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Prerana gets fucked by a stranger in the car while her husband watches

Prerana is 34 and i am 36, but some friends say we look Much younger. I
get very stimulated watching men of all ages staring At her and trying
to get a good look. I don’t need to think hard, to Guess what these boys
and men imagine while eyeing my wife. Sometimes In a place like a shop
or park i will opt to stand at a distance and To try to see how men look
at Prerana. My heart races each time i see Someone looking specifically
at my wife’s body or when they try to get Near her in the crowd. The
part of my wife’s body that gets most of The attention is her breast and
next will be her buttocks.

During our earlier days Prerana was unaware of what happens, but
Nowadays she will try to cooperate as much as possible. When wearing a
Saree she will let her blouse-covered breast exposed and act as if she
Is unaware. Once daringly, on my insistence she wore no bra under the
Blouse and we were at a garment shop buying clothes for me. Then as
Planned, she ‘accidentally’ let her saree slide and exposed her left
Side. What happened subsequently, left us both shaken and very
Stimulated. I suppose she got more attention than we had bargained For.
We soon found too many customers near us and i clearly remember How some
of them were shamelessly piercing Prerana with their eyes.

I Soon got a jolt myself as i noticed that on her exposed left side her
Fleshy breast was bulging through her tight blouse and her nipple was
More shamelessly erect and protruding under the fabric. People Standing
close must have noticed her areola’s dark colour beneath her Cream
coloured semi-transparent blouse.

I was instantly hard and believe the same happened to those guys that
Day. We soon returned to the car and once inside i told Prerana that
Seeing her erect nipples had caused me to have a huge hard-on. She
Immediately complained that it was my idea and that she was more
Affected by the incident than me. When i asked her how she could say
That she changed her position on the car seat and without warning Lifted
her saree above her knee level and spread her legs and said to Me ”
vishy it was your stupid idea. You sound very concerned about my Erect
nipples, but look at this you idiot.”- i looked around the car First to
make sure no one is watching this silly impulsive act by my Horny wife.
Then i ran my eyes between her thighs but it was too dark For me to even
see her panty properly. So it was my turn to be Impulsive and told her
“hey malviks show it to me properly, i can Hardly see anything. Please
spread it wider”. She looked wide eyed, Hornily running her tongue on
her lips and did what i asked.

Her saree and the skirt inside were fully crumpled to her hips and
Prerana placed her left foot on the car dashboard. I remember saying
‘Bitch’ to myself as i noticed that her white panty was completely
Soaken wet and stuck to her labial folds. In fact her thighs were wet On
both sides due to the obvious reason that she had been drooling her
Juices in the excitement so far. Her cotton panty was so wet that it Was
out of position over her fleshy vulva. Most of her hair around her Cunt
was peeping on both sides and her dark left labia had fallen out. I have
seen a few female genitals but Prerana’s is definitely the Fleshiest
and probably the darkest of all. I wanted to touch and lick Her cunt
then and there, but controlled myself to avoid problems.

I was on the driving seat and my wife was beside me. Our car was Parked
at the very end of the parking lot and there was a large tree Providing
cover on one side. The car glass was tinted but from nearer The car the
inside was clearly visible. I looked around again and There was a middle
aged couple standing close to the car on the left Side. My wife begged
me to do something and i took the risk of bending Down briefly, inhaled
her pungent genital smell and ran my tongue on Her crotch. The bitch
slid her panties to one side to fully expose her Very hairy, smelly and
puffy vulval folds. After a brief licking i got Up due to fear and then
let my hand do the exploring. She was so horny That she removed her
panty completely to make things easier and moved Her hips a little
closer to me. Carefully i separated her bushy hairs To take a good look
at her labia which were very dark in contrast to Her fair skinned
thighs. She was so wet that it was all sloppy and my Fingers were
struggling to separate her thick cunt lips.

I was then in for a bigger shock when i realized that the couple were
Not in view and looked around. I realized a shadow behind my side and
Saw the man from the couple-pair leaning against the next car and
Directly looking at us. The lady was nowhere in view. I realized that
From her position my wife also had noticed this. I was literally Shaking
but my horny slut of a wife said to me in a low voice “vishy, I like
this vishy. Please let him look. I love it. My gawd do Something
please”- and she started to slide back to her old position And spread
her thighs as before. In spite of my shaky feeling i felt My cock spring
back to a huge hard-on again. I too started to love it. I was letting
another man see my lovely wife’s genitals. “vishy ask Him to come in and
get a closer look please” Prerana whispered. I Gestured to the man to
come close and asked him ” do you like to get Inside the car?” i noticed
that although older than me, he looked more Nervous and embarrassed. He
declined to come in saying it won’t look Good. I even remember blurting
out something like “don’t worry sir, we Are a decent and clean husband
and wife”. I could not believe it but Prerana was actually begging me
to get him inside. He was surely Interested as he will not get to see a
really beautiful girl in this Situation again.

But the man was very frightened that his wife will return soon and
Agreed to watch from behind me outside the car and promised to keep a
Watch out for other people. I noticed that his pant front was tented And
he was trying to press it against the car. I simply turned around And
conveyed this to Prerana only to realize that it made her more Wild.
She spread her legs wider, put her fingers to her labia and Separating
them said “then why the fuck is he not coming in. I will Let him rub it
against this” and saying so peeled her lips apart. In Between her
utterly dark cunt lips her cleavage opened up revealing Its shiny pink
entrance and her small bud-like clitoris which was half Dark and half
pink. I did not want to let her down. I turned around And told the man ”
why don’t you come in, i will keep guard outside. Please”.i pleaded.

