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Satisfied by secretary

About 4 years ago, my personal secretary Merlin got married & migrated to Canada with her husband, who was working as a software engineer in Ontario, I was so used to her looking after my appointments & other office chores, that with her leaving, I was in total chaos after her exit.

I needed a new secretary, so I decided to spread the word in my business & friend circles, so that I get, just the candidate I was looking for. After 2 days at about 11.00 am, my receptionist called me on the intercom & told me that there is one “Sheena” here to meet me, she is here regarding the vacancy for a secretary, I asked to send her in….there was a soft knock on my cabin door, I said “COME IN”, she walked in… I requested her to sit on the sofa in my cabin, (my cabin is quite big, it has 2 sofa’s with a center table, normally discuss business with my customers here over a cup of coffee, rather than at my work table, it puts my customers at ease) & I fininshed my mail, that I was in the midst of, on the laptop, then I went over to talk to her.

Sheena, was a stunner, she was 23 years, 5’8″, with a well maintained body,fair & vital stats of 36-28-38, she had worn tight black stretchlon trousers which clinging to her figure, a pink coloured nylon blouse & with black stiletos & her hair tied in a french roll on her head, she wore a beautiful cherry red lipstick & nail polish…..she looked absolutely stunning…from the way she dressed & her complexion, she looked to be from a well to do family, so I got on with the introductions & asked her how she got to know of this vacancy, she mentioned that a friend of hers who also happens to be my friend also had mentioned it to her, I just glanced through her certificates, she was a Masters in Psycology with Honours and was looking at doing something intresting, she was fond of travelling & had a flair for learning languages, I found her to my requirements & she accepted my offer…I made it very clear that ,sometimes she would have to work long hours into the night & if required also travel with me, she agreed, I asked her to join from the next day, she agreed & walked out of my cabin.

The next day she walked in at 9.15 am sharp, I showed her table & introduced her to other staff in my office, then I took her into my cabin & showed her our data room (this is a big room 20’x 20’ which I use to keep all the confidential files of my customers, it had cabinets on the 3 walls & a huge sofa against the 4th wall under the window, the entry to this room is restricted to my secretary & myself only) this room’s entry was only from my office & the door was always locked unless my secretary or me opened it, the keys of this room were only with the two of us. I then called for some coffee for both of us & we sat across the table & I explained to her our business & details of my clients, I also handed over to her the data room keys & told her to be extra carefull with them.

Sheena was a fast learner & picked up her job in 1 month, I was relieved of much of the office chores & was fully concentrating on my business, 4 months had passed & Sheena was excellent, one evening after having finished by business meeting late in the night at my customer’s office I returned to my office to get some files, it was 10.15 pm & my office door was closed, but the lights inside were still on, I thought my staff must have forgotten to put them off, so I removed my keys & opened the office & walked in, there was no one, I entered my cabin, there was no one… I saw the data room door was open, so I entered in & saw Sheena reading through a file on the sofa, surprised, I asked her why she was sitting so late, she mentioned that she had some unfinished business, so she was sitting late, I made both of us some coffee, when I came back, she was deeply engrossed in the file & not aware, that her tight fitting skirt had pulled up on her thighs, her milky white thighs we very enticing, I could not hold myself back, I quitely closed the door behind me & stood there staring at those milky white shapely thighs, my mind was racing thinking what would be my next move, just then Sheena noticed me, she smiled & took the cups of coffee from my hands & placed them on the side table, picked up the file & went to place them in the cabinet, the file was to be kept on the top shelf, so she pulled up the stool & tried to climb, but due to her pressure on one side, the stool went off balance & Sheena fell to the floor, she was in pain, I ran to her & picked her up & put her on the sofa, she was weeping, she was in terrible pain, I told her to lay down for some time & she would be fine, she agreed, leaving her there, I went out to get some ice, I had none in my office, so I had to go to a nearby bar to fetch some ice.

I returned after about 20 mins, when I entered the data room, what I saw was out of this world, Sheena had dropped her skirt to the floor & was checking for any injury on her hips, she was rather surprised at my presence & did not know how to react, my hands were num from carrying the ice & I too did not know what to do, but I went forward & put the ice on her hips, the sudden cold touch on her body sent shivers through her body & she immediately embraced me, I pressed the ice & held her tight, I quitely asked her how she felt now, she said that she was o.k & did not find any injury on her body, nor any sprain, the ice had now melting & the water was now trickling on to her panties, they were wet, looking at her in that condition she looked a terrible sight, her blouse was torn at the sleeves & skirt on the floor, so I offered her my shirt so that she could dry her clothes that were wet from the water of the ice.

