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Rajesh’s Wife Has a Secret – I

It was late and Rajesh was rushing to catch the local train. As he jumped into the crowded train he cursed the Mumbai’s hectic life and squeezed in to make some space for himself. It was still an hour’s ride home and it was already 10.00 in the night. Rajesh was an average guy of 27 years working for the last 6 years in Mumbai as IT engineer but was still to make it big. His job with a local company can’t be termed as a dream job and he was on a constant lookout for a better opening. He attended an interview in the evening which delayed him.

Rajesh was married to a beautiful girl Sapna for the last one year. She has done MBA and working for a financial company. She was far better placed in terms of earning and job profile. Rajesh opened the door of his flat with his own key and went inside making as little noise as possible, as he knew that Sapna would be asleep by now. He tiptoed to the bedroom and found her laying face down on the bed. He looked at her voluptuous body, her perfectly shaped ass bulging out nicely. Her black panty was clearly visible through the thin material of her night gown. As he looked he felt his cock started to harden, he controlled himself not to disturb her sleep as tomorrow was a working day.


He quietly changed, warmed his food and sat in front of the old desktop, in the living room, with his dinner. Both of them have their own laptops for office use, however as his laptop was giving some trouble he turned on the old desktop which was seldom used. He started to eat while waiting for the system to boot as he had some urgent work to finish.

Rajesh met Sapna about one and a half year back. He was assigned by his company for onsite work at the finance company where she worked. On the very first day he spotted her, the sexiest girl in the office. A Gujrati (belonging to Gujrat State) written all over her face, she was of small frame, height not more than 5’3, girlish small boobs and a extremely well developed and round shape ass. He saw her walking around the office, her hips swaying sensually hugged tightly in the pant she was wearing. She was working at a senior position; however he managed to get her attention.

Sapna looked at the man from the ‘Softage’ company who was working on her computer, probably fixing some software, trying to hit upon her. This was not new to her as she was a doll since her childhood, a sexy doll since she grew up and guys keep trying their luck with her but she smiled at the mundane ways he was trying nervously. So after the end of the day when he asked her out for a coffee she agreed. They hit off well and Rajesh fell hopelessly in love with her. On her fourth date he proposed her.

She took some time to answer, marriage means end of independence. She has been deferring this issue for a long time and let go of several opportunities in past. At the age of 28 she was not getting any younger and felt the pressure from her family to settle down. She thought about Harsh and her boss Rajan, and then decided that it’s high time, the past should be put to rest. During the few months stay of Rajesh at the company he heard some rumours about her having relationship with her boss, but he ignored them thinking that it is just a office gossip and her colleagues were jealous because of her rise in career at such a young age, further the boss is quite older than her, married and have grown up kids.

As the computer came to life he opened his files and got down to complete the assignment. During the process he needed some help from net, as he logged on, the default page of rediff loaded. He was about to launch his search when he noticed at the top right hand corner a name appears kimisimi along with a finger nail picture of a girl. He was logged on automatically by the browser into the account of kimisimi, who is she? Curiously he went on to click the name and the profile page loaded showing a bigger picture. He instantly recognises the women in the picture as his wife. Although the face was not visible but he can easily recognize the transparent night gown she was wearing. The picture tells a lot, it was a self shot picture probably by the web cam, revelling her body from neck down to thighs. She was wearing the black night gown which she use to wear during their initial months of marriage and which was really transparent and sexy. The picture was showing her ample cleavage and panty covered ass.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “never expected she would be clicking such a bold picture of herself let alone post as her profile picture.” Fascinated, he went on to check the profile which did not reveal anything personal about her and even her name was mentioned as Kimi. He never knew of this email of her and the friends list it showed also were unfamiliar. Curious he continued browsing and forgot everything about his work.

As he checked some messages it became clear that it’s a secret email account of her through which she anonymously chat about sex with anybody who is willing. He didn’t know she likes all this. The messages he read gave him an idea about her fantasy of submission, being forced, public sex, etc. he found his cock getting hard again.

Suddenly he heard some noise from the bedroom and jumped like he is caught stealing. Again the flat was silent. He tiptoed to the bedroom and found her sound asleep. He came back eager to find out more. He clicked on the email account and saw lot of mails, mostly from some site sharing hot pictures of people engaged in sexual acts. Then he found that there were mails from someone named John. He opened it and found they were regularly exchanging emails and discussing mostly about sex.

