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Pleasure by Maid

Pleasure by Maidi All, I am Binoy from Thiruvalla, Kerala and working in a software company I am very excited to tell u my story. I am staying in an appartment sharing with one of my friend .the story was our Maid who cook for me and my friend, one day my friend was having some office work and he told me over phone that he is not coming tonight to home.I went to hone as usual at 6 P.M. in the evening.

After a bath I switched on the TV, and seeing a movie in the mean time our maid came and she went to the kitchen.
I don’t know and I was never planned b4 also what had happened . The maid came to my room and at that time I was little bit excited by seeing a french kissing scene and I was holding my 7 inch thick rod in my hand by opeing my Zip. and she saw what I was doing at that time and she went without saying a word, actually she came to ask me what shoud ske cook tonight..immeditaly I went to kitchen and told her that I was bit excited, plz forgive me she told its ok sir. but to my surprise I was over excited at that time and I was very much horny at that moment.
she started cooking and I was beind her and immediately I rub my hard cock whick was inside my pant with my maids ass and she hesitently slid his ass beside.. and told me what r u doing sir..i told her I want to have sex with u..she told me what r u that moment I started pressing her ass ..and took her to my bed room and from behind I strated to entering her she said plz leave me sir, I told her plz satisfy me and I will give u what u want..i tear her saree a bit with excitement and her blouse too ..i was pressing her boobs in one hand and licking other one ..after some time..she told she was always thinking of me to have sex but never got a chance to have but today she is in heaven… at that moment I was fully naked..and I was supposed to enter her and thought about AIDS..then I told her that I am going to get few condoms she told me not to go as she is not having sex without her husband, but I told her no I can’t I have to use a condom..
i locked her in that room and went to medicine shop near by and brought 3 packets of kohinoor condoms, I never used it b4, aftre I came back when I saw my maid she is masturbating her self with three of her finger,… i put one of the condom and and kissed her she is beautifull with 40 D size boobs, I was in heavne when I touched her boobs..she told me she will fuck she came over me and I was lying in the bed first she was sitting over my penis..and put that one inside her, she was bit tight as she told his husbands dick was too smalll and he is violent..when he put my dick in her pussy ..first it didn’t enter the full of my throttle and she was moaning..i was jerked inside her with the condom at that moment..
she then took away my rod in her mouth and licking all the shaft.. then I told her I will fuck u in doggie style she asked my what is that… I told her to be in the knees and I guided her in the doggie style..and I was fuckign with my big hard cock at very fast pace she responded very well..after some 1 hr fucking session when I was tired I slept in the bed and she came again after cooking and sit over my face I was so excited again and I fucked her hard again… from that day onwards, I fucked her regularly by going home quickly and asked her to come quick for cooking so that my friend won’t be there.since last month she was cooking in our house but last month she came and told me that she is going to her husbands home town and she won’t come again.