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Savitha Bhabhi and Tailor

Her name is Savitha. What a treat for eyes and perfect to arouse me. I am a ladies tailor. First time she came to my shop was around 2 years back. She was wearing a black chiffon saree with black blouse and white bra. From her bra selection, I knew she was attention seeking type. She was fair like milk and “Bhara hua Badan”. Her navel was visble thru the saree and boobs were protruding out. From her makeup, bangles, necklace and ring, I could make out that she was recently married. She was really looking ripe to eat. My cock was in action inside my pant behind the table. She smiled and told me that she wants her blouse stitched. I was getting excited that I will get to measure her. However, to my disappointment she got a blouse out of her bag and asked for the same size. Out of my lust, I told her that if its for her it would be better if she let me take her measurement. She thought for a moment and agreed hesitantly. I asked her to come inside the shop. My shop is in middle of DDA flats made out of a scooter garrage.

So, there is not much space. Its on a busy road and hence a curtain in front of the door so that women do not feel embarassed when giving measurement. As she was knew in the colony, I expected her to get nervous when I pulled the curtain. So I myself told her that this is to make you feel comfortable while giving measurement. I went near her and asked her to turn. Her back was wonderful. The “Patli Gori kamar” and round ass were so tempting. She was facing the mirror and hence could see me watching her back. Meeting her eyes in the mirror, I asked her confidently to remove the pallu. She did that. God! it was some view. I asked her whether she would the blouse skin tight or slightly loose. Expectedly, she was surprised as generally this is not the right question. She said it should be ok type and almost like what she wore right now. I took the measurements and purposely brushed some fingers here and there but did not go overboard. I really wanted to crush her boobs but thought its not the right time. I asked about the type and depth of neckline and she said it should be same as she wore. I told her that she could go for one inch deeper neck. To which she got embarassed but said OK. I gave her the slip and asked her to collect it after 2 days.

I really wanted to see her naked but wanted to go slowly on it to win her confidence. She came after 2 days and was really looking even more tempting in the light blue chiffon saree. I handed over the blouse to her. She checked it and said the neckine is looking really deep. I knew this reaction as I had made it 2″ deeper rather than proposed 1 inch. She was looking angry. I asked her to try it and then we will see. I came out of the shop and asked her to go inside and change while I pulled the curtain. Very hesitantly, she went in. After 2 minute she called me in and said “Masterji dekh lo aapne kya kiya hai”. I was waiting for this moment only. Here cleavage was clearly visible and because the fitting was so good, her chest was looking so sexy. I told her “Maam, fitting bahut achchi aai hai aur aajkal itne neck ka to fashion hai.” She said “no is not possible, mu husbant won’t like it” She was looking herself in the mirror and probably admiring her chest within herself. Her fingers were on her cleavage which was really arousing me. I was staring at her chest and cleavage as if it was no big deal. It encouraged me. I told her “Maam, sach mein aapka figure bahut achcha lag raha hai is blouse mein”. She was 36D-34-36. She said “Thik to hai par mere……..” She stopped in between but I understood. She was really liking this but was sure that her husband wont allow her to wear it. I said “Sorry Maam, main aapko naya blouse sil doonga aur aap ye bhi rakh lijiye kyonki yeh to mere liye bekaar hai”. She looked at me and smiled and probably got impressed with my offer. I left the shop indicating that she can change now.