The more he read the more he discovers the hidden side of Sapna. In one mail she described her husband to John as “humorous, good in bed with average size dick.” He liked his description except for the end part the “average size dick.” He thought a six inches is good enough, not well hung as in porn movies but….. Off course the John described himself as well hung 10 inches and had a picture of him showing the erect member in full force. The picture was of a white male.

“My foot 10 inches,” pang of jealously hit him, “must have sent some picture from the web.”

In one of the mails Sapna had described her fantasy of being fucked hard by a stranger while her husband is watching. The entire thing was described in great details and looked as if it has actually happened. John’s reply was, “I am ready to make it happen, have you already tamed your husband?”

“I am tamed to fuck your arse,” Rajesh was shaking. He was angry with Sapna and ready to kill John only if he can be found. He pictured his sexy wife spreading for some stranger and shivered. Strangely he found himself hard.

After a while he composed himself and went on to browse the emails and then he stumbled upon an email written by Sapna describing how she lost her virginity. The moment he read the first para he knew it is not him who took her cherry. “I knew it,” he muttered. He always suspected that Sapna was not a virgin at the time of their marriage. At the age of 28 he cannot expect that her hymen would be intact and moreover he is not an expert at judging the virginity. On the first night he felt that she was not new to sex, however the moment didn’t let her think otherwise.

He read the mail……..

I was so nave at that time; I have just completed 18 years and was studying in final year of my school. I was very curious to experience sex but I never liked any of the boys who tried to woo me or maybe I was scared. It was winter and our school planned a tour of the South India. Around 50 girls were in the trip with two teachers.

We landed in Trivendraum in the morning and had a bus booked exclusively for us which was to take us around places.

The driver and the conductor of the bus were local Keralites stark black in colour, the names of both of them I never know. During the site seeing the conductor also acted as a guide. Since the time he saw me he was trying to get close to me. He called me baby all the time which I hated. Many a times he touched me on the pretext of helping me get down the bus on the other times he simple patted my head “Sweet baby,” I always snapped back, “I am not baby,” and he will sneer.

We stopped at Kovalam beach in the afternoon and all the girls went onto play in the sand. While we were playing I thought of brining the mat to sit on the sand, so I returned to the bus. The bus was parked a little bit away from the beach along with other vehicles. When I entered the bus I saw only the conductor was inside.

“Baby forgot something,” he grinned.

“I told you don’t call me baby, I am grown up,” I hit a punch on his shoulder.

“Ya grown up,” he held my chin in his hand like fondling a baby and mocked. I yanked his hand and tried to get past him as he was standing in the middle of the aisle.

“Get aside,” I tried to squeeze through but he deliberately pushed forward and clutched me between himself and the seat. I was stuck facing opposite to him and his groin was pressed against my ass. I clearly felt a hard object pressed against my ass. His hands were visible to me so I know what it is. An electric current ran through my body as I realized he was hard and poking it at me.

“Let me go,” I struggled. My heart started to beat fast.

“Grown up hunn, then go,” he teased me asking me to force my way. I wiggled my body to get through and in the process rubbed my ass against his groin; he too took advantage and pressed hard digging his cock between my ass crack. I gasped aloud.

“Ohh,” I dug my nails on his hands holding my shoulder. We engaged in a small fight in which he easily immobilised me. I could have shouted my way out but I have to admit I was excited and wanted it to continue.

He lifted the divider between the two seats making it into a long one and bent me over it. He quickly lifted my skirt up and in one swift motion pulled my panty down to my knees. I started to tremble and got panicked.

“No…No…leave me,” I squealed but he pushed his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy hard.

“No,” I shouted and forced myself back making him loose his balance. My panicked voice told him that he cannot push the things further.

“Ok.. ok.. baby don’t panic, I am not doing anything,” he gave a final squeeze to my pussy and let me go. I quickly pulled my panty up and ran outside forgetting all about the mat. I ran to the beach buzzed with what has happened, I could still feel his hand on my pussy. Rest of the day he didn’t bothered me and stayed away.

Later in the night we have to travel to Kanyakumari which was a overnight journey and we started at around 10.00 in the night after dinner. We were enjoying our trip and we played all kind of games, sang together and had fun. At about midnight everybody got tired and one by one started to doze off. I was sitting on the first seat of the bus directly behind the driver’s cabin with a black glass in between. Everything out side was dark and difficult to see. The bus lights were also turned off as everyone was sleeping. I tried to sleep but could not and remembered what happened in the day. I got horny thinking about it and thought what he could have done if I didn’t panicked and ran out. I got so horny that I wanted to relive it, only this time I won’t back out.

