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The walls around her were coming closer. Or, so it seemed. And it was
cold in there. The light grey floor was worn out and hard. She felt it
in every bone. But what made her real shiver, was the uncertainty. She
did not know what the man…or the men…would do to her. She had been

Never, ever in her life did she waste a thought about being kidnapped.
She knew she was permanently at risk. She was rich, was famous. But,
no, that wouldn’t happen to her. Or…would it?

Katrina sat up, wrapped her arms around her body and lifted her head.
The door was locked, that she knew.

Those men were outside. She had clearly heard two voices. Men…had
kidnapped her…and they would…

“No…” But yes…she knew what they would do to her.

“No, no, no…” But yes…

“No,” Katrina whispered the word into her armpit and watched her own
tears hitting the red leather.


Yes, they would rape her.

“Let’s go get her…”

“No..,” Kampu placed a hand on his friends shoulder and turned him

“No? What are you talking about? I want to stick my cock into that
beautiful bitch. And right now…I mean,” the police-man was furious.
His cock hurt, and he just couldn’t hold himself together…

“So, you want her…Mhh?!”

He nodded…

“And you like that red suit, don’t you?!”

Again he nodded.

“So, in order to stick your cock into her pussy, you will have to
undress her. You will have to pull the so…stimulating…suit down.
And…, I mean she still would be a great fuck. A naked Katrina…”

“Yes, man, of course she is great. I … I mean I cannot fuck her
through the red leather…even if I want it…”

“Yes, you can.”


The cop looked confused.


The big man was laughing hard. His belly shook and he hit his friend
again onto his shoulder.

“You remember Mahesh, that guy from the Crime branch?”

The cop thought for a moment and then he knew it.


“You know, he was here, this morning. And he brought a gift. Something
from the lab.”

This time the man in the light blue shirt did not even try to guess
what is friend was talking about.

“Well, he gave me this.”

He took a spray bottle from a shelf.

It was a tall bottle, dark blue, and it looked just like a normal hair
spray bottle.

“What’s that?”

“That is our dream comes true.”

“Show me…”

“Yes, I will.”

Katrina leaned back against one wall, pulled her knees close and
wrapped her arms around her legs. And then the thick wooden door was


She screamed and did not know what to do.

“No, please…”

The door was opened and she saw the men.

One of them was tall, was the man who had pulled her into his van; the
man who had kidnapped her.

“Oh God…”

She stood up and looked around…there had to be a way out…

And the other man was thin, and…it was a cop.

“Oh God, I am so glad you are here. Please help me. The man has
kidnapped me, has brought me here.”

The cop came closer and started smiling.

“Well, well, well….has this man kidnapped you?”

Katrina suddenly wasn’t sure that this man was a cop. Why did he
behave so strangely? He…

“God, you really are a beauty, aren’t you.”

He came closer and his face came so close that the man’s nose almost
touched Katrina’s nose.

Than he padded her left leg. And the strangest thing was…he seemed
to enjoy the sound his hand made when it hit the bright red leather.

“My dear Katrina-Superstar….do you know why you’ve been brought

She was so afraid, was shivering…


“Well, my friend here….,” he pointed at the bulky man, “…and I am
running a business…”

Katrina did not comprehend…

“Well, and this business is to have as much sexual fun as possible in
one man’s life.”

A dark cloud started moving about the horizon…


“You will be fucked, Katrina. We will stick our huge cocks into

And then he grabbed Katrina Kaif between her legs.

She was in shock. Her eyes wide open, Katrina forgot to breathe. She
looked into the Cop’s face, unable to think. And then he started
rubbing over the red leather, between her thighs, over her vagina.

“No…,” the girls face distorted into disgust and fear.

The man, on the other hand, smiled and did not stop stroking the red
leather framing her slim body. The pure imagination that her sensitive
lips, the pubic hair, the entrance into her young body were separated
from his hand only by the red material he liked so much, just made him

And then his other hand reached around Katrina and a second later she
felt his fingers grabbing, framing, and kneading her firm ass, her
left buttock.

He was closer, closer and his whole body pressed itself onto her

“Oh Katrina, my darling; the three of us will be having so much fun.
You will have our cocks that deep into your beautiful body that you
will think they are actually parts of your body.”

She turned away her face in disgust, unable to say anything.

“No, please…let me go.”

He suddenly let go of her and stepped back. Then the man looked up and
down on her.

“My God, this suit is certainly worth all this….”

“Let’s fuck the bitch!”