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After my mother got a job in a multinational bank, she no longer had time to do the housework. So my parents decided to get a full time maid. Rani was 20 years old when she came to our house. But she could easily have been mistaken for 18. She was a mountain girl, from a village somewhere in the hills of Nepal. Our factory’s watchman, who was also a Nepali, brought her to our house. She had soft oriental features and a small girl’s body. She was quite pretty to look at, and sometimes when she’d be cleaning the house, I’d look at her, admiring her. Her body had just started showing the signs of girlhood. I could see the outline of her tits under her cotton dress, which was a little tight for her. She did not wear a bra. She did not own one. Those days, I was in the first year of college. I didn’t have too many girlfriends and I definitely didn’t have any lovers. I was a horny college boy, with raging hormones, who masturbated looking at Hindi pulp movie magazines. I’d often fantasize about her too. But she was too shy. I started spending more time at home in order to be near her. I smiled at her whenever I got a chance, treated her to tidbits. Ice cream and chocolates. She had never had ice cream ever before and she was like any other teenager. I talked with her. I became her friend. It was easy.

She would sometimes watch TV but never when I was around or when my parents were watching. She watched Hindi movie songs. She would sing while she worked around the house. Her childlike voice adding her own special music to the songs I started watching Hindi movie songs. It wasn’t very difficult persuading her to watch TV with me. Soon we were watching hot Hindi movie songs together. These songs were usually love songs, with suggestive lyrics and almost obscene dances.

Rani was trapped in an unfortunate existence. She had no friends, and her family was far away. I was her only friend. I started joking with her. Touching her sometimes casually. She did not seem to mind. I think she had a little bit of a crush on me. I was the only one who had ever treated her well.

She told me about her family. Her father had died when she was a toddler. She had two younger sisters and an old mother. Her mother worked as a part time maid for a businessman. She did not earn enough to feed all of them and so Rani was sent to the city to fend for herself.

I started acting as if I was in love with her. It was easy to sweep her off her feet. With liberal doses of Hindi movie dialogs, I convinced her. She confessed that she loved me too. I warned her to be careful when my parents were around.

One day when we were sitting together, watching TV, I pulled her to me and kissed her. Right on her lips. She was too surprised to react and after I let her go she ran away from the room with a coy smile. I knew that she was ready.

The next day I kissed her again, and this time I placed my hand on her left tit. I felt her go stiff I my hands. But she was too nervous and unsure to complain. I squeezed her tit gently. She drew in a deep breath, and tried to move out of my embrace, but I held her tight and she still didn’t complain. I squeezed her other tit too, enjoying the soft warm flesh through the thin cotton dress.

I kissed her lips and squeezed her buttocks, letting my hands explore her young body, slowly, softly. I held her tight and kissed her. Her eyes were half closed and her body went limp into my arms. Her body was responding. Instinctively she pushed herself against my body.

I pushed her dress up and touched the back of her thigh. She again went stiff in my arms. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. She was very new to all this. She was just a simple village girl and I was the first person to ever kiss her this way. I kissed her hard and I felt her body betraying her and reacting to my kisses. I moved my hand a little higher up her thigh. I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I wasn’t a virgin, but neither did I have much experience. At that time, I had only had sex with a classmate of mine, after I had got her drunk at a friend’s birthday bash. I was a hasty, messy experience. The rest of my sexual knowledge came from watching porn movies and reading.

But luck favoured me. Rani’s body was raging with puberty hormones. She was ready. Led my instinct and encouraged my whispered confessions of eternal love, she let me put my hand into her top without saying anything. I touched her tits. I was the first one to touch her that way. She was caught in mixed feelings she did not fully understand. I took advantage of her confusion to quickly pull off her top. Before she knew what was happening she was half naked.

I embraced her. She was a little scared now. She struggled a little in my arms as I kissed her tits, sucking them, licking them softly, using all the techniques I had read about. I felt her gasp and her breath quickened.

I opened the buttons of her skirt and pulled it off. She was fully naked in my arms. I ran my hands across every inch of her body and kissed her neck and her tits. I did not give her a moment’s chance to complain.

I quickly took off my clothes and embraced her. I felt her wonderful smooth creamy body on my naked skin. Her tits rubbed against the hair on my chest. I felt the nipples harden.

I picked her up in my arms. She was very light. I carried her to my room and placed her on the bed. Quickly placing my body over hers before she could get up. I started kissing her tits again. She arched her back and lifted herself slightly off the bed, her head thrown back and eyes almost closed.