Somehow he nervously agreed and we swapped positions. I stood outside
The car with my hard tool pressing and rubbing against the car and
Watched the stranger fumbling to position himself properly on the car
Seat. My wife had all of a sudden covered her face with her saree,
Closed her thighs together and lay still . I leaned inside and prodded
The man to go ahead and said Prerana will cooperate fully with him.
Hesitantly he touched her legs and caressed it. He leaned towards her
And ran his hands on her belly and upwards to her chest. He ran his
Hands over her breasts for a while and waited for her to react. Prerana
in her heat quickly unhooked her blouse to free her Mammaries, then held
his hands and placed it to either boob. The man Was starting to get a
bit rough and massaged her breasts intensely and Also squeezed her erect
nipples with his fingers. My wife was Breathing hard and moaning

She pulled his face to her breast and said something which i could not
Hear clearly. But for the next few minutes he was suckling noisily on
Her nipples like a baby and my wifes hisses and moans only increased. I
had to interrupt them briefly as some people passed close by. As Soon as
the signal was clear the heated session took off from where it Was
halted. Any sex activity with Prerana is very stormy and heated And she
usually leads the way. But i did not expect to see what she Did to the
stranger. She suddenly asked him for his name to which he Replied
“sanjay”. Then without a warning she turned around, went on Her hands
and knees in a doggie position and loudly whispered “sanjay Please do
anything you want to me. Just don’t make me wait. Please”- Saying so she
lifted her saree right over her buttocks. The man was Stunned but
attended to her sincerely. It was the most intense public Experience for
me as i was extremely stimulated and on the verge of Leaking my fluid.
Sanjay admired my wife’s liberal fleshy butt for a Brief period and then
lay his hands on it. In the beginning he was Really gentle and slow. He
revealed his crooked side by suddenly Reaching out to the back car seat
to pick up Prerana’s discarded Panties, pointed it near her face and
asked her “is this what you wear Madam? Can i smell it?” Prerana said
something i could not Understand, but i could see that she was letting
her juices flow Again. It was clearly visible as her hairy cunt lips
were protruding Between her buttocks in that doggie posture. I could
swear i smelled Her sex from where i stood.

Sanjay could not hold on any longer. He separated her buttocks cheeks
Apart and looked at my wife’s dark wrinkled anus and the surrounding
Hair. I remember him mumbling “madam, you are a very hairy woman. Can I
smell you?”. Prerana showed frustration, ” you bastard what are you
Wating for? Don’t ask me anything , just do it.” sanjay dived in and
Stated to sniff like a dog around her anus. I had to reposition myself
To see him run his tongue directly on her anus. I and of course my Wife,
loved the way he was cleaning her brown stained hole. Then like An idiot
he asked her again, ” madam will you permit me to insert my Tongue in
and taste the dirt inside?” Prerana blurted, ” dirt? What Dirt? My
gawd, why do you waste so much time. Its all yours.

Stick your mouth in and dig out my dirty shit if you want, but don’t
Keep talking”. Here there was no escape for me- i had shot my load
Uncontrollably rubbing my member against the car. Still i continued to
Watch the sexual activity inside the car and within a few minutes i Was
getting hard again. I could see the spasm of my wife’s anus as Sanjay
tried to insert his tongue in. There was some struggle before Her
lubricated anus opened wide to accommodate nearly half his tongue. He
was going in and out and i watched in awe as the anal hole gaped Open
between the insertions revealing her inner passage which from the
Distance looked a bit ‘dirty’. Sanjay sincerely cleaned her out, all The
while saying how beautiful she was. I was embarrassed, she was Not! I
never licked my wife’s cunt after licking her anus as i read Somewhere
that it was unhygienic for the woman. But i did not mind the Stranger
sticking his tongue into her vagina after he had vigorously Lapped at
her s- -t hole. I am not sure how it all works, but when you Are
actually doing a dirty job on a very beautiful girl like my wife, I
think you tend to ignore all the taboo involved. Actually when i am
Having passionate sex with Prerana, all her genital and anal odours
Sometimes feel heavenly.

Sanjay very skilfully rotated my wife’s thick clitoris with his tongue
And inserted it between the folds. It went in quite easily and Prerana
was starting to gyrate her hips which meant she was going to Orgasm.
Sanjay probably understood and pulled his thick long penis out Of his
pants. It was risky but he looked decent and for the first time We let a
stranger do it without a condom. The man tired to insert his Rod between
her butt cheeks into her vagina, but the ackward posture Made things
difficult. Prerana turned around and picked his hard cock Between her
fingers and placed it in her slit. She was so damn wet That sanjay’s
penis, despite its enormous size slipped into her Easily. Then he
started to be rough and humped and pumped into her Vagina. I ejaculated
for the second time as soon as i saw his penis Penetrate my wife’s cunt.
Prerana’s also attained her orgasm within Minutes of taking the
stranger’s cock into her cunt. Sanjay, to our Surprise continued to
screw my wife for another 10 minutes before Ejaculating into her and in
the process gave her another orgasm. She Grasped sanjay tightly against
her body and allowed him to lay on top Of her for some time before
releasing him.

It’s hard to describe the eroticism experienced by us in this Particular
incident. We were so stimulated that after reaching home, i fucked
Prerana twice that day. It is today repulsive to think that Another man
had felt my wife’s private parts with his, and that i fucked her vagina
that was filled with his seminal fluid. But we both Will not deny that
it was thoroughly enjoyable for us. Right or wrong We cherish such
encounters all the time praying and hoping that all Encounters are safe.