I tried to peep from the glass in front but due to black colour I was not able to see. I cupped my hands around my head and pressed against the glass, I could see the road ahead bright due to the head lights of the bus and the darkness beyond the light. I saw the conductor sitting just in front of me, he was watching me, when our eyes met he smiled and signalled me to come to the cabin. I thought if I go there would he try something? I got Goosebumps and decided to have some adventure so I hesitantly got up from my seat and entered the cabin.

Inside the cabin it was very noisy due to the engine. The conductor took my hand and guided me to the long bench like seat in which he was sitting.

“Come, sit…,” he put one hand on my shoulder and asked me to sit on the bench. He could not believe his luck that I had come to him again after the incident today.

“I was feeling sleepy so I thought I should sit here and watch ahead, it is so dark back there,” I explained feeling a bit flushed. He just smiled and nodded. He sat very close to me, his hand still on my shoulders. He tried to have some conversation asking about me and telling about him.

We were passing nearby the sea and the cost line was on our left. He enthusiastically showed me the vast ocean glistering in the faint moonlight. The view was excellent and I was lost in the beauty. During the process he came very close to me, his body was touching mine from behind. He casually kept both the arms around me and pulled me to him in the pretext of showing me beyond the window. He was taking his time as he didn’t want to scare me again.

I looked around and saw driver was unaware of what was happening and the conductor has pulled a curtain over the black glass behind so that nothing was visible from inside the bus. My chest heaved at the possibilities.

He casually caressed my shoulders and arms, “Baby why you got scared in the afternoon.”

I punched at his arms, “You are a bad man.”

He laughed loud being happy that I am playful. I was aroused and the anonymity of the situation encouraged me. I don’t know the man and he doesn’t know me and probably after tomorrow morning we would never meet. I can have some fun and moreover I felt safe, with the entire group around, I know I can push his hands anytime and go back to my seat.

His hands started to roam further down to my waist. I played innocent and looked out of the window. He too was normally discussing about the journey. I quivered as he casually touched my bare knees just below the hem of my skirt. It became very difficult to stay quite as his hand moved up.

I sat motionless, still pretending that I didn’t notice what his hands were doing. He slowly moved it up on my inner thighs; I gasped and looked towards the driver, he was still unaware of what was happening. Initially he was moving tentatively but as I stayed quite he became bold and was rubbing my thighs freely. He had slowly pulled my skirt up. I felt ashamed at what I was allowing him to do and thought to end it, but just couldn’t get myself free from the lust of forbidden adventure.

I let him move his hand up my thighs and cup my pussy. Instinctively I grabbed his hand and squeezed my legs.

“Uhh, No, you again being naughty,” the voice barely came out. His hand was still on my panty covered pussy, feeling the wetness. He pulled me back leaning me against his chest. I was quivering with desire and clamped my legs tight.

“Wait…. don’t be afraid…. open your legs, it would be fun,” he whispered.

“You good, you very good,” he murmured in my ears.

“Ooo….leave me….. you are doing dirty things,” I made a very clumsy effort to push his hand away.

“Open your legs,” he insisted.

“Please….Ahhh,” I closed my eyes, I felt dirty relaxing the grip of my legs, “now please let me go,” my voice was laboured. He quickly inserted his palm inside the panty and rubbed my swollen lips.

“Ahhh,” I moaned and arched my body. I was half lying over him and my legs spread on its own accord. He slowly started to massage my pussy. With my half closed eyes I saw driver was glancing towards us, he had a clear view of my open legs. It felt so slutty I spread them wider. The conductor tilted me sideways and quickly pulled my panty down my ass and out of my legs. I groaned and looked towards him. In the dim lights his black face was invisible only his white teeth shine.

He pushed me flat on the seat and climbed over me, crushing me under his weight. I watched as he opened the buttons of my shirt letting it hung on either side and unhooked the bra. He feasted his eyes on my small B size boobs and then stormed over them taking one in his mouth and the other in his hard hand.

He has got me under him and will fuck me. I lost my nerve and got scared again. All sorts of thoughts started to pour in my mind, virginity is the most precious thing for a girl, what if I get pregnant, what if anybody come to know about it. My body was responding to his touch but my orthodox upbringing was not allowing me to be free.

