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Rekindling the Passion of life-2

So we went to the hall, my husband was bathing still and so we had to
wait till he came. As he got out of bathroom he rushed to our master
bedroom to change and didn’t have time to watch my mom while she was
waiting for him to see her once in T-shirt so that she could show him
that she took his request seriously.
He got ready and came out of bedroom in a rush, ‘sorry, sorry, we
got late. Go to the car, go to the car, I will lock the door and come,
bhanu, open the compound gate too’, that rush came out as a shock to
my mom, now she didn’t have a chance to change to saree.
I opened the gate as my mom sat inside the car. My husband came fast
locking the car and soon we were off to Cinema Theater. My mom was
sitting back and my husband still hadn’t looked her T-shirt. We
reached the theater and parked the car. when my mom got out of the
car, my husband saw her first time in that sexy attire.
‘Mom……’, he said in a freaked out tone, ‘you look super
hot, my goodness, yours is far bigger than Bhanu’s’, that comment
made my mom so shy for my husband is right away commenting on her
nearly popping out boobs.
‘Pony tail, wow, you look amazing’, my mom was bowing down unable
to look in his eye.
He turned to me, ‘Bhanu where did you get this tight leggings,
looks so beautiful on mom. But I think you should have asked her to
wear a brown panty instead of the black one she is wearing now. Would
have given her a far sexier look’, only then my mom saw back to see
that her entire leg shape is exposed. With bulging eyes she looked at
me while I controlled my chuckle. As a natural reaction she quickly
pulled her pants up, fortunate for her, my husband was busy locking
the car, she quickly removed her hand before he could see. As we
walked towards the lift, she pinched so hardly in my hand, ‘Why
didn’t you tell me it’s visible?’, I just laughed rubbing my
hands. We got into the lift and three people were there inside the
lift other than us. I dunno what happened inside the lift but the
second we walked out outside the lift in the theater floor, my mom
whispered in my ears, ‘Bhanu, please give me your shawl, I feel like
many are watching there’, she couldn’t withstand the sudden
attention on her boobs.
‘Nobody wears shawl for a T mom’, I wanted her to feel people’s
lust on her. But she wasn’t ready to give in, she just like that
pulled my shawl when nobody was looking. What she saw then shocked
her; my black transparent top which clearly exposed my cleavage and as
I don’t wear a bra, she was able to see my nipples too. My husband
turned back to see my mom standing with my shawl spellbound by my
exposure. ‘Common, it’s late’, my mom was about to give the
shawl back to me but it was too late and I started walking through the
mall without a shawl. For a sharp eye, I was basically walking there
We entered the theatre and the ads were going on, my mom whispered in
my ears ‘get ready for some hits tonight as we reach home. How dare
you walk like that?’, she pinched me hard again.
‘What to do mom, in front of voluptuous women like you, my only
chance is high exposure’, my mind was entirely on how to make my mom
yearn more for sex.
The movie was pretty boring and while me and my husband kissed every
now and then, my mom slept off in theater and I had to wake her up as
the movie was over. The whole complex was empty as we started to
parking. When my mom entered the lift, she saw to her utter shock that
her belly button was completely exposed. She frantically pulled her
T-shirt down which showed her cleavage more.
‘Mom, there is no one in the mall. You should have tried to show
your cleavage when we were coming to theatre’, my husband laughed.
My mom gave an angry stare and adjusted in such a way that her belly
button was hidden and only a small cleavage was visible.
As we settled in the car, she quipped from back seat, ‘I am never
gonna wear this dress again, it shows everything. Son, you shouldn’t
allow her to dress up like that either. She should wear it inside
every time’, the ‘it’ here represented bra.
‘She looks beautiful without it mom. I just love to see her
beautiful’, my husband replied politely.
‘Even you shouldn’t wear a bra. For the big boobs of yours, it
will look beautiful’, and before I could speak more, my husband
added, ‘especially she should have worn a brown panty tonight, it
could give a feel that there is nothing inside, you would have looked
really hot’, my mom felt so shy hearing my husband talking about her
panty again and again.
‘Actually I liked her black panty. Showing off panty is also sexy,
right? If she wears brown panty that sexiness won’t be there’
My husband added ‘yes, yes, her right ass was anyway visible as her
panty came a little down, it was so beautiful. But think about
watching from back and getting confused for a moment whether there is
a panty inside or not. Won’t that be more sexy?’, my mom just
couldn’t believe she had exposed that much in this short span of
‘Stop this, I will never wear this again’, she closed her eyes
out of shyness with her hands.
‘Never wear it? You mean you will never wear panty again, mom?’,
my mom started hitting me playfully.
Till the weekend, I didn’t try more except for some adult jokes and
simply kept planning how to take down my mom. A plan was set for
Saturday morning and we hoped this would work. I was busy in kitchen
making breakfast while my mom was in dining table chopping vegetables
for lunch. My husband was in his bath towel and was naked above his
waist. He came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind and started
kissing me all over. I moaned and pushed him away and came into the
hall where he followed me.
‘Mom, he isn’t allowing me to cook, tell him to go now’, he
started walking towards me and I walked back while my mom watched with
a shy smile
‘Don’t move back. If you come to me yourself, I will take you to
bedroom and I will strip you off that nighty. If I catch you, I am
tearing your dress away, right here’, my mom stood up to go out of
the place where the romance was happening.
