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Ranoo’s first Lesbian encounter with her Jaithani

After two or three year passed of Ranoo’s marriage one day I received a call on my mobile from unknown number I said hello other side a lady speaks hello how are you Rizwire. I said lady I didn’t recognize you at all she told me “itnee juldi bhol gaee mujh ko main tu tumhy saree zindigee nahi bholoon ge. I again ask her who is she and why she call me she give me a hint. “A winter rainy night as I remembered I said Raa Raa Ranoo. She said yes I am.

I said to her as I promised her I will not try to make contact with her and don’t tell about one night stand to any one so I retained my promise. She told me that she know that you are man of your words and I respect you for that. So I ask her the reason about her call she told me I will tell you later in next call. After that she called me once or twice a week, we talk about each other and our past but I figure out from her voice and words that she were not happy from her life in fact most of her words in our conversation represent misery so one day I asked her “Ranoo are you happy with your life she told yes she is fully satisfied with her life and his husband is a very good man, he take care of her. On that moment I was confirm that she was lying I told her “wo kaun shadi shuda aurat khus ho suckti ha jo aik sal ke 11 months ke raatiee aklee bister per guzarey aur uss ke pass koi bhi na hoo jo uss ke sexual needs pori ker sucky” she immediately shocked and said who told you that I said I know everything about you that your husband work abroad and he only came once a year don’t you lie to me Ranoo’s I know every thing. It seems that you don’t trust me anymore after listen these words she hung up the phone. It was after might night probably 1:00 am when she called me again as usual I was playing my game called MAX Payn and I was on its 2nd last so I paused the game and received her called for few seconds she didn’t reply my hello so I told her if she don’t want to talk me then don’t bothered to call me again after that I ended the call again and resume to what I was doing. Five minutes later my mobile phone rang I received the call she said, Rizwire I am so sorry about my action please forgive her and all things that you said was true and I am looking for their solution that why I connect with you. I told her now I got your trust now tell me since last time you had sex with your husband she told that one year six months ago when last time he was in country. Ranoo was desperate and I was destined to help her in this matter. I told Ranoo that we should meet she told me that her family was very strict and she is not allowed to set her foot outside the home she only goes out side once in month in market for shopping and her Jaithani is with her all the time “so if you are thinking about any possibility that we can meet in future that s not gonna work. So I told her there is no hope for her I can do nothing for her as I said her goodbye and ended the call. That night one of my friend gave me an Indian movie on DVD name was “FIRE” staring Shabana Azmi and other bollywood actress and actor. The movie is about lesbian sex the two women involved in lesbian sex as other day at phone she told me that her family consisted on eight her mother in laws her two brothers in law and their wife’s. Next day I called her and asked the fully detail about her family members. She told me that she has a Jaithani and her husband is working abroad too and she has no child and one davrani who is school teacher and she has two children and her husband is cloth merchant at local market her davrani went to school early in the morning along with her children for teaching and her kids also study in that school and they came afternoon. Her brother in law(Daver) went to cloth market at 9:00 am and came back after evening. So she was at home with her jaithani and her sick mother in law. I told her to give information about her Jaithani how she looks like she said why are you asking such kind of question which doesn’t has any connection with me I told her do as I ordered so she narrates her Jaithani. “Her name is Rahila and she was 36 year old” ok what she looks like “she is attractive and beautiful woman probably 5feet 6inch tall and very long and silky hair and her breast bigger than mine probably 38 and they are quite firm she has rounded ass. Physically she is stronger then me and she was not to talkative just like me gloomy face because like me her husband also comes home once a year we both have same problem. So Ranoo how she looks to you, what’s that mean do you like her, ya