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Ruta the office fuck meat

Ruta stood in the full-length mirror and admired what she saw. Wheat colored skin, 5’6″, 130 lbs. and shoulder length, medium brown hair. Her tight fitting pink sweater strained to cover her 36D breasts and trim waist, will the knee length skirt showed off her full, tight butt to its maximum advantage.

Ruta was nervous about starting her first day at work at Sharma’s Construction Company. As the only woman in a office full of construction workers, she decided to make use of her ample assets to make sure they would like her. Forced to drop out of college during her junior year, she desperately needed this job and wanted to fit in.

“Hi, I’m Ruta,” she smiled flashing her cute dimples at the first man she saw. “I’m here to see Mr. Sharma.” The 40’ish, muscular man with a tool kit around his waist casually looked Ruta up and down and returned her smile with a knowing grin of his own. “Hi, I’m Avanish. Are you our new assistant?”

“Yes!” Ruta breathed a sigh of relief at her first welcoming smile. She nervously followed Avanish to the back office, noticing him again eyeing her up and down before he grinned at Mr. Sharma and backed out of the office. Ruta was too nervous to notice Avanish casually brushing himself against her ass as he walked past her out of the office.

“Ruta, come in,” boomed Sunil Sharma’s deep, masculine voice sending shivers through her spine. She spent the rest of the day sitting next to Mr. Sharma at his desk as he showed her the computer system and how to process all of the bills and reports.

Several times during the day, Sunil’s thick, muscular legs rubbed against Ruta’s as he reached past her to either pick up the phone or pull files from his desk. All of 6’2 and 250 lbs, Sunil’s huge physique dwarfed Ruta’s petite frame in every way. By the afternoon, her skirt had ridden halfway up her thighs as Sunil’s legs brushed repeatedly against hers.

Ruta blossomed under Sunil’s attention and his approving smile as she quickly grasped her training session. Towards the end of the day, Sunil casually patted her knee and congratulated her on being a quick study. “You are really quick, smart, and know how to listen, Ruta. As long as you continue to do things exactly as I tell you, you will fit in well around here.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Sharma. I really appreciate you giving me this job with such a generous starting salary. I will do everything in my power to make you happy with me.” Sunil’s hand lingered on Ruta’s leg a little too long. “Very good, Ruta. I am very pleased that you are so accommodating. It’s very rare indeed to find a young lady so anxious to please.”

Ruta’s confidence soared as she walked out of the office and all of the workers stopped to tell her how much they were going to enjoy her assistance. She even enjoyed it as she felt their eyes staring at her ass as she swayed her hips out of the office. Over the following weeks, Ruta settled into the job and soon had the office humming efficiently. It seemed as if everyday, one of the men stopped by her desk to compliment her on how she was doing or how pretty she looked that day. Ruta responded by working hard and going out of her way to look especially nice every day.

At first she was intimidated by being the only female in an office of a couple of dozen burly construction workers, but now she was positively in heaven being surrounded by dirty, sweaty, muscular testosterone-driven men. She began to buy tighter and more revealing knit blouses that amply showed off her huge melons and ample cleavage. When the guys would stand over her chair while she was pulling up a report for them, she made sure that she took her time, pretending not to notice them staring down her unbuttoned blouse as her nipple hardened under their glare.

She also began to wear her skirts shorter and tighter, making sure she crossed her endlessly long legs whenever the guys would sit and chat with her at her desk. She could see their dicks stiffening as they stared at her smooth brown legs. She would bat her eyelashes and blush as they used files to hide the tents in their pants.

As the days progressed, looking became leering and leering became slight touches on her back, arms and legs as they talked and laughed with her. At first she pulled away, but over time, she got more comfortable with it.

A few of the guys eventually began to grab her waist and brush their crotches across her ass muttering a weak “excuse me” as they moved by her – supposedly to grab something that was always just by her desk. The first time she was startled feeling their bulging crotches against her ass, but she began to like all of the attention she was getting. It made her feel powerful and sexy that she could make all of these big, burly construction workers get their dicks hard.

She found herself being turned on by being surrounded by ripped muscles, sweaty chests, and the raw, animal aggression of a construction site. The more aggressive they got in touching her body and fondling her ass and breasts, the wetter she got between her legs. She didn’t know why being surrounded by all of this male power turned her on so, but she found herself looking forward to the breaks when all of the men would be crowded into the office leering at her and making sexually suggestive comments about her body parts.

“You guys are so bad,” she said one day as she walked in on a particularly lewd game of “Guess how big Ruta’s titties are.” Since money was on the table, she let Ravi get out a measuring tape and measure her bust line. She nervously laughed when he seemed to take a really long time making sure that the tape fit exactly right over her nipples.