‘You are stripping me off, huh? I will do that before you?’, and
with my mom right next to him, I pulled his bath towel off and there
he was standing right near my mom, stark naked.
‘oh my…’, my mom and husband shouted in unison, she couldn’t
believe her son-in-law is standing pitch naked near her while he acted
the role given to him to perfection.
My mom was about to run inside her guest bedroom but my husband acted
fast before that. He quickly pulled the top part of my mom’s saree
and covered his crotch thus exposing her boobs shape through her
blouse. If she has to run away, she either has to pull her saree from
my husband thus making him naked again or she had to strip off her
saree completely so that she could run away.
But she did neither, stood there covering her boobs with her hands
pleading to me to give him his towel. My phone was right there on the
table, I quickly took it, ‘How many times you have photographed me
nude!! My turn, I am gonna take a pic of you standing with her
saree’, my mom was absolutely shocked as my husband moved behind her
and hugged her hips as though he wanted to cover his crotch behind
‘Mom, please ask her to stop’, he acted as if he really was
pleading and hugged my mom’s hips hard making sure she feels his
hard on on her ass through her petty coat.
‘Your mom’s mangoes, valley and belly is exposed too, if you take
a pic now, even she will be exposed’, my mom husband acted as though
he is speaking out of tension but every word was scripted. My mom was
shocked to see her son addressing her boobs and cleavage with vulgar
words. She felt so shy.
I started clicking the pictures and every time my phone gave the snap
sound after a click both shouted no. I moved close to them taking
clear pics, ‘you have beautiful boobs, mom’, I commented to
increase the tension.
She quickly turned around and now her back was facing me while her
breast was touching my husband’s chest. Her rotation had pulled her
saree down more.
‘Ha, boob side view’, I started to click when my husband said,
‘I will protect you, mom’, he took both his hands and hugged my
mom in such a way that his biceps will cut the camera angle to shoot
her breast, but then now they are hugging each other tight with my
mom’s breast pressing hard on him.
‘Ha, you are covering my mom’s dignity but who will cover your
ass, lemme click’, by now my mom was well in the game and was
definitely enjoying it.
‘I will cover it’, she took a part of her saree and pressed it
against his ass. I couldn’t believe my mom was touching my
husband’s ass.
‘Mom, she won’t stop, we will escape’, my husband acted as
though he really is playing against me while I started a video
recording. He bent down a little so that we will be in level with her
valley, he put his left hand on her back and pressed in such a way
that his face was completely immersed inside her valley. ‘Aah’, my
mom gave an enjoying moan. He put his right hand under her ass and
lifted her, my mom to balance herself kept her right hand on my
husband’s neck but it looked as if she is pressing him against her
boobs as he walked towards the master bedroom, he went in and locked
the room, I didn’t try much to get inside either. I just shouted
from outside, ‘lemme in, I wanna click’.
As he put her in, she let go off her saree with which she was trying
to cover his nudity. My husband told later that she watched his crotch
for at least 2 seconds before she got the grip of the situation and
took her eyes off it.
I didn’t wanna disturb them and quietly moved out of the place. I
expected my mother to be out in a flash and so decided to play the
video I just then shot in my home theater’s big screen which would
look like she is pushing my husband’s head inside her boobs. That
was a part of the seduction plan But to my surprise, my mom wasn’t
coming out at all. I didn’t know whether I should knock but decided
not to. I went on with my lunch preparation. After nearly half an
hour, I heard the door open but when I went to check, my mom had got
inside the bathroom and had locked herself up.
I was little scared what if the game backfired. I went to my husband
and saw that he was lying on the bed absolutely naked. I couldn’t
believe he was with my mom for the last 30 minutes absolutely naked. I
went near him to ask what happened and saw that he was so tired but
all smiles. I went near him and sat on the bed.
‘What happened? Mom is fine?’, he smiled at my concerned face and
smiled. ‘Don’t worry sweetheart, all has been taken care off’,
he pulled me close to him.
‘What happened in the last half an hour?’, what I heard after
that shocked me to the core.
‘I took her in and locked the door, right, you won’t believe it,
she stared at my cock at least for two seconds before taking her eye
off. I thought I better act instead of waiting for further plans’,
seems my mom got seduced much sooner than expected.
‘She turned to the other side and started adjusting her saree and I
quickly rotated her so that she was again facing me but her boobs
still weren’t covered by saree’, I could imagine by mom’s
beautiful boobs inviting my husband.
‘She quickly took her saree to cover her boobs, but I stopped it. I
pleaded to her “Please mom, Please, just for a few moments”, your
mom’s hands were shaking you know, like a vibrating phone but she
didn’t cover, she simply stood there breathing heavily’, my
mom’s beautiful breasts going up and down strongly with deep breaths
should have made an awesome sight for my naked husband.
‘I took my hands slowly and cupped her breasts from down with my
hand, she caught my elbow as though she wanted to take my hand off but
didn’t pull my hand back, she just closed her eyes thickly’, my
husband’s tool was rising high even when describing it.
‘I again lifted her and this time put her in bed, I bent down and
started kissing her left breast and fondled her right breast, she put
her hands inside my hair and bit her own lips hard making sure she
doesn’t shout, meanwhile I pulled her petticoat up with my free
hand. I wanted to remove her blouse and bra but I was afraid what if
she quickly gets the grip of the situation and start trying to get out
of the room’, I was surprised she hadn’t fought that long a time
to get out of the room.