I gave her a call 2 days later and told her that her new blouse is ready. She requested me to deliver it at home. I asked her if tomorrow 10AM is fine. She said make it 10:30AM. Next day I reached her house at 10:15AM but kept waiting in the park in front of her house as she had called at 10:30AM. Suddenly I saw a man coming out from her house and I guessed it was her husband going to office. She had come out to bid good bye to hi. She was wearing a gown so just remained at the door. She had not seen me. After 10 minutes when I rang her bell and she opened the door, I was amazingly surprised to see that she was wearing a green chiffon saree with the same deep neckline blouse. She was really looking georgeous and tempting. She called me in and said “yeh blouse sach mein bahut comfortable banaya hai aapne”. The she asked “Aap kuch Loge”. My naughty self was about to say “Haan agar aap Dogi to kyon nahi Loonga”. I said “Nahi, jaldi mein hoon kyonki shop kholne ka time ho Gaya hai”. She was alone in the house. She said “Masterjee, do minute baithiye mein ise try kar ke aati hoon”. She went in the next room and closed the door. I immediately got up and tried to see thru the keyhole. God! I could see her taking off her blouse. Her chest was clearly in my view. She was opening the hooks of her blowse very slowly. She was not wearing any bra. Her boobs were so wonderful. First time I had seen such lovely boobs all naked. My lund was full erect now. She wore the new blouse and started for the door. I immediately got back to my seat. As she came out, her pallu was on the floor and hands on the upper hook of blouse. She said “Masterjee, yeh hook kharab hai”. I said “Maam, laiye mujhe dikhaiye”. She came near me. I stood up and tried to close the hook. It was really having some proble. I was trying hard and was enjoying it as my fingers were touching her upper boobs, sometimes on the flesh and sometime thru the blouse. She was also getting to breathe heavier. She suddenly got her senses back and pulled back from me, adjusted her pallu and said “Masterjee, main aapko de utar ke de deto hoon, aap thik kar ke de dena”. She went inside the room and locked the door. I peeped thru the keyhole again and I could see her smiling and her hand was o her chest while it was going up and down. She removed the blouse and naughtlingly pinched her nipples and winked herself in the mirror before putting her old deep neck blouse. I understood that this housewife is going to enjoy my lund very soon. As she came out, I stood up while purposely adjusting my crotch for a moment to give her the indication. I wanted her to make the first move so that I can tame her then the way I want. As I told you I wanted to her to come to a point where she will make herself fully naked in bright light before me.

While coming out of her house, I thought this lady could easily be a highly paid model/pro and here I would get this treat very soon. I am 45, handsome but God Knows what special she saw in me. Probably she found it easier to interact with a tailor so that her husband does not doubt it. I was still amazed by the beauty of her face, neck, boobs and waist. All perfect. And the way she pinched her nipples in the room, I knew she liked my touches on her upper boobs. My lund was really erect. Engrossed in all these thoughts I reached my shop and immediately started to work on the hook. I replaced the hook and called her. I wanted her to call me again to deliver it. Very hesitantly, she asked me “Masterji, can you deliver it to my house”. I said “Maam abhi aa jaaon”. She said “ek ghante baad aa sakte ho”. I said OK. I knew I might get to use my lund and to perform more than 100%, I bought a Viagra tablet and took it.

Again I reached 15 minutes before schedule and waited in the park. I noticed a maid coming out of the house. Now I knew why she called me one hour later. I decided I will flirt more boldly this time. As she opened the door, I noticed she is wearing the same saree and neck deep blouse and this time the pallu was so tightly wrapped around her chest that I could easily see her cleavage thru her transparent saree. I kept staring at her chest and said “Maam aap par ye saree aur blouse bilkul fit hai” She said “Thanks”. I took out the blouse and purposely touched her palm while giving it. She said “Masterji, kya doon”. I thought “Khol de bas, nain khud le loongo jo lena hai”. While smiling and then shifting my eyes to her chest again I said “Maam aap jo bhi dena chaho de do, pyar se le loonga”. She probably read the hunger in my voice and eyes and immediately embarassingly said “Waise to aapne 100/= bola that lekin kyonki aapne mujhe ek extra blouse diya hai, main aako 150/= de deti hoon. Thik hai”. I said “Thik hai, Maam. Par aap ek baar try to kar lo kahin kuch loose ya tight na ho”. I kept smiling and started looking at her Pussy area now. She said “Thik hai. Aap baithiye”.

As soon as she went into the bed room and closed the door, I started peeping thru the keyhole again. She removed her Pallu and started slowly opening the hooks of the blouse. I dont know why she was not wearing the Bra. As soon as she opened the last hook, her melons came out and as she raise her arms to remove the blouse, the boobs got raised a bit and gave a lovely sight. All this while she kept smiling to herself in the mirror. To my utter surprise, she took one boob in each of her hands and played with them while moving her gaand and then immediately covered her face with both her hands in shame. With this I knew although she was a housewife but a lot of hidden sex hunger inside. Good that I had taken Viagra because if she decides to give her choot today she would like me to fuck her 3-4 times. I felt my lund above my pants and it was ready for that. She wore the new blouse and started to come out. I got back to my seat. She said “Masterjee, yeh thora niche se loose hai”. I got up and went near her. Without hesitation, I started to remove her Pallu. She didnt say anything and I knew now that she was probably ready for me to touch her more openly now.

