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Proud Desi guy Feroz cannot wait to show off his wife to the peeping neighbours and what they are missing in their lives

I would like to share my experience of showing off my wife to two
bachelor guys living in the backside of my apartment’s complex. This
incident happened on 14th August this year.

I Feroz and am 32 Yrs and my wife is 26.
I work while my wife is a house wife and we have a lovely one child
aged 3. On 14-8-2007 while I came back from my office at about 7.00 PM I
found that my house was locked and when I called on my wife on her
mobile I was told that she had gone to shopping with her mother and she
was on way to home. I opened the house with my keys and went inside and
after resting for two minutes went into the bathroom to have a shower. I
did not put on the light in the bathroom as I thought it was not really
very necessary. Before I went into the bathroom (attached to my living
bedroom) I opened one window of the room for fresh air. As I got
underway for the shower, the door bell rang and when I went and peeped
through the door hole I found it was my wife with my child. I hurriedly
opened the door and went straight into the bathroom for the shower. My
wife closed the entrance hall and came into the bedroom and put on the
light unmindful of the open window. suddenly I peeped out of the
bathroom ventilator and found 2 young guys about 20+ each in the
building behind our apartments in the top store room of the independent
house peeping into my bedroom. They were cautious enough not put on
their light and were peeping into our bedroom through a small space of
two windows.

As I was anxious to see what they were looking at into my house I slowly
opened my bathroom to see that my wife was changing. She first pulled
off her saree and stood there looking for some nightie and brushed her
hair for some time and slowly unhooked her blouse and opened it and then
put on her nightie and left the room to the kitchen. I could see the
sense of happiness in their face of watching my wife. I remembered the
days when I used to peep into others houses and the type of enjoyment we
used to get in seeing that way. Suddenly I had an idea and it was to
show off my wife to the two guys. After shower I came out and went to
the kitchen and said to my wife darling lets have food outside today and
asked her to put on the green saree and blouse she had just opened up as
she was looking pretty sexy in this dress and she obliged (I knew the
two guys were enjoying seeing her put on the saree and buttoning up her
blouse) and we went to a nearby hotel and had food and came back home at
about 9.30 PM all along the route I was playing with my wife and told
her she was looking marvelous in the green saree and green blouse like a
lovely parrot. On coming home by this time our child was fast asleep and
we put him to sleep in the small bedroom and we came into the master
bedroom and put on the bed lamp and started to kiss my wife. I checked
to see if the guys were still there and yes there they were without a
shake or two. (They knew they could see something as we used to wait for
hours together to get a good glimpse in our young days) I held her close
in my arms and told her how lovely she was looking today and started to
kiss her wildly and asked her to kiss me.

She was kissing me violently and then asked her if she was OK for a long
night of sex and she replied that she was sleeping from 11.00 AM to 4.30
PM and was OK for anything even if it were for the whole night. I said I
wanted to have her wild and wet and she agreed. I pulled off the saree
from her shoulder and then her waist and threw it on the bed and pushed
her on the bed and started to kiss her everywhere on the top of the
fabric and then pulled off the blouse. She was wearing a white bra and I
was enjoying her kissing her on the bra. Simultaneously I was caressing
her thighs and buttocks and could feel she was without a panty on asking
her the reason she said she wanted some air for her pussy and decided to
come without a panty I was shocked and said it is ok. Slowly I became
naked and was lying on the top of my wife and as I could not control any
longer, I slowly pushed up the petticoat and pushed my hard cock into
the already wet and moist pussy of my wife and fucked her for about 5
minutes and came inside her and after cumming I asked her to clean up
and come back again. After she cleaned up I also went into the bathroom
and found the 2 guys still watching like watching a movie in silence. I
enjoyed the sight of being watched while I fucked once out of the
bathroom I came back to my wife and started to kiss my wife violently it
was around 11.30 PM by then and then I opened the bra and pulled off her
petticoat and made her STARK naked and then I said I was not able to see
her properly and wanted to enjoy every inch of her body and asked her to
put on the tube light.

After some hesitation she obliged and put on the tube light and there
she was in all her glory. Suddenly she observed the open window and was
about to close it. I said only darkness can see you now and let the
nature enjoy seeing us while we enjoy each other and convinced her that
nobody could see us. Now I grew bold and slowly inched her towards the
open window and kissed her all around her making her clearly visible to
the two guys and while I licked her pussy I opened the lips of the pussy
in such a way that the two guys could see each and every millimeter of
my wife’s pussy. I thought of them watching gave me a lovely errection
and I fucked my wife in the doggy position while she clung to the bed
and the window. I asked her to scream in pleasure which she did and
asked her to be dirty and she was shouting fuck me hard aaaaaaaaaah
ahhhhhhhah amaammmaaa aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. All the sounds were clearly being
heard by the two guys as they were just a few feet away from our window
and in the dark. After I came I went into the bathroom to see the guys
and yes they were enjoying my show. I asked my wife to make sexual
gestures and sway her buttocks in a sexy way and she was like a real
whore obeying everything I was telling her. This time around she wanted
to take mine into her mouth as I licked her pussy after the third time
the time was about 2.00 AM and I put off the tube light and put on the
bed lamp and nakedly we slept on the bed even without a bed sheet. About
4.00 AM I woke up and went to bathroom only to find the two guys still
seeing into our bedroom. Casually I put on the tube light for some time
and adjusted my wife for a better view for them after about 15 minutes I
switched off the light and hugged her in the bed lamp and kissed her
passionately and then we slept. When I got up it was 8.00 AM and my
lovely wife was already had her bath and woke me up with a cup of coffee
and sweet smile and satisfied look on her face with a big good morning.