I kissed lower, tracing the lines of her belly, moving my hands an her thighs. I touched her between her legs. She was a little wet. I placed my finger over her clit. Touched her gently, rubbing, first gently and slowly, the harder and faster. She was groaning in pleasure and breathing quickly.

I rubbed my erect cock against her leg. As I kept rubbing her clit, I tried to shove a finger into her but she was too tight.

It will be fun fucking her

I’m British but my last girlfriend was Indian. Her family moved over to Scotland when she was very young. When my girlfriend (Sherbanu) introduced me to her mother (Rani) and I fancied her straight away. She’s in her 40s and in really good shape. Initially, I was afraid to let my feelings be known because Rani’s husband is rather old fashioned and could barely tolerate a ‘debauched foreigner’ like me dating his daughter. I couldn’t visit when he was home and he was always trying set Sherbanu up with ‘good, decent Indian boys’. I didn’t think Sherbanu would exactly be too pleased either if I started coming on to her mother. I decided to wait until the time was ‘right’.

One day, I was round at the house and both Sherbanu and her mother were in the garden. I crept up to Rani’s bedroom and had a quick rummage in her drawers. Sure enough, this foxy bitch had a plentiful supply of lace underwear and skimpy cock-tease outfits. She maybe dresses and acts noble in public but she sure is a slut for hubby. Then I found an envelope, and yes… Polaroid’s! Rani sucking her husband’s cock and being taken every which way, with pretty much nothing missed out. I thought that maybe I could get some action from her too and decided to make a move on her. Next day, I visited again when Sherbanu had gone shopping. Rani was washing up at the kitchen sink and I said that I’d give her a hand. She was wearing a tight, white sari and her big tits were jutting out, stretching the thin fabric. I couldn’t resist any longer and grabbed them from behind. She was taken completely by surprise and let out a scream.

She was shocked, not angry. “Sherbanu will murder you if she catches you carrying on like this.” she said.

“It’s more your husband that I’m worried about, he would really kill me!.. But that’s a chance I’m willing to take.” I replied and led her to the sitting room. I stood Rani in the middle of the room and sat down in front of her. “If you don’t want to, tell me now… But I want you to strip for me.” I said, wasting no time because Sherbanu would be back in a couple of hours with the shopping. I pulled down my jeans and started pumping away at my cock. Rani couldn’t take her eyes off it and slowly started to sway her hips. I reckoned that if she was going to play ball, then she probably expected to get treated like a tramp.

“I didn’t tell you to dance, I said to strip… so STRIP!” I said forcefully.

She glanced at the floor and then back at me. She smiled and removed her clothes. What a sight… her silky, sandy skin and those massive breasts with big brown nipples that were stiff and protruding.

“Jesus,” I muttered, “you could hang your jacket on those things.”

I then got her to squat between my knees and toss me off and we both got carried away, So much so that neither of us heard Sherbanu come in with the shopping as she had come in the back door, not the front. She went crazy, catching me titty-fucking her mother in the front room. Rani burst into tears and blamed it all on me. In the end, it was actually Sherbanu that calmed everybody down by stripping off and joining us!

Like mother, like daughter, both were exceptionally well endowed with large breasts. Titty-fucking had been a staple diet in my sex life with Sherbanu. She got down between my knees and wrapped my prick with her breasts. She gazed up at me and smiled as she started to bob up and down, gently fucking my dick. To see such a pretty girl do that to you is beyond comparison. Before I could cum, Sherbanu got up and sat in the armchair where I had been and draped her legs over each arm, fully exposing her sex. As I got on my knees to fuck her, Rani perched herself on the back of the chair and was affectionately stroking her daughter’s hair. I was soon giving her a serious humping. My knees were not exactly winning the battle of ‘wear and tear’ as they rubbed on the carpet whilst fucking. I stopped for a minute to change to a more comfortable position. But Sherbanu got up and turned to her mother, telling her that it was her turn now!

