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Pleasurable moment with engineer student

Hello dear friends this is Rahul 30 from Delhi and I m writing down my experiences. Let me tell you about myself I m 5.5 feet in height and have average body and girls say that my eyes and smile are very attractive. Now lets come to the part of the story as I’m a regular visitor on yahoo messenger from a long time and used to chat with lots of peoples but till that time my destiny didn’t provide me with any girl.

One fine day eg 12th July 2011 I was chatting on yahoo and suddenly a girl came to chat wit me. I also showed some gratitude and started chatting with her about all casual things and about hobbies, fav food, color and all and her likings and dislikes etc. Then after talking for sometimes we moved on to the topic of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Her name was Sneha 21 and she told me that she is doing engineering and is in 2nd year and she has got a boyfriend but he works in Kolkata. And they are able to meet just once or twice in a year. Then I asked her that to what extend have to move in this relationship, she replied that she has got physical with him.

Then she asked me about my life, though I didn’t have any girlfriend at that time but I told her that I have girlfriend and she is studying and I share an intimate relationship with her. She asked me how many times you had sex wit your girlfriend during the month. I replied that mostly 2 to 3 times in month.

Then she asked me if I am looking to have relationship with any other girl or not, to that I replied in affirmation that I don’t hav any problem to get physical with any girl or women. Thus from this place the real story starts, to which Sneha said that would to like to get into a physical relationship with me without any emotional attachments and without any commitments.

I replied in affirmation as everyone guy will do. Who will miss this beautiful opportunity, I just grabed it with both hands and we exchanged our numbers. Then we started talking over mobile at nite bcas during the day she was busy with her engineering classes. I asked her why she wants to get physically attached to me, to which she replied that she is not able to have sex as her boyfriend lives in Kolkata and she is realy starved of sex

That’s why she wants to enjoy the sex as much as possible. Thus we started planning about having sex with each other and we decided that we will be having sex at her home as my home is never empty. She told me that on some weekdays she will arrange her place when nobody will be at her home.

And we used to discuss about sex that how will we do and in what positions and all, and she also asked me about my experiences with other girls or women, to which she got a satisfied answer. I told her about having sex with my girlfriend and a married lady who were extremely happy with me. She was very charged up after listening to my talk and ways of fucking other girls and women.

Then one night she informed me that next day we can have sex at her place and I took off from my office and headed towards her home at saltlake, she messaged me her full address and I reached at her home according to the time given by her at 11 am. I ranged the bell and there she came and opened the door, she was wearing a orange and green color salwar suit with some work on it.

Let me mention her figure she was 5.2 ft in height and with flesh at places required on her body. Her body was very juicy with 34d boobs and her waist 30 and her ass was beautiful must be 34 in size. She welcomed me and behaved as we have met each other number of times. She was wheatish in complexion but her body was very beautiful and very attractive.

She made me sitted on her sofa in the drawing room and went to the kitchen to bring some water for me. She served me water and sat beside me and I just took her hand in my hand and asked her that r u ok with me, r u ready to surrender ur beautiful body to me, to which she shook her head in affirmation, I just rolled my fingers on her hand and just rubbed my legs to her legs and I felt she was shaking,

I didn’t understood and just asked her wat happened, she just said me that after a long time I m feeling someone so close to me that’s why. After that I just kissed her eyes one by one, her forehead, her earlobes, her cheeks, her neck, and she was moaning and her moaning was making me very horny, soon after that I licked her ears and she was getting mad when I was licking her ears,

her hands were rolling on my back n my head n my hand we rolling on ur neck, then I kissed her lips and soon took her lips in my mouth and started sucking them and inserting tongue in each other mouth. It was a awesome French kiss which continued for almost 30 minutes, she was so good in kissing that 30 mins were like some minutes only.