“You’re the bad one,” Avanish responded while casually strolling over to her desk. His six-foot frame towered over her forcing her to lean back in her chair to see his leering face. Avanish’s hand slowly traced the outline of her breast straining beneath her paper-thin red tank top. “I just lost $50 bucks on these babies because I thought you wore a push-up bra. But obviously, you’re not even wearing a bra at all.”

As if on cue, her nipple hardened and Avanish squinted his eyes and let his fingers rub across her protruding nipple. “You come in here wearing these low cut, tight tee shirts with no bra on and wonder why we fantasize about pinching and licking those giant, oversized titties of yours.” The room went deathly quiet as Avanish continued his verbal and physical assault on her titties. No one took a breath as they waited to see how Ruta would respond. Ruta knew that they had crossed the line between outrageous flirting to full fledged sexual assault in the workplace. She knew she should be offended, but his words rang true and strange sensations were shooting from her nipple to her cunt.

Emboldened by her silence, Avanish reached his hand into her shirt, took her hardening nipples in both hands and gently pinched and rolled them between his fingers, staring straight into her eyes while waiting for a response. The boldness of his challenge and the dominance of his assault on her titties in front of the whole office took her breath away. She saw the muscles rippling from his flexed biceps, felt the raw power emanating from his body and was powerless to respond.

She lowered her eyes in shame and saw Avanish’s growing erection just inches away from her face. She licked her lips as the bulge grew larger in his pants. Suddenly, she felt another set of hands come from behind and start rubbing her legs. The hands slowly pushed up the fabric of her skirt and began caressing the insides of her thighs.

Her legs turned into jelly as she watched the four, strong white hair hands boldly caressing various parts of her brown skin and the contrast totally enthralled her. As the second pair of hands inched its way slowly upward towards her crotch, Avanish took her chin in his hands and forced her to look up at him.

“You are a very bad girl, Ruta. You have been flaunting your sexuality in front of every man in this office for months. For being a cock tease, I think you deserve to be punished.” Avanish turned and looked at the eight men left at the end of the shift. “Does anybody else in here think that Ruta needs to be severely punished for being a cock teasing little slut?” Ruta felt her pussy pulsing at the threat and her breath quickened at the way they were openly sexually humiliating her. There was no mistake about it. The good old boys were being encouraged to rise up and put her in her rightful place. Within a few minutes, she went from feeling like an almighty sexual goddess, to a shamed, humbled little slut.

“I’d like to punish her,” came a voice. “I’d like to pull down those panties, bend her over and give her a lesson she will never forget.”

“Yeah, let’s teach that little slut a lesson about fucking with real men!” Shouts of approval roared through the crowd as the men began chanting, “Fuck her up. Fuck her up. Fuck her up!”

“Well,” Avanish looked at her, yanked her towards him and unzipped her skirt. “I guess it’s unanimous. The team wants you to be punished.” To more cheers, he casually flipped her over his knee and pulled down her panties. Shame flushed her face as her ass was exposed to the room full of men, cheering in victory over the sight of her full, round ass.

SMACK! Avanish’s hand firmly connected to her bottom making Ruta jump in surprise. Avanish placed his elbow over her back, pinning her down more firmly and continued the spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Ruta screamed in embarrassment and pain as Avanish spanked her ass like she was a 5 year old. SMACK! SMACK!

“This is what you wanted all the time isn’t it, you cock teasing whore?” Avanish demanded as her ass began to wiggle from the pleasurable sensations flooding her pussy. The thinly veiled, contemptible tone in his voice hit her like a ton of bricks.

“You wanted us to just grab you, manhandle you, and give you what you deserve, didn’t you, slut?” The second savage accusation made her blush even more as a rush of warmth flowed through her pussy.

“You’ve been dressing like a whore because you wanted us to just grab you and fuck you like a ten dollar hooker, don’t you? Women like you dress that way for only one reason. Because they want to get fucked.” Avanish angrily ripped her tank top off, letting her massive jugs out for all to see.

He grabbed her by the neck and thrust her against the wall. Ruta heard murmurs of appreciation from several men across the room, but she couldn’t take her eyes away from Avanish. Avanish looked down at his conquest and his chest puffed up knowing he had this bitch under total control.

“Look at those huge fucking titties,” he exclaimed slapping and grabbing as much of her oversized melons as he could in his fists. “Its too much for any one man. Titties like those just need to be exposed and on display for anyone to grab and suck.” Avanish yanked her again, spun her around and held her hands behind her back forcing her titties out even further.