Amazingly, Rani was even tighter than her daughter was and I revelled in the sensuous caress of her inner pussy. It was so tight that I could feel it flexing around me every time I pushed in. Sherbanu knelt behind me and was gently pushing my buttocks as I thrust, helping me penetrate her mother even deeper. We kept switching and fucking for over an hour. They eagerly swallowed my cum as they were forbidden to use contraception (religious reasons, similar to Catholics… that’s what they told me at least) and didn’t want to get pregnant by me. The big finale for me was to stand up and get both of them to kneel in front of me and take turns to lick and suck my dick clean. They kept sucking me long after my knob had been cleaned and I started to get hard again. Pretty soon my semen erupted in a huge watery cascade… covering their faces and beautiful hair. Whilst they admitted that they had enjoyed our escapade, both Sherbanu and Rani swore never to repeat the event and demanded that I keep it a secret.

But I had something far more sinister in mind… I had them… I could use them… pervert them… turn them into sluts that they only dreamed of being in their fantasies… I could turn them over to Omar for a day… “OK… on one condition… just for today… you must do what I say, no questions or hesitations… is that agreed?” They looked at each other for a minute and then they both nodded.

“Right… get yourselves cleaned up and put on your best saris… You’ve got twenty minutes… And I want you both looking pure and virginal.” They both giggled as they ran upstairs to get ready. As they were changing, I made a quick telephone call to Omar and quickly filled him in. When they returned, my cock stiffened just looking at them.

“Excellent,” I said, “let’s go for a little drive.” We piled into their family car. I drove and they both sat in the back seat. I pulled up at the side of the road in the middle of the city.

“Here we are.” I said with an exaggerated tone of happiness in my voice. They looked out the window at saw a shop with blacked out windows. “Private shop.” Sherbanu read from the sign. “For all your personal needs… Mum, this is a dirty book shop!”

“Just go in and do as I told you.” I interrupted and got out the car. “Ask for a vibrator as I told you.” I went in first and winked at Omar to let him know that it was ‘game on’. Omar runs the sex-shop and is a massive black guy with a shaved head. He keeps in shape and has gang connections. I thumbed through a couple of magazines and after a couple of minutes, Rani and Sherbanu walked in the door. Omar gasped at the sight of them in their saris and lovely long, blue-black hair. He asked if he could be of assistance.

“We are interested in buying a vibrator.” Giggled Rani. “Our husbands are away on business and we want to remain faithful in his absence.” Shit! She said it so good that I even believed her, and I was the one that had told her to say it! It was wicked of him to pull out the biggest one in the shop. Twelve inches long and as thick as your wrist… what you’d expect middle-aged lesbians and slack-Alices to use, not these two maidens of the East. Omar slapped it down on the counter along with a tube of KY jelly. They picked it up and were all wide-eyed and innocent looking as they examined it. I don’t think they were pretending, as they seemed to be genuinely surprised at the toy monster they were holding.

“Is there somewhere we can try it?” Sherbanu laughed. “You bet there is.” Omar said as he came round and locked the front door to the shop. “My first Paki sluts…” He said, talking to himself. “I’m one god-damned lucky nigger!” My dick was bursting to get out of my pants but I wanted to hold on a bit longer. Sherbanu hitched her sari all the way up and sat on the counter with her legs wide apart.

“No panties, you are a naughty girl!” Exclaimed Omar as he showed Rani how to switch on the vibrator. Rani slowly placed the pulsating head between her daughter’s thighs. Sherbanu looked down with a nervous smile in anticipation off the impending onslaught that her pussy was going to get. “I think she’s going to need some of this.” Omar said as he passed Rani the tube of lubricant. She started coating the big white false cock when Omar stopped her. “Not on this… on her…” He continued, pointing at Sherbanu’s already soaking cunt. Rani reluctantly put some jelly on her hand and started to rub it onto Sherbanu’s entrance. I was a little surprised at her reluctance, considering what had happened earlier in their house. I suppose watching each other is different from touching.

“That’s no use. You’ll never get her ready like that.” Omar interrupted. “What’s your problem… you two sisters or somethin’?” “Not exactly… ummm… we’re actually…” But he interrupted her. “You need to get that stuff right in her… like this.” Omar said as he grabbed Rani by the wrist and forced her fingers into Sherbanu’s pussy. Sherbanu yelled and her eyes bulged open at the sudden forced entry. She was so juiced up that she could take it and was soon moaning as Omar pulled Rani’s hand back and forth in Sherbanu’s squelching pussy. He pulled her hand out and dumped half a tube of jelly over it.