she is very gentle and helping replied Ranoo. I said to Ranoo I am not asking you about her personality I am asking you would you like to go bed with her sexually. Ranoo replied in irritating way no way are you out of your mind Rizwire how can I slept with her, she is a female. I said to Ranoo do you know about homosex she replied no I don’t, In this type of sex, same gender sex individual take part and sexually pleased each other no way I am not like to go sleep with her, I told her you have only one option left to make your life pleasure full again and give a try first time you don’t like it but after one or two time after you gonna love it, Ranoo said how could that possible I ask her, “can you use internet” she replied I never used internet but her Jaithani used internet to mail her husband twice a week. I told Ranoo to learn internet from her Jaithani and also gave me her email ID and in next days try to stay close to her, like you are both best and childish friends. Three days later Ranoo called me and told me that she is now learning to use internet from her Jaithani and somehow she manage steal her e-mail ID. I told her that is wonderful and gave her ID to me and I also give few porn web sites address to Ranoo which specially deals in lesbian sex and told her to study those web sites she told me ok. Then I made a fake E-mail ID of a woman and mail few lesbian sex pictures and instruction about “how to please other woman through lesbian sex. So I mail everyday to Ranoo’s Jaithani “Rahila” the lesbian’s pictures stories links and other stuff but she didn’t reply my mails and other hand I was also giving sex education to Ranoo about lesbian sex form both mobile and internet and other side I daily mailed Ranoo’s Jathani. Few days later Ranoo become more close to her Jaithani and most of their spare time they spent together talking on different issues. Now I told Ranoo first stage of our project is complete now second stage she said what’s on second stage. I told her now try to expose your body little bit in front of your Jaithani and then tell me her face expression. Next day when Ranoo and her Jaithani cooking in kitchen Ranoo intentionally drop something on floor front of her Jaitnahi she lower down to grab as her breast become visible from her cloths neck she didn’t wear the bra as she looked to her jaithani she was looking her breast next she bend down back toward her and show her budd in bend down position to her Jaithani at that time she is also watching her. Next day when Ranoo changing her cloths in Bathroom she called her Jaithani “Rahila baghi please come quick” she respond to her call and arrived at Ranoo’s bathroom where she find that Ranoo with out Shirt(kamis) standing in bathroom “Rahila baghi please meira blouse hook ker dain first she stood there then few second later she tried to hook the blouse but could not do it because the blouse was very tight & short of size and Ranoo intentionally grab the small blouse. Ranoo is this your blouse asked Rahila to Ranoo. Yes it is replied Ranoo if it is yours then why it is not fitting on your breast said Rahila. Now after blouse could not fitted on Ranoo she removed the blouse and make her breast naked front of Rahila. Rahila was standing looking at Ranoo’s 36 sizes firm breasts of Ranoo. Rahila said “tumhy sarum nahi aa rahi” Ranoo said “kis baat ki” ke tum mairy aighy iss thrah se kharee hoo. Ranoo replied don’t be silly “Rahila baighe app se kia perda app bhi tu mairee therha aik aurat ho auger app ko itna ho raha hain tu app bhi apni Qamis uttar dain. After listening that Rahila feel some shame then Ranoo grab her other blouse and told Rahila to now hook it and she do so and went to her room. At evening when Ranoo and Rahila both are cooking in kitchen Ranoo notice that Rahila was looking at Ranoo’s body inch by inch. When dinner is ready Ranoo pulled the cap of dish to smell the dish Rahila came close to Ranoo back and press her boobs to Ranoo’s back and smelling the dessert and said in sexy voice “Ranoo tum kahna bohot aich bana laitee ho zara mujhy check karao. Ranoo put little gravy on her hand and told Rahila to lick it Rahila lick the gravy on Ranoo’s hand and kiss her hand “bohot tasty hain billkul tumhree therha Ranoo”. Ranoo give smile to Rahila and she was looking deep inside of Ranoo’s eyes and Ranoo was also looking at her for few minutes they both stood their paralyzed and then suddenly Rahila moves her head forward close to Ranoo’s head slowly and when there is few inch difference between Ranoo and Rahila’s lips then Ranoo’s davrani said “aree khana ley aoo bohot bhook lugi hain” so they both take dishes and