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Romping with my aunty

Let me introduce my self, my name is Shashi (name changed), a final year Degree student, 5’7”, good built. I came to know about this site from one of my friend. Its really great site and I would like to share my experiences with you friends. It’s about Kamala, a sexy lady of my life. Her entry into my life was quiet unexpected.

After my +2 I got admitted in one of the prestigious Arts and Science College for B.Sc Mathematics, my favorite. I joined the classes and as usual daily classes, friends and home. That’s when a new student joins our class named Rekha, a good looking girl slim but a had a nice boobs. Then we introduced ourselves and that’s when I came to know that she was near my house.

She had just shifted into her new house which was on the same way of my home. Then on my way back home we met again and we walk together to home. She reached her home and showed her house. It was a old house which was not used for long tome but they bought this house after her father got transfer to the town. When I was about to leave her to my house I saw the lady, kamala. She came in from Rekha’s house and was coming towards us saying hai. She was like a gorgeous figure wearing a sari. 5’3”, good build, not that fair but really attractive.

I really liked the lady at first instant. When she came to me Rekha introduced the lady to me, she was Rekha’s mother. I didn’t know what to tell then, I just stayed silent there and then went back home saying a bye to them. At first I felt it’s bad to think about it but again and again kamala was coming into my mind. Day by day my friendship with Rekha went on increasing and then we became good friends and then I stared to go to their house. It was a regular practice for me to visit her home just to see her mom.

One day Rekha got ill and she didn’t come to college which I didn’t know. Only in the evening I came to know that Rekha was ill and was at home itself. So that evening I went to her house to see her. When I rang the bell, her mom opened the door, kamalaaa. She was wearing a white nighty and was looking gorgeous. She welcomed me and took me to Rekha who was lying on the bed with high fever. I and Rekha talked for some time and in the mean time her mom bought tea for me. As she came near me I got up so that she could get into the room as I moved back she passed me her big ass just grazed my dick, which was semi hard at that time. But at that instant it became hard.

Now kamala also joined our talk and now we were having a nice chat. Even though we were talking my eyes where completely on kamala. Her nity had a very low neck line and I could see her cleavage slightly whenever she bents. I noticed that she was bending down unnecessarily and that too many a times. I thought whether she is indicating something but then I thought it might be just my thinking. Even though she was in her early 40’s still she was so great. At that time I had to leave and said that would come again tomorrow.

The following week end I went to Rekha’s house to see her but above all kamala, her sexy mom. As expected kamala opened the door for me and greeted me inside and to my surprise she quickly closed the door behind me. I asked for Rekha and she said that Rekha and her father have gone to one of their relative’s house. I got excited now, a good chance should I go for it or not, what to do I was really confused. She asked me to sit on the sofa while she went into make tea for me. As she went inside I looked her back, it was really great looking at it. She was wearing a green sari and was looking great in it. I couldn’t control myself and I got up and went to the kitchen.

She was preparing tea for me. She saw me coming but didn’t react and just gave a smile. Now I was completely checking her parts while she was busy making tea. I saw she was wearing saree low down and I could clearly see her navel. My 8 inch revolver was really beating my pants. Suddenly I heard her voice “What are you looking at?!” I got really surprised and felt bad now. But she didn’t look at me and continued “u really a bad boy”, and started laughing. I felt embarrassed and felt like leaving the place.

Suddenly she came to me and stood near me and asked, “Have you ever felt a women’s body”. I dint know what to tell but she was quick and slowly took my hand and put it on her boobs and said “now feel it”. Oh! What was that, I told in my mind and slowly started to massage it. I saw her closing her eyes and I knew that she want to experience everything. I now took her to the hall and made her sit on the sofa and slowly removed her pallu. I stared kissing and sucking her boobs above the blouse she was wearing.

I was getting inpatient and I unhooked her blouse and bra to reveal her bear boobs. I started sucking her right one and playing with the nipples and my right hand squeezing her left boobs and nipples. She was moaning and I was getting excited, I removed her skirt and panties revealing her pussy. I also got undressed and started licking her pussy, it was really hot there. Now I started inserting my finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her with my 2 fingers. She holded me and said to do it with my weapon which was in her hand now.

She took it and started rubbing over her clits which was wet now with her liquid and my saliva. Slowly I inserted my dick into her and now it was completely inside her pussy. Now I started my movements slowly and slowly I increased my pace. She was catching up with my pace and it went on for sum minutes. The she got climaxed and she got tired but I was continuing and at last I also got climax and I filled all her pussy with my cum. I just fell over her and lye there for sometime. Then only we recognized that we where in hall and in the sofa.

Now kamala asked me “how was it”. I said it was nice and I liked it. After that we went to her bedroom and did the 69 for some time and again I got hard on and again we had sex. We had sex for the whole afternoon and then I went back home. For past three years we have been having sex occasionally, but when we do it we take the hell out of each other.