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Roshni-part 3

What if I went to meet him with this oil dripping body? That thought
itself made me almost cum. I decided to play a little.

But I had to wear something.

There was a towel which I used to rub the water off the body after
taking the bath. In the south Indian towels, they are stitched in such
a way that there is a bigger gap between threads. Even though it
doesn’t make the towel transparent, the material is very thin. It
shows the outlines of the nipples if you’re not wearing anything
underneath. Obviously, people never use it for wearing purpose. But I
chose it for wearing it tonight while meeting this uncle. Wear only

I wrapped that towel around my oiled up naked body. But there was a
problem. Lengthwise it was short. If I tried to drape it around my
chest, it won’t cover my ass and pussy and, vice versa.

So, I draped it the other way. I placed one edge at the back of the
left armpit and brought it through the back, covered my boobs and
brought the other edge to the front of left armpit.

It almost reached the other edge. I had to pull it a little more so
that I could tie a knot under my armpit.

I tied it there. My boobs were bulging above the towel because of the
tightness of the towel. Now it was lengthy enough to cover my bottom
part and reached 2 inches above my knees.

But now the new problem was, it was open from the left armpit
downwards. It was getting wider as it went downwards. So the whole
left side of my body was naked. If I moved my hand to back, front or
upwards, the whole left side boob, my stomach, hips and thighs would
be visible for the uncle. I was showing off a little too much. I wore
a safety pin near my hip.

I knew that even now I was showing off a little too much. But I was
soo turned on to care.

I started walking towards the house. While taking each step, I can see
the towel gaping making a big gap from the body.

There was an almirah in the work area, which had a full-length mirror
on it. I stopped in front of it and put my right leg in the front and
checked myself from my left side.

The sight was something more than I expected. Left side of my body
looked like the symbol of infinity. It was closed under my armpit,
then expanded from there downwards until my hips. My left sideboob was
bulging to the side, under the towel. I can make out shape of my
nipple through the towel. At the hips, the safety pin was pulling to
connect the sides of towel. It started gaping again from there
downwards. My whole left leg was visible from the hip.

I raised my left had above the head in front of the mirror. I could
see my left sideboobs and my tummy. In that pose, I put my right leg
in the front, like walking. The towel gaped from the legs and my whole
right inner thigh was visible. And the sight was so erotic because my
body was shining and oil was dripping from the body.

I went into the kitchen and poured some water into a steel tumbler. I
took it with my left hand and started walking towards the sit out.

My grandmother was sitting in the hall watching TV, but turned to the
other side. If I walked fast enough, she won’t see me as she was glued
to the screen.

Granddad’s chair was facing the yard while uncle’s chair was faced
towards the door from which I would be walking.

Granddad also won’t see much of me if I’m quick enough to give the
water and leave them immediately.

I planned everything, took a deep breath and started walking towards
the sit out.

I passed the hall and reached the sit out. “Sorry uncle, I was about
to take a bath.”

He was preparing the pan using beetle leaf. When I said this, he
raised his eyes and looked at me.

He stopped making the pan and stared at my body. Also, I tried to act
like an innocent village girl by trying to cover my body using the
towel and gave him the cutest smile. I placed the glass of water in
front of him.

My nipples were poking on the towel and a large amount of cleavage was
seen from the top of the towel. Since I was bent in front of him, the
towel gaped a little, from the left side of my body and the boobs were
hanging inside the towel. I stood in such a way that my left side was
visible for him. My left boob was straining against the tight knot
which was under the armpit. With my slightest movement, I could feel
my boob floating inside the towel. The uncle didn’t miss any of it.

I was standing side by side with my Granddad.

If he looked a little to his right, all he could see would be my naked
boob hanging in front of him.

Luckily, he didn’t.

I didn’t want to stay there longer and take the risk. I turned to my
right side and started going back.

I could see my towel gaping near the thighs which might give him a
good look at my inner thighs.

But I didn’t know if his look reached till there. He was stuck at my
boobs. I rushed to inside.

I didn’t want my grandparents to catch me wearing almost nothing in
front of a strange guy.

The moment I reached inside the kitchen, I put two fingers inside my
pussy and started fingering. I was more wet now from all the showing
off. I heard my granddad saying: “leave it there. I’ll take it inside
later.” Then I heard uncle saying: “it’s OK sir. I don’t wanna trouble

Is he coming inside? He wanted to see more of me? I was sure he won’t
try to do anything physical while my grandparents are there. As long
as I’m in the safe zone, I was willing to tease him a little more.

I removed the pin from the hip. By doing so, the whole left side of my
oiled-up body was visible. It included the left sideboob except the
areola or nipples. Tummy and legs were also on display. If my towel
moved half an inch, my pussy would also be on display. I could feel my
pussy dripping. I was so horny by now. I stood facing away from the
door and acted as if I was doing some job.

He was walking towards the kitchen when my grandmother stopped him.
“How’s everyone at home, Vasu?” She asked him without looking away
from the screen. “Oh, they are all doing good.”

By that time he reached the door of kitchen.

“Hi Roshuu…” He sweetly called me.

I turned back from my left. I raised both my hands and started tying
the hair. I could feel my towel gaping away from my body. Left side of
my oily naked body was on display for him. The boobs, tummy, hips and
the long leg. His look directly fell on my tits. They were shining
with oil.

“Oh! You shouldn’t have bought it. I would have come there to take it”
I said.

“No, no dear. You’re in a rush, right.” He somehow said while
investigating each and every inch of my body. “Also, if someone sees
you like this outside…” He stopped there without knowing what to

“Yea… I know. I’m all oiled up for the bath. Doesn’t look good, am
I, uncle?” I asked with my best innocent voice while going closer to
him to take the glass from his hands.

“No, you look great my dear. But what I mean is…”

He was out of words as he worshipped my body.

He stood there silently scanning my body.

“What you mean?” I went closer to him and grabbed the glass from his
hand while looking into his eyes.

“You look so hot!” He said looking at my cleavage. His hand was now
almost touching my sheer towel. He didn’t move back even after I took
the glass from him. Instead he stood closer to me.

“You look beautiful” He whispered to me.

“I’m sorry. I’m not properly dressed.” I said innocently and walked
way from him taking the glass.

“No, no. You look perfect this way.” He said. I giggled shyly. “But
I’m feeling shy standing in front of you like this.”

“Like what?” he asked.

‘Oh! He is also in a playful mood!’ I thought.

“You know, the body full of oil and wearing only a towel” I said

“It’s ok” He said. “When you were a small girl, I have seen you
without any clothes and I’ve even took you for bath in the public
pond, do you remember?”

“Mmm… no uncle.”

“How will you remember! You were barely 2 years old then. You’re still
that baby girl for me even now.” He added. I was sure he wanted to
spend more time with me with these silly talks.