“Anybody in here want to finally get their hands on these huge jugs?” he offered her titties to the group like it was a bowl of popcorn. Several men jumped up at once, a couple of them jockeying for position in front of each one of her tits.

Ruta could no longer pretend that she wasn’t turned on. Finally, she knew why she let them grope, fondle, and use her as they wished. She wanted to be sexually dominated and abused by these men. She wanted them to maul her titties, smack her ass, and force her to submit to their superior power. She wanted them to degrade her, put her in her place and use her as their little black fuck whore.

She wanted them to treat her like a submissive little slut that was only allowed to be in their presence to service their powerful male cocks. While they were out sweating and doing real, manly work, her job was to stay inside an air-conditioned office and wait on them to command her to fuck, suck and make their coffee. She was their servile geisha girl.

She realized there was only one thing for her to do: She bowed her head and submitted to their control.

Dan and Ravi were the first ones to take her jugs into their mouths. They oohed and aahed over having the object of their fantasies finally open, pinned down, and on display for their enjoyment. They brutally mauled her titties, gleefully alternating between pinching, sucking and licking her nipples. A flood of wetness seeped through Ruta’s panties as she realized she was finally in her proper place – a black slut being used and controlled by powerful white men. Allowed admittance into the powerful all boys club only if she obediently followed orders to fuck and suck as they commanded.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Take your rightful authority over me. I’m your obedient servant.”

Invisible hands pulled down Ruta’s soaked panties, murmuring words of approval as he slipped his meaty digits deep into Ruta’s cunt. Ruta obediently opened her legs wider for her white masters, allowing them to fully exercise their absolute power over her. A low, guttural moan tore through Ruta as her knees buckled in pleasure. Strong hands forced her back up as the invisible hands continued stroking her clitoris and finger fucking her dripping wet pussy.

Shock waves went through her body as electric volts of pleasure coursed through her midsection. Just as she was about to blackout, she heard the sound of zippers and two penises where unceremoniously shoved into her hands. Instinctively, she began to stroke their shafts, feeling the cocks grow and harden under her caresses.

She felt another hand grab her hair and force her to her knees. She looked up and saw Avanish’s huge dick towering over her head. “Suck it, bitch,” Avanish ordered menacingly sending more electrical currents shooting through her pussy.

Ruta obediently took the meaty, throbbing phallus in both hands and worshipped it; gently licking circles around the angry, purple head. Avanish angrily pulled her hair, “I didn’t say lick it, whore. Open your fucking mouth and suck it before I ram it down your fucking throat.”

Avanish’s angry outbursts only made her wetter and she could feel her juices dripping down her legs. She obediently opened her mouth wide and swallowed his dick down her throat. “Ahhhh, yessss! That’s it you motherfucking whore. Suck this motherfucking cock before I ram it down your lungs.” Avanish pulled her hair and began pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like it wasn’t attached to a body. Ruta obediently kneeled before him and took it without complaint. Happy that she was finally being forced to do what she was always meant to do – service white cock.

She felt more hands jerk her up and hurl onto her now empty desk. As she banged her head against the wood, one man grabbed each of her legs and held it wide open for Avanish. Ruta looked up in total submission and expectation. “Take it now. This pussy belongs to you.” Avanish murmured his satisfaction at her submissive response as he grabbed her waist and began to force his big, thick cock into her pussy. “So you know your proper place now, whore?” He asked between deeper and deeper thrusts into her pussy.

“Yes, my lord. My place is to serve you – willingly and obediently, without question.” She felt Avanish’s dick stiffen in response as he buried his shaft deep into her pussy. He reached up and grabbed her by the throat as he quickened his intensity. “No more fucking teasing, you hear me bitch? You will fuck me any time, any way and any place I choose. Do you understand, whore?” he bellowed while lifting her legs high in the air and increasing the relentless pounding of her pussy.

“Yes… my… master…. I…. understand,” Ruta panted out just before another long white dick was shoved in her mouth. Obediently she opened her mouth further and stroked the balls of Ravi, who had climbed up on the desk and was now kneeling over her face. Ravi grabbed her huge tits for traction and gradually increased his thrusting, inching more and more of his dick into her throat. Ruta held her head back, allowing Ravi to angle his dick unhindered down her throat.

“Oh, fuck” Ravi exclaimed as he impaled his entire length down her throat. Ruta felt his balls quickly tighten in her hands as she constricted her throat, squeezing his dick with her tonsils.

“I didn’t know… north Indian whores could… deep throat this … fucking … good! Ahhhh, fuck! Yes, slut. Take this fucking South Indian dick down your whore throat. Ahhhh, yes, you cock sucking slut. Swallow this fucking dick whole!” he gasped while continuing the hard, long rampage down her esophagus.

