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Punjabi guy getting lucky online with sex

Hi, I am Harpreet from Ludhiana. I met a woman from U.S. on omegle and we started chatting .We’d been chatting on-line for a while, some months. For some reason the chat turned to how handsome I was and quite a few years younger that she was. She said she’d been with a man her age but he couldn’t get hard! I explained that I was always hard! Never had a problem in that department! She asked me to show her!

I sent one shy photo of my manhood peeping out of my boxers. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “who’s that peeping out??”… I enjoyed sending a photo, never done this before, it was quite exciting.

So she kept chatting-me-up, it’s usually the man that does that! I sent her a few photos and she sent me one of her in a bra! “I’m more of a leg man” I explained, going on to tell her I was submissive and she didn’t need to send me anything in return. I don’t think she really understood that concept, she didn’t need to send me any pictures. Some days she was around and other days she was out doing a yoga class or something?

A few days later we were chatting and she asked for a picture again, so I un-zipped and showed my hard on peeping out of my shorts again and she asked for more! I took of my top and sent her a photo of my hairy chest, from my shoulders right down to the tip of my manhood! She told me she really liked my body and it made me feel good, I’ve been single for ages. I may never have sex again, find it difficult to find anyone who’s interested, but she was. Slight problem of 400+ miles distance I was not prepared to meet with her.

I was telling her about my fantasies ad she said she loved to hear them. I could only cum when she said I was allowed to (but I like to cum every day) and I explained that after 2-3 days I get very horny and will be more willing to show more of my body when I’m turned on like that.

I said that I wanted her to tell me I was not allowed to cum! So I would have to show her how turned on I was and how hard I was whenever she wanted to check, and each day I would get more needy of orgasm. She liked this. She was in control.

Over the next few weeks my pictures got braver, but I never showed my face at the same time as my body. Naked torso she called me! Upper body yes, then naked lower body, using my tablet I was able to send instant photos.

She liked the instant pictures. After a few weeks realised she could ask me to take my top-off and such like, on command. Show her my body on demand. Whenever she wanted to see me. This suited my submissive fantasies.

I’d get a message “how hard are you?” that was my cue to send instant evidence of my horny cock.

“Have you orgasmed!” she said? “No of course not, I only cum when you say I can!” I text back. “Good” she replied. “Off with the top, you can cum tonight”… lying on my bed, as I usually was when we chatted, I took off my top and sent a photo to show my hairy top half… “I want to see your face” she said, so I oblige with a photo of my face and hairy chest. “Good, socks” she said, duly I took off my socks, with an instant before and after photo. “Nice feet” she said… “Boxers”… I send a photo of my boxers, then take my shorts off and send another. Holding my tablet high up into the air, I can just about take a full length selfie of me completely naked, lying on my bed. I love being naked and sending pictures to this woman was exciting! She told me to make sure my smiley face was in the pictures.

I always found it easy to get hard and wet, my pre-cum arrives after a few minutes of stripping. OMG I was becoming her stripper! And I liked it.

“You will only orgasm when I say, all your orgasms belong to me so you will cum when I say so, and no I like this.

And so several times a week we followed this routine, I took my clothes off on command, loved getting naked and sending the pictures back. Then one day she said she would love to see me cum. I was getting to cum a lot, she was not very good at telling me I was not allowed to cum, such is my fantasy of begin controlled. What she had got was lots of pictures of me, my body and face, fully naked and partly clothed. Selfies, on my bed for our enjoyment. Yes we both enjoyed it!

After a while she was in-boxing me requesting to see if I was aroused, well I always was; as soon as she demanded a picture! I guess she has about 100 pictures or more, I deleted them all at my end. She said she had them stored in a folder. What if her computer breaks and goes into a repair shop? I thought… this turned me on just as much, knowing I had sent out images and they could get into someone else’s hands, someone might recognise my face! Wow!

I never asked her for any pictures because I like the imbalance, that is the submissive side of things. She asked, I would submit. She wanted to see my orgasm.

There we were chatting one day; again she told me I was allowed to cum tonight. At her end she was also in bed, watching me and having her own orgasm, she wanted us to orgasm ‘together’. Of course I was not going to see her; in fact I told her that one of my fantasies was to be denied this. To be blindfolded when I was with someone and just serve them by licking them to orgasm, then being told to get naked and stand in the corner and wait for the next instruction. I like to be locked in store cupboards naked with my hands tied behind my back and a blindfold on.

So I was on my bed and she started giving me commands, top, socks, boxers, once completely naked I must send proof, just like when she wanted to see how hard I was at any-time day or night. So I sent her my full naked selfie again, with a big smile on my face! Arms stretched up high to get the full length selfie from head to toe.

The only time I was allowed to cum was like this, which is a bit different to how I normally would masturbate whenever I wanted, but not anymore. So the rules were I had to show I was completely nude, my clothes in a pile on the floor, and I must wear a nice big smile too. She told me this was her pleasure and so I needed to look like I was enjoying myself (I was).

Then she told me to tie my legs together, I had some rope to hand at the back of a drawer, so accepted her demand and tied my legs at the ankles nice and tight. I do like to be tied, it’s a great feeling of control. Or lack of control. I wasn’t about to tie my hands together though!

“I want to see you cum” she said, “Ok” I reply, and for the first time in my life I flicked on my tablet’s camera to stream live video to her, I was horny having not cum for a few days, she knew every time I came because I’d been loyal to her requests for a few months now.

“I want to see your entire naked body on camera and then see you cum, I am going to cum too so make it good” she said… OMG I’m a ‘porn star’ now! Eek! But I was enjoying it, shaking slightly with my novice nervousness.

So at first the camera showed my smiling face, smiling at her (I couldn’t see her as her room was completely dark) I couldn’t see her at all. Then I flipped the camera direction to point down towards my vulnerable body, in the corner of my screen I concentrated on what I could see, which was I was sending her. My live stream lasted about 2-3 minutes and I loved it. I was hot and wet and I directed the camera close-up, right at my penis as I squirted loads of my cream all over my belly, I dipped my fingertips into my pool of sperm, still holding the camera as still as possible for a fantastic close-up. She got a show!

She said “thank you” and “goodnight” and that was it. I felt a bit used, but I’d loved it and it was very exciting. We did this half a dozen times. I would strip, one garment at a time, send over the evidence of my subservience, full naked selfie then she would watch me orgasm.

The only time I would orgasm was for her. I must be naked, smiling in all the photos, she complimented me often. Sometimes my feet were tied together, but I couldn’t operate the camera and wear a blindfold!

We chatted about other things, like cars and dogs and cats and normal everyday. Not just sex. But I was her stripper.

Now and then she’d tell me she was looking at my photos, I liked that, occasionally she’d send me a picture of me completely naked of course! She said she looked at my body on the bus, or just about anywhere she wanted to. I wondered who was sitting behind her on the bus!

Once or twice she said her 25 year old daughter was in the room with her, asking what she was laughing at. So when her daughter was out in the evening, that’s when we would ‘get together’.

I told her I wanted her to see me shower, I’d strip off in my bathroom, setting-up my tablet so she can watch me strip and get soapy. Then take it to the bedroom so she could watch me cum all over the place.

Most of all; I told her, I want to be denied orgasms, so I end up really horny and desperate for an orgasm. It’s been a week now; I really hope she gets back to me soon!

I really need to cum on camera for her!

It’s been too long!