As I removed the Pallu, her chest was in front of my eyes and boobs only wrapped in that blouse. I said “Maam, kahan se loose hai”. She inserted three fingers inside the bottom belt of blouse and said “Kya Masterjee, aap dekh to rahe ho phir bhi poochte ho, Dekho ye meri ungliyaan ander jaa rahi hain”. Actually it should be like that only but I knew what she wanted, so said “Sorry Maam, zara mujhe mehsoos karne dijiye”. I went behind her and inserted the fingers of both my hands under the back bottom belt of her blouse and started to slide my fingers towards the front. God! this was my first intentional touch and she was burning in my fingers. As my both hands reached the side of her chest, and I said “Maam, abhi tak to ye to bahut achcha lag raha hai”. My mouth was very near to her neck and hence she could feel the heat in my voice. She didnt say anything and which clearly indicated that she was getting breathless in excitement. Both of us probably knew that as soon as my fingers would come in front, they will touch the bottoms of her boobs.

Suddenly, the telephone rang and she excused me and ran into the bedroom to pick the phone. She said “Hello”. After 5 seconds listening to the caller, she said “Arey bathroom mein thi isiliye thodi der ho gayee uthane mein. Aap batao aap kya kar rahey ho office mein. Subeh se ab time mila hai phone karne ka”. Now I knew that the caller was her husband and she didnt want to tell her husband about my presence. I boldly went to the bedroom and when she got surprised to see me, I signalled her to keep quite and went behind her while she was asking her husband “aap sham ko 6 baje tak aa jana please”. This was really exciting for me. Housewife talking to her husband over phone and me inserting my fingers under her blouse on both sides from behind her. She didnt say anything as her husband would have doubted so she remained normal. The blouse had a deep back cut where I kissed and she shivered. She said to her husband “Raat ko to aap sone nahi dete isiliye ab soungi”. Hearing this I got even more excited and pressed my lund into her ass and slid my fingers into the front where, as expected, it touched the bottom of her boobs and whispered in her other ear “Maam, ab main aapko din mein bhi nahi sone doonga”. She was breathing heavily and told her husband “Thak gayeen hoon, nasha aa raha hai neend ka”. Probably her husband asked her as to why she was breathing heavy.

She said “Bye, see you” and as soon as she kept the phone down, she turned and embraced me tightly and was breathing heavily. I knew she was getting wet down there. I kept pressing and mauling her ass cheeks while she was stuck like a leech to my body. I knew she would get fucked like a hungry wife today. I whispered in her ear “Maam, main aapko itna achcha lagta hoon. Itni joor se to aaj tak meri wife ne bhi mujhe bahoon mein nahi liya. Aaj mein aapko khush kar doonga”. She kept quite and kept pressing her Pussy to my Viagra-fed Lund while I was massaging her ass cheeks and in between was tracing my fingers on her ass crack in the intention of meeting her asshole. I am a ****** and she was a *****, so probably she would see a circumsciced Lund first time in her life. Her body was feeling so good my body. Mine is a rough one and hers was like soft but firm at all places. Till now I had kept a very gentleman like image but I like to get wild during sex and use dirty desi language. I was dying to start talking dirty and be wild with this delicate sex bomb who prabably was half my age. So I decided touncover my dirty wild self slowly to her so that I could retrach if she gets put off by it. I said “Savitha, aapka badan to bahut sexy hai, isko dabane mein bahut achcha lag raha hai. Tumko kaisa lag raha hai”. She didnt say anything but started kissing my chest over the shirt, signalling that she was also liking it a lot.

Savitha was allowing me to raise her saree but it was tight and she was stuck to me so it was difficult. I resorted back to massaging her ass cheeks and fingering her ass hole over the saree. Slowly moving to the next level of dirty language, I whispered in her ear “Savithaji, aapke boobs to mast hain, aapke husband inhe puri raat dabate rehte honge tabhi itne bare hain”. Thankfully this time she replied and said “Nahi, yeh tau shadi se pehle se hi aise hain”. I was happy that she has started talking. I continued and said “Aur tumhari ass, yeh bhi pehle se hi aisi mast hai”. She said “Haan, Masterji”. I was getting excited more and more with this talking. I said “Savi Beta, Tum to itni sunder ho, tumne mujhme kya dekha ki mujhe Dene ke liye tayyar ho”. I had taken a safe risk here to say something really arousing. She said “kya Dene ke liye tayyar hoon?”. I said “Bano mat, jaise tumhe pata hi nahi iska kya matlab hai”. She said “Sach Masterjee, please bataiye iska kya matlab hai”. Probably she was too much engrossed within house since childhood and thats why was not aware of this kind of parley. I was even happier that this ignorant but hungry sex doll will learn so much from me. Acting elderly and simple, I said “Rehne do Beta, Tu bhaut bholi hai”. She pressed herself even harder to my body and said “Nahi aap mujhe batao, aapne mujhe beta kaha hai tau aap mujhe sab kuch batao”. Now I knew she was ready to listen and take anything from me.