She was looking at me full of lust in her eyes, I slowly kissed her full body over her clothes and she was very excited and then I removed her kurti and kissed her cleavage and her tummy, her underarms, she was in a red bra and started fondling her breasts above her bra, and she was getting more n more excited, after that I moved towards her lower portion and removed her salwar,

And saw her wearing a red panty, I asked her her about the reason of wearing a matching one, to which she replied that you have told me once that u liked matching inners, I was realy happy to hear that she had memorized my likes n dislikes and I was very happy to hear. After removing her salwar I kissed each n every part of her body from her head to the toe, her fingers, her thighs,

Her legs, her back part, her tummy, her cleavage, her ass cheek, her armpits, it was amazing kissing n licking her each and every part of her beautiful body. After that I freed her beautiful 34d boobs from her red bra and her boobs swang in happiness, her boobs were beautiful with dark areolas having big size and her areolas were very stiff bcas of the excitement,

I started sucking her boobs and crushing the other boobs with my hand, I sucked her boobs lyk anything and they were so tasty to suck and she was just moaning in pleasure, and moving her hands on my back and in my hairs and pushing my mouth to her boobs, I kept sucking her boobs one by one for a lot period of time and gave some bites on her nipples which she loved it.

After that I moved to her lower portion and licked her tummy and just moved towards her things, licked her thighs and licked her pussy above her panty and then I asked her again that why was she shaking when I touched her, she replied that she got wet when I touched her. I was very excited that my first touch got her wet, I removed her panty and smelled it and the smell was very beautiful,

Amazing, then I just put my lips of her pussy which was clean shaven, and her pussy was looking so beautiful in pink color, I sucked her pussy and send sensation throughout her body when I licked her G-spot, then I kept licking and sucking her G-Spot and she was getting mad and telling me to fuck her as she was getting mad, I kept on sucking her pussy and was enjoying her moaning,

The way she was moaning was amazing, its can send sensation to any person, after few minutes her pussy started licking juices and I licked it dry, After that I took off all my clothes and she jumped on me and started kissing my chest, biting my nipples and played with my body and took my dick in mouth, and she was sucking it like a lollypop,

I had sex wit many girls and women but none of them gave me suck a beautiful blowjob, she kept sucking my dick and was sucking the dick like she was so hungry for year, it was the best blow job of my life, she kept sucking my dick for more than 30 mins and I was about to cum and she told me to cum in her mouth and she drank all the juices.

After that I took the condom out of my pocket and put it on my dick and I kept her in the standing position and told her to bend towards the bed and inserted my dick her pussy and she was tight it took some time to insert there and after that kept ramming her pussy, and was mauling her boobs with my hand, I kept ramming her pussy as hard as possible and she was moaning like anything,

She was shouting just fuck me, I was so alone for so many days, I cant live without your dick and please fuck me fuck me hard and I’m always for you. I kept fucking her and soon she cummed and was in sweat, I took out my dick and made her lay down on her bed and fucked her boobs and she was enjoying the session as she never had got her boobs fucked,

After that I told her to lay down on a table and fucked her on table which was a new experience for her and after that I cummed and just layed over her body for 15 minutes. After a break of 15 minutes she again started sucking my dick and it gained it strength and we were again ready for a round of fuck.

This time I wanted fuck her ass hole so I started licking her ass hole and fingering her there, first one finger, then two and then three, and then applied some cream on her ass hole and my dick her just pushed my dick into her and it just went in quite smoothly and was fucking her ass in doggy position and she was shouting lyk anything, and I kept of fucking her ass,

Her ass was really beautiful to fuck, after fucking her ass for 15 minutes and took my dick out and layed down on bed and told her to come on me and she obeyed me and sat on my dick and the dick reached the vicinity of her pussy, and then she started giving motion of to and fro and her beautiful boobs were swinging in air and I was taking those boobs in my hand and biting them and crushing them which made her very horny.

She kept on trusting on me and after some time we both cummed and she just layed on me for 15 minutes. After that we both went to the washroom and cleaned ourself and wore our clothes and then sat on bed looking in each others eyes. I saw satisfaction in her eyes and brightness also, I was very happy to see her satisfied. I had got 5 stars with me which I took for her, I took that 5 star out and gave it to her.

Then some thing wild came in my mind and I took the 5 star and asked her to open her salwar and panty to which she did and just took the wrapper of the 5 star and inserted the 5 star in her pussy and started fucking her, she was so touched by my act and was very happy after fucking her with 5 star she cumed and I licked her cum and its was mixed wit taste of chocolate which was amazing, then we both ate that 5 star and she was so happy from the core of her heart. Thanks!