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Passionate sex with married women

Today I would like to share a awsome experience which happened a
couple of months ago. It was 31st december a day before a new year,
when rita pinged me in hangouts after reading my sex story and It was
6 in the morning when my phone buzzed and it was rita’s message. I was
genuinely happy as someone love my story and she provided me with few
more tips to improve my story, so i thanked her for her valuable
feedback. It was as usual sunday that is holiday and i already made my
plans for new year party, so a thought came in my mind to ask her
company this new year night, lets make this memorable. so i started
chatting with her and We spoke to each other for couple of hours and
quickly realized that we are basically living in same hometown and
that she is a 24- year-old married women, fair complexion an currently
working as a MD in cardio a doctor and settled in Bangalore and
staying in a flat. Being a doctor she is so interested in sex as she
didn’t get that much satisfaction in her married life . We quickly
became friends online and shared our fantasies with each other. She
was searching for a good sex as she needs to full fill her desire.
However that didn’t stop her from exploring sex online and being her
friend she requested me to write a story on her fantasies and how she
fullfilled it. Her wildest fantasy was rough passionate wild sex BDSM
while my fantasies changes according to what girl wants but that time
i my fantasy is to fuck her as per her desires. I have combined each
other’s fantasy and this story is dedicated to my married friend

We decided to meet after so much talking and i asked her to join me
tonight for new year eve party. Her husband is out of station for some
work. Describing rita she was so cute,full of beauty and hotness. She
was a doctor and practiced yoga everyday which reflected in her
perfectly body figure. When I visited her home to pick her up she was
wearing a black short skirt which 2 to 3 inch above her knees and a
white top in which her black bra is transparent. She had a hourglass
figure with bold ass and pulpy jyice boobs a perfect figure 34 28 34.
Her skirt was tight around her waist and her buttocks looked firm yet
juicy and soft. Her white top was tight and it tightly fit her breasts
and her cleavage was clearly visible. She had worn black bra and it
was clearly visible from her transparent top. She had long black
blonde hair. Her face was so cute and searching for a love and at the
same time the hunger of a horny girlfriend. To be honest I got an
erection and it can be clearly seen from blugingout of my geans as
soon as I saw her.

I apologized to her for my lack of lack of control. Rita had 2
boyfriends earlier and nothing was coming out from them in terms of
sex. Rita clearly mentioned that she is not ready for sex yet and I
was nothing more than a friend to her. She had mentioned that she
didn’t have a good married life sex, so she told me that she want to
have sex badly. At the same time she had shared her fantasies with me
and how much she loved watching rough, passionate sex and also she
mentioned my story best line which she loved it more. She had a huge
collection of porn videos in her mobile. She liked it rough and fast
and I love to make her rough that new year night. We two wanted to
desperately please each other so we thought not to go to nnew ear
party and we went back to her flat. I knew, for her to enjoy her wild
sex she had to be with full time and no disturbance as she can’t
control now.

We were sitting next to each other in the sofa, having drinks and
watching television. I slowly placed my hand around her shoulders and
pulled her close to me. She started clenching her wrists and feet. It
was clearly visible that is was the first time she was being touched
this way. I slowly started kissing her lips, and her breath was warm
and she was visibly shivering. She had closed her eyes. I kissed her
lips for sometime and then slowly started kissing her cheeks and neck,
slowly went to kiss on her ears and bite it slowly and she was giving
away light moans and she was thoroughly enjoying it. i started
removing her top and slowly kissed on her one cup breast and With one
hand I started pressing her second cup breast.
We were kissing passionately and our tongues playing perfectly with
each other. I started sucking her beautiful breasts and giving her the
chills by circling around her nipples. That make-out session was
making us both crazy and we wanted more action.

