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passionate sex with neighbour

My name is surya. I m from kerala and 21 years old. I currently live
in mumbai. I m a mechanical engineering student. I have a good physic
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I would like to tell u an incident that happened between me and my
neighbour. Talking about my neighbour, her name is bindu she is 39
years old and mother of 2 kids.
She have a good body shape and her figure is 36-30-38. Main attraction
is her butts and her big breasts too. I would like to pay if I have to
watch them… She is a black beauty.
Last year my mother had a cataract operation and she came to enquire
about my mom. As I was in my skin fit-shorts, bulg shape can be seen
easily. Me and my mom were present in home, my mom’s eyes were fully
covered. She smiled while seeing me and assked about my mom and then I
guided her to my bedroom where my mom was taking rest. All of us sat
over there only and talking about various issue, how to take care
While talking she was starring at my bulge and smiling some times
seeing me. I was unable to understand that weather it was a normal
smile or a smile with many intentions. While she was moving on I went
behind her to close the door at that time I was watching her shaking
ass which were pretending to be the most beautiful thing existing in
the earth. At that time I felt like grabbing her but controlled myself
but I couldn’t control my dick, it got harder reveling my feelings
through shorts. Somehow I managed to hide but as u know it’s very
difficult to hide. So finally she saw my troubling part said nothing
and then left.
I was not knowing what to do next. One fine day I came back early
from college, but there was no one at my home. So I asked my neighbour
abt them she said ” they gone to hospital for routine checkup of eyes
of my mother and will be back after 3 hours”. She said to come inside,
I was really turned on. Hearing her saying nobody at home made me
think about various possibilities.
She came back to me sitting opposite and talking to me about various
new realse film as she is very fond of films. I gave some good movies
I had, she said to help her getting copied in her laptop. She also had
some movie, she said that among her collection her favourite was
“wrong turn”. At time time I was really unaware about the movie and I
asked her the review about it. She started playing it and here comes
the starting scene and we are sitting closer. First scene ‘sex scenes’
man pressing boobs harder and smoching and some movement of sex. I was
really schocked, how a aunt can play such kind of movie in front of
me. Different kind of thoughts sarted flowing around.
Mistakenly I touched her hand, she didn’t mind it. I acted as if I
was really scared and started touching nearby her breast area. She
never resisted me. Then power was gone it was evening time and laptop
got switched of. My mind was stuck in that scene and looking at her.
She gone inside and came back with a mop for cleaning floor, when she
used to bend big cleavege was shown through her nighti. I was
continously starring at her jugs. She came near my area and started to
wipe the floor by kneeling down asking me to move my legs, but I
purposely parted my legs in such a way that her head was near my
penis. So she again bend to reach the floor but this time her head
reasting upon my well hard grown penis.
I closed my eyes and enjoying the scenario. After sometime I didn’t
feel any movement so I opened mu eyes and next scene I m seeing is her
ass waving and shaking while she was cleaning. After completing she
said she is going to have bath and will b right back in 30 min. I
thought it’s now or never, I gone towards her bathroom to check
weather the doors are closed and it was closed. Her bathroom is little
far from the hall, suddenly she opened the door and was surprised to
see me there. She was in her towel wrapped around her breast till her
upper thigh, it was the hardly covering her breast. She was smoking
hot. She enquired about wat I m doing here. I said I was looking for
the charger and she gave me charger with a smiling face. I was
continously starring at her boobs, it was really tempting with a dark
chocalate coloured boobs. She said ” look like somebody is getting
charged by looking at my assets”…….. I said “enough is enough, now
no matters what happens”.
I grabbed pushed her against the wall pressing her waist. She said
what are u doing??? I opened up myself, my feelings towards her, and
how much I wanted her. She siad even she liked me but at present now
she need to bath. I guided her towards bathroom and removed my
costumes, standing in underwear with my erect pole. Entered in
bathroom with her closed doors, I made her stand beneath the shower
and made water to flow through her body making her wet all over. I
pressed my dick through underwear to her pussy, she reacted with a
ahhhhhhh. She started to breath heavily making huge movement of her
big chocolate balls. I kissed her lips and it was my first kiss, we
went on kissing each other atleast for 5minutes and
meanwhile removing her to towel making her nude. She was shy covering
her assets but her hand were failing to cover because it was way
bigger for her hands to handel. As water was flowing through her body,
I removed my inners to make myself nude. I came down to her boobs,
pressing it harder and sucking it with a lot of love and with other
hand carresing her pussy. She was moaning telling me to get more
harder. Ahhh suraj pleaseeeeee don’t go home without fucking me….. I
replied how can I do so darling.
After 10 minutes of boobs pressing, I came to her hairy pussy. I
cleaned it with water and then started to kiss her pussy vigorously
and inserting 2 fingers simultaneously. She was pressing my head
deeper inside and moaning loudly ‘ ahhhhh it’s so gooood, don’t
stooooop dear….!! I m all urs.’
I started to finger it she pushed me and took a heavy breath with a
moan. I started to lick her pussy and started to insert my tongue. She
was moaning heavily and moving her body and hips sideways and upside
down. I could taste her precum. She held bed tightly and cummed all
over my face and mouth.
She suggested to get me to bedroom and I carried her in my arms and
made her lie on bed. Directly started to rub her pussy, making her
more wet. She started shivering and cummed all around, after that I
directly guided my dick to her pussy and she became restless telling
me to show ‘no mercy’ ……. I pushed harder it was tight. She mouned
loudly ooooooo it’s paining a bit, I gave a sudden stroke and my whole
dick was inside. We been in that position for some time and kissing
her lips and pressing her boobs harder. Slowly I started my movement
simultaneously holding her boobs and smoochingouchhhhhhh ahhhhhhh
ahhhhhh aiiiiyoooo…… doooo it…..
I fucked her in that position for 5 min. I was about to cum she wanted
it in her mouth. So I did as she wanted.
After this session we realised that we were sweating a lot, so I
asked her to put on the fan. She got up from bed, was moving to switch
on. While walking her ass was making too crazy, all nude she was
making very naughty expressions which made my dick rise even harder.
This time I grabbed her and made stand towards the wall, inserted from
behind and holding her boobs. During each forward motion her ass
getting squeezed. I was ramming her harder enough, full room was
having sound of her moanings. Uffffffffffffffffffff ahhhhhhh
ahhhhhhh…… comeeeeeeee ahhhhhh fuckkkkkk meeeee…. This session
was even better, while fucking from behind and having a hotter kiss is
an awesome thing. This time I cummed in her ass. We fell on bed again,
this time she giving me a blowjob. Then, she gone to clean her self
and gone to bathroom, I followed her behind she was bathing again and
soon I entered. I bolted the door and was watching her what she was
doing, she came towards me and gave a short kiss on my lips.. She was
dancing there and soaped my body, I also did the same. I made my teeth
marking on her breast, pressing it harder. Then I continued to do
fingering and licking her pussy making her to cum 4th time. She was
way far satisfied from my whole act. Then after some time I got
dressed up and way about to leave at that time gave her the last bye
kiss. I was really happy that day and from then we have sex only when
I want. That was my life’s best 3 hours. Hope you people like it. Do
comment about the story.