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Replacement of wife

My wife Vandana and I had been having continuous arguments for more than two years after marriage. Most of the times after the arguments Vandana ran to her parents’ house in Jaipur and often stayed there for one month or two. Our maid girl Suvidha had been watching all this right from beginning. Since Suvidha knew that Vandana and I were not having good relation, at every opportunity Suvidha tried to get close to me, trying to tell me that she will always be there for me whenever I need her in whatever way I like. Suvidha was only 23 years old. Vandana is 30 and I am 32 in age. Although Suvidha had a very voluptuous figure with heavy boobs, massive buttocks, but a very slim waist; I didn’t want to take advantage of her young innocent age.

Suvidha had dark oily skin, waist length dark wavy hair, fat juicy lips, and large beady eyes always looking for something exciting mysteriously. Once or twice when Vandana had as usual fled to her parents’ home, Suvidha after dinner pressed my legs and massaged me to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. When she did these massages, she used to brush her tits on me or confidently place her warm ass on me to make herself comfortable as she did the massage. Suvidha always wore only skirts little below knee and loose full-body blouses. This happened on one of the nights when Vandana had left just two days back. I knew she won’t come back till at least another 20-30 days. I was very badly sex-starved. When I returned from office in the evening I told Suvidha I was starving.

She said “Ji Saab, abhi khana banati hoon” and ran into the kitchen. Within an hour’s time she had served some really yummy food on the table waiting eagerly to hear some appreciation from me. I loved the way she glared at me with those beady eyes, her boobs blowing into my face robustly. There was so much distance between each button of her blouse that I could easily see part of her white bra. My mouth was watering. She asked me to taste and tell her my opinion. And I asked taste of what. She giggled and said taste of the food of course Saab. I looked at the food and unexpectedly my frustration spilled out. I shouted at her “I said I was starving. But what is this? This is not going to satisfy my hunger”. Suvidha got a bit puzzled, and then understood what I meant.

“I can satisfy your any hunger Saab”, she said and closed her eyes and slightly bent backwards to let her entire frontal assets to give me a warm welcome. Hungrily I grabbed her tightly in my arms and kneaded her hot bulky ass with my iron fingers. She moaned a bit in pain as my mouth pressed deep into her belly fighting to pull the blouse out which was tucked into the skirt’s waistline. Then suddenly something made me feel this is not what I should be doing or at least not “how” I should be doing. Instantly I pulled myself away from Suvidha’s tight hug, ate up my dinner, and retired to bed. Later she looked very sad and rejected. I tried to convince her that I did not mean to be rude to her that night but just that I was not comfortable with the idea of me using her. She only looked at me quietly with those wide thirsty eyes and biting her lips, telling me to finish the fire that had already started between us.

Deep inside I also wanted her very badly, but I wanted to enjoy the fun more secretly without her knowing all about it. She was given the room adjoining with our kitchen. So every time I went to drink some water from the fridge when it was past midnight, I used to take peeks into her room to watch her sleeping peacefully. Those were the best times I could conveniently watch her without any guilt. She really had such a sexy body. Few times I managed to push her skirt up enough to admire her bulging thighs and buttocks. Sometimes I even got to her bra and heavy upper cleavage when the top buttons were left open (don’t know whether she left the buttons open intentionally). On a Saturdays we had half-day in office so I came back early as usual and freshened up with a bath.

I had changed into my bathrobe when I realized I was run short of my cigarettes. It was 6pm already so I asked Suvidha to get a pack of cigarettes from market. She went willingly. While I was totally alone I used that free time for the plan I had to seduce her. She always kept a bottle of water next to her bed. I quickly went and tipped a whole packet of sleeping dose into the bottle. The dose was capable of putting a person to sleep for more than 12 hours. When she came back she started to prepare dinner in kitchen. By the time we had our dinner and she went to bed, it was 10pm. I know that she never misses drinking the water from the bottle next to her bed before going to sleep. I guessed that the dose would take at least an hour or two to have an effect on her. At 12.30am I quietly slipped into her bedroom.

