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It all happened some years back. I was around 39 then and had a strong attraction to older ladies. The incident Iam going to narrate happened when I came on vacation from gulf . I went to my parental house where my younger brother and mother was living. I was settled elsewhere with my wife and children. I decided to stay with my mother for a couple of days away from my family.

My brother was staying in an out house . In the morning around 6 O’ clock I was awakened by the sound of sweeping the ground with a broom. Suddenly I thought it was some young servant girl sweeping the yard around the house as was common in kerala villages. I got up quickly and came out. To my disappointment I saw it was a lady around 53-54 brooming the yard. I just sat on the verandah reading the news paper without minding her much. She came nearer to me sweeping and looked at me with no special gesture in her face and continued her job. When she came very near to me she caught my attention. Even though with some grey hairs, she had a slim black not so attractive body with wrinkles starting to appear on face and stomach.

I noticed that she wore no bra and was leaning while brooming as if to show her aged boobs to me. At this point it striked to me that she may be exhibiting her parts deliberately and watched her more. I felt by intuition that this lady is capable of enjoying vigorous sex even at this age very passionately and decided to try my luck. Next day I got up very early and stood outside at a corner brushing my teeth. As usual Sarada was brooming the yard and advancing slowly to the point where I was standing . This time I was deliberately surveying her black and thin body structure with my hungry eyes. As she came near I fixed my eyes inside her blouse devouring the sight of her dangling small boobs. She also felt that I was watching her body and a light smile appeared in her thin black lips. Seeing this I felt that she enjoys this activity of exhibiting her body to a male. We had our bath room near the well. The bathroom door covers the door opening only three forths such that anybody outside can see the legs of the people bathing inside. Also there is very small hole on the bathroom door such that anybody inside the bathroom can spy on those outside toeing water from the well.
The door cannot be closed fully from inside as it has no latch. What we do when bathing is to put a cloath covering the gap of the door and the wall. When I went to bath Sarada came to toe water. It was around Nine o clock and my mother went to market and brother went outside. They had no suspicion on me as Sarada was an elderly lady. I was watching sarada through the peephole on bathroom door. After sometime she noticed my legs below the door and smiled. I could see this through the peephole. After taking a bucket of water to kitchen she came again to toe more. This time she spent more time near well without toeing water as nobody else was in the house. Seeing this my dick started to straighten slowly and I started to massage it with my hand. Seeing movements in my legs Sarada started massging her boobs with her hands and biting her lips together in passion. This induced a new urge in me and I started shaking my tool vigorously.
Reluctantly Sarada toed another bucket of water and passed to kitchen through the front of bathroom door. Suddenly an idea sparked in my brain. I calculated that she will return in few minutes. I removed the cloth on the bathroom door providing a gap on the door such that anybody outside can see inside the bathroom while passing by. By this time my thing was erect to maximum. I could here footsteps of Sarada approaching and my heart raced. As my wish she came near the door and noticed my erect thing through the gap and took a step to wards the well and stood there stunned. I could read her mind that time. Slowly she put her on the bathroom door and looked around. She slipped more of hand inside the door making sure that nobody is watching. At this juncture I got more brave and placed my hand over hers and caught it and started pulling it slowly.
Ther was some resistence from her which was only pretension and with some force I pulled her inside the bathroom and closed the door.I embraced her with all my force. She was trembling like a fluttering leaf although she was 53 and had good experience I suppose. She started mumbling to me that “leave me, amma will come at any moment, if anybody knows it is bad, I have the age of your aunt, etc..and all that meaningless stuff, but never raised her voice or tried to force away from me. In the bathroom I was fully naked with my erect tool and I notice that she wore only a lungie and blouse without any under garments. I Just raised her blouse over her boobs slowly and without any difficulty and the sight was very nice. Her aged and hanging boobs were already hard with passion with ther nipples popping out slightly. I kissed on her wrinkly lips and trying to put my toung and upper lip into her mouth.
There was a resistance at first, but she took my lips in with little effort. She stated sucking my lips and I was gently handling her boobs. After some time I released my lips from hers and started kissing her neck all over like a mad man, simultaneously pressing her boobs and massaging her stomach. Both of us where standing. She was also kissing me all over and reached in a sexual frency in short time forgetting everything. I removed her lungie and started massaging her queen hard with my hand. At this juncture she grew bold enough and caught my tool and stated playing with its skin and pressing it hard. I put my finger inside her pussy and pressed her clit with my thumb and index finger. She writhed like a snake in passion. Her pussy was already wet and drippy to receive my tool anytime. She leaned against the wall with her shoulders touching the wall and legs placed slightly away from the wall such that her buttock portion is bent towards me to allow my tool go inside without much effort.
As it was outdoors, she made no noise all this time except the sound of breathing. I pealed the skin of my tool backwards and slowly entered it into her pussy and she gasped with joy. I started stroking with an upward forward motion and she also stroked in return. I caught her small but firm buttocks with both hands and she caught mine while stroking. After some time of stroking she told in my ear that both of us will play mating goats and without waitng for my response she stood with both her hands and knees on the floor inviting me to enter from behind. She put her head on the floor with her buttocks pointing upwards. I could not control anymore and I just mounted on her from rear like a male goat and started fucking vigorously. She produced suppressed moans and this continued for some time. Finally she just lay down on the floor face up exhausted and jestured me to finish in natural way. I fell over her inserting my tool in her pussy and started stroking vigorously with all my effort. At the end she could not suppress her moans.
She Yelled “My little rascal, Kill me with your dick, faster ,faster, faster Ahhhhhhhhh… and when it came she strongly caught my both buttocks and pressed towards her pussy. Both of us laid there exhausted for some time. And when we got up she told me she never had such a hard fuck with a strong small dick , from even her husband in her whole life. After this incident we used to play together quiet frequently till the end of my vacation.