approach to the dinner table. At dinner table when they were eating Ranoo and Rahila both make eyes contact with each other number of times as they are both want to say something to eachother. Now Ranoo is saying inside her head that she is right on track but she was not sure that if this type of sex can satisfied on other hand it is far batter than that which she get it after a year. When dinner is over every one went to its room Ranoo and Rahila also went to their room as Rahila’s Room was next to Ranoo and inside their room there was a door which joint the room but it is locked from both side. After few hour when everyone goes to sleep Ranoo could feel that Rahila was not slept as she stood up and knock the door which join the both room and said “Rahila baighe kia app soo gai after few second Rahila voice came other side of the door what is it. Ranoo said Rahila baighe mujhy neend nahi aa rahi main chatee ho ke app ke sath kuch baatein karoo main bahar ke derwazy se bhi knock ker suckti thi per main nahi chatee ke gher ka aur koi ferd jaig jaee. After that Rahila unlock the door from her side and open the door as she open the door she was standing front of the door hold both door in her hand and her both arms were spread aside which makes her tight breast lower forward as she was telling Ranoo to huge her. She said come in so Ranoo went to her room. In her room zero bulb light were on and its light was dim and blue which makes quite romantic atmosphere. That was winter as Rahila told Ranoo to come in blanket its cold out side. As they both sitting on bed started to talk to each other suddenly Ranoo asked Rahila how much time passed since her marriage Rahila replied probably ten years. Ranoo said ten years are long time and it is very hard when you were alone and specially married Rahila said yes as I passed last decade in waiting of my husband arrival and he came once a year only for one month. Ranoo said now this also happening to her we both is riding the same boat. As saying this Ranoo began to cry “Rahila baighe aiger app na hotee tu main iss gher main aik pel bhi nahi guzar suckti thi mein kushkissmat hoon ke mujh ko app jaisee Jaithani millee hain. Rahila said main tumhree Jaithani kum aur tumhree dost zayada hoon after saying that Rahila hugged Ranoo in her arms and calming her not to cry she is here for her as she told Ranoo that she would be the best friend of Ranoo. After listening that Ranoo looks deep inside Rahila’s eyes for few sec and put her thirsty lips on Rahila’s lip and started to kissing her first Rahila shocked and doing nothing but after few moment she grab Ranoo tightly and started to respond Ranoo’s kisses aggressively and rapidly. As Rahila covered Ranoo’s lips and insert her tongue into Ranoo’s mouth and Ranoo began to suck her tongue they kissed for five minutes and suddenly Rahila broke the lips lock and stop kissing her. Ranoo said what happened Rahila is there something wrong. Rahila replied we should not do this. This is cheating to our husbands. How would they react knowing we were having these forbidden relation with each other, this is totally out of character for me and how i would dress to turn on another woman? Please Ranoo go to your room I don’t want any part of this. Ranoo said “aur tum apni saree zindagi isshe terha spent karoo gee all alone waiting for your selfish husband, when he will come home and spent only one month with you. You are writing your destiny by your own hands. Tum apny husband ke leye itnee Kurbani dainy ke leye tayar ho kai woo bhi aisa he ker ga I don’t think so mairy mootabaq woo udher apny mazay loatt raha ho ga ussey tumhree koee perwha nahi jaisy ke mairy husband ko” after saying these hard truths Ranoo went to her room and laid face front toward bed. After few minutes later Rahila came in Ranoo’s room. Ranoo didn’t notice Rahila’s arrival. Rahila laid down on Ranoo as she covered Ranoo’s entire body with her, Rahila breast and stomach press hard against Ranoo’s back and and budd and she kisses began to kisses her neck and said Ranoo I am sorry “mein ne tum ko sumjhne mein ghulti ker de please mujhy maaf ker doo Ranoo said Rahila baighe app mujh ko serminda ker rahi hain Rahila said don’t call her baighe just call her Rahila only yours Rahila. After that Rahila put her lips on Ranoo’s lips and both began to kiss each other passionately like both of them are in deep love with each other. As they were kissing Ranoo felt the cool air on her bare moist pussy after few moments passed their lips parted and Rahila said to Ranoo please come to her room. Ranoo said ok Rahila Baighe “Phir baighe I am not your baighe but I am your