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Satisfied young house wife Part 1

Dear Friends Like you all I have also been reading lots of stories posted in this site which range from reality to fantasy. Friends I am a senior position in MNC incidents which happened in my life. The names have been changed to respect the privacy of the individuals.

This incident happened more than 3 years ago. I was working with a leading MNC and based out of Delhi. I was in Pune on some official work and had logged into yahoo to check my mails.Since I had some free time between meetings so I was randomly searching for some chatting frens and after 20 mins got a reply from a girl who introduced herself as Neha.

She was also from Delhi 25 years young cos women never want to grow old. Well we started talking and she told me that work for a company in Gurgaon and she seemed like a pretty bold girl by her conversation. I left after some time and we decided to restart the conversation in the evening. In the evening she was online and we started talking.

After talking in general for some time she told me that she has a cam. Needless to say that I was excited and wanted to see her and surprisingly she switched on her cam.She was a beautiful girl with fair complexion and lovely assets. She was wearing a long gown and just generally she was showing me some of her outfits and I requested her to put on a black gown knee length.

She was hesitant in the beginning but relented after my requests and after 10 mins she was on cam wearing that gown.The gown and the black colour further enhanced her beauty.Her boobs were milky white and were every man’s dream to hold on to. I got an instant hard on seeing her and thanked my stars that night.

We exchanged our numbers and started talking regularly for a couple of hours. Next week I returned to Delhi and we decided to meet up.Our first meeting was in a mall in Gurgaon where we had coffee and did some general chit chat. I could notice that she was also attracted to me. In our meeting she confessed that she was actually married and wasnt happy with her marriage and her husband.

I comforted her and we planned to go for drinks on Saturday. She told me to pick her up from Dwarka close to her residence. I put on my best clothes that Saturday and went to pick her in my car with my driver.We reached at around 5 and after waiting for 15 mins Neha emerged out of her building complex dressed in a Black mini skirt and a black top.

I wish I could describe in words how sexy and seductive she was looking in that dress. I asked her how come noone in her house objected to her going out in that dress alone to which she said her husband and her in laws are out of town and she is alone with her granny who is too old to protest.Her milky white thighs and shapely legs were glowing and could make any man die on her feet lusting.

When she entered the car I was spellbound by her seductive body and couldnt believe what I was seeing.She giggled and asked me whats the matter and I said you are looking damn sexy to which she just blushed. Her top had a deep cut and her cleavage was clearly visible.She had 36 size breasts and I was getting a hard on in my pants just by their sight.

We went to Taj Man Singh and I ordered for a large bacardi and the waiter asked her what she would prefer.She ordered for Sex on the Beach seductively and the crossed her legs to give a sight of those sexy thighs to the waiter as well. We started chatting up and after a couple of drinks she became emotional recounting the problems she had in her marital life and how her husband treats her.