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Roshni-part 2

The top was a very big step in my way of dressing.I chose two
more tank tops, one black and one yellow. Same material. One white
cardigan and a red cardigan.Next I moved on to buy bottoms. I was
looking foronly leggings. It was easy for me.I bought the tightest
leggings in various colors. Grey, black, white and red. They ended
somewhere between my knee and ankle.I tried one. It was like a second
skin on my body. Anyone who looks at my calf, thighs and ass can
easily notice the shape of them. Wasim was not ok with that one
too.”I’ll be wearing a shawl, right. So I’ll wear it in such a way
that it covers my ass too. If I’m wearing a cardigan, it will reach
till my knees at the back. So, it’ll cover the ass too.” I told

Somehow, he agreed. But I was wondering how towear this shawl in
such a way that it covers both my boobs and ass. I’ll be showing one
part while hiding the other. I must figure that out. Or… maybe not.I
wanted to buy some nightwear as well. Summer was coming. I can’t wear
those nighties, which are thick dresses which reaches all the way to
theground.I wanted more comfortable clothes.I bought a very
transparent satin dress. Red in color. If I was not wearing a bra, the
areolas will be visible through the top. That transparent. That see
through.It came 6 inches above the knee. I tried wearing that in the
dressing room. It felt so great. So thin! So light weight!I can’t wait
to wear that and roam around at homeat night.I didn’t show it to
Wasim. I didn’t want permissionfrom him for that. I was planning to
wear them while sleeping.Since my grandparents are very old, at night,
they can’t see a thing. They can’t recognize what I am wearing.I
wanted to buy a jeans shorts. But I was not sure how will Wasim
respond to that.Also, wearing shorts revealing almost all the legs is
the biggest sin in village. Anyway, I decided to ask him.”Hey,
Wasim… can I try some shorts?””No, no… No shorts for
sure!””Shorts? You want shorts? One minute madam” the shopkeeper ran
for shorts.”Let’s see how it goes. I’ll buy only if you like” I
consoled him.

He didn’t say anything. The shopkeeper bought the shorts.
It was longer than I expected.”Can I try this?” I asked.”I guess so”
Wasim said.I tried it. It came two inches below my knees. It was a
three-fourth. That stupid shopkeeper! I thought.It looked decent. “I
don’t find anything wrong with wearing them” I said. Waiting for
Wasim’s reply.”Take it” Wasim said.I bought one jeans shorts as
well.Hmmm…What else! I thought.I saw some more halter tops,
strapless tops and many more there. I saw a lingerie section as well.
I was wondering, what all would be there. But I didn’t want to make
Wasim more upset.May be later.We started travelling back.On the way
back, I asked Wasim: “Are you ok with my clothes?””Yea, it’s fine””I’m
so happy that you liked them. Now we can goout without the fear of my
grandparents catching me smuggling the clothes.””Yea, right.” Wasim
responded.I was not sure if he was actually fine with my clothes. I
decided to cheer him up.I slowly moved my hand towards his crotch area
and started rubbing his cock.”Are you sure you’re not angry with me?”
I asked.He didn’t say anything. But his cock started replying by
waking up.”Oh! Somebody else is happy!!” I exclaimed.”Roshni, this is
a highway and people are watching us.””Let’s go somewhere private
then” I whispered in his ears.He stopped near a hotel.”We’ll have a
tea from here.” He said.”Oh really?!” I said teasingly.We went in the
hotel and ordered one tea.”I wanna go to the washroom.” I said, and I
went inside the loo.I knew he will follow me.I stepped into the
washroom and removed my t-shirt and waited for him. I wanted to
surprise him.I heard his footsteps. I wished it was him. What if it
was someone else? That thought excited me.I opened the door and peaked