She was lying with her hands and legs spread out and mouth hanging loose as if she was dead. I noticed that even the bottle was empty so I was sure that the sleeping dose had done the job for me. Now it was entirely upto me how I wanted to enjoy her. She was there like a toy for me to play with. I touched her face lightly to see if she was awake by any chance – no response. I dug my fingers into her ass – no response. I tweezed her nipples – still no response. I was confident that I had total liberty with her body for the next 12 hours. This was my dream Saturday Night. First I raised her hands way above her head. This position pulled her balls more up saluting in the air. The size of her breasts made my heart thunder. Impatiently I opened the first few buttons of her blouse to get the first glimpse of her old tittered tattered bra. But behind the old worn off bra was a pair of fresh juicy fruits waiting to be sucked and nibbled on by a wild animal like me.

I further opened the rest of the buttons and ogled at her bare belly and the deep navel which was collecting the sweat pouring from her abdominal flesh. I knew she wasn’t going to sense any of my actions in that deep sleep so I lifted her up in sitting position and nicely removed the blouse from her fully, then lay her down in bed again. Her lips were partly open and breathing from it heavily, blowing up her breasts expansively each time she breathed in. The heat in the room was rising to unbearable limits. We both were sweating like the room was on fire. All this wetness soaked into her bra and the skirt. Now I spread her legs as wide as possible and put my hands under her feet. Letting my fingers glide lightly along her ultra smooth legs, my lips went along kissing and licking them till my teeth caught the lower end of her skirt. Then pushed my full head inside her skirt till my nose touched her pussy behind the panty.

When I lifted my head to sit up her skirt fell above the waist exposing her panty completely drenched wet in her juices still flowing strongly. I licked to taste some of her juices dribbling down her thighs. My hands caught the waistline of Suvidha’s skirt and pulled down gently. Now she was only in her bra and panty, rest of the body lay bare like an open feast for me. The fabric of her bra was so old and weak that I hardly pulled it and it tore apart in pieces. The last piece of fabric to cover her was the panty which was also eradicated off her in no time. Suvidha was finally totally nude appearing as a rare delicacy just for me to mingle with. I kneaded, massaged, licked, and sucked on all her vital assets from top to bottom. Then I turned her over with belly down to see and feel her big fat ass. They were swollen like two alpine mountains that took a bulldozer of a dick of mine to part them for me to see the hole in between.

The hole in her ass was also wide like a crater on moon. My spaceship made way into the crater. My spaceship once launched in the crater carried on relentlessly boring into the depths. Simultaneously my hands took pleasure in squashing and kneading on her melony balls. After digging in her ass for over an hour I slowly turned her over with face up again. Spreading her legs wide as I could, I had to prepare to park my trailer-truck in her front garage. Hers looked like a superiorly polished smooth and clean garage for my thunderously huge greasy truck. I didn’t mind dirtying her pussy with my filthy cock and rammed it straight into her sweet cunt. Went on ramming mercilessly till morning 7am. I knew she won’t wake up till 10am at least. I was also exhausted after the long hours of hard work in bed.

But I did take care to collect absolutely all her clothes even from her bag and cabinet so that when she wakes up in the morning she will have nothing to wear when I call her to serve me breakfast. Her delicious body would become my best breakfast. At 11am sharp I called out at her loudly enough to wake the neighbours I guess. She didn’t turn up for the next 20 minutes. Then slowly I saw her one bare leg sticking out from the kitchen door followed with her shy head peeping from behind too. I asked her in sheer pretence what took her so long to get the breakfast. She asked me if I wanted it raw or cooked. I said I won’t mind it raw. Then she boldly stepped out in all her nakedness but now in broad daylight giving me further detailed show of her bare flesh.

I jumped on her like a monster who had not seen food for ages and chewed and bit off her flesh sucking all the juices contained in her interiors till she begged me to save some for later as well. I threw her on the ground ordering her to serve my palates every day and every night for all the years ahead. She agreed to remain my lifelong obedient slave. It has been 5 years since then and we did not skip even one night. My wife saw this once and never came back. Vandana and I are divorced. Suvidha is better than a wife to me. There is no legal bondage between us but we always live upto each other’s physical and emotional needs. Suvidha is the best facility.