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Roleplay leads to sex

I am narrating a real incident that happened recently which led to
having sex with my wife’s elder sister. My name is Avinash. I am from
electronic city, Bangalore. Anyone who is interested to talk to me
after reading my story can mail me or ping me at . My wife’s name is not mandatory as she
is not the heroine of the story. Her sister’s name is Ananya. For past
few months, me and my wife really lost interest in sex. We wanted to
try or do something new. So i suggested doing role plays. we used to
pretend as neighbours, strangers, friends, colleagues etc and do
roleplays and end up in bed. and used to have best sessions. To
mention, i always had an eye on her sister Ananya. Let me describe
her, she is married but she is younger to me. To describe her, she is
fair. She is little fleshy. Her boobs are very attractive and the best
part is her ass. I don’t know I always liked staring at her ass when
she walks, when she sits, when she bends.
When she bends in front of me showing her ass, I would literally feel
like grabbing her, lifting her nighty or saree and squeeze her ass.
And feel like spreading her ass, keep my face inside and lick it
nicely. She is very beautiful and damn hot. She likes me very much and
calls me darling in a teasing way and sometimes talk in double
meaning. Even I call her darling sometimes when I am in good mood. Now
coming back to story. My wife once went to her home for few days. I
used to text her in whatsapp or in facebook. One day, I was so much in
mood that I wanted to desperately have sex.. Since my wife wasn’t
there, I texted her whatsapp number and asked her to atleat have phone
sex in whatsapp chat. I suggested doing a role play. Since she was in
her home. I suggested herself to pretend as if she her sister and talk
to me and tempt me.

I didn’t realize that it was actually her sister who was chatting
with me as my wife was sleeping. The below is the conversation that
happened as a role play between me and my wife as expected but it
turned out to be Ananya herself. She told, let’s start the role play
pretending to be my wife. The chat is as follows which is a role play.


Me: Hi Ananya, are you in home?
She: yes, but my husband and kids are not there so it’s so boring
Me: yes. Same here. Your sister has gone to office and I am alone here

She: lunch? Whats spl
Me: Yes. Nothing spl. I actually want your sister to be in home. I am
hungry for her only.
She: oh ! If you are feeling bored, come home. We both will talk or
watch some movie.
Me: I am not in a mood darling to watch or play anything. Moreover, if
I come home, you will be in trouble.
She: Why
Me: I don’t know, you attract me so much
She: in what way
Me: I feel somewhat to talk like that to you. If your sister comes to
know, we are dead.
She: who will tell her, I wont tell and you don’t tell her also
Me: I like you so much that given a chance, I will not leave you for
one whole week.
She: I didn’t understand. Be more specific.
Me: will you get angry if I say anything wrong?
She: No no. its ok tell me
Me: I have always admired your beauty. I always wanted to have a
glimse of your body whenever I got chance. You have a perfect boobs,
perfect ass. Forget about me, anyone who sees you will like you enjoy
your body.
She: Really, I never thought you felt like that
Me: Are you angry?
She: No.. I am surprised you think about me like that. To be honest,
even I admired you so much. Your gym body, your strong hands. I
sometimes wish your hands should hold me tightly and grab my boobs
tightly and squeeze me.. I never got a chance to express
Me: OMG, I cant believe you said so.
She: my sister always tells me that you last very long in bed. You are
strong and try different things in bed. Which I couldn’t expect from
my husband. I felt jealous seeing her and always wanted to express
these to you.
Me: wow.. So you really want to have sex with me..
She: Yes.. But first impress me here. What all you will do.
Me: Consider you are here next to me.
She: Ok
Me: What are you wearing?
She: Night pant and tee shirt
Me: I will first hug you, kiss you all over your face.. Your beautiful
eyes, cheeks, bite your ears, kiss your lips and bite your lips.. Suck
your lips so much and taste the saliva from your mouth. I wil do it
for more than 5 mins. While I am doing it, I will fondle your boobs
with my hand over your tee shirt. I will press it harder and harder.
And then push my hand inside your tee shirt and press your boobs and
touch your nipples. Press your nipples. Later I will remove your tee
shirt and make you topless and start sucking your boobs. Suck it, lick
your boobs fully.. Take your boobs nicely inside my mouth and suck it
like a suction pump. Then I will move take your brown nipples in my
mouth and suck it like a baby. Roll my tongue on your nipples until
your nipples become erect.
She: OMG, you are making me wet. I didn’t know you had so much urge
to screw my body.
Me: more is yet to come.
She: what is I am really Ananya chatting with you.
Me: I was taken back. I was shocked for a while. Calmed myself and
said, you are joking right.
She: first tell me.
Me: If you are really Ananya, I have already told what I feel about
you. You didn’t get angry or avoid me till now. So I will go on and
tell what I feel.

I immediately got a video call in whatsapp. I answered it and saw it
was Ananya herself. She feeling shy and blushing. She told she will
call me from her phone. She kept the phone and deleted all the
messages from my wife’s phone and came to her room with her phone. She
continued, now I am the real Ananya. Continue what else you will do. I
explained everything in detail and she was like fucking hot and orgasm
over phone. Two days went with our calls and chat, I went to pick my
wife. My wife told, she is going to bid good bye to all relatives
nearby and took her scooty and went out. We were sure, she is not
going to come back in less than 30 mins.

As soon as she went out, I went behind Ananya and grabber her from
behind in kitchen. She was wearing a nighty with no panty and bra
inside. As soon as I hugged her from behind, I could feel the soft
body inside without any inners. I kissed her neck holding her boobs.
My dick was already big and touching her ass from behind. She was also
aroused. She told, do anything quickly. I unzipped her night on top
and took her boobs out and started sucking it like a wild dog. She was
moaning but was controlling her voice. My hands were so rough that my
hands mark was made on her boobs. I bit her nipples and started
playing with her nipples and breasts.

I carried her and made her sit on kitchen slab and parted her legs.
She was clean shaved. I started sucking her pussy which was already
wet and water was dripping from it. I licked everything and started
licking the walls of vagina and inside the vagina. Later I inserted my
finger in her pussy and fucked her using my finger. She was moaning in
pleasure and water was flowing from her pussy. I dropped my pant and
she sat down and started holding my penis and took in her mouth. She
gave a excellent blowjob. She sucked my balls also. After few mins, I
was unable to control. I wanted to bang her pussy. I made her stand
and made her bend in standing position showing her ass to me. She did
it and what a view it was. He ass was so beautiful I spread her ass
and put my face inside her ass and started licking her ass and pussy
from behind. This I did for a long time and it made me mad.

I took my penis and inserted in her pussy from behind. Wow, what a
feeling it was. I banged her continuously for some 10 mins. She was
shouting and moaning and I fucked her even harder. I inserted by
finger in her ass hole while fucking her vagina. She was going crazy.
Later again I made her sit on the kitchen slab and fucked her pussy. I
tore her pussy with my dick. She was literally crying because of pain
and pleasure.

I fingered her ass hole for sometime. I wanted to try fucking as ass,
but it was already very late. My wife could come any moment. So she
asked me to finish it soon. I asked if she wants to drink my cum or
take it inside her vagina. She told she will drink it. I make her sit
leaning on the wall. Fucked her mouth and deep throated her. Finally I
cummed everything in her mouth. She drank everything without wasting a
single drop. She said it tasted nice. This is how our role ended into

I still fuck her whenever I get chance. When we go there or when she
come here. We have a quickie. My wife never suspects us as I always
play with her before also and always call her my darling. Hope you
liked it, leave me a comment or mail me.