Ruta knew he was not going to last much longer and after a few more long strokes, Ravi let loose and pumped her throat full of white, creamy cum. She gagged because of the position of her throat. Ravi held her mouth shut. “I dare you to spill one fucking drop of my cum bitch! Swallow every fucking bit of it.” Ruta gulped it down in fear, then coughed dramatically to catch her breath.

Meanwhile Avanish frantically increased his pace with his dick, pounding her cervix senseless as the veins tightened in his neck. “Oh, you fucking whore. That pussy is so good. I’m going to bust my nut right into that hot pussy of yours. Oh, that’s right. Here it comes slut. You’re ready for my cum?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck yes!” Ruta screamed before her own orgasm tore through her body. “Cum in my fucking pussy. Oh, take me you giant beast! Fuck my tight pussy with your huge dick! Pound my fucking ass good! OH, GOD YESSSSS!!!!!

Ruta wailed again as she felt Avanish’s dick twitch deep inside her pussy, spewing his come hard against her cervix. She gripped his dick tightly as he emptied his balls into her warm, tight vessel.

“I really am going to enjoy working in this place,” she smiled to herself.

As Ruta was happily draining the last of Avanish’s come from his softening dick, there was a loud crash and thud at the front door.


The deafening crash plus the loud bellowing of Mr. Sharma’s voice made Ruta freeze in terror. Avanish backed away from Ruta’s wide open legs leaving her naked and curled up on the top of her desk.

“I repeat… What the fuck is going on here?” Sharma bellowed as loudly as before.

The rest of the guys slowly backed away from Ruta, leaving her naked body totally exposed and in his direct point of view. As Sharma fixed his glowering stare at Ruta’s totally nude body, she gradually lifted herself up from the desk and backed up against the wall. She looked in vain for her clothing, covering her bare breasts with her hands.

Mr. Sharma slowly stepped towards Ruta and she cowered against the wall. Shame and humiliation draped her face as she fully realized her situation. He stopped inches from the naked and shivering Ruta and spoke again to no one in particular.

“Is anybody going to tell me why Ruta is stripped naked in the middle of my office with eight fully clothed men standing around her?”

The guys nervously shifted around, keeping their eyes glued to the floor. No one said a word.

Sharma glared a hole straight through Ruta’s eyes, reading her facial expressions. “Get your whore ass in my office” he hissed at her through clenched teeth.

Ruta lowered her eyes in terror and scurried her shamed and naked body through the sea of men to the boss’s office. Closing the door behind her, she sat nervously on the end of the guest chair for whatever fate awaited her. She heard the raised voice of Mr. Sharma yelling at the men from the other room, but couldn’t hear clearly what was being said through the closed door.

Several minutes later, Sharma’s large, intimidating frame entered the door and he stood there eyeing Ruta’s naked body.

“You are such a fucking slut,” he hissed at her again. “Look at you, naked titties and cunt all exposed for everyone to use.”

Tears of humiliation dripped from Ruta’s eyes as she sensed his anger and contempt for her.

“I – I’m s-s-sorry, Mr. Sharma, she managed to squeak out between shivers.

“I – I’m s-s-sorry, Mr. Sharma,” he mocked back in a squeaky voice. Then boomed, “Your behavior is totally inappropriate Miss Shukla and grounds for termination. You are aware of the penalties for sexual harassment in the workplace, aren’t you?”

Ruta looked up at him through her tears with a stunned look on her face. “Sexual harassment?”

“Don’t look so damned innocent. All of the guys swore that you were asking for it. They claimed you were flaunting your ass around here with a short skirt, low cut blouse and no underwear on. As all I recovered where these two tiny articles of clothing,” he threw her skimpy top and mini skirt on the floor, “I would have to assume that they were telling the truth.”

Ruta glanced at the tiny, red tank top and short black mini skirt with a slit up the back and instinctively knew how bad it looked. It was her word against theirs and with the damning evidence, no one would believe that Avanish took her by force.

“P-p-please, Mr. Sharma. This is the best job I’ve ever had. P-p-please don’t fire me,” Ruta sobbed.

Sharma looked at the crying, naked girl standing before him helpless and pleading and immediately got an erection. Nothing like vulnerability and desperation to get the old hormones kicking in, he chuckled to himself. He decided to toy with the girl and stepped up close to her, touching her tear-stained face with his fingertips.

“You really want to keep your job, girl?”

Ruta looked up and nodded at him wide-eyed, a glimmer of hope on her face. “Then beg for it,” he demanded gruffly. Ruta looked at the man with a look of puzzlement. He repeated his demand. “Beg for your job, bitch or you’re fired!”

