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priya: HEY
me: asl
priya: ur asl plz
me: 24 m del
priya: 23 f del

me: so u read my chats
priya: yes
me: so more abt u
priya: what do u wanna know
me: everytngh
me: wt u do
priya: m an engineer
priya: i work in gurgaon
priya: what do u do
me: me preprng for upsc
me: so ur native place is del only?
me: whr u hail frm?
priya: yea
me: ok….
me: so who all in family
priya: bro and parents
me: ok
me: u eldest?
priya: no
priya: younger
me: ok
me: so wat all u wearing now priya
me: ur real name priya only?
priya: shorts and TEE
priya: yes
priya: ur name
me: rajat
priya: ok
me: color or shorts n tee
me: shorts till thigs?
priya: grey shorts
priya: white TEE
me: mmmmm….wat else
me: n in all details…shape design
priya: no inners
me: really……
me: u dnt wear or nt wearng in room
priya: yes
priya: not now
priya: its hot here
me: ok.///waise aaj wch color panty pahni thi
me: how many panties n bra n wat all color u hv
priya: red
priya: i have around 10 panties
priya: mostly cotton white
me: okkkkkk
me: all v shape or ne thong or g strings?
priya: no thongs
me: okkkkk
me: how dense pubic hairs?
me: how often u trim pubes?
priya: trimmed
priya: inn 2 weeks
me: okkk,,,u rem wat age u frst time trimmed pubes
priya: in coll days
me: okkkkk,means in schooll all pubes untouched n dense
me: mmmmmm…good
priya: yes
me: mmmmmm….
me: so ne bf?
priya: not yet
me: how u look like priya?…plzz details mein
me: really…so r u still untouched n virgin….
priya: 5′ 6″
priya: fair
priya: slim
me: very nice height
priya: small eyes
priya: long face
priya: not wide
priya: long hair
me: okkkkkk
me: cn i c ur pic if u cn trust me
priya: maybe tomorrow. coz m not having my pc rite now
me: real pic plzz….no fake,if dnt wana she u cn say directly…or real one plzz…cn i trust u
priya: sure
me: thx….so all virgin n untouched
priya: yes
me: good…
me: so tell me ur hobbies priya
priya: reading, movies, chatting, scripting etc.
priya: tum bhi kuch batao
me: ask me nethng….
me: u got cam priya?
priya: tell me nething
me: or voice too..
priya: actually m using itouch
me: ok
priya: m pc is not working
me: ok
me: i touch is wat?
me: cn i use tht on my cell?
priya: iPhone without phone
priya: its and ipod with all features of iphone
me: means?….it is for wat purpose?
me: okkkkkk
me: u cn use internet on tht…
priya: for music, gaming
priya: wifi
priya: yea
me: okkkkkk wifi
me: ur figure priya
priya: 34 24 36
me: nice……
priya: thx
me: so how u tke bath,panty mein ya poori nangi ho ke
priya: jaisa mann ho
priya: waise full nude
me: ok…accha tell me honestly,ever seen ne real nude male?
priya: yes
priya: once i saw a guy nude
heart_virus_here: haha
me: how tell details
priya: on a webcam
me: no real life
me: ..accha tell me ne real female u saw poori nangi or in panties?
priya: panties mein to dekha hai
priya: frnds ko
me: okkkkk…poori nangi nhi dekha…nt evn relatives
priya: 1 min plz
me: k
priya: no
me: ok
me: relatives or neone in family?
me: nt even in panties
priya: no
priya: no
me: okkkk
me: tell me ur most embarrassing moment ever…
me: smone saw u in less clothes….or smthng like tht
priya: aisa toh kuch nahi hai
priya: i guess, once my bro saw me while bathing
priya: but not sure
me: how n y u thnk he saw
me: tum poori nangi thi?
priya: yes
priya: i heard somebody on bathroom door
priya: uss waqt ghar mein sirf bhai tha
priya: toh m not sure
priya: he saw or not
me: bt door locked hoga na
priya: yes
me: tum poori nangi thi?
priya: yes
me: okkkkk….
