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Satisfied by servants

I am Reema. I live in Delhi. I am about 20 years old. I read in a girl’s school and we have no contact with boys. Some of my friends have friendship with boys but I hate to make relations with any body. I concentrate on my studies and nothing else. But you know a person must enjoy all kind of enjoyments. Sex too.

This happened in my life last April when I was just free from my annual exams. I went to my uncle’s home to spend holidays. His home was in a small town in Utter Pradesh. He had a large farmhouse. It was a very nice to move in the fields. He had grown sugarcane those days. I am a modern girl. I usually wear skirt and top or frocks in the home. Some time I wear tight fitting clothes in which I look very sexy and every body is attracted towards me. There too, I took some skirts and tops and also took some tight fitting suits. I saw two servants of uncle are very attracted toward me. Their names were Kihsan and Bhola. I did not care of them. One day, he had to go to the city for an urgent work. Aunt too went with him. They asked a maidservant Karla to take care of me.

I become very sad because it was a large farmhouse and I was alone with servants. The electricity was not there that day. I was bored of reading newspaper again and again. I decided to go for a walk. I called Kamla but she was not there. So I went alone towards the fields. I went very deep in the fields. There were huge plants of sugarcane around me. They were about 10 to 15 feet high and about two inches in diameter. I was wearing skirt and top that day. Its length was just more than my knees. It was a cloudy day and cool wind was blowing. I was feeling very nice. Suddenly I saw Bhola. He came to me and asked, mem sahib, aap yahan kya kar rahe ho? I just answered carelessly, bas chal rahin hoon aur time pass kar rahi hoon.

He said mem sahib ihdar ayen. Maine aapko ek bahut achhi cheez dikhanee hai. I said, aisa karo use farmhouse par le aao. Main use wahin par dekh loongi. He said nahin mem sahib. Who ek pyara sa pilla hai. Agar aapko nahin dekhna to main use kisi aur ko de doonga. I said ok. Theek hai. Chalo. He took me to the tube well room. He said andar aa jao mem sahib. I asked who pilla kahan hai. He said, mem sahib abhi laa deten hain. He called Kishan mem sahib ko who pilla to dikhao. He came inside. He was totally naked. I shouted, yeh kya hai? Tum ghar chalo main uncle ko batati hoon aur tumko naukri se nikalwati hoon. I tried to run but bhola caught me from my hand. He said, mem sahib aise nahin. Thora hume khush to kar do. Phir chalee jana. Aaj to hum tumhare sath jee bha ke aish karenge. He then pulled me toward him. I fell on him like a ripen fruit. He said, hamaree mem sahib bahut khoobsoorat hai. Ise zara pyar se aur dhreere dheere chodenge. Chal kishan, ho ja tayyar. Bahut maza ayega. He then kissed my lips. I always hated servants because they are not clean and they are dirty. But I was now going to be fucked by two servants.

Bhola caught my arms and kishan grabbed me from behind. They both pressed me and I was sandwiched between two. Bhola said, memsahib, you are very soft. It is very nice to touch you. I said, leave me bastard. He said mem sahib angrezi (English) bolne se kuch nahin hoga. Aaj agar humne aapko chodna hai to bas chodna hai. They applied some force and I was badly pressed between two. It seemed that they will crush me. Kishan opened my clip and my hair fell on Kishan’s head. Bhola said, tumhare baal kitne pyare hain. Kis sabun se dhoti ho. But I could not reply because my breath was choked and I started coughing now. Bhola said, Kishan itna zor mat lagao, bechari mar jahegi. They then released the force and I could feel my breath back. I said, kutto, aa jane do uncle ko, dekhna tumhara kya haal karwati hoon. They simply laughed and said nothing.