While massaging the bottom of her ass checks and widening them and feeling the asshole with the finger, I said “Beta pehle main tujhe kuch basic shabd bataunga tabhi tu Lene Dene ka matlab samjhegi, pehle tum apni saree, blouse aur peticoat utar do”. She said “Nahi aap aise hi batao” and kept pressing herself to my body”. I said “Bete, sharmao mat, aaj mein tumhe sab kuch dikhana aur batana chahata hoon, aur waise bhi main tumhara tailor bhi hoon”. Hesitantly she moved away from me and with her head down, started to take her saree out out of her peticoat. I was staring at her chest and was enjoying the scene of this doll getting naked before my eyes, all willingly, like a new bride. I lifted her face with chin and said “Bete tum bahut sexy ho”. She smiled and by now she was out of her saree. Suddenly she embraced me again tightly and I started to press her ass again. I said “Bete, kya hua, tum to bahut achchi ho, chalo jaldi se blouse aur peticoat bhi utaro, phir mein tumhe haath laga laga ke sab cheezon ke baare mein bataunga”. She moved away from me, turned and opened the knot of her peticoat. As the peticoat was tight she had to wriggle it out of her lovely round ass by moving her body. This was quite a scene. I wanted to touch her but waited to get her fully naked. I knew that she was at point of no return now and would get fucked very wiildly today. But I was showing all my gentleness till now.

Now she started to open the hooks of her blouse. As she raised her arms to take out the sleeves of the blouse, I embraced her from behind, cupping her breasts and kissed her neck. Then I moved back and sat on the bed. I asked her to turn around which slowly she did. God! this was the first time I was looking at all naked gorgeous sex doll from 1 feet distance. I maintained my composure and asked her to sit alongside me. Then I started to massage her breasts and told her “Inko mamme ya choochiyaa kehte hain”. She looked at my hand and her breasts and said “aapko yeh mamme kaise lage”. I pinched her nipples gently and said “Bilkul mast hain”. I took my head to one of her breasts and started sucking it while pressing the other breast. She said “Masterjee, in mammoo mein se doodh piyoge kaya”. I was kind of surprised but didnt show it and kept sucking and biting it gently. She was massaging my hair gently while I was sucking her. I was in heaven.

After some sucking and making sure she was all wet inside her pussy, I asked her to stand up. With heavy breathing she got up. I held her ass and turned her to face me such that her nipples were touching my forehead. I pressed her asscheeks and encircled her asshole with my finger and said “Savi, isko Gaand kehte hain”. Her nipples were going up and down due to breathing and she said “Oh Masterjee, ab batao na ki main kya Dene ke liye tayyar hoon”. I pushed her slighltly back and brought my one hand to her pussy and started massaging it. As expected it was wet and said “Beta isko Phudi ya Choot kehte hain aur jab tum mujhe isme apna Lund daalne dogi tab iska matlab tumne mujhe apni De di”. I kept fingering her Choot in the best way I know. She had widened her legs to indiacte she is liking it. I raised my head and started sucking her nipple and massage the other boob with my other hand. She was really leaking in her Choot now and said “Oooooh! Masterjee, apna Lund dikhao naa mujhe, tabhi to main decide karrongi, ki main aapko Doon ya nahi”. Without wasting a minute, I removed my t-shirt and lied on my back on the the corner of the bed and said “Bete, tum he khol lo meri pant aur nazaara dekh lo”.