lover ok said Rahila to Ranoo and then she gently kissed her lips again and hold her hand in her hand and said lets go. As they both enter in room it was dimly lit. Rahila had a couple of candles burning which filled the air with a soothing aroma. Ranoo sat down on the bed and leaned back taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Closing her eyes, and wondered what really was going to happen and if she was on the wrong track thinking Rahila had sex in her mind. Rahila’s hair was tightly pulled back and in a short tail. A white long sleeveless shirt and Selwar were how Rahila dressed. As Rahila moved toward Ranoo, She started to get up but Rahila moved quickly over to Ranoo and pushed her back down, moving on to her. As if in slow motion her hand came up behind Ranoo’s head and pulled her lips to hers. Their mouths opened and tongues met, Rahila arms went out to pull Ranoo close and she felt her warmth press against Rahila, Rahila scent was pure delight. As they were kissing Rahila told Ranoo that her husband never kisses her like this way. Ranoo hand moved down her back and she felt her smooth body, the softness of her round bottom as their tongues run in and out each others mouths for a while and they were both searching each other bodies inch by inch as Rahila turn over Ranoo on to her, their breasts meet pressing hard with each other and Rahila put her both hand behind Ranoo rounded ass and started to rub it hardly while they were kissing. Suddenly Rahila break kiss and said ohh Ranoo auger tum na hote tu mein kia kerti now it is our time to makes out ever night to remember no more long lonely nights tossing and turning on bed after saying that she again resume to kissing. Rahila hand moved across Ranoo’s breasts and pressed against her hardening nipples. As Ranoo moved her hand around to the front of her trouser she quickly moved to stop it and with her fingers knotted in hers Ranoo raised it above her head and broke their passionate kiss. Rahila tried to pull her back to her but she reached up with her other hand and pulled Ranoo from behind her neck and had both of her hands rose above her head and looked deeply into her eyes and said Ranoo I never though that someday I will make love with you if you are my destiny then I am so lucky to have you. After saying that Rahila lowered her mouth back to Ranoo and their kiss started again with more passion. Rahila continued to hold Ranoo’s hands above her head and moved so her body was over her. Rahila’s lips moved onto Ranoo neck and the sensations were flowing all over Ranoo’s body. Ranoo was so wet below and the heat and passion were so intense. Rahila started taking Ranoo’s cloths. In no time they both became semi naked. A second later Ranoo’s bra was loosened and Rahila mouth closed on Ranoo’s sensitive nipples, Rahila statted gently sucking and biting, Ranoo’s arms moved to pull Rahila tighter to her but she once again captured them and raised them above Ranoo’s head. Rahila held both of Ranoo’s wrists in one hand and moved her other to her other breast. The sucking and gentle biting on one nipple and fingers pinching and pulling the other had Ranoo moaning loudly in no time at all at that moment Rahila gently whisper in Ranoo’s ears “Ranoo darling do you love me, Ranoo said I do, do you want me to fuck you and take your responsibility as your husband did, Ranoo replied yes, but I don’t want that dickheaded husband of mine to take my responsibility right now I am your responsibility Rahila. Rahila guess that Ranoo sensed her excitement. Ranoo and Rahila both holding each other tightly tossing and turning as both of them feeling each other body heat as in cold winter they were both naked on bed without blanket. As Rahila came towards Ranoo’s juicy boobs and she put her both hand on Ranoo’s sexy breast and started to rubbing & massaging them she rubbed it harder and harder which give pleasant feeling to Ranoo. Abh inhee choosoo apny moo me daloo” said Ranoo to Rahila. First Rahila lick Ranoo’s nipple with her tongue and after that she started to suck Ranoo’s breast in her mouth. Rahila started to lick Ranoo’s juicy nipples one by one which gives warm pleasure to Ranoo and her body is moving like moving on dance beat “ ahhhh uhhhhhhh ooohhhhhhh Rahila Choosoo inko aur jazbey ke sath please zor zor se choosoo inhee pora pora suck karoo ahhhhhhhh bohot maza aa raha ha mairy breast aij tuk mairy husband ne nahi aisy choosy jaisy ke tum choos rahi ho please choosoo’’ Rahila lick and suck Ranoo’s breast until they become pinkish. Then Rahila turnover Ranoo and hugged her from behind. Ranoo was feeling that 38 sizes firm breast of