I gave her my shirt & came out of the data room, leaving her behind to change, after about 5 mins, she came out of the data room wearing just the shirt, my mind was blown, It was nearing 12.00 am & this girl was still in office, I asked her if she had informed her family, she said that her family was in Delhi & that she stayed with her aunt who was touring Banaras to perform some holy rituals, so not to worry. I was thinking of the next move, she sat next to me & thanked me for all the help, I smiled & said that since she was working with me, her wellbeing was my responsibility, she smiled & came even closer, I could hear her breadth & see her boobs going up & down, I decided to make my move, I put my left hand on her thigh, she shook a bit & looked at me, I gave a slight smile, she kept staring at me into the eyes, I slowly put my lips on hers & thats when all hell broke loose, she put her arms around my neck & started smooching me, our tounges met & our hands started to move over each others body, within minutes our clothes were off….

She was stark naked (as she had only the shirt on) I stripped while sucking at her boobs, we were both lying on the sofa in my cabin, just to be sure, I went out & locked the main door of my office & put off the lights in the reception & came back, she was lying on the sofa with her legs spread, waiting for me.

I quickly went up to her and kneeling put my mouth to work on her pussy, she moaned softly ooooooohhhhhh !!! aaaahhhhh!!! Pls do it slowly Sir !!! it feels great, by now with a couple of strokes on her pussy, she had started to wet her pussy, I kept licking, I opened the lips of her pussy & the juices started to trickle down, I licked every drop of it, she was moaning & pushing me to lick more & more….suddenly my tounge rubbed against her clit ….ooooohhhhh….aaaaaahhhhh …..bite it sir, bite it…..makes me feel horny….please bite it…..I pushed my mouth further in & caught her clit between my teeth, moaned loudly AAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!! YES YES YES…. Do it Sir !!! Do it… keep biting it…

I kept biting & licking alternately, suddenly she pushed her crotch to my nose & sprayed all her juices on my face, she had a orgasm, I licked my lips & her entire crotch of all the juices, it tasted heavenly, she then got up and knelt down & took my rock hard 6.5″ cock in her mouth & started sucking hungrily, I sat on the sofa playing with her boobs while she sucked hungrily at my dick, we went on for about 30 mins, then I layed her on the sofa pulled her legs on my shoulder & shoved my dick into her pussy, she almost screamed AAAAAAHHHHHH !!!! I started moving slowly but steadily in her, she also started moving her hips to my movements, both of us shared the same rhythm, I increased my speed, she was enjoying it uuuuuummmmmm!!!! Aaaaaaaeeeeeaaahhhhhh!!!! I stroked harder & harder, she kept asking for more & more yes..yes…yes fuck me sir…fuck me….tear my pussy….rip it apart today…..fuck me Sir….. We fucked for about 20 mins & then I came in her….we both lay on the sofa gasping for breadth, we were tired & sweating…. I told her that I would drop her home as it was already 1.15 am, but she said that she was hungry & she did not want to go home, so we decided that we would go to the coffee shop of a hotel near to the international airport, have a bite, then drive to my house (I live alone) where she could probably change & go to sleep.

She agreed, she put on her clothes (she stapled the torn blouse) locked the office & we drove to the international airport where I bought some sandwiches,coke & we drove to my house.

I drove Sheena to my house, we ate on the way, we were really hungry after all the activity at the office, I opened the door of my house ( I have a 3 Bedroom, Kitchen & Hall apartment on the 15 floor in a tower in the upmarket society in Western Suburbs) & both of us walked in…I told her to make herself comfortable, she said she wanted to have a wash & freshen up, so I showed her the bathroom of the second bedroom & handed her a towel. She went in for a wash & I walked out to freshen up & fix us some coffee.

After about 10 mins, I herd Sheena call, I went to the bedroom & stood outside the bathroom & asked Sheena what did she want, she replied that while having a bath, the soaped had slipped from her hand & since she had soap on her face she wanted me to find her the soap, I slowly opened the door & saw that Sheena was fully naked with soap on her entire body & face, my dick started getting erect, I quietly took my clothes off & went in naked & told her that I would help her to find the soap, now Sheena got down on her knees & hands and started groping for the soap, I too joined her, the soap had slipped to the other end of the bathroom, with both of us on our kneed & hands, space was very little in the bathroom for both of us to move, though I had seen the soap, I pretended that I could not find the soap, we kept going around the bathroom groping for the soap & our buttocks kept rubbing at each other at regular intervals, with every rub of her buttocks I was getting more exicited, finally after 10 minutes of this playing, I picked up the soap & our search was over…I picked up the soap & gave it to her, I then put on the shower & pulled her under it, it was a heavenly sight to watch all the soap flow down that beautiful body of Sheena.

Having done that, she started applying soap on my body, it felt great, she rubbed my whole body with soap & then put on the shower, we were both clean now, we held each other tight in our arms & stood under the shower for about 15 mins, it felt like eternity.