She opened the zipper of my pant and removed it. Now I was in my brief only and my Viaga-fed Lund was fully erect in it. She touched it over the brief and winked at me. I knew this girl is going to get the shock of her life very soon. As she pulled my brief down to the knees, she was shocked with her face getting pale now and said “Nahi Masterjee, main aapko nahi Doongi, yeh to ajeeb sa hai, itna mota aur lamba aur yeh aage se to aur bhi mota or laal hai”. My Lund was at 90 degrees and I too was proud of it. I said “Beta, kya tumhare husband ka aisa nahi hai”. She said “Nahi, woh to itna lamba aur mota nahi hai par phir bhi dard hota hai aur yeh to bilkul nahi jayega”. I said “Beta, tum itni sunder or sexy ho ki tumhari asli pyaas to aise hi Lund ko Dene se bujhegi, tumhe apne husband ke lund se dard hota hai kyonki tumhari Choot puri tarah se gili nahi hoti, aajto tumhari Choot bahut Gili hai”. I started massaging and fingering her Choot again and said “Bete, is Lund ko pyar karo kyonki aage se yehi tumhari pyaas bujhayege, ek baar ise ander le logi to apne husband ke Lund se kabhi dard nahi hoga’. I didnt tell her that once my Lund goes in she will never like her husband’s Lund.

She was looking so innocent. With open hair, all naked and looking at my lund while I was fingering her Choot. Her Mamme was looking so juicy from below. She gathered courage and touched my Lund. I was in heaven. I knew when I will go wild, this girl will know my real self. I said “Beta, isko kiss karo”. Hesitantly she did that. I asked her “Beta, kyon Dogi ya nahi”. She said “Masterjee, aaj nahi, mujhe dar lag raha hai”. I was getting very excited and hence decided to apply some force now on her. I pulled her to the bed and made her lie on the bed alongside me and started smooching her while massaging and sucking her boobs. My Lund was on her thigh. Now I started to finger her vigourously. She was getting in sync with me and said “OOOOOOOOH, Masterjee, ab tau Le hi lo meri”. Now I decided to get wild. I came over her, widened her legs with my hands and inserted my Lund in one shot itself. She was so wet that even my Monster Lund went in without much trouble. Now I started pumping my Lund in and out. Her boobs were swinging and the sight was great. I held both her boobs and started massaging them more harshly now and asked her “Kyon kaisa lag raha hai”. She didnt say anything but smiled and licked her lips with her tongue as her lips were getting dry. I bent down and started smooching her while continuing to pump. Her boobs were pressed against my chest too. I whispered in her ear “Savi, is Lund ko Lauda bhi kehte hain, kaisa laga mera Lauda”. She somehow managed to catch her breath and said while panting “Oooooph! Masterjee yeh tau mere pet tak dhakke maar raha hai, bahut mazaa aa raha hai”. Knowing that she is getting involved in my dirsty talks now I decided to take it to the next level and said “Tere ko sharam nahi aa rahi, abhi shaadi ko sirf do mahine hi hue hain aur mujhse is tarah chudwa rahi hai”. Saying this I started to pump her even harder and pinched and pulled her nipples more vigorously. She was at point of no return and hence did not get worried by my comments and just smiled and kept moving her body with my strokes. I was now getting surprised with her expert ways to match my strokes and also the ease with which she took in my Monster Lund. I thought probably this bitch is used to getting fucked by other men. And this made me a bit angry and I started to get even wilder with my strokes. She was now grinning and making noises with each of my strokes and was fully excited. She said “Masterjee, thoda dheere Chodo, main aapse bahut choti hoon”. I wanted this and said “Choti hai lekin mast Chooth hai teri, mere itne bade Laude ko ek jhatake mein hi pura ader le gayee”. She smiled and suddenly arched her body and I knew she has come once more. I also started to pump hardere and shot all my load deep into her pussy and lied flat on her. She embraced me tightly. I kept lying on her with my Lund still in. Because of Viagra, it was still hard enough to stay in and didnt pop out. I knew she was still enjoying my Lund inside. I knew now that this girl is not all that innocent as she acted and decided that I will take her asshole too as she has a lovely Gaand.

I started to get up from her but she wanted me to continue lying on her with my Lund in. Then after sometime she allowed me to lay on her side. She kept massaging my chest hair with her eyes closed while in my arms. Her breasts were pressing my left chest and my left leg was burried into her legs and pressing her wet Choot. With my left hand I was massaging and tapping her ass cheecks and tracing my finger over her ass crack. I had already started working to take her Gaand now. I knew it wont be easy for me too as my Lund has to get back Hard again and she has to agree for it too. Thinking all this I finally gathered courage and asked her “Beta, kabhi apni Gaand Marwai hai”. I expected her to act innocent and ask questions about it but I was shocked to hear “Nahi Masterjee, abhi tak to nahi”. Encouraged by her reply, I said “Chal aaj teri Gaand bhi maar deta hoon, bahut mast Gaand hai teri, main to pehle din se hi tere Mammon or Gaand par fida hoon”. She smiled, held my Lund and said “kyon is Laude ko meri Choot pasand nahi aayee kya”. God! this girl was now showing her full colors and was matching my dirty language. I got too much excited with this and my Viagra-Fed Lund was starting to get hard and big again in her soft hand.

