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Roshni-part 1

I’m happy to post my first story in my favorite category,
Exhibitionism.I’ve been waiting for this part of my life. Hopefully,
more stories will come in this category.I’ve always had this urge to
show skin. Earlier, when living in cities, I used to wear shorts,
miniskirts, short jumpsuits, rompers, strapless tops, halter tops,
crop tops etc. They were very usual in those places. People used to
show a lot of skin.There were girls who used to dress up very
conservatively as well.But I chose to show my skin.I used to enjoy
those showing offs. Even from theschool days, I tried to wear clothes
which were acceptable in the society, but at the lowest level of
decency.Whenever I used to go out with friends, I would always be one
of those people who wore the leastamount of clothes. As usual I used
to get a lot of looks from both men and women.When I came to live in
this village, a cover involuntarily fell on such thoughts. I’ve never
risked showing my skin here.I knew it was bad in these villages. It
gave a bad impression about the girl.Those village people never think
that ‘This girl is liberated. She decided to wear whatever she wants.
It’s so cool.’

Instead they think ‘this girl is showing so much skin.
She is walking to turn men on. It doesn’t seem like she is a good
personfrom a reputed family.’And because of that she never gets good
marriage proposals. Just because she wears revealing clothes. It even
affects the family and its reputation in that society.So women never
choose to show their body.Even if it’s a skirt that shows some skin
below theknee, or a sleeveless top, or a t-shirt (obviously without a
shawl) or a saree that shows the belly and navel.It’s all bad here.If
you wear them, your future is dead.But after that night where I stood
naked outdoors at 3 am, something possessed on my body.I started
feeling like I want to show more skin.My parents are not here and I’ll
be flying to North India or Europe after this college studies. And I’m
never gonna come back to this village. I don’t givea fuck what those
silly villagers think. This thought of exhibiting my body was getting
intense as the days progressed.One day I asked my boyfriend: “Wasim,
can I ask you something?”He replied: ” Yea sure Roshni..”Whenever
people start with this line, others listen very carefully. He knew
that I was asking something serious.”Do you mind if I wear some
clothes which are not very conservative?”Mmm.. I guess not. But what
types of clothes do you have in mind, specifically? I can’t let you
wearbikini and roam around””Chii.. who roams around wearing a bikini
here in your village where people even haven’t seen a navel with their
naked eyes except the item dancenumbers in Bollywood movies?”What I
said was true.

I haven’t seen a single lady wearing sleeveless dress
here. And it has been more than a year since I’ve started living here.
I haven’t seen another woman’s navel as well.”What types of clothes do
you mean?” He asked curiously.”You know, jeans and top, sleeveless
churidars… like that””Come on yaar.. who cares if you wear a
sleeveless churidars and jeans?””I know. but still I must make sure,
right. Also what will the villagers think when I wear such clothes?”I
asked him just to know what he thinks about it.”You’re from city,
right. So, people can take that you are habituated with wearing such
clothes. And wear them with complete confidence and be comfortable in
it.” He supported me.”Also, you’re my girl. I want to know who’s gonna
stop you from that.” He finished.I felt so happy hearing those
words.If he agrees, I can wear them to wherever I want to. I gave him
a kiss for that.On most of the weekends Wasim and I used to goout. I
easily convinced my grandparents saying that I have a special class,
seminar or even some group discussions happening in college!! They
were too uneducated to understand that. Also, they had a belief that
I’ll never lie.

