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REENA (Part – 2)

Reena became a hedonist after that. She would never let an opportunity pass to indulge her sexual appetite. Her sexual appetite went wild steady supply of sex. She turned into a nymphomaniac who basically thought of nothing but sex. There was nothing like the feeling of a man’s steel-hardened lund fucking in and out between her legs. She started drinking more than ever.

During the next month, she had seduced all the ten students in her home tuitions class. The expensive private school where she taught had the students who came from very well to do families. Reena had managed to seduce some of the students in school also. As the month passed, however, she found that she was becoming more and more skillful in relieving their initial fears when she took their pants down and began massaging their lovely, precious penises. These young boys actually enjoyed having their lund sucked or enveloped by her always pyaasi choot.

There were three young macho-looking boys in her class upon whom she had her eyes on for some days but did not get a chance to seduce them. Since, they were Ankit’s friends, she planned an orgy at her home and asked him to invite those guys at her place for small party. She asked Ankit not to tell them anything about what she would do to them.

She licked her lips in anticipation of the meeting. She started drinking even before their arrival. She put on a seductive, slinky dress that showed her contours. She also wore five-inch black heels, which showed, off her sexy painted red-nailed feet. By the time guys arrived, she was already tipsy and had smoked five cigarettes. As Reena opened her door, she saw the four handsome boys standing there, looking as though they had been asked to report to her for some sort of punishment.

“aao …aao… ander aao…” she said as sweetly as she could.

The four boys huddled together as she closed the door behind them. She turned to look at them, their sweet innocent faces full of wonder at what she wanted them for.

“Main seedhe point par aati hoon… tum mein se kaun whisky pasand karega…” she asked them. “aaj hum bahut masti karenge, piyenge, aur choodai karenge….” Reena was saying whatever came to her mind. She was pretty drunk

“main tum logon ko sexy lagti hoon kya?… At first the boys (except Ankit) had been totally shocked. They simply could not believe this was happening, but the talk of sex nevertheless caused their teen cocks to start swelling in their pants. Reena then lowered her dress to expose her boobs and their eyes bulged along with a couple other things. Looking in their eyes, licking her lips, she then began playing with her large breasts, kneading them, pinching her now very erect nipples. Boys were nervous, breathing heavily, but unable to take their eyes off of her. They gulped down their drinks, which made them little comfortable.

“Mere muume acchey lage tum logon ko?” Reena saked. They managed to say yes in-between nervous giggles. Before their disbelieving eyes, she then let her dress fall to her feet. Their mouths fell wide as she stood naked except for black sandals with five inches heels and started playing with her now very wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Reena moaned as she masturbated for them. With them staring at her choot, she looked at their crotches and saw wet spots. Only a sexually starved, thirty-two year-old woman like Reena could truly appreciate what kind of compliment it was to have those four young men, and their cocks, leaking pre-cum in their pants!

She then turned around to show them her ass and wiggled her ass cheeks in their now excited faces. “meri gaand kaisi hai…mast hai ki nahin?” she asked. Swallowing hard they said “Yeah!” Lowering her now husky voice she added “phir tumhen yeh jaroor acchaa lagega,” and slowly pried her ass cheeks apart to give them a peak at her puckered brown hole.

[FONT=’Calibri’,’sans-serif’]”ab tum log bhi apne kapde utaar kar nange ho jaoo, mujhe bhi tum logon ke lund dekne hain.” Reena said as though she were running her class during normal school hours. Whether it was all the drinking or their eagerness, but the four older boys responded to her command and quickly shucked out of their clothes. In two minutes, the five of them were totally naked in Reena’s drawing room and the four boys were looking at their naked teacher, their eyes exploring her as they gazed over the secrets of her body. Looking at Ashish, Reena spread her thighs slightly and said, ” mere paas aakar meri choot ko touch kar ke kyon nanin dekhte. Jaldi hi tum apne lund se isse chodne waale ho” She gulped down some more whisky directly from the bottle. “Tumhen meri choot pasand aayi?” Reena asked, revolving her hips a little against his probing fingers. Already the first ripples of wanton desire were flowing through her at this electrifying touch. [/font]

The other guys felt left out. “humein bhi aapko chodna hai”. Reena realized that these boys who were nervous some time back were now eager to get the first chance to fuck her.

“tum log aapas mein lado nahin…main tun chaaron se ek saath chodaoongi’ she said finishing the whisky from bottle. She was weaving from side to side as she tried to keep her balance in her high heeled sandals. The thought that she was all-alone with them in her house and that the four of them could and would do with her as they wished made her shiver all over with desire as she tried to imagine what their minds would come up with. She told boys to take her to the bed. She relaxed as she felt two of them reach out and touch her shoulders, pinning her lightly to the bed. At the same time she felt Rohit coming up along her firm, shapely thighs, and his twelve-year-old cock jutting from his hairless loins, his pink sperm-swollen sac hanging like a little water-filled balloon at its base. Ankit smashed his mouth against hers for a hot kiss, while Ashish paid special attention to her impressive pair of breasts. Then she realized that the fourth guy, Vishal, was licking her feet and sandals. Then Ankit and Ashish began running their hands all over her nakedly thrashing body.