“No….no…please…. I want to go,” suddenly I pushed him with full force.

“What!” he looked furious, “what is wrong with you?”

“I want to go,” I begged.

“Shut up,” suddenly his entire demeanour changed. He yanked my half open skirt out of my legs.

“Don’t you move an inch,” he said in a mean voice and started to take off his trousers.

I watched him undress, unable to disobey him. He pulled the underpants down and held his cock in his fist. It was hard and ready. He moved his foreskin up and down couple of time, looking at my naked body on the seat and then knelt down between my legs.

I felt the throbbing hard cock placed on my opening. He pushed his knees and my legs went wider and higher. He rubbed the cock over my pussy, wetting it with my juices.

“Uuumha,” he kissed softly on my lips, “sweet girl.”

Suddenly my eyes opened wide as a sharp pain exploded between my legs. The hard meat had started to make way inside me.

“Ahhh….. Nooo….leave me….please…..ohh mummy….please,” I cried out and begged him to leave me. My cries were lost in the noise of the engine.

I struggled hard and punched his back repeatedly, “leave me…leave me,” but he pushed again banging in the entire length.

“It’s OK…it’s fully in now….relax,” he kissed my lips.

“No…No…Please let me go,” I was struggling to get free; the entire pleasure which I was having was gone.

He paused for a moment to let me get use to it and then started to fuck. With every thrust I cried out loud. He was grabbing me by waist and I was unable to move. Slowly my loud howling was muffled and I started to bear the pain, still grunting with every thrust. The cock was easily slipping in and out of my soft pussy. He picked up pace and was now earnestly banging me. A strange pain mix pleasure started to build inside me.

After initial hard fucking he slowed down and took his time to enjoy the moment. He was thrusting deep and long strokes holding my body in a missionary position.

“Ugg…uggg,” I moaned feeling his hard cock rub over my clit. He placed his mouth over my lips and muffled my voice. His tongue slides inside my open mouth. The fear slowly vanished and was replaced with a deep desire like I’d never felt before. I moved my arms around his back holding him tightly and started to kiss him back.

“Yeah….baby…..Ohhh… you want it,” gritting his teeth he clutched my boobs and mashed the nipples.

“Ahhhh….,” I moaned loudly in pleasure. I was in heaven and wanted it to continue forever. He pull the entire length and banged it right back with a thud. I started to hump from below trying to match his strokes. An intense orgasm started to build inside me. My whole body shook violently and I squealed loudly as the wave of pleasure hit me.

He started to murmur something which grew into loud grunting as he neared his climax. He twitched and jerked and erupted inside me. I cannot believe I just fucked the conductor in the moving bus.

My whole body was aching and I lie on the seat panting unable to move. I saw conductor was switching place with the driver. I understood that now the driver was coming for his turn. He quickly shed his pants and approached me with his cock rock hard. I just watched fearing for the pain again. He was horny watching the whole episode unfolding before him and was ready to fuck.

“No…please…..don’t,” I meekly protested.

“Don’t worry, I am not doing anything,” he tried to placate me.

“Don’t worry, I won’t fuck your pussy,” he whispered, “I don’t think you will be able to take it.” He climbed over me placing his knees on either side and slapped his cock over my face.

“Suck it,” he was smiling. I quickly opened my mouth before he could change his mind; it seemed a better option than risk it in my aching pussy. I didn’t know how to suck but he didn’t care, he just pushed it inside as far as it can go and started face fucking me. He held my head and pushed his groin roughly fucking my mouth. I gagged with each thrust as he was going deeper and deeper. Lucky for me he was too horny and didn’t last long. As soon as he pulled out I started coughing and spitting out the cum.

I returned to my seat tired and immediately dozed off. After that day I never saw them or heard anything about them.

Rajesh finished reading and was shocked to learn all this. His mind debated it can’t be true, it must be a fantasy, but she had written it as a true incident. He was confused and felt betrayed, but one thing he was convinced that he is not the only person in her life and she had other partners as well. He scanned the other mails to find out more or to find out anything about an affair with her boss but nothing was there.

Reading all this made him horny as well and he adjusted his cock which was making a tent in his pants. He was angry with Sapna for hiding from him so much. What must he do? He thought for a long while deciding something then voting against it. He has to confront her and find out.


To be concluded