me: did he do tht deliberately
priya: i hav no idea
priya: we never talked abt this
me: okkkkk
me: tell me how many moles on ur body priya,whr all u hv moles
priya: one on my shoulder
priya: thats it
me: okkkkk
me: ever seen porn movie?
priya: once i saw it on my frnd’s pc
me: okkkk….u masturbated aftr seeing?how often u masturbate
priya: yes i did
priya: 2-3 times a week
me: frnd ke samne hi?
priya: no
priya: ghar pe
me: how u do it,while bathng or in bed…wat u do
priya: while sitting on commode
me: okkkkkk
me: rubbed ur vagins or inserted fingers
priya: rubbed
me: k
priya: how u guys masturbate
me: rubbing penis…
me: back n for
priya: okkk
me: fro*
me: i do it 3 times a day
priya: ok
priya: how do u manage that
me: as soon as i get up,thn br4 slpng n if i fl like thn in noon aftr lunch
priya: okkk
priya: u r horny
me: u cn say tht…..
me: so ur school dress must hv been skirt na
priya: yes
me: ever felt ne guy tring to see under ur skirt or saw under it
priya: many times
priya: when guys got punished and they have to sit on floor
me: so u think they saw ur panties
priya: yes
me: u didnt try to hide
priya: sometimes
me: okkkkkk
me: u got scale n one thread in ur roon
priya: i have to see
priya: but why
me: plzz see n get thm
me: u will knw y
priya: no scale rite now
me: ok
me: is it easy to trype on i touch…
priya: practice ho gayi hai
me: ok…i’m plang fr i phone…is it worth
me: wat u say
priya: no
me: y?
priya: u shud buy itouch
me: bt i need a phne too
priya: iphone is not worth the money
priya: use some other phone
me: how big is d screen of i touch
priya: battery backup is very less on iphone
me: n withot wifi u cnt start inetrnet
priya: itouch is complete iphone whithout phone
priya: yes
me: ya,bt for using net i need web browising.dnt hv wifi hre
priya: k
priya: depends on u
priya: my choice is itouch
me: wats d price of i tocuh
priya: i got 32 GB for 13000 from germany
me: okkkk…ya i cn see it on google,just exactly i phne
priya: yes
me: u rght,phne nt worth,btr to hv a phne of 5 thousand n this i touch
priya: yes
priya: gud choice
me: is it available in india easily
priya: yes
priya: from any apple store
me: n price?
priya: no idea
me: ok……apple store to del mein c p mein hi hai
me: ok neway thx fr tlng me abt this
priya: its in rajouri shoppers stop also
me: bt yar net kaise use karunga priority is net
me: ok
priya: dekh lo
me: i think shud b wthin 15
priya: but it wud be 8 GB
priya: not 32 GB
priya: its costly here
me: kkkk…..
me: mujhe to yahin se lena hai….neway 16 gb bhi hua to enough hai with in 15,will try for it…
me: bt u cn use net only if wi fi thr na
priya: k
priya: yes
me: so aur batao…wana see my pvt pic priya?
priya: sure
priya: how
me: bt i need ur honest comments too
priya: k
me: see it carefully n see all…thn comment how is it…n honesrtyl…wat u liked n wat now…all fullest deatils priya
priya: very good
priya: tip is very thick
me: yaaaa
me: more plzz
me: length
priya: must be 7 inches
me: yaaaaaaa okk
priya: i dont have much exp. but it seems to be good
me: pkkkk
me: is it enough for ur vagina…
priya: i cant say
priya: it is big
me: n anus hole
priya: biiiig
me: okkkk
priya: u got a gud one
me: thxxxxx….
me: ur anus has hairs too
priya: no
priya: m clean
me: okkkk
me: ur anus must b too tiny n tght na
priya: yes
me: okkkk
me: will u allow me to try entering in it
priya: no way
me: y
priya: m a virgin
priya: and want to be like this till marriage
priya: bye
priya: have to go
priya: c u later
me: ok,wana c pic now…tomo….add me
Priya Sehgal: ok
me: tomo wana c pic plzz
me: in jeans n salwar or saree
Priya Sehgal: if pc gets working
me: ok
me: will u allow anal to ur husband
Priya has signed out.

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