“You need to pack this jelly as far up her cunt as you can…” He commanded. “That means your whole fucking arm if you have to… now get on with it.” I had never seen Omar like this before. He was completely dominant and was relishing his role as the defiling black bastard. I realised that I better just go with the flow. Rani pushed her hand into her daughter’s pussy and it was accepted with relative ease. She kept pushing, trying to spread the lubricant in as deeply as she could. “Oh mama… mamma… Mama… MAMMA!!!” Sherbanu’s pussy contracted tightly around her mother’s hand as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body. She was shaking all over and threw her head back, her long black hair whipping about as she experienced the most intense sensations in her body.

“CHOOT!” Rani exclaimed and started babbling something in Hindi at her daughter. Sherbanu’s face was a picture; she was so turned on. There is nothing more beautiful than a pretty Indian girl’s face when she cums! I should know… I came in my pants without even touching my dick and I had already shot off four times that day prior to going to Omar’s shop! “C’mon bitch, give her the dildo!” Omar exclaimed, somewhat irritated. Rani didn’t wait any longer and pushed the big white monster into Sherbanu’s pussy. Sherbanu closed her eyes and rocked her head from side to side, stifling her moans as she took the throbbing dildo deep up her honeypot. Omar came round the counter and I could see why he was getting irritated, he was sporting a monster of his own. That’s why he chose such a big dildo, to get them ready for him! But it wasn’t Sherbanu that he approached. He stood behind Rani and gathered up her sari around her waist and kicked her legs apart as if she was going to get frisked. She looked like she’d been cumming herself as fluid visibly trickled down her legs. Omar thrust his monster black cock into her. She immediately had a massive orgasm, her legs gave way and she collapsed onto the counter. He kept thrusting and eventually got his cock embedded balls-deep into her pussy. Omar smiled and looked over at me. I had my dick out and was pumping it hard again… I couldn’t believe it!

“Motherfucker… she’s a tight one.” Omar declared as he tried to pull his schlong back out again. It wouldn’t move. He pulled harder… still nothing. He violently thrust back, but all that happened was for Rani to get whiplashed clean off the counter and slapped back down on it with a loud yelp. “Jesus H fucking Christ… I don’t believe it… the bitch is so tight that we’re stuck!” Omar grabbed Rani’s chin and dominantly forced her to look at him. “You’d better know some good pussy control tricks bitch, or we’re gonna be stuck here for a while… Never had anything like this before… are all you Paki sluts as tight as this?… don’t your husbands ever fuck you?…” She couldn’t answer. She could only moan and groan as her overstretched pussy worked overtime trying to accommodate the big black intruder that was wedged deep inside her. Omar grabbed her tits through her sari and started to thrust back and forth, he was fucking but her body moved with him. He used very fast, short strokes. Rani was tossed around like a rag doll on a bucking bronco as Omar kept up his effort. She orgasmed again and again. But still it wouldn’t move.

By now, Sherbanu had been left to fuck herself with the big dildo and she was cumming at the sight of her mother being interfered with by a complete stranger that was this giant of a black man. Omar stopped punishing her with his thrusts and rested, sweat dripping off both of them. He bent over so that he was talking right in her ear. I could see that he was taking great pleasure in humiliating her in front of her daughter. He deliberately used offensive language to intensify the humiliation. “Listen bitch, we’re gonna be stuck like this forever if you’re no gonna work with me on this one… So, give me some of that slut action with your sweet cunt and we’ll be just fine.”

“But I can’t… I don’t use the pill… I think I’m fertile right now… My husband’s a respectable dentist in the city… There must be some other way…” “I know it’s a tough break, but my cock is stuck up your cunt. Because you’re so fuckin’ tight, your twat is stopping the blood escaping from my dick. The only way I’ll be able to pull out is after I’ve discharged my load into you. I need you to give me some pussy action to make that happen… There’s no other way.” Sherbanu was getting so turned observing her mother’s predicament that she was now using both hands on the big vibrating dildo, rapidly ramming it in and out. I was amazed to see that she was now slamming it’s entire length up her well lubricated pussy. The very noise of it squelching and farting in and out of her cunt was enough to make anybody horny. She was now lying on her back on the counter. Periodically, she’d stop pumping the dildo, pull her legs up to her chest and quiver as another big orgasm swept through her. Rani started to slowly rotate between squeezing down with her pussy muscles and then relaxing them.