Just then I remembered that I had kept the coffee on the gas stove, so I ran into the kitchen & put it down, then poured into two mugs & returned to the bathroom, I had an idea, I opened the hot water tap to the bath tub & run the water for the tub to fill up, meanwhile both Sheena & myself sipped at our coffee, after about 10 mins the tub was full & we had finished our coffee, I lifted Sheena into my arms and took her to the bathroom & placed her gently into the tub, the water was just the right tempreture to sooth our bodies, I followed her into the tub, we put our arms around each other & we kissed each other, after a few minutes, her hands started sliding down towards my navel, I lifted by body slightly & she started playing with my dick, it was a wonderfull feeling, I told her to go on, she gave me a smile & said, that she wanted to have sex with me from the day she had joined my firm, but could not gather courage to tell me this, I smooched her & put my hand on her boobs & caressed them aaaaaaaahhhh…… she gave out a soft moan,

I continued, she increased the speed of her hand on my cock, it was fully erect, I slid my hand from her boobs to her cunt & started stoking it slowly, she spread her thighs to let my hand between her thighs & put my mouth to her boobs to suck at her erect & hard nipples, we kept arousing each other for about 15 mins, after that I made her sit on the edge of the tub & started liking her pussy, oooooohhhhhh !!! yes…. Yes….Sir please go on…..aaaaaeeeee yes…lick it ….lick it aaaahhhhhhh lick it Sir….eat it……ooooohhhh after about 10 mins, she climaxed into a orgasm & sprayed all the juices on my face, My cock was erect & could hold any more, so I pulled her into the tub & pushed my 6.5” cock into her mouth, she sucked at it hungrily for about 5 mins & then asked me to fuck her, I shoved that hard shaft into her pussy aaaaaaeeeeeee !!! she screamed, I shoved it much harder & started to stroke with a steady rhythm, Sheena too started moving her hips to my rhythm, I increased my speed, were both like animals in each others arms trying to get pleasure from each other bodies, as though there was no tomorrow.

With the increased speed the water between our crotch’s made bubbles & sounds which added to the excitement, after about 15 mins of fucking her in the normal position, I wanted her arse desparetely, so I told her to kneel in a doggy position, she thought I would fuck her in the doggy style, so she readily turned around, when her back was to me I quickly applied some soap on my palms & stroked my cock, I played with her pussy from behind & also applied some soap on the crack of her arse, it was looking beautiful, the crack was light pink & very tight, I slowly rubbed soap on the crack & with the other hand started pinching her clit, she was completely turned on, she kept rubbing her body against mine, I slowly inserted my index finger into her arse hole & started moving it, she moved a bit forward, surprised & looked over her shoulder, I kissed her on the lips & told her not to worry, she smiled & thought I was just playing naughty, little did she know that I was going to go all the way & that my finger going in was just the beginning.

I slowly increased the speed of my finger in her arse & inserted my middle finger & index finger, she was now enjoying my fingers in her arse, I took the other hand from her clit & slowly applied soap on my cock & stroked it, it was now throbbing hard, I slowly removed my fingers & pushed in dick inside, aaaaahhhhhh!!!! she gave a slight scream, as the arse hole was fully coated with soap, my dick just went in with ease, she was surprised & told me to take my dick out as she feared that her arse hole might tear, but I did not listen, I increased my speed & stroked her harder, now my entire shaft of 6.5” was inside her arse, I could feel my balls hitting the lips of her pusy, she started to enjoy her arse hole being fucked yes…yes go on Sir…aaaaahhhhh !!!….ooooohhhhhh …ya…ya…ya fuck me Sir ….fuck me hard….. I rammed her arse with all my energy that I could gather, she kept moving her hips to the rhythm of my crotch, we were moving as one body taking each other to greater heights of pleasure.

Finally after fucking Sheena in the arse for 15 mins we both came together, I spilled into her arse hole, my hot cum came gushing out & we both heaved a sigh of content, we both fell limp on the floor of the tub, gasping for breadth, content with what we had done through the evening & night.

I drained the water from the tub, & again opened the tap of hot water for the tub to fill up again, after about 10 mins, the tub was full of hot water, we lay in the tub in each other’s arms until morning 6.00 in the morning, after which we got up dried ourselves & slept on my double bed in my bedroom.

We woke up at 8.30 am dressed up & I drove to her house, where she changed her dress & then we drove to my office to start another busy day.

What happened that night, that both of us wanted each other’s bodies to satisfy out body hunger, we discussed this the next day in my cabin over lunch, Sheena agreed that she was starved for sex & that it was very good that she could satisfy her hunger in the office itself, I also made a very honest confession that I had indeed wanted to fuck her from the very day she had joined & that the previous evening my dream had come true.