Rahila’s were press hard against her back and Ranoo was feeling the temperature of Rahila’s boobs as Rahila hugging Ranoo from back her thy was and lower stomach area press hard against Ranoo’s beautiful ass and she is passionately kissing Ranoo’s neck area from different places and at that time Ranoo was in deep pleasure and moaning in rhythm ahhhohhhoahhohh Rahila I love you. Rahila kisses her way down to Ranoo back and slowly slowly to her naked white milky ass and she started pressing hard with her breast against Ranoo’s budd and started to rub Ranoo’s ass with her breasts and she move her both of her hands on Ranoo’s breast. As Rahila pressing Ranoo ass with her breast she moved up and down as she was massaging Ranoo’s naked Ass with her breasts. After few moments Ranoo turn around and pull Rahila up to her and garb tightly Rahila from her waist and started to lick Rahila’s both breast as Rahila press her both firm 38 sizes breast against Ranoo’s lustfull mouth and Ranoo was sucking and licking them continuously like a hungry child with breasts now Rahila is moaning in pleasure ahhohhhh ahhhohhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Ranoo darling I love you I can not do anything with out you I thinking about you all the time in my lonely night. Ranoo you are the ray of light in my dark life. Ranoo you showed me the right way and I will never let you go. Please Ranoo mujh ko kahbi chor ker na janna mein tumharee judai bardashat nahi ker suckoo gi. Ranoo choosoo aur choosoo mein bohot aich feel ker rahi hoon mujhy lugta hain ke mein phir se 18 sall ke lurki bun gai hoon tum ne phir se mujh ko jawan ker deya hain aur mein saree umer tumhree ehsanmund rahoo gi said Rahila to Ranoo. After then Ranoo full done with Rahila’s sexy breast then she allow Rahila slowly slid down till she was kneeling in front of Ranoo. Ranoo started to open her lips of cunt but Rahila pressed her chest onto it and looked up. ‘’ as I told you, right now I will take your responsibility, Lay back and let me take care of you’ was Rahila next order to Ranoo. Soon her hands were slowly moving down the inside of Ranoo’s thighs, slowly moving them apart the way she wanted them. The cool air hit Ranoo’s wetness as Rahila hands continued sliding down Ranoo’s legs, spreading them so her body fit between. Reaching Ranoo’s ankles, she grabbed them and raised Ranoo feet and placed them on the edge of the bed holding them there. Ranoo was wide open for Rahila “ ker loo mairy sath jo kerna chatee ho abh se mein tumhree hoon said Ranoo In moaning voice. As Rahila lowered her head to see the close view of Ranoo pussy it was hairless. She started to massage Ranoo’s pussy with soft hands and it is very comfortable for Ranoo. After then Rahila started to massage inner area of Ranoo’s cunt it was very pleasure full for Ranoo as she can control her passion and moan in pleasure ohhh Rahila its feel so good then Rahila insert her one finger into Ranoo’s needful pussy “ahhhh hoooooo please gently said Ranoo. Rahila was inserting in and out her finger in Ranoo’s cunt as slowly she build the tempo of her moment in Ranoo’s Vagine and insert another finger in her cunt now Rahila inserted three of her main fingers in Ranoo’s cunt and it was more pleasure full for Ranoo then ever. She was moaning and moving her body and hips. Rahila grab Ranoo’s one breast in her one hand while her other hand was working down on Ranoo’s cunt and beginning to squeezes her nipple and while she was working under and on breast Rahila put her lips on Ranoo’s vacant breast and started to lick and suck Ranoo’s other breast. Now all of Rahila’s resources are working on Ranoo’s beautiful body and all of Ranoo’s sex portions was occupied by Rahila expect for Ranoo Ass. If Rahila had an extra hand or mouth then it will fill the vacancy. At that time Ranoo was out of control moving like a mad bitch she was moaning in pleasure and sex voices coming out of her mouth ohhhh haaaaa ahhhhhh uuhhhhhh Rahila mujhy apna bana loo mein abh se tumharee hoon. Rahila please don’t leave me “mujhee chor ker kabhi mut jaina please Rahila I love you. “Ahhhh ohhh ooohhhhh ahhhh mein tumhray baigair zinda nahi reh suckti Rahila” at that time Ranoo was top on her moment she never thought that she would have so much pleasure in this encounter she is like flying in air like a kite and her strings were in the hands of Rahila. She was in deep pleasure after 10 minutes like organism was build in Ranoo. At that time Ranoo was in full mood and pleasure as Rahila made Ranoo howled out in delight. Ranoo was howling like a wolf and she don’t know how many times she howled like this way before.