The vehemence in his words stiffened his dick even further as he realized she was totally at his mercy. As she stared at him in shock, he grew even bolder. He pushed his large, fully clothed body into hers, grinding his cock into her unprotected pussy.

She stood there meekly, allowing the rough denim from his pants to scratch her pubic bones. She had never saw him this way and didn’t quite know how to react. She wanted her job and would do anything to keep it, but the raw, animal way in which he was attacking her left her stunned.

“Look at me, whore!” Sharma demanded as he gripped her jaw and forced her face upward. A look of wide-eyed innocence almost dropped him to his knees. Normally he tried to be a nice guy, but the way this slut was so docile before him in her nakedness was bringing out the animal in him. He would have this bitch begging for mercy by the time he was done with her.

“Get on your fucking knees and suck my cock!”

Ruta started in surprise, then shocked them both by silently sliding to the floor and unzipping Sharma’s zipper as he steadily held her gaze. By instinct, she pulled his pants over his hips and grabbed his stiff cock from his pants, stroking the now rock hard cock from base to tip with both of her hands. He continued holding her gaze and she dared not to glance away.

Suddenly, he grabbed her hair with his other hand and yanked her head backwards. “That’s a very good hand job, whore, but I ordered you to suck it.” He took his large cock from her hands and struck her across both sides of her face with it. Ruta flinched but didn’t pull away. She willingly opened her lips and let him shove it into her hot, wet mouth, stroking the base of it back and forth with her tongue until it began to twitch.

“Oooooh, fuck yeah,” he moaned as he plunged his cock deeper and deeper to the back of her throat. “Now close your mouth and suck it real hard like a good girl.” Ruta obediently closed her mouth firmly around his thick shaft and bobbed her head back and forth, letting him deep throat her tonsils.

As he firmly and rapidly fucked her face, he imagined doing the same with a different hole in her body. Remembering the gaping hole left from the other guys, the thought of sloppy seconds didn’t appeal to him. Instantly he knew what he wanted to do next. He was bound and determined to ram his cock firmly up her tight little ass.

He pulled his cock back from her face and saw the string of saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Ready for a little Anal, Ruta?” he whispered menacingly into her ear – chuckling to himself on his word play. “Anal Ruta. That’s a good name for a little cock whore slut like you.” With that, he pulled her up off her knees with a fist full of hair, grabbed her by the waist and flung her over his desk, knocking the breath out of her.

Ruta saw him grab a bottle out of his desk and felt something cool and wet dribble over her puckered ass. She moaned as he slid one of his coarse, thick fingers in her ass and wiggle it around. Unconsciously she began wiggling her ass against his finger.

“Oooh, you like that little slut? You like having things shoved in your ass?”

Ruta whimpered in embarrassment, unaware that her body had responded to the invasion. Mr. Sharma grabbed her butt cheeks with both of his rough meaty hands and rubbed his giant purple head against her asshole. “You don’t have to speak. Pretty soon, you are going to have all the cock you can handle shoved into that sweet little asshole of yours.”

With that, he planted his feet firmly and began to slowly but forcefully shove more and more of his cock into her ass. Ruta gripped the desk and cried out in pain, but that didn’t stop his slow, relentless voyage into the depths of her tunnel. She felt her walls slowly being forced open by the thick pulsating invader and stinging with pain.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he slowly pulled out, aimed the tip of his head back at her hole and pushed his dick back into her ass. A sharp, piercing scream ripped out of Ruta’s lungs as she pounded on the desk, willing him to stop. “Please, Mr. Sharma. Please, stop!” she begged.

“Oh, fuck no, whore. This ass feels so good, I’m going to fuck it all night,” he moaned between deep, forceful thrusts. “I’m going to fuck this tight asshole of yours so good, you won’t be able to sit down for days.” He gripped her hips lifting her ass up higher and slowly began to pick up speed, shoving his dick even further down her asshole than she thought possible.

“Ohhhhh!” Ruta screamed. “Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh God, OOOOOOOHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!!! Ruta began screaming at the top of her voice to know avail. He was like a wild animal, grunting and pawing her hips as he relentlessly hammered away at her ass. She saw stars as her thighs were slammed repeatedly against the wooden desk

Slowly, the pain lessened and an emotion she didn’t recognize took over her body. She continued her screams, but got excited at the way he was totally dominating her, forcing her into submission by his hard, pulsing rod. Her legs began to tingle and her fingers found her clitoris and she began stroking it vigorously, bringing even more waves of pleasure to her body.

“Oh, yeah, bitch! Take all of this cock you fucking, cock whore!” he screamed through clenched teeth as he increased speed and began nailing her ass with full force. He dug his nails into her hips and began howling at the moon.