Coming to the main part. We entered the room and I had planned not to
rush things up and take this slow and passionately.
I started with kissing her on her forehead and I got over on her and
we started kissing each other passionately. I was slowly making her
mad by moving my hand on her navel and her pussy slowly rubbing it and
making her hornier…she is moaning like annnnhhh annhhh.
Then i picked her up and made her stand against the bed and handcuffed
her. She obeyed me completely. I started kissing her neck slowly from
behind and fondling her breasts with both hands making rita moan
aaahhhh.. Then I went slowly to her stomach where she is having
piercing in navel so i started biting on it making rita moan “ohh
honey yeah hardly bite it…annhhh”. She was getting turned on and
then in one move I tore her black bra…i started pressing her nipples
badly.. and turned her toward me. I held her hairs forcefully and
smooched her lips and eventually removing her jeans also forcefully.
Then i kissed over on her panty making her wet slowly..she started
moaning “annnhh ohh my honey yeas like this”and started getting mad at
me. she behave like a wild cat so released and she took a lead then
She removed my shirt and started kissing me on my chest and biting.
That makes me crazy….Then she removed my jeans and grabbed my
drilling machine over my underwear and was playing with it and biting
it over my underwear. she removed my underwear and my cock bulge out
and atand straight and she started sucking it badly , shaking it…i
was moaning like “aannnhh ohh rita suck it baby suck it”
I picked her up and threw her on the bed as she was down and i am on
top of her.

She was going crazy and moaning “annnhhh arush” Soon I started kissing
her breasts and licking her nipples… I just made her nipples that
she was getting horny and I was enjoying it. Then i moved dowm and
fingering her and licking her saliva which makes me feel awsome and
she was moaning while rubbing my hair over my head…”annhhh
aruuuushhhh yeah baby anannhhhhhh ohhh urrggghhhh”
Then I kissed her smooth legs and moving up and licking her inner
thighs making her more wet. And then I started eating her vagina and I
parted her lips and started moving my tongue inside it making circles
and doing continuous fingering… And she was shouting out oh yeah….
Uuuummmmm this feels so good. Please don’t stop. After that, I came
on her and gave her a kiss. She was smiling at me and said now she
wants to feel me inside.

Then I slowly inserted my finger and made her hot… Then she was out
of control and begged me to fuck her like it’s the last day of her
life. She was moaning out loud aaahhhh….annhhhh….aaaahhhhh….
Then I put my dick on her pussy entrance and rubbing the pussy with my
dick to make her feel more desperate to take my dick…then she
shouted like “aaarruuusshhh put in plzzz put in annnnhhh aahhhh” then
i inserted the head of my dick… And took out. Again inserted a bit
and took out. I was teasing her so much that she was getting mad. I
then rubbed my dick on her vagina and in one hard push I inserted my
whole big cock tool into her vagina… She shouted with wide eyes…
Aaahhhhhhhh.. Ffuucckkk…

Then I slowly started to and fro motion and started fucking her badly
hold her legs in air and making sounds of thapp thapp thapp… She was
enjoying is completely….
so i did to and fro motion for around 15 mins and then we changed the
position to doggy style …so i again insert my dick into her pussy by
holding her hairs forcefully and slapping on her ass badly …she is
moaning “aahhh aahhh aahhh aahh ahhh aaahh”
Then I made her to change position to 69 and Then I gave her my dick
to suck and lick completely…and at the same time i was licking her
wet pussy saliva. We were sweating in full ac. She was moaning out
load….. Uuuummmmm yes, fuck me Arushh yeahhh aaaahhh aarruuuusshhh
It feels so good… And after all this 1 hour sex she got wet
completely and she came out.

After that session, she was damn exhausted and said she wants it every
day if i dont have any problem. So i said i ll be very glad to please
you when ever you want it And then I asked her to take rest and our
new year night went successful…. We had another sessions also. Which
I will share in my next story… Please feel free to give your
feedback… Any girls or womens who is
unsatisfied with sex lives may contact or if they need a friend to
have a sex chat are most welcome any time, you can ping me on hangouts
and I assure you all the safety and your happiness.. I hope you all
like my story..