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Roshni-part 4

Meanwhile I didn’t stop myself from entertaining him by giving
glimpses of my body here and there while washing some vessels in the

“You’re making up this story, aren’t you?” I teased him.

“What? No! You want proof?” He asked.

“mmm… may be.”

“You have a birthmark where your backbone ends.” He said.

Wow! That really shocked me. My birthmark just above my buttcrack was
something my boyfriends used to find very sexy about me.

“Is it there?” he asked. I didn’t say anything. I was facing away from
him. I felt him standing right behind me. I could feel his hand slowly
going under my towel from my backside. How little I was wearing!
Within two seconds his hand was above my buttcrack. I felt some cold
air on my ass. So, he was now looking at my naked oil-dripping ass. He
started rubbing the oil over my ass.

“Do you remember I used to oil up your body…” He said.


His touch was turning me on. I stood still. He slowly moved his hand
down my ass crack. Oil was flowing inside my ass. His hand reached
near my asshole.

“Oh Vasu Uncle… You’re embarrassing me.” I moved my body away from
his hand and turned around to face him.

“I’m not a small girl anymore. I’m a grown-up woman.” I didn’t want to
go all the way with him right away.

“With fully grown body parts.” I didn’t feel like stopping teasing as

I saw a tent formed under his lungi already. “See, even your body
agrees with me.” I said by pointing towards his growing tent. I was
curious to see how it looked. But I controlled myself.

“Yea. I can see it.” He said by looking at my chest. I looked down to
see my hard nipples poking hard against the thin material of the

“A fully-grown woman with a lot of passion” he said.

I was tempted to touch my hard nipples. I leaned against the concrete
slab on the kitchen.

“Oh, you mean this?” I asked him by running my hands over my boobs.
“I’ve been massaging for almost half an hour. That’s why they are
standing out, you know.” I now moved my left hand under the towel and
started rubbing my nipples. Finally!! I needed this touch. I started
rubbing them by looking into his eyes.

“Do you want any help with that? I am a well-known massager here.” He
kept on looking at my hand rubbing my left boob.

“No, thanks. Now I can do it myself. But may be later.” I climbed onto
the concrete slab and sat on it. My towel shifted its position and now
my left leg was completely bare in front of his eyes. It just covered
my pussy and right leg. I shifted my left hand from left boob to the
right one. My left wrist was covering left boob while I massaged right
boob. The towel kept on moving left and right around my belly area,
sometimes exposing my navel to him.

“Your navel is filled with oil.” He said hungrily looking into my
abdomen area. “It’s not good if you keep oil inside the navel for a
long time. You should spread it to other parts.” He said. I was sure
he just came up with something like that.

“Oh, is it, uncle?” I acted like a stupid girl and moved the towel a
little towards the right side of my belly, exposing the navel to him.
I heard him inhaling heavily. He must be shocked to see a butter tummy
with a deep hole on it. Also, the joining area of my pussy and left
leg also came into view now. Pussy lips were not visible, but he could
now see the beginning of my pussy. One-week-old stubble was visible.

I pressed my finger above my navel, and as a result the oil came out
and started flowing out, downwards. I could feel it flowing towards
the pussy. I looked into his eyes. I knew that he couldn’t control

He was now playing with his cock over the lungi.

That sight increased my thirst to finger myself.

“It’s flowing downwards now.” I said to him.

“can I see it?” He asked with anticipation.

“No.” I said.

I looked into his eyes and bought my left hand towards my pussy. “I
have to rub it. Otherwise it’ll spread all over the kitchen slab, you
know.” The towel fell back into its position and covered my left

“Mmm… You’re right.” Saying this he put his hand inside the lungi.
By that time my hand reached my pussy and started rubbing over it. It
was still covered with the towel.

Ohhh!! It felt so good. I was almost on the verge of cumming for the
past half an hour. Finally I was going to cum.

We didn’t say anything to each other. We both knew what we were doing,
yet without showing our cunt or cock to each other. His wanking was
now obvious. His hand was moving under the lungi.

I put two fingers inside my pussy and started fingering it. He was
also jacking off intensely. “What are you doing there, uncle?” I asked
him teasingly.

“Wanna see?” He asked.

“Oh,no!” I giggled.

“I have a small idea, though” I added.

“What are YOU doing down there?” He asked.

“I’m oiling up.” I said.

“Make sure that the oil reaches everywhere.” He said.

I was almost on the verge of cumming.

“Hmmm” I replied.

I somehow wanted to cum with him.

I placed my right hand above my left boob and started squeezing my
nipple. I purposely moved the towel a little towards my right exposing
the nipple to him.

“Oh!!” He exclaimed looking on my bare breast.

I squeezed the whole breast while fingering my pussy.

I knew he was at a no-return zone when his back curved and his wanking
became quicker.

His eyes were stuck on my boob when I untied the knot of the towel
under my armpit and removed it from my body, revealing the naked and
oiled up body for him. That threw me also from the edge. The thought
of exposing my stark-naked body to a man who is old enough to be my
dad and someone who used to take care of me when I was a small kid,
made me cum hard.

I fingered furiously and my pussy walls started pushing against my
fingers. I opened my legs and showed him the beautiful sight of my
pussy being fucked hard by the fingers. Precum was flowing from my
pussy. I pounded the pussy with my fingers. I came hard.

“Aah…” I heard him saying while cumming. We came exactly at the same

The pressure that was in my pussy and head since morning finally got
relieved. I came for some good 10 seconds. I sat there for 30 seconds,
eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

I opened my eyes to see the uncle looking intensely on my sweaty oily
body. “uncle, I’m so sorry.” I said, closing my legs to hide my pussy,
but without any attempt to cover up myself.

“I have been lonely and you know, I felt aroused and somehow…”

“It’s ok, my dear. I can understand. At your age, I can perfectly
understand your situation.” He put his hand over my shoulder.

“Thanks uncle, for understanding. But please don’t tell it to anyone
else. It’ll spoil my future. And whatever happened now, shouldn’t
change our relationship. You’re like my dad.” I kissed on his hand
which was on my shoulder and I started crying.

“hey, Roshu, my dear. Don’t cry. I promise that nobody else is ever
going to know what happened here. It’s between us” He comforted me.

I smiled looking at him. It must have worked. Some crying and a smile
should do it. Well, it has always worked for me.

“Ok, thank you uncle! I gotta take a bath now” I got down from the
slab, took the towel and gave a peck on his cheek. My oily boob
pressed on his chest. “Oops!” I said.

“It’s ok.” He said.

I didn’t bother covering up.

“Gotta go.” I started walking away from him, with some extra swing to
my naked oily ass.

“Ok, my dear. See you soon!” He said from behind. I could feel him
enjoying the sight of my naked back.

I went to the bathroom which was some 10 meters away from the house
building. Anyone who was walking in the road could see me. I didn’t
really care at that point.