Still massaging her Gaand and at times fingering her crack, I replied “Beta, Teri Choot to mast hai, isiliye hi tau ab teri Gaand ka bhi mazaa lena chahata hai mera Laura, kyonn marwayegi na apni Gaand isse”. Suddenly the phone bell rang again, she turned to the other side and picked up the phone. I too turned and started to massage her boobs from behind while my Lund was pressing against her asscheeks. She said on phone “Aapne neend se utha diya, itna pyara sapna dekh rahi thi”. It was her husband, I could hear his voice too. I knew that she cannot make any noise while she is on phone, so I started to pinch her nipple more and press her boobs with more force now. Her boobs were really soft but firm and were giving me extreme pleasure. My Lund was fully erect by now and she was feeling it too on her ass. Her husband asked “kya sapna dekha”. She said “aap mere saath kar rahe ho aur mujhe bahut mazaa aa raha tha, yahan tak ki meri panty bhi gilli ho gayee hai”. Her husband said “chalo ab apni panty mein haath dalkar apni usko pyar kar lo”. She said “Chaliye aap bahut woh hain, aap hi pyaar kar lena raat ko, achcha ab main rakhti hoon bahut neend aa rahi hai”. She kept the phone down. I was amazed with this girl’s cunningness. Continuing with my mission of taking her Gaand, I asked “Beta, yeh Lauda to ab tayyar hai aur ab to tujhe apni Gaand marwanee hi paregi”. Turning back to me and holding my dick, she said “Masterjee, aap samajhte kyon nahi, yeh mast Lauda is Gaand mein nahi jayega, aap meri Choot hi maar lo dubara aur jyada hi Gaand maarne ka dil hai to mein dogi style mein aa jaati hoon, aap piche se meri Le lo, par Gaand nahi maarne doongi”. I was dumbshocked to hear this.

Now I was even more firm that I have to take her asshole and said “Agar tune kabhi Gaand marwayee hi nahee, tau tujhe kaise pata yeh Lauda nahi jayega, jab teri Choot ne itni asani se ise nigal liya tau teri Gaand tau aur bhi mast hai, Thodi dikkat hogi par woh mai sambhal loonga, ek baar tune Gaand marwa li tau kabhi mujhse Gaand marwaye bina mujhe chodegi nahi”. She was still holding my dick and playing with my balls while pressing her Choot to my buried leg. I knew she is getting excited again so decided to put one more aspect of my dirts to her and said “Beta, kabhi Lund choosa hai, yeh Lund tere Munh mein jaane ke liye bekrar ho raha hai, ek baar isko munh mein le legi tau yeh teri Choot ko dugna mazaa dega”. She looked at my shining red Lund and said “Nahi Masterjee kabhi nahi choosa lekin aap kehte hain tau munh mein to le leti hoon lekin Gaand nahi marwaoongi”. Saying this she came reverse on me and started licking my Lund. Again I was surprised because she came in 69 position with her CHoot right in front of my face and licking my Lund as an expert. I was getting more and more sure that she has done this oral thing many times before and she has had sex before her marriage too. I knew she wanted me to lick her Choot but asked “Beti, mein bhi teri Choot chaat loon, badi rasili lag rahi hai”. She said “Haan Masterjee, chaat lo is Choot ko, bahut pareshaan kar rahi hai mujhe”. I started licking her Choot and as an expert started writing alphabets on her Choot with my tongue. Probably she had never experienced such pleasure before and started moaning and sucking my Lund with a lot of love and said “aaaaaahhhhh, Masterjee, aaj mila hai mujhe sacha pyaar, karte rahiye please”. I thought this is the right moment and said “Beta, par tu nahin karti mujhse sacha pyaar, mere se Gaand marwayegi tabhi main samjhoonga ki tu mere liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai”. I started writing letters again on her Pussy and she was now on 7th world and said “huhhhhhhhh, Achcha Maastejee, maar lena meri Kunwaari Gaand”. I knew she also wanted it and checked her asshole with my finger while still licking her Pussy. Actually her Gaand was already moist, my Lund was fully erect and hard now with all her sucking, I wildly got up, forced her to get her on all her fours, got behind her, widened her asschecks with my hands and placed my dickhead on her Gaand and said “Ab chilayio mat nahi to tere padosi aa jayenge, main aaj tujhe batata hoon ki mujhe bewakoof banane ki kya sazaa hoti hai”. Saying this I pushed my Monster Lund in her Gaand with all my force”. She made feeble shouts and cries but amazingly my Lund was in and she said “Masterjee, nikal lo bhaut dard ho raha hai, maine aapko kya bewakoof banaya hai”. I pushed my Lund deeper and started to press her boobs now from behind and said “Tu to expert hai aur aise ban rahi hai jaise tune aaj pehli baar apne husband ke alawa kisi ko Di hai”.