“Oh fuck… that feels so good.” Omar expressed as Rani’s efforts massaged his dick. He caught my attention and pointed to a shelf next to the counter and signalled for me to give him two of them. I went over to the shelf; it had an array of butt-plugs on it. I grabbed a couple of moderate sized plugs and put them on the counter within Omar’s reach. He reached behind the counter, produced another tube of K Y Jelly and smeared it all over the butt-plugs. Both Rani and Sherbanu were oblivious to this. Omar got Sherbanu to raise her legs. He grabbed one of the butt-plugs and rammed it up her arse. She screamed and rolled over. She was clutching her stomach and was clearly in pain. “You’ll adjust easier with this out of you.” Omar said as he pulled the big dildo from her pussy and tossed it on the counter. A lot of her pain subsided and it was her throbbing sphincter that was now her immediate concern. Rani was sobbing as she watched her daughter try to accommodate the invader up her arse.

“My poor baby.” Sobbed Rani. “My sweet little girl… My poor Sherbanu…”

“Yeah bitch… It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out what I’m gonna do to that Paki slut daughter of yours… But don’t worry too much about her until you’ve solved your own problems… I won’t tell you again slut… Now get back to work on my dick.” Omar had turned into the evil black monster of every husband’s worst nightmare and I was watching every stroke! Sherbanu was so horny that she was now fingering herself and had obviously adapted well to the butt-plug in her arse. Rani was squeezing, relaxing… squeezing, relaxing… squeezing, relaxing as Omar berated her. “Squeeze that black dick… that feels good slut… milk my baby juice into your tight Paki cunt… Tell me you like that black dick… tell me you want black cum… tell me you want my baby… tell me you’re a slut for my black dick…”

“Please stop talking to me like that; I am a respected member of my community and as soon as you’re dislodged from within me, I’ll be right out that door with my daughter and you won’t see us ever again!”

“Excuse me Miss pillar of fuckin’ society, but aren’t you the one that has my dick stuck up her cunt and is trying to make me cum in her…SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM you fuckin’ hypocritical Paki slut!”

With that exchange, Omar started thrashing Rani’s arse-cheeks. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SPANK, SMACK! He kept it up until both cheeks were red raw. With each stroke, Rani instinctively clenched all her muscles in the lower torso and upper leg, including her pussy. This brought Omar significantly closer to orgasm. He was really enjoying playing his role as the big bad-ass black master. He could easily have thrashed Rani’s arse as soon as his dick got lodged in her pussy and could have been free within a couple of minutes, but he wanted to humiliate her in front of her daughter. Once humbled, she could be controlled.

“Come on bitch… milk the cum from my cock… Do you want my seed?”

He smacked her again. “Answer me!” He insisted, smacking her arse twice more. “Do you want my seed inside you?”

“No, I mustn’t…” She moaned.

WHACK! He spanked her again and repeated the question.

“Yes.” She then replied, realising that Omar wanted to hear her talk dirty.

“Yes what?… Tell me bitch…” “I want your seed… I want your seed in me…”

“Do you want my baby?… Tell me…”

“Yes,” She cried. “Give me your seed… I want your baby…”

“Good girl.” He purred. “That’s it, squeeze me harder with that tight cunt of yours. Make me cum in you… Make me cum you slut.” Rani jerked as she felt his emission flood her womb. Both of them were groaning and Omar was soon semi-erect. He slowly pulled his dick half out of her pussy and a large quantity of fluid poured out and splashed loudly on the floor. But he rammed his semi-erect phallus back up her and started shafting her, bringing his cock back to full power again. “What are you doing?” Rani asked nervously.

“Well, since you did such a good job of fucking my dick with your pussy, I think it only fair of me to give you a wholesome fuck in return.” Omar grinned. “Hold on for the ride of your life, here comes the Kingston piledriver!” Omar started to really pound poor Rani from behind. She was getting tossed around again like a rag doll, but this time she was getting full length cock-strokes pistoning in and out of her so fast that the sound of his balls slapping her clit sounded like someone giving applause. It was also one of the wettest fucks I’ve ever seen. Omar started to break things up a bit. He changed pace and depth to get Rani to start begging him to fuck her. It didn’t take long. Rani was soon begging for his cock, his cum and to be fucked in the arse. Omar was also getting her to beg for her to watch him do the same to her daughter. By now, she wasn’t playing Omar’s word games any more. She was getting the fucking of her life and didn’t want it to stop. She started to talk dirty because it was now turning her on, not because that’s what Omar wanted from her..

