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Katrina Kaif Sex with strangers
“You called me?”

The massive man swallowed the last bit of a tambaccoo and cleaned his
beard with dirty fingers. He then smiled at the other man.


“What’s so funny? Why are you smiling?”

The massive man came around the counter, passed the other man and
locked the door.

“C’mon, I have to show you something.”

“Hey, Kampu, please tell me.”

Kampu was all smiles and cleaned his dirty fingers at his blue shirt.

“I have to show you our new item. We got a new toy to play with.”

The other man couldn’t hold himself together. He felt his cock

“A girl or a guy…”

“C’mon,” Kampu opened a wooden door that would lead them down into his

The stairs were creaking under the weight of the two men. An odour of
old cloth and sweat was in the air when Kampu clicked on the dim light
that produced more shadows than it was creating brightness.

“I have a real celebrity this time.”


“You know, I had to make a delivery this afternoon. Some security guys
wanted to have some items delivered directly to a sort of stage. They
were doing filming for a new movie.”

They had reached the bottom and Kampu led his friend through the dark
cellar, towards their destination.

“Some song it was. You know, and guess who the star was…”

The other man, dressed in a police-uniform, was making a gesture of
total not understanding.


But again Kampu did not tell him. He waved his hand and pointed at
another wooden door.

“There she is. Ready to get the full treatment.”

The policeman was hurrying past his friend. He was already breathing
heavily and the big man had to laugh when he saw how his buddy was

“You behave like you never had a fuck before…man…”

“Who…who is it man…”

“Well, she was the star of this movie, you know…”

“You already told me that….”

“And she is young…”


“Well, around twenty five…”

“Who…man, I will kill you when you don’t tell me.”

“Wait…,” the big man said. He moved past the shivering man in the
light blue shirt. He then opened a spy hole and pointed at the lens.

“Take a look and go down to your knees to thank me for my idea.”

Kampu stepped aside and the police man bend forward to look through
the little hole.
And what he saw made his jaw drop down.

There she was, dressed in a bright red suit. He wasn’t sure yet
whether it was leather, some sort of plastic or even patent leather.
But it did not matter anyway.

He saw how the ‘leather’ was smoothing around her curves. He saw it at
her hips, saw were the material puckered. The whole suit was like a
second skin. And he could see that the beautiful girl, who was lying
on the grey concrete, was in perfect shape. Midsized breasts, framed
by the leather…

Her long, dark black hair was flowing down her back. And when he
looked at her face, he could see all the fear in the world. She was
laying on her back, arms and legs stretched out. She seemed to be
breathing heavily, her eyes wide open…

“Isn’t that…”

Kampu was barking his laugh of acknowledgment.

“No…It can’t be…is…”

“Yeah man, that is her. Katrina Kaif…the big star in our little
The thin policeman got upright, turned and looked into the face of the
big man.
“I…I can’t believe it….Katrina Kaif. Here….”

“You better believe it, man. She is our little toy now. And as far as
I know, nobody knows that she is with us. We can have her as long as
we want.”

“And…and we can fuck her…all night long…”

“And all day…and all night…”

A huge smile moved onto the police-man’s features. He raised his

And Kampu did the same…

Their hands hit each other and they started a loud laugh that made
Katrina Kaif shiver in her cold cell.

She was alone. All alone.