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Rekindling the Passion of life-3

So I quickly pulled her petticoat up and touched her panty right on
her vagina. You won’t believe it, it was so wet like it was immersed
in water, she took a big deep breath. I don’t know whether it’s
sweat, or her liquid or urine, but definitely it made me more horny. I
didn’t wanna waste any more time, I pulled her panty, threw it down
and through the shadows of the petticoat I could see the black bush
trying to hide the cave hole. I honestly wanted to go kiss it, but
thought fucking her then would make sure she doesn’t stop with this,
so I quickly lifted her legs and put them on my shoulder, I put my
tool inside her, It was so tight, so so tight’, my husband’s tool
was standing so erect out of excitement, I slowly stroked it’s tips
with my hand and he enjoyed it more. ‘Continue’, I kissed on his
‘I made one stroke inside and she gave a big breath, she moaned
‘Haaaa’, but making sure it came as a whisper. I stroked her again
and again, “slowly, slowly, please, slowly”, your mom said in a
whisper. I slowed down a little, she hasn’t had sex for long and I
was afraid to do it fast’, his concern for her amidst the war made
me happy.
‘And you know what, at one point, she gave a wide smile while I
kept stroking, she should have cummed then..’, that should me my
mom’s first sexual orgasm after years.
‘I went for a few more strokes and soon I unloaded inside her, she
made the same “haaa” whisper which she did when I started’, I
slowly leaned on her boobs on finishing’, I stroked my husband’s
dick little harder making him enjoy the moment to the core.
‘Only then your mom came to her senses. “We shouldn’t have done
this son. Bhanu will be furious on us”, your mom was sweating like
hell, her boobs were so wet, she stroked my hair once again’, seems
my mom was in so much love with my husband.
‘”Don’t say to her anything, son, please, tell something so
that she won’t doubt us”, your mom wanted me to say a lie so that
you won’t doubt. I told her “mom, we are inside this room for more
than half an hour, what could we lie’, my mom definitely seems to
have lost the track of time through the pleasure session.
‘she jumped out of bed, “half an hour, my goodness, say something
son”, she put her petty coat which was lifted to her hips down, wore
her saree and ran out of the room.’ I dunno in what mood my mom was
in, what if my mom suddenly feels so much shame for allowing her son
in law to fuck him. By then I heard the bathroom door open and I saw
my mother’s panty still lying on the room. I took it, like my
husband said, it was so wet.
I kept my hand with the panty behind me so that my mom can’t see
and walked to mom who just then was out of bathroom. She had
apparently washed her face so that she won’t look like a just then
fucked woman.
She stared at me scared not knowing whether I knew it or not. My
husband followed me from behind and stood behind me, still naked. The
second she saw my husband she acted even more scared unable to ask him
whether he had told her fucking secret.
‘He doesn’t have to tell anything, this could say it all’, I
showed the wet panty to her. She quickly touched her ass and only then
realized she had forgotten her panty in my room.
‘I am sorry, so sorry, it somehow happened, I am so sorry, I know
you will be mad on me’, she nearly went to the verge of tears in a
‘Yes, I am mad on you, mad because you thought your daughter will
be angry on you for fucking her husband’, she stood there for a
moment frozen unable to believe what she just heard.
I took the panty to my nose, smelled it and kissed it, ‘Seems you
like my husband so much mom’, she tried to pull the panty from me
but I quickly took it back.
‘You wanted me to wear a bra and now in front of your own son in
law you took off your panty, huh?’, she stammered but didn’t utter
a right word.
‘You need to be punished for this all’, I pulled her near me,
‘You acted as if I am a whore when I showed a little, a little
cleavage’, my husband smirked from behind, ‘little, huh, what was
left to hide?’
I threw my mom’s panty away, ‘today you showed us what a big
whore you are. There is tothing wrong in that but you shouldn’t have
blamed me that day. The punishment is…’, I quickly pulled the
strings of her petticoat and it dropped down leaving her beautiful
fleshy thighs exposed. She tried to take it back from the ground but I
caught her.
‘No, you are gonna be stripped naked now and till my husband leaves
to office on Monday, you are gonna walk this home absolutely nude, I
shouldn’t see a single thread on you.. strip now’, I quickly
started to remove her blouse hooks from her cleavage. She gave a
half-hearted effort to stop but by then I had opened her front mangoes
which now only had a bra to hide.
‘Why are you simply watching?’, I turned to my husband and gave
an angry stare. He came to my mom from the back and removed her bra
hook and as we took it off, there stood my mom, completely naked just
like my husband whose erect tool was poking inside my mom’s ass a
He loved her ass so much; through the years my mom has accumulated a
good amount of fat there and the smooth big flesh stimulated him so
much. ‘Slap’, be beat her ass with his palm. ‘Aaah’, my mom
gave a moan; a mixture of pleasure and pain.
‘Mom, I am sorry, does it pain?’, he quickly pulled her close and
gave a kiss on her neck. ‘No, son, no, it’s fine’, it seemed as
though my mom didn’t wanna stop my husband from expressing all his
fun. I walked to my phone to shoot it all. When I was back, they both
were in the bed; my husband’s tongue was inside my mom’s mouth. He
was in the top of my mom; kissing her all over. To see two naked flesh
intertwining together in passion was beautiful. My husband’s chest
was on my mom’s boobs. She suddenly stopped my husband; ‘you are
crushing my, my….’, she didn’t know how to say breast decently
to my husband.
‘She is asking you not to make mango juice’, I told my husband
who in his horny aggression didn’t understand what my mom was
saying. ‘Sorry, mom, so sorry’, he kissed my mom’s forehead. She
put her hand inside his hair and they kissed passionately again while
my camera started recording it.