It was him.He saw me and rushed inside.”Oh Roshni! You’ve
already stripped for me!” He got excited and started kissing me.I was
also very horny and kissed him back passionately.He closed the
washroom door behind him. I wished that he kept it open so that
somebody else accidentally came and saw us making out. I seriously
didn’t know what got into me. I really felt like showing off, like
never before.In five seconds he removed my bra and started playing
with my nipples. I pushed his head towards my nipple. He licked it for
a bit and then started biting them.It felt soo good. The nipples
started growing hard.I rubbed my hand on his hard on. He started
removing his pants and boxers.”We cannot fuck here.” I said.His cock
was out already.He didn’t respond to what I said but instead he put
his hand on my shoulder and started pushing me downwards. It felt
forceful.He grabbed my face and said, “But you can suck me.”His
harshness surprised me. But I didn’t want to spoil the mood.I opened
my mouth and put his dick in my mouth.The moment it was inside my
mouth, he started fucking my mouth hard.After 2-3 thrusts his cock
reached my throat.”I’m gonna deepthroat you.” He said.He has never
deepthroated me without my permission before. But I was not in the
mood to say anything. With a big cock down your throat, you don’t have
the luxury of talking much.He pushed it hard and I felt it going all
the way inside. I couldn’t breathe. Tears started coming from my
eyes.His cock was literally going in and out of my throat.”Wahem ztop.
I xant vreeth” I somehow managed.”One sec. I’m almost there” He
said.He gave some 2-3 deep pushes to my throat. It did hurt. I
couldn’t take any more of this dishonor.I pulled it out
forcefully.When I pulled it out, he started jacking off on my
breasts.I knew he was on the verge of cumming.He started cumming on my
breasts. I didn’t even look at him, but I closed my eyes and took some
long breaths while trying not to puke. His cum started spurting all
over my breasts. After cumming, he rubbed his cock on my nipples to
clean it.”Clean up quickly. Someone might see.”I was shocked by the
sudden change in behavior of Wasim. If he had some problems with the
clothes, he should have said, right! How many times did I ask! I was
really angry on him.I stood up in front of the mirror. Cum was
dripping on my boobs. I cleaned the cum using the tissue paper. I
didn’t want to create a scene with him there.We went back. We didn’t
talk much on the way back.I reached home by around 7 in the evening. I
somehow smuggled the clothes bags inside the house when my
grandparents were not around.I was so tired after the long day. I
decided to take a luxurious bath with some oil massage.Applying oil on
body before taking bath is a habit Istarted after coming to the

It relaxes the body muscles and gives you some deep sleep.And
applying oil all over body was fun. Playing with nipples and sometimes
fingering the oily pussy! And especially today I was in the mood to
play with myself. Since that day where I stood outside naked at 3 in
the morning, I was looking for more chanced to be naked outside the
house. Also, the plan to buy revealing clothes for the past 4-5 days
got me excited more.It was around 7:30 at night. I decided to push my
boundaries a little more. Grandmother was watching some soap opera in
the TV. She won’t wake up from the chair till it’s 10, even the house
is on fire. My granddad was sitting outside, praying.I decided to work
my plan out in the backyard of my house. I didn’t have to worry about
those two coming there. It was pitch black there. Even somebody
walking on the road won’t be able to make out a person standing there.
Unless they flash some torchlight exactly on my body, which was a risk
I was willing to take and it excited me alot. So I took a bowl full of
oil and went to the backyard. I carried a bathing towel as well.I
stood there in the darkness. I could hear the dramatic music happening
in the soap. I can hearmy granddad’s prayer as well. I only had to
worry if any one of them stopped. I took a deep breath and remove my
clothes.In a minute I was stark naked outdoor. I started rubbing with
the oil on my body. I started from thelegs towards the upper parts.I
poured more than enough oil into my hands and applied it all over my

I covered my legs, thighs, inner thighs, ass, stomach, hands,
with a lot of oil and then poured a handful of oil and spread it on
both my boobs.Ohh!! It felt so good.I slowly started playing with my
boobs while rubbing them with the oil. I was getting hornier. My
nipples started growing hard.The thought of standing outside naked
with oil allover my body sent shivers through my body. I slowly
started playing with my nipples. I pinched them. More blood rushed to
my breasts. I started squeezing them harder. I really wished that
Wasim was now with me.Now I could feel the oil leaking into my pussy
andasshole. It was tingling.I now placed my right hand between my
thighs and put one finger inside my pussy.It was now wet with the
pre-cum and oil. Sticky and smooth at the same time.I slowly started
fingering myself. I was so turned on. I started fingering fast. I put
my second fingerinside. More pre cum was flowing through my pussy now.
I kept on playing with my nipple at thesame time. My eyes were closed
and sweat started flowing from my forehead.Now I couldn’t hear my
granddad’s prayer. Instead it felt like he was talking with someone. I
didn’t give much attention as I was on the verge of cumming. That’s
when my grandmother called me.”ROSHNII..” I suddenly stopped

‘Fuck!’ I thought. I was about to cum in some 10
seconds.”What?” I replied little angrily. “What are you doing?” She
asked. She was still sitting in front of the TV. “I’m going to take
bath.” I replied.”Before that get some drinking water for your uncle.”
So that was it.This uncle is a 50-year-old man who lives next to our
house. He comes regularly at night to talk with my granddad. They keep
on talking for some good one – two hours about everything in the
world. My granddad was a communist in his younger days. Even now he is
well educated about the world politics. It’s fun talking with him.This
uncle, like many other people in the village liked his company. Also,
I’ve seen this uncle looking at me hungrily and trying to flirt
wheneverpossible. I used to avoid him.

But tonight! It’s a different
day. I’ve been horny since morning. The thoughts of purchasing
somerevealing clothes already excited me. And the shopping, foreplay
with Wasim and that quick blowjob in the hotel washroom had made me
verywet. And now, standing naked with oil all over my body and almost
in the verge of orgasm, I decided to push the boundary a little more.