Ruta moaned a low, guttural groan, spread her legs wider and submitted to the forceful assault willingly. She tried to buck her ass back up against him but the sheer force of his pounding made it impossible for Ruta to do anything but open up her asshole wider and take it all in.

For the first time in her life, Ruta knew what it meant to be fucked into submission. Her screams tapered off into low, continuous whimpers as she parted her ass cheeks and opened her ass up to his relentless assault.

“Awww, FUCK! AWWWW…… FUCK!!!” He bellowed as her actions let the remaining inches of his rock hard cock bottom out in her ass. He rewarded her complete obedience by reaching around and pinching her erect nipples, plunging his cock balls deep into her ass.

“What a fucking submissive anal fuck you are,” he growled approvingly. Ruta glowed with his approval and spread her ass cheeks open even wider, the moans and whimpers becoming louder and more incessant as he speared her bowels with his massive, powerful cock.

“THAT’S RIGHT, BITCH! OPEN UP AND TAKE ALL OF THIS COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASSHOLE! AHHH…. YOU’RE SUCH AS GOOD ASS OPENED SLUT,” he growled again as he slammed even harder, full force into her ass.


Ruta moaned and whimpered continuously now as she reached her blinding climax. A loud scream ripped through her lungs as she exploded.

Feeling her ass quiver, Sharma let out a blood curling growl as he blew his load deep into her asshole. He shivered and shook as reams of cum pumped from deep within his balls. He collapsed and fell on top of Ruta as the last squirt emptied, leaving him weak and drained.

Catching his breath, Sharma grinned to himself in the knowledge that he never really intended to fire her. Now that he had fucked her royally into submission, he would make sure he trained her properly how to take in added duties whenever he wanted another piece of Ruta’s ass.

Ruta slid her endlessly long legs out of her 8-year-old red, convertible and pulled the brown, short, tight skirt down over her caramel colored thighs. She tucked the matching brown scoop necked sweater under her skirt and smiled at the sight of her protruding nipples peaking through the thin satin bra, her 38D breasts straining against the thin material.

Ruta walked up the stairs and nervously entered the front door of Sharma’s Construction Company. As she walked into the office, conversation came to a screeching halt as all six of the construction workers eyed Ruta’s luscious body barely contained in the form fitting clothing.

Ruta smiled sweetly at the men and slowly sashayed her hip over to the kitchen sink to make a pot of coffee. She made sure to take her own sweet time bending down to reach the coffee packets in the bottom drawer, aware of her heart shaped ass in the gaze of 12 eyes from the men in the room.

She felt, more than heard, the sound of a pair of construction boots stomping its way up to her. Ajay, a 40’ish, muscular man with a neatly shaved beard and bulging tool kit around his waist casually looked Ruta up and down and returned her smile with a knowing grin of his own.

“Baby, you look fuckin’ hot in those clothes,” he drawled as he pressed his body up against Ruta. Startled by his boldness, the next thing she knew, Ajay had her pinned against the wall and was grinding his rapidly stiffening rod into her crotch.

“I bet you’d look even hotter without them,” he whispered in her ear as he reached around and unzipped her skirt.

Ruta was stunned by his boldness, dry humping her against the wall in front of an open office where anyone could walk in. Without thinking, she pushed him away. He quickly grabbed both of her arms, pinning them up over her head.

“Who in the fuck do you think you are?” he demanded, continuing to grind his cock into her pussy like he owned it.

“S-s-stop,” Ruta managed to stammer out, confused at where this whole thing was going.

He responded by stepping back and almost ripping her tight brown sweater over her head in one tug. Ruta’s eyes widened as he grinned down at her breasts, grabbing each nipple between his fingers and thumb, twirling them around until it hardened and stung.

He continued pinching her nipples and grinding his crotch into her pussy until her knees went weak. He pushed her head up, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“I am going to fuck your little whore ass right here, and right now. So you better get used to it.”

Ruta was ashamed as she felt the moisture seeping into her panties. She wasn’t quite sure why the commanding tone of his voice turned her on, but she gazed up at him helplessly as he crushed his mouth into hers, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth.

After getting the response he wanted, he pulled away. “Now turn the fuck around and bend over the counter,” Ajay demanded.

Ruta stared at the man for a moment unsure of what to do next. He reached his hands into her hair and sharply yanked her head back, pinching her nipples even harder than before until she yelped in pain. “Did you hear what I said whore?” he demanded.

“Yes,” Ruta replied meekly. “Yes, sir.”

Ajay grinned with satisfaction. Good. I like my women nice and submissive. Now turn around and assume the fucking position” he ordered.

