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Satisfied young house wife Part 2

I comforted her with my hands caressing her sexy thighs. We had eight-nine rounds of drinks and I was deliberately drinking less and encouraging her. Finally at 8.30 we decided to leave. We sat in our car and I could sense that she was also desperate now. I started caressing her legs and slowly moved my hands up towards her pussy.

She was wearing a white panty and I slowly started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning softly and this further turned me on. I placed my other hand on her shoulder and slowly inserted my hands in her black top. I could feel the bra string and gently nudged it down. She had amazing boobs and they were so soft and so big that my hand was in seventh heaven.

She was also equally turned on by now and she started rubbing my penis over my pants. I slowly unzipped my pants so that her hand could reach for my penish.She pulled down my jockey and her first bare touch gave a tingling sensation throughout my body.She slowly started massaging my penis and I softly whispered in her ears that I want to eat her pussy.

She smiled and said in some time. Meanwhile I had unhooked her bra and my hands were massaging her bare breasts. Her nipples were pink and they turned me even more. I slowly started encirclining around her nipples with my fingers and I could see her nipples were getting erect. All this was happening while my driver was driving us through lonely bylanes where we had our own privacy.

I kept on playing with her nipples which made her wild. With my other hand I had removed her panty was was fingering her vagina which was already wet with precum. In the meantime she was enjoying with my long thick penis which she complimented for its size and length.When she couldnt control anymore she dragged me close to her and whipered in my ears “I want to eat you”.

I held her close and started licking her earlobes which further turned her on. I asked the driver to stop in some place for some soft drinks. My driver was also very clever he stopped near a desolate place in Dwarka. I gave him 500 rupees and asked him to be in and around and keep a watch on the car from some distance.He smiled and nodded and went away.

I got inside the car and checked out if there was anyone around. After checking out I smiled at her and said “Now lets eat each other. She smiled and spread her legs wide. I bent down and with my mouth removed her panty. She had shaved her pussy and it was wet and hot. I slowly started licking her legs and softly giving love bites and reaching up.

She was moaning loudly as with my other hand I was massaging her erect nipples.My tongue moved up slowly to her thighs and she had milky white thunder thighs, I dig my teeth softly for a love bite and she moaned. I went further up to her vagina and started tickling the area around her vagina with my wet tongue. She was now on fire and I could sense it from her body.

I slowly started licking her vagina and inserted my tongue deep.She was screaming with ecstasy and I started sucking her juices.She tasted well and I continued for 15 mins and made her climax twice. Now I lay back and opened my pants and told her “Now its ur turn honey”. She started licking my balls and it was the best blowjob I have had ever.

She was a pro thanks to her marital experience and she kept on softly nibbling and licking my balls. She then moves to my penis and started sucking my penis. My penis being long and thick she wasnt able to get it fully in her mouth but still she was damn good at her job.She sucked me for 10 mins after which I loaded my cum in her mouth.After this she got up and spread her legs. I slowly started to put my penis inside her vagina. She had quite a tight pussy considering that she was married.

My penis finally entered with a deep thrust and she screamed in ecstasy. I was pumping her and with my hands I was massaging those wonderul breasts. Her boobs were jiggling which further turned me on and I kept on pinching and kneading them with both hands. We continued for 10 minutes after which I removed my penis and asked her to drink my cum.

She gladly opened her mouth and drank it.We lay their in each others arms for another 15 mins post which I got a missed call from my driver. I called him and asked him to come. I dropped Neha at her place at around 10:30 at night and then went home. After this I had many such encounters with Neha for another year, will post the same next time.