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The bulky man couldn’t wait any longer. He had gone through all of the
kidnapping procedure, that he now had no sense of patience left. He
just wanted to fuck Katrina Kaif.

“Right. Let’s fuck Katrina.”

The cop reached out and grabbed Katrina’s left wrist. Pulling the girl
towards him, kicking into the knee pit, he put the actress to the

Katrina screamed out in pain when his black shoe hit her and she went

Lying on the ground, Katrina started shivering. All of her muscles,
restrained by the skin tight suit, were shaking in total panic. She
realized that she was about to get raped. Raped! She just couldn’t
believe it. She had to get out….

But there was just no chance for her to leave her confinement. The cop
and the bulky man went down to their knees, holding her body with
strong fingers.

“Who will be first?”

The bulky man looked at his cop-friend.

“You brought the bitch. Why don’t you stick him into this…?”

The cop again grabbed Katrina’s vagina.

She held her breath, looking up at the two men, feeling the pressure
between her legs. Why would they do this to her? Why?

“Why don’t you get the table?”

They smiled at each other, and then the cop got up and left the bulky
men with Katrina on the ground. He looked at her and let his gazes
wander up and down her slim body.

“You know, Katrina, I always wanted to fuck you.”

Have heartedly the girl lifted her upper body, supporting it with
outstretched arms.

“Please, let me go. I… please…”

She did not know what to say; only that she had to say something. The
man looked at her and laid one hand on her left thigh.

“God, this is so tight,” he started stroking her leg, moving his
fingers even further towards her lap.

She looked at the hairy hand, shivering slightly and expecting the
worse. Like a deer she waited for doom to strike. The bulky man kept
on smiling while he pushed his fingers between Katrina’s legs,
pushing, pressing the middle finger onto the bright red leather of her
jumpsuit were underneath her vagina was.

But before the sweating man could inflict any harm to her soul he was
stopped by his returning comrade. Katrina looked up, feeling a little
relieve when the bulky man was stopped. Even a touch, even his hand on
her leg or between…

Even the thought was unbearable.

The cop carried a wooden table into the naked room. He was smiling
down on the sexy girl.

“You wonder what this is, don’t you!?”

She simply nodded.

“Well, you’ll see.”

Then he turned to his friend.

“Bring her…”

The big man, sweating and breathing heavily grabbed Katrina’s right
arm and pulled her with one swift move to her feet. She screamed in
pain. His grip was brutal, and the red leather twisted somehow and so
did her skin.

But there was no pity, no sympathy for her suffering here.

She was pushed and pulled over to the table.

“Al right….,” the bulky man now placed his hands on each hip of hers
and looked into frightened eyes. He saw that there would be no
resistance, no attempt to escape.

Her will was already broken. And in only one moments time he finally
would fulfil his dreams. His cock already was hard like a rock.

Then he lifted her up from the ground. She was so light, so incredibly
light. Like a leave in fall. He sat her down on the table. And when
his hands left her hips, he grabbed her muscular thighs and spread her
legs apart.

The table was a little higher than the usual one. And Katrina figured
that it certainly had something to do with the upcoming rape. She
looked down her body and looked, by pure incident between the legs of
the fat man. His cock had risen and it was… directly opposite of her
lap. So, she had been right. This table had been created in order to
rape a victim. No, not any victim. This table would be her doom to


He placed one fat hand on her left shoulder and pressed her

“Lie down and wait for me to fuck you, Katrina Darling.”

She did as she was told….breathing hard, shivering and sweating. A
fine layer of sweat already covered her young body and since the
leather suit could not absorb the sweat, it ran down her body, between
skin and leather.

But…what would they do now. Would they somehow cut the red leather
between her legs in order for their cocks to ram down her body, to
stick them deep into her vagina?

“Get me the spray, will ya?”


Katrina couldn’t see what the men were doing. She could only assume
that the ‘Cop’ would leave the again to bring the spray. But what
spray? What would they do with it…?

Katrina lay on the light brown table, starring at the ceiling, crying
and pleading for help. Praying to a god that wouldn’t listen.

The cop returned quickly.


She heard the faint sound of a spray bottle being turned. That one of
these men started shaking it.

“I still can’t believe that something like this exists.”

“But it does. It does.”

“You think it does anything bad to,” pause, “… him?”

No sound. They were communicating nonverbal.

And then she heard and … felt the spray. She felt it… between her
legs, over her pussy.

“God… no…!”

she lifted her upper body, had to see it. What did they do to her?

But the two men did not care her attention. They seemed to be
transfixed with what they did to her lower body. The cop had a plain
spray bottle in his right Hand and looked at the tight, red leather
between her legs.

“That should do it.”