Almost by instinct, Ruta slowly turned around and bent over the little kitchen counter, jutting her round ass up for all to see. Ajay responded by slipping her little mini skirt over her hips and letting it drop to the floor.

Next, he slowly slid his finger up and down over her thong, gradually shifting the thin string of material to the side and sticking his rough, meaty finger into her dripping wet pussy.

Ruta let out a little mew as his calloused fat fingers slowly invaded her depths. He responded by shoving her body down more firmly into the counter and inserting a second finger even deeper into her hole.

“Look at you, you dirty fucking whore. You like getting finger fucked in front of a crowd of men, don’t you?” he growled while rubbing her clit.

Ruta grabbed a hold of the faucet and held on for dear life, desperately willing herself not to lose control by his public assault of her body. A low growl escaped her throat as she backed her hips toward his hands, grinding against him and thrusting his fingers even deeper into her crotch.

SLAP! Ajay brought his free hand down on her left ass check with force. Ruta yelped in surprise.

“I asked you a question whore. Now ANSWER ME!” he growled. “You like having your pussy finger-fucked in public, don’t you slut?”

Ruta knew there was no use fighting the sensation anymore. His relentless assault against her pussy and clit coupled with his aggressive, dominating behavior sent her over the edge. “Yes” she gasped out, bucking wildly against his hand. “Yes, I like it,” she got out before his hand came down hard on her ass again and again.

Ruta yelped out again as the room went black and she started hurtling over the edge of a massive orgasm.

“Yes, Ajay, yes!” she screamed as the first wave wracked her body. He continued smacking her ass with one hand while finger fucking her with the other.

She was totally debased, totally humiliated, brought to a screaming orgasm while her fully clothed co-worker fingered her half-covered pussy while smacking her ass.

It looked bad, she knkew. She panted over the counter, trying to catch her breath when she felt a fist grab her hair and yank her down off the counter and towards the floor.

“On your knees bitch,” he ordered.

Ruta dutifully regained her balance and propped herself on her knees in front of the massive and growing cock in front of her face. With his fist still in her hair, he ground her face in his crotch, the rough denim fabric scratching her face and smearing off her lipstick while she lightly scratched his cock with her teeth.

“Ooooh, yes! Ready to get your faced stuffed with some man cock now?” he asked unbuttoning his fly and unzipping his jeans.

“Yes sir,” Ruta softly responded as he plopped out his massive 9-inch cock in front of her face.

“Good girl,” he murmured approvingly at her quick response. “I see you learn obedience very well, don’t you my little cockslut?”

“Yes sir” she replied as she gently reached up in awe and began stroking his now throbbing cock. “You know how to teach me very well, sir.”

“Now put daddy’s cock in your mouth and swallow all of it like a good little girl,” he murmured while stroking her hair.

Ruta obediently took the meaty, throbbing phallus in both hands and worshipped it; gently licking circles around the throbbing, purple head and up and down both sides of his shaft. After a minute of this, Ajay forcefully jerked a fistful of her hair again.

“I didn’t say lick it, slut. Open your fucking mouth and suck this dick properly before I jam it down your fucking throat.”

Ajay’s commanding voice only made Ruta wetter and hotter. She could feel her juices dripping down her legs as she obediently opened her mouth wide and took his dick deep into her mouth. She wrapped her lips firmly around the massive pole and bobbed her head up and down, keeping the friction of her tongue on the bottom of his shaft.

Hearing him moan in satisfaction, Ruta took it to another level, tilted her head back and slowly eased his cock deeper and deeper down her throat.

“Ahhhh…… Ooooohhhh…….yessss! That’s it you cocksucking whore. Suck this huge fucking cock good before I ram it deep into your lungs.”

Ajay pulled her hair and began pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like it wasn’t attached to a body. Ruta obediently kneeled before him, kept her head tilted back and took all of it down her throat without complaint.

“This is what you wanted all the time isn’t it, you cock teasing whore?” Ajay demanded as his balls began to tighten and swell. The thinly veiled, contemptible tone in his voice hit her like a ton of bricks.

“You wanted us to just grab you, strip you naked and force you to swallow our cocks whole, didn’t you, slut?”

The second savage accusation made her blush more in shame as Ruta began to finger her clit. She wiggled her hips on her fingers as a rush of warmth flowed through her pussy.

“You’ve been dressing like a whore because you wanted us to fuck you like the little whore that you are, didn’t you? Cocksluts like you are only good for one thing — and I’m gonna give it to you in fucking spades.”

Suddenly the first stream of hot jism splattered against the back of her throat. Ruta jumped back in surprise, but Ajay just grabbed the back of her head, forcing her to keep his meat deep into her mouth as he drained his balls down her pretty little throat.