“Do you still want it up your arse slut?” Asked Omar. “Yes please… take me up my arse… please fuck my arse.” Rani replied enthusiastically. “OK bitch, you asked for it… but you’re gonna need some preparation.” Said Omar as he waived me over and said to me. “Warm up her arse for me while I check out this other Paki bitch right here.” Omar pulled out his massive erection. It was covered in froth as if someone had dolloped whipped cream on it. He went over to Sherbanu and unplugged her arse. “Hey slut… Paki cunt… Are you ready for your master’s cock?” He growled at Sherbanu. She whimpered what I thought was a yes. Not that it mattered as Omar already had half his monster dick up her pussy. He lunged forward, so that he went balls-deep and then withdrew. His dick was black and shiny again. “Will you take a look at that…” Omar laughed. “This little Paki slut has cleaned all of her mama’s cum off my dick with her cunt… now isn’t that sweet of her.” Omar grabbed Sherbanu’s legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders.

“Oh no.” I muttered into Rani’s ear. “He’s going to give her the jack-hammer. Her pussy’s going to be dog meat by the time he’s finished with her. Sweet little Sherbanu’s not going to be so ‘little’ after that.” “But it’s worth it for her to get a real man… He’s just so… my god, I need him in me again…” She replied. Well that straightened it out for me. Rani had genuinely turned into a slut for his black cock in less than an hour!… and she wanted her daughter to be the same! I nuzzled my erection up to her arse, grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could. She bucked and squealed. I told her to stop her play acting as I’d seen the photos of her and her husband and knew that she was no anal virgin. Mind you, I don’t think her dentist husband was fucking her as hard as I was. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t crying inside at the sight of my girlfriend on the receiving end of Omar’s punishing ordeal. At the same time, it was still the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and so my feelings were very mixed about it. Sherbanu was getting pummelled with Omar’s monster cock. His prick was a blur as he pistoned in and out of her. She had her ankles crossed behind Omar’s head and had lifted her arse off the counter. She had also braced herself with her hands tightly clutching the edge of the counter.

Omar had also opened the blouse section of Sherbanu’s sari and had been pawing her tits. It was great to see them bounce around and ripple like jellies. Sherbanu had completely lost it… she was on a different planet… she was brought back into consciousness with a prod up the arse as Omar’s back door invasion commenced. I couldn’t hold back anymore and spurted my load up Rani’s arse. I got hold of the butt-plug that was still on the counter. “I think you’ll be needing this now… It’s what all fashionable Paki choot sluts are wearing these days.” I growled in Rani’s ear and as a final expression of contempt, I punched the butt-plug home. She screamed as this action snapped her sphincter wide open and shut again in a split second.

“Kind of gives you a ring-of-fire in your arse, doesn’t it?” I jeered as I spanked her arse and made a retreat back to my observation position. After a couple of minutes, Omar pulled out of Sherbanu’s arse and went back to Rani. He whipped out her butt-plug and rammed his monster up her arse. After five minutes of ‘the treatment’, he went back to Sherbanu and plugged her pussy again. Omar got both of them to kneel on all-fours side by side. He took turns ramming his monster up each of their holes, swapping from mother to daughter and back again.

“It’s time for your slutty little Paki cunt to get anointed with some of your master’s precious love juice.” He told Sherbanu as he worked her into a frenzy. I realised that he had no plans of withdrawing, Omar fully intended to fill these ladies with his cum. He didn’t need to make Sherbanu beg for his cum, she was already pleading for it. He shot his load deep into her pussy. He lay on top of her for a minute before pulling out. Again, copious amounts of juices splashed out, cum pouring in strings right down to the floor. Omar pulled out a video camera and started filming as he got both Rani and Sherbanu to suck his monstrous black dick back to hardness. He then made me film them as they screwed in every conceivable position. He got them to say things to the camera as he pounded them, such as “I’m a Paki slut… please fuck me balls deep with your big black dick”. After that, he told me to leave and as I left, Omar was pounding my girlfriend from behind as her mother looked on in approval. My one wild day had backfired on me. After this had happened, my role was mainly to act as a respectable front for their activities with Omar.

Both Rani and Sherbanu are Omar’s faithful Paki sluts and whore on his command in exchange for a taste of his big black monster cock. Rani and Sherbanu are both pregnant with Omar’s babies. They now want me to marry Sherbanu to act as father to the child when its born. Omar says he’s going to keep screwing both of them. I don’t know what to do.