While going for movies or just for roaming around, I
would smuggle some clothes in my bag while wearing my usual college
uniforms when leaving home and change the clothes in some hotel
washroom or something.I started wearing sleeveless churidars and
t-shirt while going out.Once we went for a movie in a theatre which
was 10 kilometers away from my home and I wore a t-shirt for it.Most
often we used to select Theatres which were less crowded and always
some corner seats. Our hands will be roaming on each other’s bodies
and some long kisses also happened in theatres. I remember once we
kissed for almost one hour continuously which involved lot of kissing
and biting on the faces. My face and neckwere full of his saliva when
we stepped out of thetheatre.We went for the same movie 3 times just
because the theater was almost empty!One day after the outing with
Wasim while I was coming home, my grandma asked me why the bag looks
so full. I was carrying a churidar that day. I lied that there are
some library books in it. She believed it.But I decided to change my
choice of clothes because churidars and jeans pants were so big that
they made the bag look so full. I decided to do some shopping for more
smaller clothes. (or was I just looking for a good reason for wearing
something skimpier?!)I told Wasim about this. He couldn’t take the
risk of losing me because of the large volume of clothes I was
wearing. So he had to agree.”But we won’t get my looked-for clothes
here in this village.” I said.”We can go to Kochi” he said.Kochi is
the biggest city in Kerala and it’s a growing cosmopolitan city. All
kinds of people come there. Girls there wear modern clothes and you
get pretty much all kinds of clothes there. Weplanned our next weekend
trip to Kochi.I packed a t-shirt and jeans for the trip. I knew it was
the last time I had to be careful about smuggling clothes. Next time
onwards nobody is even going know that I’m carrying any clothes in my
bag.That day I left early from home. The city is far away from my
home. I changed into my t-shirt and jeans on the way in a hotel
washroom. It almost took around 2 hours to reach there.Once we reached
there, we went straight to a big shopping mall there. We found a shop
there which sells all kinds of women’s wear.I started with tops. First
priority for selecting any piece of clothing was that: if I make it
like a ball, itshould fit in my one hand. But most of the t-shirtsthe
salesman showed were bigger balls. Maybe he thought that I wanted the
similar type of t-shirt I was wearing.”It can be smaller.” I made it
clear for him.”Is sleeveless ok for you?” He asked.”Totally.” I
said.He then went to another section of clothes where all the
sleeveless tops were kept. He showed some clothes there. They were not

They were tank tops, which I loved to wear.I looked at
Wasim, showing him a piece of clothing, which was white in color and
just covered my ass.”Is it ok?” I asked him.”Try it.” He said.I went
inside the changing room, removed my t-shirt and wore the white tank
top.It was literally hugging my body.The armholes were cut 2 inches
below my armpit.The armpit fat was visible from the sides. It was so
tight across my stomach that I could make outthe shape of my navel
through it. The material was thin cotton such that anyone could easily
figure out the shape of the bra I was wearing underneath.I looked
super-hot in it. It had been a while since Iwore something like that.
I really wanted that top.I came outside the changing room wearing it.
Wasim was waiting outside.”Roshni! You can’t wear it here in public.
It almostlooks like an inner wear.” He exclaimed the moment I stepped
out.”No! It doesn’t. It’s just perfect, you see. First of all, it fits
in my hand if I make it like a ball. So, I can easily smuggle it from
my home. Also, it’s actually not showing anything which was not seen
while I used to wear other clothes. See, I wear sleeveless tops,
right? This is also sleeveless. And it’s showing nothing else. It’s
covering my ass too.” I tried my best to sell it to him.”But the
material is so thin and hugging your body. See, anybody can make out
the shape of your navel. Your bra edges are visible. And finally,it
really exaggerates the shape of your breasts.” He finished.’Exactly’ I

“But I’ll wear a shawl with it, if you want.” I said.Shawl is
supposed to cover the breasts when youwear tops which highlights the
shape of the breasts.”But it’s showing off too much, honey” he was
confused.”You think so because you haven’t seen clothes which actually
shows off. This is not one of them.” I said.That must have hurt his
ego. I was sure he felt smaller in front of me. He didn’t express it,
though.”OK… But buy a cardigan also with it. Also promise that
you’ll always wear shawl or cardiganwith this top. Always!” he
agreed.”Yeaayyy..! Sure!!” I said and hugged him.I bought a black
cardigan with it. It was also very thin material. But at least it
covered my hand and shoulders.But while thinking from now, He was