‘I love your ass mom, can I bite it once?’, my husband asked as
though he is a school student asking permission to his teacher to pee.
My mom gave a smile and slowly turned over, my husband went down,
licked the mound of flesh and gave another slap. He grabbed both her
ass and pressed it hard against each other. My husband used to say all
his fantasies about other woman to me but never told about his fetish
about my mom’s ass, may be because I was her daughter.
‘Bhanu get her panty, please, I wanna see how that poor fabric
covers this huge mound’, I turned to get my mom’s wet panty as he
kept kissing my mom’s ass. When I got back the panty, he slid it
through her leg and took it over her ass. He touched the panty’s
wetness; he loved it; her white panty with no design looked so sexy;
wet and beautiful. He grabbed her ass 2 times and then he jumped in to
his fetish. He opened his mouth so big and pounced on her ass bit it
hard over her panty.
‘Aaah…’, my mom shrieked out loud but he continued and my mom
started smiling so widely; enjoying the pain. He took of his mouth
moved up and put his lips inside her lips kissing so widely. He turned
her over; ‘this is the mangoes I crushed, right?’, he looked down
to see the mangoes have become pretty ripe and her nipple was standing
all attention.
He moved to her breasts or mangoes in his language; he slowly
caressed it with his lips; going round and round the nipple but not
touching it. My mom’s fingers in her leg spread out so much as
though the pleasure was unbearable for her. Then my mom made her first
pro-active move; she put her hand inside his hair; pulled his head
towards her nipple.
‘I won’t’, my husband teased and my mom’s eyes turned as
though she wanted to plead to him to take his nipple inside his mouth.
‘Alright mom, here we go’, he started sucking her nipple like a
baby which has been devoid of milk for months. My mom clutched his
hair even more tighter out of passion; slowly my husband moved his
right hand to her belly and put his nail into her belly button. My mom
loved it; she bit her lips out of passion. Then suddenly he made a
move slid it through her wet panty which was even more wet. He took
his mouth off her nipple and turned to me, ‘she is pumping her
fluids out’, he laughed at my mom who didn’t have any control over
her passion or reaction now.
‘She will need help there, darling’, he himself slowly moved to
her panty kissing her tummy throughout the way. ‘Phew, terrific
smell Bhanu’, he always loved female fluid smell. He would have made
a scent out of them if he knew how to make perfumes.
He bit her panty right on her clit so lightly that he will bite her
hair but he wouldn’t hurt her pussy. He pulled it down with his
bite. That’s the way he always did it. Her ass wasn’t ready to
allow her panty to slid. He turned her over and pulled her panty down
again with his bite this time from her ass. My mom again put her hands
through his hair massaging him.
As he pulled it out of the ass, he slowly bit it again in between her
thighs and pulled it down. As it crossed her knees, he just pulled it
with his hands and threw off. He inspected her ass which had a deep
bit mark.
He turned her so that she was again with her back in the bed. My mom
herself parted her leg closing her eyes. her pussy wasn’t so visible
because of the black jungle around it.
‘Have you ever shaved, mom?’, my mom simply nodded a no to the
question but still wasn’t ready to open her eyes.
‘I love jungle pussy’, my husband put his head inside and started
biting all the hairs. ‘Hammmm’, my mom moaned lifting her cheek
up. She again slid her hand to my husband’s hair as he was all busy
at work and her leg parted so wide as though she wanted him to go as
deep as possible. Now her pussy was visible. She took her hand up and
started massaging her own head out of passion. My husband was kissing
her down lips and licking it as she tried to part it more. If she
would have done this from young age, she should have become a gymnast
by now. She was breathing so heavily, and panted so strongly.
‘Alright, enough for now, we will do the remaining after lunch’,
I told loudly so that I could get their attention. My husband dropped
it right away and started walking with me outside the room.
My mom was shocked; she shouted ‘Son….’, we both turned to her.
‘Say it, say it now’, I told watching her. ‘Please fuck me’
she begged. ‘I wanna see her mounds when fucking’, my husband
announced and she turned over right away, we couldn’t control
laughing at my mom begging to be fucked.
My husband rushed to her and lifted it up making her come to her
knees; my mom’s head was still on bed and she slowly lifted it and
balances herself on her hand. My husband slowly got inside her,
‘last time it was so tight, this time it was better’, he announced
and started pumping it in slowly and slowly. He knew my mom wanted it
slowly. This time there was no urgency; he knew my mom wanted it so
badly. Every now and then he slapped my mom’s ass. The dog moaned
happily every now and then. I moved to her face so that I could
picture my sweet dog’s face. Her eyes were closed and didn’t even
know I was capturing her. Her mangoes were oscillating for the every
stroke my husband made. ‘Haaa..’, she moaned again and touched her
boobs for a moment but to balance quickly put her hands down. ‘I
think she cummed’, my husband should have felt movement so easier.
My mom nodded accepting it; my husband increased his pace a little;
if he increased the pace it means he is gonna cum too. He suddenly
stopped and clutched her hips harder ejaculating completely inside
her. He slowly moved out and laid down on the bed; my mom too tumbled
on the floor. I switched off the camera and went in front; my husband
pulled me in between him and my mom. Both of them put their legs over
me and kissed once on my cheek and my husband and mom laid near my
ears. I knew they loved me so much now; my mom for rekindling her life
back; my husband for helping he get those beautiful mounds of ass.
Thus I had another adventure making my mom fall for my sweetheart.
So guys and girls this is J signing off; I thank Bhanu for narrating
me it all. Hope you people liked the story.