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Real story for you

I don’t chat without a purpose. And I confess, I like to talk about my wife and find guys to have sex with her in front of me. Perveted, you may call me, but that’s the way I am. But make no mistake, I love and care for my wife a lot and also she is into this as much as me I am , and on her own free will.

We indulge in it , not out of a sense of dissatisfiction , but for fun ! We are happy and honest with each other. In my view, this is much better than spouses cheating on each other. Especially more in the case of men .While they themselves have rollicking extra-marital affairs, they suffocatingly take away all freedom from their wives, due to a stupid sense of possessiveness and insecurity.

My wife Neha (name changed) is a smart, highly-educated woman, well placed in her job. But unlike the other career-oriented women, she has remained simple and homely.

She is 35, but looks younger than her age. She is fair and slim, but lately has begun to put on little bit of weight, though its hardly noticeable. Its just made her juicier !

All those who know her cant even imagine that she has a wild sexual side. I am sure many people might be even viewing her as a prude, always prim and proper. She dresses quite simply and maintains a very reserved and a dignified presence in her office and everywhere else.

But as they say looks can be deceptive, Neha has had actual sex with other men. Not cheating on me or anything like that, but with mutual consent.

Many years ago, while jokingly discussing with her about which all men she found attractive, her replies seemed to have a very arousing effect on me. I am sure it did on her too, as more often than not we would end up having sex right after our conversation.

Soon , it progressed to her thinking of other men while having sex with me. She even started calling aloud the name of the ‘other man’ while having sex with me. Sometimes this person would be my best friend and sometimes a particular colleague of hers. But irrespective of whose name she took, it was always a definite turn on – for both of us. Taking another man’s name in front of me, would have such an arousing effect on her, that she would invariably have an instant orgasm.

Over the next few years, the desire to translate our fantasy into reality started growing. Initially, Neha was shy and apprehensive about trying it in real. But in her heart, I knew she was agreeable and was even looking forward to it. I realized so, as her apprehensions were not about the actual act, but from a safety point of view. And that could be sorted out. Though my best friend and her colleague turned her on a lot, she made it clear that she didn’t want to try anything with anyone known and not in the same city.

So, the best place to look for guys was the net, chatting to be precise.

To cut a long story short , so far we have had threesomes with three different guys, including a foreigner. And several times over with each guy. Belive me, it was the hottest sight to see hard cocks of other men enter my wife’s pussy . To see my wife, moan and groan out of pleasure in other men’s arms and to see her swallow the cum of strangers.

But their has been a lull in our unconventional sex life lately. Mainly due to increased job pressure for both of us and a change of preferences from my side.

So far, we could manage threesomes, only when we would go out of town, keeping in mind her objection to doing a threesome in the same city we live in – Mumbai. Her objection is understandable, but lately I am getting this urge to try it with a man from the Mumbai itself. It seems to be more arousing.

In this quest, I started logging onto “Mumbai Global Chat” room in yahoo messenger, more frequently.

And, moreover I didn’t want this to be similar to our earlier threesomes. I mean the process. I wanted to try out something different.

Normally, Neha does not chat, but if someone shows himself on his webcam, I would ask her to watch. If she did not find him interesting, the matter would end then and there, but if she did then I would also show my wife on webcam to him (without showing her face) , to convince him that we are indeed a real couple. Ofcourse he had to be guy from outside Mumbai.

Then in the coming days, we would get to each know other better on the chat itself, and if we felt further interested, we would give the guy a call — if he insisted. But from a PCO. We have never given our number to anyone, not even to the guys we had threesomes with. We used to always call from a PCO, if we there was a need.

It would take a month’s chatting and a relaxed opportune moment to meet. Mostly in a restaurant. And from there on we would go to our hotel with the guy. As we always had threesomes out of Bombay, it would invariably happen in the hotels we used to stay in.

But this time I wanted a change. I wanted to involve a man from Mumbai itself and also indulge in erotic games to build up the momentum.

When I am turned on I am impulsive. And when I am impulsive, taking risks to a certain limit, turns me on. Not very harmful risks, but risk about exposing our identity to strangers and confessing that we had threesomes.

And my idea of erotic games meant exactly that.

Though, I must confess my wife does not have a similar mind set. She is very cautious and apprehensive in her approach. Infact, she is the more sensible one of us two. But what the heck, life is short and living is all about having fun.

Keeping my wife’s views in my mind, I could never imagine involving her in these erotic games. I just needed a right trustable chatting partner.

I knew my wife was absolutely fine with having sex and threesomes with others. It turns her on a lot, infact while having sex with me, even recollecting past threesomes, would bring her to passionate orgasms.

So , my idea of erotic games didn’t bother me much, as I knew atleast she was fine with the end result, only the process differed.

On one hand, while Neha could unashamedly enjoy herself in the arms of another man,
on the other, without her prior approval and permission she wouldn’t even entertain a crank call or a hello from a stranger. She valued her privacy a lot. So, if I told her that I am interested in involving a stranger, that too from Mumbai as part of my idea of erotic games, which might compromise on our identity, she would have never agreed and gone into a rage.

But, I was so turned on with these thoughts of erotic games, that I had to go ahead with it.
Its just that I couldn’t imagine letting my wife know.

These erotic games were very important for our next threesome to happen. As I would suggest only those guys to my wife, who I got along well with, whose thoughts matched mine, however weird they may be. In our past threesomes, I can say that the first step has always been, that I feel aroused and interested in the guy, after chatting with him.

And if sufficiently aroused and interested after my chats with any particular guy, I knew I could convince my wife to decide in his favour, though I hardly ever suggested anyone to her, who was not to her taste. If he really were not to her taste, she would never agree. She has previously struck down my suggestions several times. But nevertheless, my word does count a lot in her decision making !

And even if the guy was from Mumbai, if I suggested having the threesome in a resort in Lonavala or Khandala , I feel she would eventually agree. But I know it could never be in our home – I know she will never agree on that. Infact she has been insistent that the guys we have had threesomes with, should never get to know our home address or telephone number, however intimate we become with them.

I was about to break that rule.

Well, let me tell you about the erotic games I have in mind. Its simple.

The first step was to find a trustable chatting partner who was seeking a threesome and had a sense of adventure- maybe someone as impulsive as me.

The second step is to tell him our home address !!

I didn’t want to show my wife on cam but in real and after that he should correctly describe her to me during our next chat. And ofcourse, definitely without my wife getting to know about all this. If she got to know, then both my chat friend and me would be in serious trouble ! As I told you without her permission she wouldn’t allow anyone to take any liberties with her, especially about her privacy.

“but turn-on ke liye kuch bhi karega” !! As they say when a man gets turned on and starts thinking from between his legs, his mind stops working. And I am very impulsive when I am turned on.

Sometimes when I am in my saner moods, I get scared by my own ideas of these erotic games. I would reason with myself and try to remove these weird thoughts from my mind. But I have been unable to do so. It has too arousing an effect on me. I have to go through with it.

However, for a kink I didn’t want to mess up my married life. My wife is an intelligent woman, and she can easily smell anything fishy. So if a guy were to even go on the pretext of being a salesman to our house to have a glimpse of her, she could possibly realize something is amiss. And on talking to him, I am sure she would. And then it would be hell for him and me too.

So I changed my plans a bit. For starters I wanted the guy to go when she surely wouldn’t be there during weekdays – between 2pm and 7pm. Her office timings are flexible and sometimes she goes late and comes back early so between 2pm and 7pm would be safe.