Now I started to pump her Gaand while almost crushing her hanging boobs with my hands. She was crying in pain but still was rubbing her Pussy with her right hand in between. Probably she was used to one Lund each in her Gaand and Choot. I could imagine this girl involved in threesomes with all the skills she had shown till now. Thinking all this, I saterted to pump even harder and now she was also getting into rythm and said “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, Meri Gaand phat gayee, Masterjee”. Continuing to pump her Gaand and crushing her breats, I said “Ab tere ko apni Raand bana ke rakhoonga, pata nahi pehle kitno se Chudwa chiki hai aur kehti hai ki sirf apne husband se Chudwayee hai, ab tau tujhe apne Pehlwaan dost se bhi Chudwaoonga”. Probably this excited her more as now my Lund was moving freely and was making Chap-Chap sounds. Now stopping in between but keeping the Lund inside, I asked “Kyon Beta, banegi naa meri Raand aur Chudwayegi na mere dost se”. Still making sounds with her dry throat and fingering her Choot, she said “Haan Masterjee, aap ki Raand to main ho hi gayee hoon, ab please meri Gaand ki aag ko shaant karo aur jor jor se dhakke maaro”. Listening this I got very excited, leaned on her completely, hands on her boobs and started pumping very hard. She was now grunting and making very sexy feeble sounds and kept saying “aur jor se, aur jor se, ……”. And my Lund erupted like a volcano in her Gaand, she kept moving and was pressing my Lund by her inner hole walls so as to suck every drop out of my Lund. I collapsed on her back with my Lund still in her Gaand.

After sometime when my Lund came out of her Gaand, I noticed some blood on my Lund and her Gaand. She was still lying motionless on her stomach. Rubbing her ass cheecks and tapping them gently, I said “Beti, teri Gaand to phat gayee aaj, ab kabhi mujhse jhoot mat bolna, nahi tau aur punishment milegi”. After excitement she now could realize the pain in her Gaand and said “Ooooph Masterjee, bahut dard ho raha, Sach mein maine apne husband ke alawa aaj pehli baar Chhudwai hai, aapko kyon lag raha hai ki maine aapse jhoot bola hai”. Taking some boroline from her dressing table and applying it on her Mast ruptured Gaand, I said “jis tarah se tune aaj chudwai hai aur khas taur se jis tarah se tune mera Lund choosa aur Gaand marwai, yeh kisi nausikhiya ka kaam nahi”. Feeling the warmth of my creamy hand maasging her Gaand, she said “Masterjee, aap agar meri last do mahine ki daastan sunenge tau samajh jayenge, par woh main aapko baad mein bataungi, pehle apne aapko saaf kar ke tayyar ho jati hoo aur aap bhi kapre pehen lo”. I started to believe her innocense again, turned her to her back and kissed her on her lips while my hand rested on her breast and the said “Nahi beti aaj hi bata de nahi tau main tere baare mein galat hi sochta rahoonga”, She kissed me again on my lips, took my limping Lund in her hand and said “Achcha Masterjee, main abhi aati hoon aur phir baat karenge, woh tau 6 baje aayenge aur abhi tau 1 his baje hain, main aaj aapke saath woh share karrongi jo maine aajtak kisi ke saath nahi kiya”. Listening this I got an idea as to why she was looking for someone to take her and watched her getting up from the bed with difficulty and walking with lot of pain with her hands on the waist towards her bathroom with her clothes on her shoulder. I was starting to feel gulity of rupturing the Gaand of this beautiful innocent doll.