A convulsive spasm jerked her thigh and stomach muscles as she felt Rohit’s lips pressing onto her choot. The sudden wet contact sent an involuntary chill racing the length of her spine. Rohit’s tongue slipped forward, burrowing up her steaming choot like a racing lizard, and she felt a lascivious wave of sensation wash over her. He began curling and flicking his spearing tongue, sucking and licking crazily while her heated choot involuntarily contracted tightly around the long smooth length of his tongue. Reena’s choot flowered involuntarily wider and her moistness increased with each further second that his sucking mouth worked at her widespread loins. Her secretions ran in warm wet trickles down the sides of the Rohit’s cheeks as he pressed tightly into the softness of her smoothly grinding buttocks, which were enclosing his face in warmness.

Ankit and Vishal, both were licking her feet and the sandals. They sucked her exposed toes and lapped the soles and heels of her sandals. “Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” I chanted, her body completely out of control.

“Uhhhhhhh,” reena grunted deliriously as Rohit moved his voracious young mouth deeper into her choot, expanding the pinkly swollen lips with every searing lick he took. “Ohhhhhhh, haaaaan, saaale haraamjaadey!” she chanted uncontrollably through passion-contorted lips. “chaaat meri choooot, chootiye! Kha ja meri rasbhari choot ko!” oooooohhhhhh … aaaaahhhhhh …!”

ab raha nahin jaata……mujhe tumhare lund chaahiye……jaldi se mujhe chod daalo…She commanded Rohit to lay on his back and in seconds her hand guided the long lund directly into her dully pulsating choot. Slowly, Reena lowered herself onto the long impaling lund and felt it smoothly slide into her moistly ready choot, the rubbery cockhead finally lodging deep up against her sensitive cervix opening. Slowly, then, Reena began to rock back and forward on him, raising her body and lowering it to drive his lust-hardened lund in and out of her tightly clinging choot. Reena squeaked and cried in lust as she began bouncing at an even faster pace. “Aaaaahhh … Aaaahhhhh … Ooooommmmmmpppphhhh” … Her face was washed-over with passion, while her breasts bounced and flopped about wildly, as her long-flowing black hair flailed in all different direction.

The other three guys watched with interested eyes as their teacher seated astride Rohit’s hips and waist, wiggled and gyrated about in lust as Rohit’s lund filled her up.

Reena exclaimed at Ashish,… khade khade lund kya hila raha hai…pel de apna lund meri gaand mein…AAAAAAHHHHHH….meri choot aur gaand ek saath mar lo….

Her choot still full of lund, Reena leaned all the way over on top of Rohit. Her ample breasts touched his muscled chest. She felt Ashish’s hands pulling the soft fleshy moons of her ass far apart. Then she gasped as she felt the hard wetness of his lund nudging into the thin, trembling crevice, and she fucked back to include the new lund into her body. She felt a few testing thrusts at her tiny gaand.. “Ooohhhh … haaaan …” she pleaded as she fucked back to encase his lund in her rectum … “AAAAAAHHHHHHH” she shrieked as Ashish forced his way into her tightly constricting little anus. Finally he was all the way in, and he kept his lund there, feeling the pressure of the warm brown walls close rubberily on his deeply slacken penis. There was no other feeling like it in the world, and she messages of pleasure issued from her lips as the two cocks slipped into her, brushing against each other through the thin membrane dividing the dual passages of her choot and gaand, and then pulling back out as one. She loved being buffeted between the two boys.She was tossed about between them, theirs to carry about like the wind.

Reena threw her head back and cried out, “… aahhhh….oh haan, ohhhhh…chodo mujhe…phaad dalo meri choot.. jor se chodo….gaand marlo meri… ‘ And they both obliged. Ashish started to thrust himself in-and-out of her at a ferocious pace. His body looked like a high-powered machine as it darted back-and-forth at warp-speed, his lund filling her gaand. Completely bug-eyed, Reena could not stop screaming out the passion she felt.

Meanwhile, Rohit, who was still lying on his back under Reena, continued jamming his cock up and into her choot. The teacher was getting double-fucked to the maximum, by two students she owed this part of her life to. Reena was now repeating herself, as she could be heard to be muttering under her breath, “Oh, chodo …. phaad dalo ….gaand maaro…chodo…OOHHH.”

