pooja! He has seen many things happening in the car so just neglect him. This makes it more exciting isn’t it?”

“Ohh Yes! It sure is!”

And the things continued. Mr. Bob unzipped his pants and took out his rock hard cock. I kept staring at it and wondering how it would feel in my hands. But I was afraid to do it. Mr.Bob solved this. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. Ohhh God! It was very hard and hot too. I felt as if I was holding a hot iron rod. I caught his cock in my fist and pressed it. The old fellow moaned a little and pushed his ass up urging me to rub it little more. He instructed the driver to drive on to some secluded road so that our little game could go on. As I was rubbing his cock he slid his hand inside my pants and started to search the goal, the cunt. The pant was tight and would not allow his hand in so I quickly removed the button holding it and loosened it. His hand found my mound and he began to rub it slowly.

Ohh Readers! This was the first time for me. I was touching a cock and allowing to touch my cunt for the first time. He found my hole and entered his finger in. Ohh god it felt sooo wonderful! I saw that the driver was looking at us and his hand moved rhythematically, rubbing his own dick. Mr. Bob pushed my top up and exposed my breast. He then put his mouth to it and started to suck it in. his mouth worked on my breast like a vacuum pump and he managed to take some portion of it in his mouth. I was rubbing his cock slowly and he was thrusting his ass in rhythm. This all was so explosive that I came very hard… moaning loudly and murmuring.. Ohh dad yes! I said DAD!

He looked surprised but continued his ministrations. He was now finger fucking my overflowing cunt and I was enjoying it. We had wandered on the secluded road for much longer time and Mr. Bob instructed the driver to return to the market area. I rubbed his cock fast now and suddenly his cock twitched in my hands and I felt it pulsate. He was coming! Thick jets of come spurted from his piss hole and trickled onto my hands. Ohh what a sensation! This was real turn on! Mr. Bob took out his handkerchief and cleaned the mess. He then handed me the hanky to keep as souvenir of the memorable incidence. The driver too was coming and I felt the car jerk away for a few moments as he came and then it went on smoothly again. Well that was it. Mr. Bob thanked me and told me that he was happy with the little girl, Beti(daughter).