Ruta choked and gasped until she swallowed it all, licking the remainder of his juices from the tip of his dick.

As he pulled his softening dick from her mouth, Ruta looked up at him for approval and felt another pair of hands grab her by the neck and shove her against the wall. As her eyes slowly focused, she saw the new guy on the crew, Suresh, looking down at her barely covered titties and licked his meaty lips.

“You’ve got some huge fucking titties,” he exclaimed as he ripped her bra right off of her body with one hard jerk and began playing with her nipples.

Suresh yanked her up again, spun her around and hurled her onto the cafeteria-style table. As she banged her head against the wood, one man grabbed each of her legs and held it wide open for Suresh.

“Come on and get it man,” they encouraged him in unison.

Ruta looked up in total submission and expectation. “Take it now, Suresh. This pussy is yours.”

Suresh murmured his satisfaction as he unzipped his zipper and aimed his throbbing cock toward her pussy.

“You’re ready for this throbbing, monster cock, whore?” he asked as he grabbed her waist and began to slide his big, thick cock up and down her wide open slit. Ruta moaned in passion and wiggled her pussy towards his cock, willing into her wet, hot, waiting hole.

Suresh responded by shoving his cock into her with one thrust, slowly increasing the pressure behind his stroke until her walls opened up in surrender to the invading, conquering intruder.

Ruta squealed under his relentless assault to no avail. He grabbed her hips even firmer and forcefully shoved the remaining inch deep into her cervix. She screamed as his cock ripped through her. The sounds of her screams seemed to only turn him on as he picked up his pace and began mercilessly pounding his cock deep within her pussy.

“So you know your proper place now, whore?” He asked between deeper and deeper thrusts. “You know not to fuck with men who are superior to you, little slut?”

Ruta was unable to answer as she wildly flailed all over the table. He was like a machine, relentlessly drilling his huge steel pipe deeper and deeper inside her tunnel, exploring further and further for the treasure buried deep inside her hole.

Ruta began to flail wildly as a bolt of electricity shook her body. She felt Suresh’s dick swell in response. He reached up, flipped her around and in one thrust, shoved the entire length of his cock deep into Ruta’s ass.

Ruta screamed in pain and tried to pull away, but he had her pinned firmly against the table. She wiggled her ass, trying to get him to pull it out a little, but he just laughed at her helpless struggles.

“Give it up, bitch. This ass is mine,” he exulted in complete and total victory over the helpless slut wiggling under his massive cock.

He bent down, grabbed her by the neck and whispered menacingly into her ear. “I’m going to teach you a motherfucking lesson you will never forget,” he growled between long, slow, powerful strokes deep into her ass.

“You will know who is your dick master from now on, whore. You will open your legs, mouth and ass to any and all of us whenever we want it, however we want it. Do you understand?”

Ruta mumbled something unintelligibly between screams as Suresh kept up his anal interrogation.

“Without hesitation [stroke] without question [stroke] you will [stroke] open your ass to me [stroke] whenever I look at you [stroke]. Do you hear me, whore?” he roared.

Ruta yelled out even louder as she felt his cock growing and throbbing signaling his own climax. “Yes, yes, Suresh. Oh, yes, I’ll obey you. I promise. I promise,” she screamed as he kept up the relentless assault on her ass.

Suresh frantically increased his pace with his strokes, pounding her ass without mercy as the veins tightened in his neck.

“Ahhhh, you fucking whore! This ass is so good. I’m going to fuck it every fucking chance I get. I’m gonna bust my nut right up into that tight little ass of yours.

Oh, that’s right. Here it comes slut. HERE IT COMES!!!!!!”

“YES, YES, OH, FUCK!!! YES!!!!!” Ruta screamed as another orgasm tore through her body.

“Cum in my fucking ass. Oh, fuck me with your angry dick! Fuck my tight ass with your huge monster cock! OH, GOD YESSSSS!!!!!

Ruta wailed again as she felt Suresh’s dick twitch deep inside her ass, spewing his come deep into her tunnel. Ruta screamed in satisfaction as she reached her own climax from being fucked up the ass.

She couldn’t believe it. The unimaginable had just happened.

She had been groped, manhandled, deep throated and ass-fucked in front of a room full of her male coworkers — and loved every minute of it.

She knew she should be horrified, shamed, humiliated and pressing charges. But Ruta had never felt so satisfied in her life. After years of being a cocktease, Ruta had finally met her match. She ran into a group of guys who refused to put up with her shit.

They had asserted their authority over her and forced her to submit to their superior male strength. She had took it too far and ended up forced to service their huge male cocks, wherever and whenever they pleased.

It felt so right. It was only proper.