Reena reached over and grasped Ankit’s lund and stuffed it into her mouth, sucking hungrily as Rohit and Ashish continued to plow themselves into her. She sucked on the big head of his lund, then slowly took him deeper inside her wet mouth. Ankit’s lund hit the back of her throat and Reena wasted no time as she pushed her mouth further on to his cock taking him in her throat. Through the corner of her eye she saw Vishal on her right with his thick, hardened lund lancing out, yearningly. With her hand she signaled Vishal to slide over close, she placed her hand on his wildly pulsing shaft sliding the hot fleshy penis in and out of her tightly gripping hand. Reena was now transformed into one heaving, writhing, moaning fucking machine.

The action was hard and frenzied as the boys continued to hammer away at her. Ashish was slamming Reena’s ass for all it was worth, while Rohit did his absolute best to impale his cock up into her choot. At the same time, Ankit tried his hardest to jam his cock down the slut teacher’s hungry throat.

The first casualty of this encounter was Rohit, who had been fucking Reena the longest thus far. He let out a wild, thunderous scream and was able to manage just a few more strokes into her pussy, before experiencing an orgasm. His spermy load completely filled and coated the Reena’s pussy; so much so, his cum overflowed it, and began trickling out.

Reena worked in a daze of passion, licking and sucking like a hungry child at every fuck into her mouth. The saliva in her mouth began to grow sticky as small emissions of lubricating fluid seeped from the end of Ankit’s cock. With the rising tide of her own orgasm, Reena could feel the cock inside her mouth stretching and expanding, and she moaned around it as it fucked forward hard down to her tonsils. Then, Ankit stiffened suddenly as if shocked by an electric current and jerked his hips up tight into her face, sinking the full length of his cock deep he her constricting throat. Reena fought to breath as it suddenly erupted into the warm wet cavern of her sucking mouth, his thick, hot liquid flooding her throat like a rush of raging water. Her cheeks expanded like a balloon to keep from choking on the great gushes of sperm that spurted from the ejaculating penis. Reena sucked and swallowed in hungry crazed gulps, fastening her lips like an elastic ring around the jerking lund, fearful of losing even a drop of the precious fluid. Small droplets ran from the corners of her mouth as his deflating penis oozed from between her sucking lips, thin strings of cum hanging from her chin, connecting her with the limp organ as Ankit collapsed in front of her on the bed.

Reena then put Vishal’s lund in her mouth. Vishal fucked her face voraciously, as if it was a second choot. Reena gagged as it fucked half-way down her throat, the full length of it disappearing into her ovalled lips almost to the hilt. The desire deep in her belly became a raging torrent and Reena began to roll her buttocks high up above her in a circular movement, tightening her anal muscles around Ashish’s hot fleshy pole fucking into her. She wanted to milk it dry, to fill her belly again and again until the hot sticky fluids ran out of her ass-hole and down her already thickly covered thighs.

Ashish behind her reached down and pulled her ass cheeks even farther apart, beginning to drive his pelvis into her softly yielding buttocks with loud, fleshy smacks that resounded rhythmically around the cabin. His sweating face dripped onto her hollowing back and his breath came in short stuttered blasts as he stared with glassy-eyes at his teacher’s sweat-shiny body that slipped over his plunging cock like a tightly fitting glove. Reena felt her thighs and buttocks swept wide apart in one last fuck as Ashish shoved his cock the full length into her body. Reena screamed, muttering strange incoherent sounds that blended with the boy’s gasping grunts as she felt the first hot waves of his white fluid spewing into the depths of her rectum.

“Aaaahhhhhh …! Reena shrieked out in her own release as the boy’s jerking orgasm shook her body like a volcanic eruption. She screwed her buttocks back tightly against the squirting cock and felt her body explode her anal passage. His cum overflowed, running down the crevice of her wide-spread buttocks and mingling with her own cum fluids in a single stream of thick viscous cream that streamed down the backs of her quaking thighs.

Reena had a possessed look on her lovely face as she stared up at Vishal, her body vibrating as he continued to fuck her mouth with his cock. Both her pussy and ass were now empty, but they were still on fire. Her mouth was a raging inferno as well, as Vishal hammered away with his erotic assault. But much like the two students who immediately preceded him, Vishal could not hold out. His orgasm was quick and furious. He did not even have enough inner warning to steady himself for the climax. As a result, his cock simply exploded inside Reena’s mouth, during mid-stroke.

At least half of his delicious sperm splattered out and landed upon his teacher’s face and hair. Reena responded by wrapping her right hand around the base of his cock, then taking the rest of it deep into her mouth. She was rewarded for her efforts with two more monster-squirts, both of which were deposited right down her cum-seeking throat.

After his orgasm subsided, Vishal pulled himself out of Reena. Without a cock in her, the teacher proceeded to simply collapse – in total exhaustion. She had been fucked beyond any reasonable doubt, but realized there was much more ahead for her tonight.