Bhola started kissing my face and then he came to my lips. Kishan was kissing my legs and he slowly lifted my skirt upward. He said, abe bhola dekh, kitni chikni tange hain. He said to me, mem sahib tumhari tange bahut chikni hain. Inhe choomne main bahut maza aa raha hai. Bhola was kissing my lips gently and then he started sucking them. It was a very bad situation for me. I was to play a game which I had never played. I tried to get away from them but they were very strong guys. Kishan was kissing my legs and then he moved to the ass. Bhola said Kishan, iske lips bahut naram hain, inhe chooste hue lagta hai jaise santra(orange) choos rahe hain. But I was feeling very bad because his breath smelt very bad and I was feeling like vomiting. Kishan was constantly kissing my legs and ass and slowly he moved to my pussy. Bhola then tried to unbutton my shirt but I resisted. Seeing this Kishan got up and caught my hand Bhola opened the buttons of my shirt. I was wearing a pink and sexy bra on that day. He was so excited on seeing this that he immediately started pressing my boobs over my bra. Kishan pulled the shirt himself and my shirt was thrown away from me.

He then lowered the straps of my bra and then opened the hook of bra. My boobs were exposed to them. Both of them were delighted to see my boobs. They were medium in size and they had light brown small nipples. Kishan took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hardly. All of my oppose was of no use. Bhola took one of them in his mouth and started sucking it. It was pain in them. I cried but Bhola gave me a slap and said, mem sahib chhekho nahin. Warna tumhara wooh haal karenge ki yaad karogi. He then started proceeding his game. Both of them were squeezing my boobs and kissing all over my body. Suddenly Kishan gave a push to my skirt and it fell down on the ground. Moans escaped out of my mouth. Then with a gentle stroke of Bhola, my panty also left my body and I was totally naked in front of two servants. They were now become horny and kissing my body violently. After some kissing I saw Bhola too become naked. He gave a gesture to Kishan.

Kishan brought a cot and lay in the room and went near the door. Bhola caught me from behind and rubbed my boobs very hardly. I cried aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. He did not care for me. His dick was stick in the ***** of my ass. I said please chhood do mujhe, but he did not care for me. He rubbed my boobs for some time and after rubbing he laid me on the cot and placed his dick on the pussy. As soon as he was ready to pump me I moved my lower part and his dick missed his target. He now become angry and took my legs upward and now placed his dick on my pussy. Now this time I was unable to move. He made a gentle stroke and some of his dick go into my pussy. He made another harder stroke and half of his dick entered into my pussy. He relaxed for a second and gave another harder stroke and his dick totally entered my pussy. I was crying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but my cried had no effect on him. He immediately started pumping me. I felt like a hot rod of iron has torn my innerself apart. I saw at my pussy. Blood was coming with every stroke of Bhola. I was crying badly. All of my body was paining badly. He was simply pumping me. After some time my pain seems to reduced. He was pumping as usual. He pumped me for about 10 minutes and cummed inside my pussy. Now it was turn of Kishan. His dick was much more longer and thicker than that of Bhola. He too shoved his dick into my pussy. This time I felt much more pain than fucked by Bhola. But this pain faded away soon. He fucked me for 10 minutes and during this time he pressed my boobs very badly. He then lift me up and placed against the wall and made harder strokes. I was now enjoying this game.

He now lifted me on his lap and was pumping me. I hugged with him. Suddenly I saw Bhola behind me. His dick was again erect and he was ready for another trip. Seeing this Kishan slow down his fuck and Bhola placed his dick at the hole of my ass. He made a harder stroke and his dick penetrated my ass. I cried but this time Kishan placed his lips on mine and muffled my cries. They both pumped me for half an hour in this position. My both holes were pumped badly by the two. After a hard pumping Kishan took out his dick from my pussy and Bhola made me in the doggy style and Kishan shove his dick into my mouth. His dick was coated with cum of all of us. I tried to get away from this dirty thing but no use. Soon Kishan was over and he threw all his cum in my mouth. Soon Bhola was too over and he too cummed in my ass. After relaxing for about 15 minutes they again pumped me. In this way they pumped me for 5 hours and left me in the evening. I don’t know how many times I was fucked in all my holes but it was a rememberable experience one.

After that day I decided to stay in the farmhouse for whole of my vacations and made sex with both of them daily. Now I am in Delhi again and enjoy this game whenever I want.