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payal: ya hi
me: hiiiiiiiiii
me: u so basd yar
payal: y

me: u said u wud add me nxt day only bt didnt add n didnt come online fr a week
payal: ya m not in d town
me: kahan ho
payal: m in pune rite now
me: oh ho,bat to deti,kab wapas aaogi
payal: day after tomm
me: add me today atlst in ur original id….n u rem u promised me sm pics too
payal: ya all day after tomm
me: u rem wch pics i asked payal
payal: ya ya
payal: those bathroom bed etc etc
me: ya…u rem those etc na…those etc. more imprtnt…
me: haha
me: n more pics of urs too
payal: yup
payal: hmm’
me: gt voice cht?
payal: no
me: oh ho
me: neway so wat all wearing now…all details baby
payal: tshirt capri n panty
payal: kachchi….lolz
me: color of capri…kachhi in detail plzz
payal: pinkish red capri
me: mmmmm
payal: kachchi white
me: hun…..pubic hairs ki kya halat hain?
payal: waise hi hain
me: mmmm……aaj nahayi thi?
me: wat time u had bath
payal: 12 noon
me: mmmm….poori nangi ya kachhi mein?
payal: kachchi me
me: n hey white kachhi kahin thong to nhi hai?
payal: no
me: ok
me: uss thong ki pic bhi,yad hai na
payal: ya
me: so alone in room?
payal: ya
me: mmmm…..accha poone kyn gayi?
me: relatives or whr?
payal: mama’s house
me: n aaj se pahle online kyn nhi,u must hv gt my so many offlines
payal: engagement of bro
me: okkkkkk
me: hey engagmnt ki pics if posble dikhana plzz,u must b in saree or lehnga na
payal: nope
payal: jeans
me: okkkk
me: pics hain,wna c u thr
payal: ill show u as i reach home
me: ok
me: koi saree mein nhi hai kya?
payal: no
me: okkkk
me: so kucch naughty kiya kya….cousin sis n all ko dekha?
payal: nopes yaar
payal: what will i get in watching cousin sis
me: haha
me: ye bhi sach hai….
me: accha susu kitni der pahle ki thi
payal: 10 min pehle
me: mmmmm……cute lagti ho susu karte waqt….indian or western commode tha
payal: western
me: mmmm….
me: accha tell me one thng….u got a scale n a thread in ur room now
payal: no man…its not my room
me: okkkkk
me: aur batao…kya ho raha hai
payal: nthing
me: kya kiya itne din…masti
payal: sort of
me: mujhe laga u just frgt me n ignored me
payal: no no not like that
me: okkkkkkkk
me: ul shw me pics na…pakka
me: really wana see ur beauty yar
payal: yup
me: mmmmmm….ok tell me wat all u cn show me wth cmfrt….no face obiously…n face with decent clothes wana see…wana see u more in tght jeans n tght salwar too….
payal: okkk]
payal: dont buzz
me: i thot u went smwhr….
payal: m doing smething else also rite now
me: okkk
me: so payal tel me wt all u cn show me wtht gtng uncmfrtble….
me: wana see max beauty posble
payal: ya ill try my best
me: wats most dfclt fr u to show….
payal: nothing…or u can say everything
me: so…cn u shw me ur mst pvt part
payal: nope
me: ok.pubic hairs….
payal: what will b d diff then
me: pubiuc hairs till pint whr vagina just starts…
me: i mean pubic hairs wtht vagina
me: just gvng d hint of vagina tip
payal: kkk
me: ur round huge ass?
payal: no
me: thats ur best part payal…..
payal: ya i knw but i cannot
me: okkkk
payal: ill only say what i can…no fake promices
me: accha ur wasit pic in white thong?
me: waist
payal: k
me: jeans till knees n whoing ur kachhi
me: showing*
payal: kk
me: (u got nghty or skirt)
payal: yes
me: a pic whr skirt or nghty raised till wasit n showing kachhi
payal: mmmm..ok
me: n one underskirt pic….kpng cam on bed n standing n timer so tht it cn click ur underskirt area
payal: kk
me: urn toilet n bathroom pics….n thtn u sitting on toilet commode wth kachhi n jeans till knees showing ur all side lehs n thigs hiding ur choot
payal: ok
me: sure?
payal: ya
me: thx fr this pic…my fantasy pic
payal: ok
me: all ur kachhi pics n tht thong pic xcluisve…both frnt n back side
payal: i remember man…y u repeating
me: okkkkkk
me: cn u show nipple?
payal: nopes
me: cleavage in bra
payal: ok a bit
me: thx…..
me: n ur smiling pics in salwar …possible…u hv tght choodidar salwar?
payal: ok ill try
me: plzz…..n if u wear salwar…thn one pic wth salwar till feet(poori neeche)n kachhi pahan ke…n 2nd pic(this 1 frm thigs) wth salwar n kachhi both till feet
me: very sexy scene i feel it
me: n u cn use mirror in sm pics wch dfclt to click straight
me: this mch i want
payal: ok
me: rest n u hw u feel cmfrtble
me: n ur ideas how u cn show me seductive pics….
payal: ok
me: aur batao
payal: kya
me: so u will b reaching del day aftr tomo…
payal: yup
me: means v cn chat on wednesday nght….
payal: ya
me: n will i gt to c ur pics same day
payal: no…d other day
me: ok…so u will b thr in nght only to cht or…day too?
payal: depends
me: thn how will i knw u online or nt…atlst add me oin this id till u add me on other
me: or gv me atime fr nght
payal: send me an offliner
payal: ill b online at night coz i hav to go to college
me: ok…so ne time in gnht?
me: so tht if we dnt meet all day we cn surely meet tht time…
me: waise i’ll b online on my cell..u cn snd me msg,i’ll come online thn
payal: kk
me: so whn u masturbated last?
payal: many dayz bck
me: m….we will do it day aftr tomo
me: did i show u my penis pics?…..
payal is typing a message.
payal: no bt i cannot c here
me: ok…thn will shw u on wed n we will masturbate togthr….
me: its so hard fr u now baby